Progressives And Their PRECIOUS Facebook

Question: How many of the sites where the anti-Facebook articles below come from are plugged into Facebook? (One entry below is a pdf file, but the originating organization’s website is plugged in.) Answer: All of them except perhaps Stephen Gowans. (I don’t see any Facebook icon on his page.) For example, see the image below:

“Facebook is abusive. It’s time to divorce it” by Mark Pesce

“Overthrow Inc.: Peter Ackerman’s quest to do what the CIA used to do, and make it seem progressive” by Stephen Gowans

“Social Media is A Tool of the CIA: “Facebook, Google and Other Social Media Used to Spy on People”” by Michel Chossudovsky

“Journalist Reveals Tactics Brainwashing Industry Uses to Manipulate the Public” – by Vic Bishop w Waking Times

“The Feudalism of Facebook: New Pay-to-Play News Feed as Indy Media Killer” – by Sarah Lazare

“Twitter and Other Tech Firms Poised To Shelter $11 Billion in Profits Using Stock Option Tax Loophole” by Citizens for Tax Justice | America

“Fury in Norway as Facebook blocks ‘napalm girl’ pic” by The Local

“Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter Become the Gatekeepers” by Phil Butler

“Facebook Blocks SYRIANGIRL’s Account After Criticism of Kurds” by Russian Insider Staff

“RT America Torched in Witch Hunt ’17” by Chris Hedges

“Ex-Facebook chiefs deplore its ‘social destruction’ – and it’s got nothing to do with Russia!” by Finian Cunningham

“How Facebook’s Secret Unit Created India’s Troll Armies For Digital Propaganda To Influence Elections” by Shelley Kasli

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