Disappeared By People Complaining About Being Disappeared, Again

*edit, March 9, 2019 – It’s been some time since I’ve revisited this post. 21st Century doesn’t disappear my comments. Why they ever were, I don’t know and it would have been nice if someone there had responded to my email query about the disappearing comments back when that happened. In any case, I can now comment and they have a search feature – and it isn’t Google!

*edit, January 20, 2018 – I popped in to 21st Century Wire again this morning and had a quick look. I don’t have much time between 12 hour shifts for anything. I read an article about vaccination and left a comment, which you can read at the bottom of this post. I can’t be the only progressive to find this subject interesting, important and something that one would want to discuss or comment on. But the website shows almost no activity. Additionally, my comment was disappeared, so either I am being banned (without being explicitly notified) or blocked. But what also strikes me here is the way 21st Century Wire seems to not care about visitors to the site who might want to leave comments (unless what I see on my screen, vis-à-vis activity on the 21st Century website, is false). I just don’t know what’s going on. I’ve emailed those people a few times, about my disappeared post and about their lack of a search feature and I’m met with only crickets. Good luck with the donations Patrick!

A comment I placed on 21st Century Wire, below, was disappeared twice. (I won’t post it a third time.) Was it 21st Century Wire? Or Disqus? I don’t know. But on the off chance that someday someone can tell me, I will publish this post, placing it in my Disappeared category, which will allow it to exist and exist therefore in a shareable form. Progressives (not meaning data tracker Disqus) can be such fakers! Or is it someone else? I’m just waiting for WordPress to be outed. One part of my stats show a 5 views per hour (always only looking at the last hour) hit rate, but, according to the graphic, I’ve had only one view the entire day at the time of publishing this (11:05 pm).

“Twitter Ramping Up ‘Shitty People’ Program, ‘Shadow Banning’ of Speech It Doesn’t Like” by 21st Century Wire and ZeroHedge

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A new series of undercover video reports by Project Veritas, investigating wild and reckless mainstream media bias, suggests Twitter is ramping up development of a ‘shadow banning’ system with algorithms that will filter out the ‘shitty people’ and certain types of speech the social media bird doesn’t like…

For anyone who has been active on social media platforms, especially in the controversial field of trying to get the truth out, stories of being banned, posts disappearing, and selective censorship are nothing new. The only difference this year is that certain social media gatekeepers might genuinely believe they have been given some sort political mandate, or social license to carry out the routine task of shutting-up or disappearing political speech or challenging information which they believe is either ‘fake news,’ or ” Russian propaganda.”

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

=== =
*Okay. This is the second time that I’ve attempted to post this here. I’m really scratching my head over this one. It didn’t just disappear from this site. It disappeared from Disqus too!

Remember the excellent Jack The Ripper movie, starring Christopher Plumber, titled “Murder By Decree”? Same thing.

I knew nothing about Jack The Ripper when I first saw the movie, and was unpoliticized. But there was something about the movie. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was super intelligent and seemed… true. Little did I know. It essentially is true. While there was no real Sherlock Holmes, all else in the movie was based on Stephen Knight’s research. A former BBC reporter who received an anonymous tip about Scotland Yard documents pertaining to the Ripper case that had been sealed and were now unsealed, or something, sent the intrepid Knight on his journey of investigation into the Ripper. So many others then, and since, have done the same, but Knight’s investigation was superior. He connected the Ripper murders to Royalty and Freemasonry. The ripper didn’t act alone. He had two assistants, namely coach driver John Netley and the artist Walter Sickert. If Knight didn’t completely unravel the mystery, he came close enough to earn the wrath of Masons worldwide.

The unhinged – no problem for his associates – personal physician to the Queen, Sir William Gull, was at a meeting (formal or informal, I forget), where a discussion took place involving Masons and government members, dealing with the subject of what to do about prince Edward’s secret marriage to a Catholic commoner (which would have been a political earthquake at this time) and their illegitimate child. In the movie someone says something offhand along the lines of ‘It would be best if this could all just go away’, which the unhinged William Gull, silently and in his own mind, took as a ‘decree’ to act to make the problem go away, by murdering everyone, except the prince, involved (the child and the Catholic commoner’s prostitute friends).

This is also an example of what I call self-appointed gatekeeping. Power employs gatekeepers, namely people who decide that they will survive by serving power, which involves pleasing power and hindering, in serious and not serious ways, those with the ‘wrong’ political views. The ‘right’ political views include the view that how you survive is not as important as simply surviving (which ‘believing’ that humankind is God – and can therefore decide for itself what is right and wrong – can help with), which leads you to conclude that you need to side with power. The ‘wrong’ political views are views which don’t demonstrate a worship of power and/or challenge the status quo. Appointed gatekeepers (police, judges, army officers, professors) are usually paid and understand their role in society, which is to keep the people distracted, in a state of chaos and off balance and therefore no threat to society’s deciders. Self-appointed gatekeepers are those (anyone at all) unprincipled (and easily seduced by political and other leaders with power) people who simply choose to side with power and then make a habit of opposing, in any big or small way, those who disagree with them.

= ===

William F. Buckley Jr. and James O’Keefe (both are screen grabs from YouTube)

The video embedded in the top of post article by James O’Keefe is a keeper. But James O’Keefe is a rightwinger who 21st Century Wire and ZeroHedge welcome with open arms. (Maybe I need a Buckley Award.) From his bio:

O’Keefe is a graduate of Rutgers University. He founded an independent newspaper in College called The Centurion. He is a 2014 recipient of the Young Professional Conservative Leadership “Buckley Award” awarded to “young professionals in recognition of significant achievements in advancing the conservative cause.” He is the recipient of the Robert Novak Award for Journalistic Excellence (2011), has been named “Fox News Power Player of the Week” twice, and was on the Forbes “30 Under 30” for media moguls.

Noam Chomsky (see the linked-to video in this post) and Stephen Knight (from the Pretty Sinister Books website [Blogger])

I’m not saying that we should ignore what James O’Keefe is saying and showing here. I believe in judging a book by its contents. But, looking at the contents of James O’Keefe’s alarming bio indicates, in my view, that he should be approached with caution. Buckley Award?!! Everyone has seen the infamous video in which William F. Buckley Jr. abuses Noam Chomsky. Hey 21st Century: Is Noam the danger here? Buckley worked for the CIA and while not everyone who has is a rabid dog, it’s just not a good thing.

I just stumbled upon this Thom Hartman show episode about James O’Keefe. It’s alarming. What I recall about ACORN is that it was not a good outfit. Setting that aside, the people and orgs that O’Keefe has worked with are enough for me. I’d stay away from this guy. (Thom Harman no longer hosts The Big Picture.) Consider:

*edit, January 18, 2018 – Below is the email I sent them (10:04am Jan 18, ’17), to which I have not received a reply. Is Google intercepting my email? Is my email in their trash? I’m beginning to think that I’m simply dealing with flaming hypocrites.

Hello. I’m a regular reader of 21st Century Wire. I have some issues with you, as I do with pretty much every website out there, good and bad. But they have little to do with your politics (which you sometimes contradict). Yesterday though, my comment attached to your article, w ZeroHedge, about James O’Keefe’s Twitter gotcha was disappeared, twice. As was one other comment of mine about 21st Century needing a search feature, a not very spammy comment I think you’ll agree. It was like someone was just instructed to label every comment to that article as spam, although there was one comment, there before my being disappeared and after. I’d simply like to know whether 21st Century considered my comment as spam. I blogged about it afterward and you can examine my comment in the following blog post – if you can get through some sort of block on traffic to my website; down to 1 view per day (so far).



disappeared comment I posted in regard to a vaccination article

As I was starting to say when I found that I had to say it on Twitter or Facebook (so much for ‘progressive’), Informed consent is a big reason I don’t agree with mandatory vaccination. Those who are informed know that Big Pharma’s motivation isn’t your health. Rather, It’s their profits. So they’ve taken what was probably a positive medical innovation, applied cost cutting and strong arm tactics to market and sell their product (by using governments, which are captured by powerful, capitalist interests like Big Pharma) and turned something arguable okay into something dangerous, like war. Aluminum and mercury are not good for you. That statement can’t be qualified. And combining shots (cost cutting) may seem smart, but something that the genome project taught us is that complexity can overwhelm certainty and control. They thought they were going to map genes and know what they all did (and profiteers couldn’t wait for the project to complete so that they could move in on it), but what they discovered is that different genes working in combination had unknown effects. The precautionary principle is all but dead, so the money makers in the health care biz are going to wreck it and our rights and our health along with it.

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