Deterring Democracy, As Always

An article that I will include in my next “Lawlessness / Ruined” post, by Joseph Thomas, looks at what the trash helping to run the United States is doing right now to destabilize (or to use the technical term that imperialists use, ‘stabilize’) Thailand, which is governed by a military junta (whose prime minister is Prayut Chan-o-cha) under a Constitutional Monarchy. Another article which I recently linked to in a blog post includes a statement by the warmongering, lying Rex Tillerson about the need for the military to rescue democracy when all else (CIA- and NGO-funded and directed destabilization efforts) fails. It serves to highlight the fascist character of the Corporatocracy and its current chief, aka the False Prophet, aka the United States.

From “Rubio calls for military coup in Venezuela” by ? (RT News), we get the following:

Republican Senator Marco Rubio called for the Venezuelan Armed Forces to rebel against the government, in a series of inflammatory tweets posted on Friday. The Secretary of State has hinted at support for a coup d’etat.

“The world would support the Armed Forces in #Venezuela if they decide to protect the people & restore democracy by removing a dictator,” Florida Senator Rubio wrote.

Rubio’s tweets come after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Thursday hinted at his support for a coup d’etat in Venezuela, as well as more sanctions including an embargo on Venezuela’s valuable oil exports…

“In the history of Venezuela and South American countries, it is often times that the military is the agent of change when things are so bad and the leadership can no longer serve the people,” Tillerson said at the University of Texas in Austin on Thursday.

What Tillerson could have added, if he suddenly wanted to be honest, was: “And those military are actually, after much effort, indoctrination and bribing, our military.”

From “Confirmed US Meddling In Thailand’s Upcoming Elections” by Joseph Thomas, the following:

As the United States intensifies its accusations against Russia for alleged interference in the 2016 US Presidential Elections, the United States itself is found engaged in confirmed political interference worldwide…

The necessity of repeated delays of Thai elections is very straightforward.

Thaksin Shinawatra, a convicted criminal and fugitive still seeks to contest them through PTP. Allowing a fugitive to contest elections would be illegal and any election outcome influenced by a convicted criminal and fugitive would be illegitimate. By delaying elections, the current Thai government hopes to continue diminishing Shinawatra’s unwarranted influence and wealth as well as that of his political network inside Thailand until both are no longer an obstruction to legal elections.

Yet despite this straightforward necessity to delay elections, the United States and its European partners have repeatedly demanded rushed elections. Additionally, the US and its European partners are funding myriad opposition fronts ranging from media platforms to street protests to place pressure on the current Thai government to rush elections while it is believed Shinawatra and PTP still have a chance of winning…

With the reemergence of Shinawatra’s red shirts on the streets, observers have warned that violence is imminent.

Yet despite this, efforts by the Thai government to arrest leaders and prevent another round of instability and violence have been decried by the US government and its European partners as well as US-funded fronts like Prachatai, TLHR, Fortify Rights and their partners in corporate foundation funded fronts like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

Under the guise of “human rights,” “freedom of assembly” and “freedom of expression,” these compromised organisations representing concerted foreign meddling in Thailand’s internal political affairs are setting the conditions for another attempt at violently subverting Thailand’s stability and political order.

This reflects a similar pattern seen elsewhere around the globe where the US pressures nations into holding elections Washington is confident its proxies can win…

We see from the above reports that Rex, via an important omission, stated a partial truth (as in ‘truth’ from his standpoint). The militaries, and militarized, Western-indoctrinated and bribed police, are indeed a ticket to sunny investment skies (Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman), ‘if’ the West is able to corrupt them. But if the military is actually the force blocking a country’s absorption into the US-led gangster Corporatocracy, then ‘democracy promotion’ becomes a bit more complicated. This fact should be kept in mind when assessing the turmoil in Myanmar/ Burma at the moment about which the West has concocted a story about the Myanmar military (which I am not prepared to say has a great record, but…) committing genocide against the Rohingya. Even much of the Left is just going along with this crap. The Rohingya are not even an ethnic group, as others have pointed out. Here’s something by someone (who may or may not self-identify as leftwing) who I have never before found writing crap: “Aung San Suu Kyi is complicit in mass murder. It’s time for Trudeau to act.” by Michael Harris. Compare his calls for the gangster Corporatocracy to “Do Something!” with Gearóid Ó Colmáin’s report: “Myanmar defies the “International Community””

From pg 53 of “The Washington Connection And Third World Fascism” by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, the following:

Military training and supply, the build-up and cultivation of the military and intelligence establishments, as well as CIA surveillance and destabilization, have been key elements of the “Washington Connection,” employed to protect U.S. interests in its client states in the post-World War II era. The United States trains client military personnel in some 150 bases and training schools, and sends mobile units and advisors to serve on an in-country basis. This training has placed great weight on ideological conditioning and has “steeped young Latin officers in the early 1950s anti-Communist dogma that subversive infiltrators could be anywhere.” In addition to the ideological cement of this world view, U.S. military training has purposefully helped build a network of personal relationships between United States and Latin American military cadres. This tie has been further consolidated by military aid from the wealthier power as well as cooperative maneuvers and logistical planning. Over 200,000 Latin American military personnel have been trained in the U.S., and since 1949 over 35,000 have trained in the School for the Americas alone; a school identified in Latin America by its historic function as the “school of coups.”

Note that the above book was published in 1979. Some of the details have changed. Numbers of US-trained Latin American soldiers would now be higher and even by time the authors had written their book, the School of the Americas had changed its name to Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). But the modus operandi for US regime change operations laid out in “The Washington Connection” is exactly the same today as it has been for many, many years.

It’s hard to know where the US will strike next. That’s because its seriously menacing and threatening – all illegal of course – so many countries (like Iran, Syria, Russia, North Korea, China for example), including Venezuela. I visit a great site called Axis Of Logic frequently and one of the editors there, Les Blough, who lives in Venezuela, gave me a detailed answer when I asked about how Venezuela is holding up in the face of the US’s usual destabilization methods, including corrupting Venezuelan military and police. His answer: “The Military (FANB), Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), Intelligence Services (CICPC), Bolivarian National Police (PNB) and Civil Militia are intact and local to the government. Ideologically they are socialist and anti-imperialist. That of course doesn’t preclude an occasional rogue officer like Óscar Perez or Resistencia breaking ranks but when they do they are quickly neutralized which I fully support b/c we are in the Middleton [sic] of a war. In his Latin American destabilization tour this week [Rex Tillerson] began by stupidly calling for the military to rise up against Maduro and he did it in México, not exactly a friend of Venezuela. Reuters reportes that Mexican FM, Luis Videgaray quickly chastized Tillerson, “Mexico, in no case, would back any option that implies the use of violence, internal or external, to resolve the case of Venezuela,” along with many other Latin American leaders. They finally realize that “if they can do it to him, they can do it to me.” (See “Venezuela Slams ‘Coup’ Remarks Made by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson”) Which is reassuring and alarming at the same time, because if the US is determined to do regime change (always on behalf of corporate interests of course) and can’t get it one way, then it will, as John Perkins points out, get it violently and directly, via a direct military assault.

None of the regime change operations carried out by the False Prophet have anything to do with democracy or human rights. Of course, The False Prophet will say that all of its regime change behavior is exactly that. It calls it Critical Infrastructure Protection. Jeff Halper (who gets the Rwandan genocide wrong, as do most of those who know about it), wrote about the Corporatocracy’s global pacification program (and how Israel plays a significant role in it) in his book “War Against The People.” I remember getting a glimpse of it when Chomsky referred to JFK’s swing toward attacking the “internal enemy” in South America (See pages 50 & 51 of “Deterring Democracy” by Noam Chomsky). The internal enemy, as the above quote from Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky’s book shows, means the people. It means anyone who disagrees with, or even doesn’t sufficiently support, the status quo, which is the global dictatorship of the United States (Stephen Gowans). Counterrevolution and counterinsurgency means terrorism. And, as Herman and Chomsky point out, the biggest purveyors of terrorism on the planet are states, namely states that call resistance to their acts of terrorism ‘terrorism’. The ‘retail’ terrorism (offical terrorism) pales into insignificance (scale-wise) alongside the wholesale terror of resource-rich states, including the smallest.

“Terror keeps the neo-colonial elites in power and the investment skies sunny.” – pg 67

Using Guatemala, where the US did violent regime change in 1954, as an example, Chomsky and Herman explain (on pgs 310, 311) in “The Washington Connection”:

“Consider Guatemala, which, Joe Eldridge writes, “must have been the leader in all Latin America in terms of ruthless suppression of large segments of the population” in the 1970s, and where “the slaughter continues.” A mild reformist government that threatened the prerogatives of the United Fruit Company was overthrown by a CIA-backed coup in 1954, terminating efforts at desperately-needed agrarian reform… and setting off waves of right-wing violence that have claimed thousands of lives, many during a U.S.-sponsored counterinsurgency campaign in the mid-1960s… Under-Secretary of State Spruille Braden, a member of a family with large Latin American mining interests, a consultant to United Fruit, and the leader of a Council on Foreign Relations study group on Latin America, explained the basic principle in more general terms in March, 1953:

Because Communism is so blatantly an interntional and not an internal affair, its suppression, even by force, in an American country, by one or more of the other republics, would not constitute an intervention in the internal affairs of the former.

Rather, such suppression would be an example of defense against “internal agression,” as later explained by Adlai Stevenson and others.

Having been saved from “Communism” and restored to its position as a “showplace for democracy,” Guatemala has loyally undertaken its proper role, effectively providing agricultural assistance to the United States while its people die of malnutrition and even sending large quantities of blood to the developed world, contributed by people with the greatest nutritional deficiencies, who have no other way to survive.”

“Those Who Rule Cause Ruin”

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