The Destruction, Or Self-Destruction, Of Newsbud

I can’t keep up with the craziness. I’m referring to the way progressives and progressive orgs continue to fail. The latest deeply sad fail has to do with Newsbud. I discovered Newsbud not that long ago and was smitten (although I stopped visiting the site soon after due, partly, to its disappearance behind a pay wall). Sibel Edmonds, an FBI whistleblower, is the creator and owner of the site, who has gathered together some very good investigative journalists, if I may call them that. How many sites carry a professor, like Newsbud’s Filip Kovacevic, who goes through, for a Western audience, the various Russian newspapers, analyzing and explaining their offerings? I wasn’t so sure about Kurt Nimmo, who has a history with rightwing, self-promoter Alex Jones, but his research was, and reports were, stellar. And, after watching a Corbett Report episode in which James Corbett and others, including Chomsky’s colleague (this seems to be a theme; stabbing associates and supporters in the back) Steven Pinker, purported to take a close look at Noam Chomsky, but only ended up smearing him, I was down on Sibel for her association with Corbett. Which is very ironic, as you’ll see. Sibel has gone bananas, attacking two of the best investigative journalists out there, namely Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett. And James Corbett, I guess due to his association with Newsbud (which has ended), has been forced to deal with it, which he has done by putting together a special report that demolishes Newsbud’s attack on Eva and Vanessa.

James Corbett ends his show by suggesting that it has prompted him to finally ditch Twitter. I have never twittered and never will. Which isn’t to say that I don’t have opinions about it. Michael Albert, in fact, years ago wrote an interesting article – which I shamelessly steal – in which he talks about things like Twitter, explaining how young people are no longer able to focus on things anymore due to social networks like Twitter. I so completely agreed with his take. I took the article and piece by piece, via interpolation, commented and expanded on Michael’s thoughts. See my 2010 blog post titled “Communicate If You Can Pay Say The Anticapitalists.” If you do look at that post, and you click on the link to Albert’s article, you won’t find it. The link has been hijacked. It lands on a page that says that “” is for sale. The url for Zcomm, however, is not It’s “”.

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