Harassment. Distraction. Anxiety

*edit, June 21, 2018 – I will give in and agree to whatever it is I’m agreeing to in order to use Disqus. I hate Disqus and always will. Are there no progressives out there who can create a Disqus-type business that doesn’t do data mining or some other nastiness? If I knew more – which would be the case if people cared enough to know about this and then talked about it to us so that I could know myself – I might not go along with the change. I can click on ‘agree’ without agreeing, if what I’m agreeing to is not explained in plain English, I believe, without risking losing my soul. This crap is on every cyber door I might want to enter, ergo.

I’m seeing this everywhere I go now:

For one thing, I don’t exactly what it means and therefore I have no interest in going along with it. Can NO ONE explain, in plain English, what this sudden opt-in is all about? Yes, I know that Europe has enacted some recent legislation and I even seem to recall that its not nefarious. But I’m not sure.

I already hate Disqus, which progressives just go along with, not solely because it’s big and hard to get around, like Google, but because, in my view, they are too laissez faire about the State and its tools and their interactions with us. (As for too big, You can expect that if it’s big, then the war-making State, or Corporatocracy, will view that big org or institution as a big weapon. And you, dear people, are actually the enemy. Ergo, Absolutely don’t trust fully any big org until that org or institution has fully given you reasons to.) That criticism isn’t directed, mainly, at those who just surf or those, who, like myself, are amateur bloggers. I’m a permanent amateur. I’m a veteran blogger, but that doesn’t make me tech smart. I work – for less than a living wage – full time and can’t buy training that I need to learn much that I would use to blog better. I accept that. I have no funds to buy skills and no associates (professional or non professional) with tech smarts who I might utilize so as to take it to the next level. So, ‘progressives’ (with important, supposedly, info that you think I just have to have), If you don’t ditch Disqus and implement your own in-house commenting features or at least explain to me how using Disqus is something we all ‘have’ to do and ‘can’ safely do, I’m outta here. I don’t absolutely need to attach comments to your hosted articles. I am not the one who is going to destroy this system of things and I’m not anyone’s savior. But He is there and correction ‘is’ coming.

I’ve used Disqus until now. If I become less visible online because of my lack of willingness to go along with the evil Disqus, so be it. It will make no difference. I will miss the interaction. (My behavior is always more important than my situation.) But my view is that I have no right to expect anything to go smooth, for myself or others, in this hellish, but temporary world. The way I look at it is; I have it very good compared to millions of others. And I give thanks to Jehovah for that. But I know the score. Paradise is later.

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