Professional Scam Artists – part 16

“E-Waste Recycler Sentenced To Over A Year In Prison For Fixing Old PCs and Selling Them” by John Vibes (Activist Post)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== =
Computer technician and E-waste recycler Eric Lundgren is going to prison for 15 months for selling restore disks for computers, which would extend their longevity and allow them to be resold to new users. A federal appeals court in Miami rejected the appeal in his case this week, upholding a federal district judge’s ruling that Lundgren violated Microsoft’s copyright by selling the disks.

Although these restore disks come free with every computer, there is a license key that is tied to the first buyer, which makes it effectively impossible to restore these computers for private sale, that is, unless you want to pay Microsoft for an entirely new license, at which point most people would just choose to buy a new computer…

However, since the case has gotten so much media attention and many are seeing Lundgren as a hero, Microsoft has changed their tune and are saying that this is a measure that was taken to protect people from malware…

The court gave Lundgren a few weeks to make his business transition arrangements before he will surrender to police custody, but he was warned that if he created too much media attention he would be taken in immediately.

“I was told if I got loud in the media, they’d come pick me up. If you want to take my liberty, I’m going to get loud,” Lundgren said.
= ===

Proposed expansion of Trans Mountain Pipeline, map by Kinder Morgan

“In orchestrated ploy, Kinder Morgan announces halt to all but non-essential work on Trans Mountains tar sands pipeline expansion” by Roger Annis (A Socialist In Canada)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

As matters stand, the BC government is preparing a reference to the BC Supreme Court deciding whether it has the constitutional power to undertake its proposed studies. [The preceding sentence was corrected from the orginal.] That court’s decision is the beginning and end of the government’s stand. Environment Minister George Heyman told the BC Legislature last month, “Neither I, the premier nor any member of our government has said that we would use every means available to delay, to deny the pipeline. What we’ve said is that we’ll use every tool in the tool box to defend B.C.’s coast, our economy and our interests.”

The government is otherwise a full participant in fossil fuel extraction expansion in Canada, notably though its promotion of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, expansion of related natural gas fracking in the northeast of the province, and the decision to proceed with construction of the $10 billion-plus ‘Site C’ hydroelectric dam on the Peace River, also in the northeast. The dam does not have an assured market for its product, but tar sands extraction in Alberta is a key potential market.

Vancouver also happens to be the largest coal-exporting port in North America, much of that delivered by rail from faraway Wyoming and Montana in the United States. Vancovuer serves as a doormat for the coal industry in the western U.S. The industry has been unable to overcome citizen opposition in Washington and Oregon states to expanded coal exports from ocean export terminals in those states…

The conservative Globe and Mail national daily has weighed into the fray with an editorial on April 9 calling the pipeline obstacles nothing less than “an economic and constitutional disaster” for Canada. “The federal government cannot let this stand. It must use whatever tools it has, courts included, to re-establish its jurisdiction and get Trans Mountain back on track.”

Roger Annis calls the Globe And Mail ‘conservative’. It is, if ‘conservative’ means rightwing. And Roger mentions ‘liberal environmentalists’. I don’t really know what that means.

“Theresa May’s husband’s Investment Firm made a financial killing from the bombing of Syria” by Tom D. Rogers (Evolve Politics)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Whilst it is pretty obvious that almost all married couples act as informal advisors to each other in come capacity, [Andrew] Tyrie’s admission that the Prime Minister’s husband has such a great influence over his wife’s decisions is made all the more worrying by the fact that Mr May – who is a Senior Executive at a £1.4Tn investment firm – stands to benefit financially from the decisions his wife [Elizabeth], the Prime Minister, makes.

The fact that Philip May is both a Senior Executive of a hugely powerful investment firm, and privy to reams of insider information from the Prime Minister – knowledge which, when it becomes public, hugely affects the share prices of the companies his firm invests in – makes Mr May’s official employment a staggering conflict of interest for the husband of a sitting Prime Minister.

However, aside from the ease at which he is able to glean insider information from his wife about potential decisions which could go on to make huge profits for his firm, there is a far darker conflict of interest that has so far gone undiscussed.

Philip May is a Senior Executive of Capital Group, an Investment Firm who buy shares in all sorts of companies across the globe – including thousands of shares in the world’s biggest Defence Firm, Lockheed Martin.

Theodore Postol vs Eliot Higgins

“War Propaganda Firm Bellingcat Continues Lying About Syria” by Caitlin Johnstone (Caitlin Johnstone Rogue Journalist)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In December of 2016, the war propaganda firm Bellingcat ran an article assuring its readers that Twitter star Bana Alabed is a perfectly legitimate little Syrian girl and not at all a psyop designed to manufacture support for military interventionism against Bashar al-Assad. In April of 2017, CNN’s “New Day” staged a fake, scripted interview featuring the child condemning Assad and pleading for the world to intervene in Syria. CNN passed it off to its unsuspecting audience as a real interview, and later used the footage against congressman Thomas Massie for his opposition to Syrian interventionism.

Bellingcat churns out such tripe constantly, and there’s a new article published yesterday that has all the usual warmongers salivating with particular enthusiasm…

Higgins is a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, an extremely shady think tank with ties to powerful oligarchs. Its name seems to come up whenever you investigate any of the mainstream media’s favorite Russia conspiracy theories, from the DNC hack to Russian trolls to the PropOrNot blacklist publicized by the Washington Post which normalized the smearing of alternative media outlets as Kremlin propaganda. It’s a very influential organization with a very clear agenda, and it is Higgins’ job to advance that agenda.

We are being lied to about Syria to manufacture support for a regime change agenda which has been planned since long before the outbreak of violence in 2011…

Craig Murray

“Where They Tell You Not to Look” by Craig Murray (Craig Murray)

At the very beginning of the of the Skripal incident, the security services blocked by D(SMA) notice any media mention of Pablo Miller and told the media not to look at Orbis and the Steele dossier on Trump, acting immediately to get out their message via trusties in the BBC and Guardian…

MI6’s most important media conduit (after Frank Gardner) is Luke Harding of the Guardian…

A number of people replied to Harding’s tweet [claiming that there was no connection between Christopher Steele’s company, Orbis, and Sergei Skripal] to point out that this was demonstrably untrue, and Pablo Miller had listed his employment by Orbis Business Intelligence on his Linkedin profile…

You might think that any journalist worth his salt would want to consider this interesting counter-evidence. But Harding merely tweeted again the blank denials of the security services, without question.

This is an important trait of Harding. Last year we both appeared, separately, at the Jaipur Literature Festival. Harding was promoting a book and putting the boot into Wikileaks and Snowden. After his talk, I approached him in an entirely friendly manner, and told him there were a couple of factual errors in his presentation on matters to which I was an eye-witness, and I should be very happy to brief him, off the record, but we could discuss which bits he might use. He said he would talk later, and dashed off. Later I saw him in the author’s lounge, and as I walked towards him he hurriedly got up and left, looking at me…

…A journalist who positively avoids knowledge of his subject is an interesting phenomenon.

“Goldman Sachs Report Warns Pharma Companies That Curing Disease Is Bad For Business” by John Vibes (The Free Thought Project)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

There has always been some suspicion that pharmaceutical companies would rather keep people sick and on drugs than cure them in one shot and lose the ability to create return customers…

The idea that these companies would want to keep us sick is dismissed by many as a “conspiracy theory,” but let’s not forget that these companies and their high-level investors are here to sell drugs, not save lives. This point was brought up openly earlier this month in a memo that Goldman Sachs analyst Salveen Richter sent out to clients of the firm, about the potential of curing diseases with gene therapy…

In the memo, Richter plainly said, “The potential to deliver ‘one-shot cures’ is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy, genetically-engineered cell therapy, and gene editing. However, such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies. While this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society, it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for sustained cash flow.”

“‘Poison Papers’: US and Canadian Regulators Colluded with Manufacturers of Highly Toxic” [sic] – Dimitri Lascaris interviews Dr. Jonathan Latham (The Real News Network)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Since former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt was appointed by President Donald Trump to be head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a great deal has been written, and rightly so, about the EPA’s regulatory failures and Scott Pruitt’s conflicts of interest. Some of the criticism directed at Scott Pruitt’s EPA seems, however, to presuppose that before the appointment of Pruitt, the EPA was a vigorous enforcer of America’s environmental laws. But a trove of documents published in late 2017 known as the Poison Papers demonstrate that the EPA failed to fulfill its mandate long before Donald Trump was elected.

The poison papers were analyzed and published by the Center for Media and Democracy and Dr. Jonathan Latham. They are a compilation of over 20000 documents obtained from federal agencies and chemical manufacturers via open records requests and public interest litigation. They include internal scientific studies and summaries of studies, internal memos and reports, meeting minutes, strategic discussions, and sworn testimonies.

“New info has come to light about BP’s risky offshore drilling” by Maude Barlow (The Council of Canadians)

BP’s offshore drilling project didn’t have a full risk assessment before drilling started, according to a long-time industry expert.

Dr. Robert Bea has 48 years experience in marine systems, including offshore platforms, pipelines, and floating facilities. He reviewed BP’s environmental assessment and revealed in a recent op-ed published in the National Observer on May 8 that the “risks of accidents and malfunctions” have not been properly assessed, documented and validated by BP.”

Right now BP is drilling near Sable Island National Park Reserve, putting this treasured place, Nova Scotia’s multibillion-dollar fisheries and tourism industries – which drives the province’s economy and provides people with good, sustainable jobs – and marine life at risk.

From Michael Geist’s website:
Arty Shot #1 by Damien D. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

“World’s Worst Wireless Pricing?: Report Finds Canadian Wireless Broadband Pricing Offers Least Bang for the Buck in Developed World” by Michael Geist (Michael Geist)

The sad state of Canadian wireless pricing is old news for consumers and the government, but a new report graphically demonstrates how Canadians face some of the least competitive pricing in the developed world. The Rewheel study measured pricing in EU and OECD markets by examining how many gigabytes of 4G wireless data consumers get for the equivalent of 30 euros. This chart from Rewheel says it all:

Canada is at the far left of the chart with consumers getting less for their money than anyone else. While many countries offer unlimited mobile data at that price, the report says Canadian carriers offer a measly 2 GB. The smartphone data plans aren’t much better, with nearly all countries offering better deals and many shifting to unlimited data at that price.

The image I used, above, is similar to the image used in Michael’s post, but not identical. Michael’s is dated April 2017. The one I just grabbed from Rewheel’s website is dated November. I just wanted a better image. The two charts are similar enough to not impair at all the content of Michael’s post.

Brian Hutchings

“Bell Backroom Pressure: Internal Documents Reveal How a Brock University Executive Came to Provide Support for Website Blocking” by Michael Geist (Michael Geist)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== === == =
Among the thousands of interventions at the CRTC to the Bell coalition website blocking plan, one of the submissions that stands out comes from Brian Hutchings, Brock University’s Vice-President, Administration. The submission claims that “Brock ardently supports the FairPlay Canada coalition” adding that “we are committed to assist the members of the coalition and the CRTC in eliminating the theft of digital content.” The submission sparked an immediate campus backlash. The Brock University Faculty Association filed a submission with the CRTC noting:

we stand in opposition to the intervention by Vice President, Administration on behalf of Brock University. Vice-President Hutching’s intervention was undertaken without consultation with the wider Brock University community, including faculty, librarians, and Senate; therefore, his submission should not be seen as indicative of the views of Brock University as a whole.
= == === ====

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