The Avalanche – Snapshot 16 – June 17, ’18

From Mondoweiss:
Painting of Razan al-Najjar immortalizing her service, by Omar Sommad. Posted by Palestine Live, June 2, 2018.

“Heralded by Palestinians as ‘angel’ and ‘merciful martyr,’ Razan Al-Najjar is an afterthought in western press” by James North (Mondoweiss)

And excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Let’s say Hamas fired a rocket that killed a young Israeli nurse while she was tending to the wounded from earlier rockets. Is there any doubt that the mainstream media would cover her death extensively, with photos, and interviews with friends and family?

But when Israeli snipers murdered a 21-year-old Palestinian nurse named Razan Al-Najjar yesterday, the mainstream media was nearly silent. Today’s New York Times print edition only includes her as an afterthought, in a report by the usually reliable Rick Gladstone about Israel’s latest defeat at the United Nations. Gladstone’s article notes only that “A 21-year-old Palestinian health worker was killed. . .” Gladstone’s editors could not be bothered to add her name, or to change the passive sentence to report who actually killed her.


“NYT Carries IDF Attack on Murdered Medic–Reveals It’s a Smear in 20th Paragraph” by Adam Johnson (FAIR)

“The New York Times’ Second Assassination of Razan at-Najjar” by Norm Finkelstein (Norman G. Finkelstein)

President Donald Trump. Photo via White House on Flickr.

“Picking Up Where Obama’s War On Leaks Left Off: Trump Justice Department Seizes Reporters’ Records” by Kevin Gosztola (Shadowproof)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Carl Bernstein, the journalist famous for exposing details related to the Watergate scandal, was on MSNBC and described the United States Justice Department’s seizure of phone records of reporters as a “matter of policy” that went all the way up to the president.

“The object of it is to try and intimidate people who talk to reporters, especially on national security matters. National security is always the false claim of administrations trying to hide information that people ought to know,” Bernstein added.

It was May 2013, and Bernstein was reacting to the news that President Barack Obama’s Justice Department “secretly obtained two months of telephone records” of reporters and editors, who worked for the Associated Press, in order to help them prosecute a leak case against Donald Sachtleben, an FBI agent.

Now President Donald Trump and his administration continue that policy of intimidation and contempt for freedom of the press.

James Wolfe, a former Senate intelligence committee aide, was charged [PDF] and arrested for allegedly lying to FBI agents about his contacts with at least four journalists…

Days after news broke about the seizure of AP’s phone records, it was revealed the Justice Department labeled Fox News reporter James Rosen an “aider, abettor, and co-conspirator” in a leak by State Department employee Stephen Kim—effectively criminalizing journalism.

The backlash from U.S. news organizations led Attorney General Eric Holder to issue a set of new policies that supposedly tightened procedures for investigations that involved journalists. Holder indicated support for a media shield law to protect reporters, but one never passed and the guidelines are not law. They can be flouted or ignored by the Trump administration.

Moreover, Holder and the Obama administration did lasting damage to reporters’ freedom by continuing to pursue a subpoena against New York Times reporter James Risen to force him to testify against his source, CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, who was accused of a leak…

This is the third case from the Justice Department to target journalists’ sources. Others include NSA contractor Reality Winner, who allegedly released an NSA report on Russian hacking during the 2016 presidential election, and FBI agent Terry Albury, who pled guilty to disclosing information related to how the FBI pressures immigrants into becoming informants.

From Independent:
Alison Chabloz leaves Westminster Magistrates’ Court, London, on 25 May (PA)

“First They Came for Alison Chabloz” by Barbara McKenzie (Barbara McKenzie)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== === == =
On Friday 25 May musician Alison Chabloz was found guilty of sending, by means of a public electronic communication network, a message or other matter that is ‘grossly offensive’, and awaits sentencing – the judge has indicated that a custodial sentence is possible.

In fact, Alison Chabloz has been found guilty of Holocaust denial.

Alison Chabloz makes her living as a singer-songwriter. She is also a Holocaust revisionist. Prior to being banned from twitter in 2016, Chabloz’s frankness on both the Holocaust and the Palestine issue attracted the attention of zionists who not only trolled her on twitter, but were instrumental in a job offer of a singing spot on a cruise ship being withdrawn…

Alison Chabloz’s conviction relates to the satirical songs in three videos that she uploaded to Youtube: Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe, I Like the Story As It Is, and (((Survivors))).

Nemo is named after one of the trolls who were harassing Alison Chabloz on twitter. Part of the song is dedicated to him, another part to the illegitimacy of the state of Israel – Chabloz sings of a Palestine free from the river to the sea, and ends with, ‘Free Palestine!’.

All three songs refer disparagingly to the Holocaust narrative. Auschwitz, a major grief tourism site, is termed to as a theme park – Chanloz refers to the fact that the gas chamber, initially claimed as genuine, was eventually proved to be a reconstruction. There are mocking references to former traditions, now debunked, that Jewish bodies were used to make soap, and their skins into lampshades.

Chabloz devotes (((Survivors))) to ridiculing three ‘Holocaust survivors’. The authenticity of the accounts of these survivors is no longer accepted: Irene Zisblatt claimed to have escaped from a gas chamber not once but twice; there are whole websites devoted to the flaws in the Elie Wiesel story; Anne Frank’s Diary was written mainly in ballpoint, not invented until after the war. There have been other cases of Holocaust survival fraud, , e.g. Binjamin Wilkomirski, and Herman Rosenblat, whose book Angel at the Fence was withdrawn by its publisher after doubt about its veracity was expressed by scholars, relatives and fellow survivors. Some, like Rosemarie Pence, are not actually Jewish…

In his decision the judge referred to several judgements from countries where Holocaust denial is illegal. In the case of Garaudy v France, the court held that 6 months imprisonment for the applicant, who had written a book disputing the existence of the crimes against humanity committed against the Jews by the Nazis, did not violate the convention of free speech. In Witzsch v Germany, the applicant was convicted in connection with protests about the introduction of Holocaust denial legislation.

The judgement assumed, therefore, the illegality of Holocaust denial, even though this is not formally part of British law…

Alison Chabloz’s offending songs focused on aspects of the Holocaust that are almost universally held to be fraudulent. Fraud that is exposed and in the public domain is almost always seen as an obvious, legitimate and necessary target for British satirists, no matter who is responsible. The judge decreed, however, that members of an open and multi-cultural society would find the satirising of gazetted fraudsters Elie Wiesel, Otto Frank and Irene Zisblatt ‘particularly insulting, upsetting and disrespectful’…

Thus while there is no British law formally criminalising Holocaust revisionism, such a law is no longer necessary. The judgement of Judge Zani serves as a legal precedent which can be used for suppression of debate about the Holocaust and events of World War II…

The strategies for suppressing scrutiny of the Holocaust narrative are increasingly applied to other narratives. These strategies include the extensive use of ad hominem instead of proper argument, derision, vilification, discrediting, deplatforming, job loss, and in the case of speaking out about vaccine damage, child theft. Holocaust revisionists, of course, face imprisonment – some adherents of the climate change story believe that ‘climate change denial’ should also be criminalised. Where history is deemed to be ‘settled’ in the case of the Holocaust, the expression ‘the science is settled’ is used to stop questioning of vaccinations and climate change…

In setting a legal precedent of criminalising debate over the events of World War II, the conviction of Alison Chabloz for ‘Holocaust denial’ further normalises the suppression of thought, speech and dissent. The future of free speech and dissent in Western democracies could not look more bleak.
= == === ====

Note: I don’t know about all of the references to debunked holocaust-related subjects in the above post. My focus is on the continuing killing of communication that the State doesn’t want and the people need.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia (Facebook/Julia Skripal)

“Skripals poisoned with Fentanyl, initial report redacted” by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva (

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were poisoned with the drug Fentanyl, not the Novichok nerve agent, the initial report on the incident reveals. After I published this report on my Twitter account the information was immediately redacted and the drug Fentanyl was deleted from the original version.

Alex Thomson, chief correspondent and presenter of Channel 4 News tweeted about a D notice issued by the UK government to prevent media from publishing further sensitive information on 12 March…

On 26 April I published on my social media accounts the initial report (dated 5 March) on the incident in Salisbury. It indicated the drug Fentanyl as the source of the poisoning which had taken place on 4 March…

According to the report published by Clinical Services Journal: Salisbury District Hospital declared a “major incident” on Monday 5 March, after two patients were exposed to an opioid […] It followed an incident hours earlier in which a man and a woman were exposed to the drug Fentanyl in the city centre.

Few hours later (27 April) after the article was publicized on social media, the content was surprisingly changed…


That’s my underline of the word “substance” in the above image.

The original un-redacted report looked like this:


“UK medics treated Skripals for opioid overdose until Porton Down claimed nerve agent poisoning” by Roger Annis (A Socialist In Canada)

“Ten weeks incommunicado: Conspiracy builds to force Assange out of Ecuadorian embassy” by James Cogan (BSNEWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Assange is being used as a bargaining chip in sordid negotiations between the US and Ecuador. On June 4, US Vice President Mike Pence met with Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno. Amid the stepped-up persecution of Assange, Pence issued a statement lauding their discussion on “opportunities to reinvigorate the bilateral relationship” between the two countries. In words dripping with imperialist deceit, he said they would work together “to protect and promote freedom” and “build prosperity, security and democracy.”

Such “freedom” does not include freedom of speech or freedom of the press…

From Policynote:
Scott Lough / Flickr

“Threatened caribou further endangered: Suppressed audit shows Oil and Gas Commission undermining provincial efforts to save species” by Ben Parfitt (Policynote)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On an April morning in 2014, members of the Fort Nelson First Nation tucked into a helicopter to begin a day of flying to fossil fuel company operations in their territory.

The Nation’s lands are part of the expansive Treaty 8 territory that includes northeast British Columbia. A professional biologist from Fort St. John was in town and had invited employees with the Nation’s (FNFN) Lands department along for the ride.

For the rest of the day, the biologist and FNFN members flew to well pads where companies drill and frack for natural gas. They looked at roads and pipeline corridors cut through the region’s black spruce forests, muskeg and wetlands. And they paused beside massive pits excavated from the earth to store toxic wastewater from the fracking process.

At each site, the biologist, who was conducting a first-of-its kind audit of fossil fuel company operations, took notes.

The audit marked a critical milestone in a little-known “recovery” plan developed a few years earlier by BC’s then environment ministry. The ministry was required to devise the plan because the region’s boreal caribou herds were in trouble. Fourteen years earlier, the federal government had formally listed the species as “threatened” across the country.

A cornerstone of BC’s plan was that natural gas companies would have to follow a suite of modest new rules known as “interim operating practices” (IOPs). An audit would determine whether or not the companies were in compliance…

Not long after the helicopter tour, the biologist (Dan Webster) delivered the audit to BC’s Oil and Gas Commission (OGC). The OGC largely funded the study and is the agency that regulates fossil fuel industry activities in BC.

For the next four years, the OGC kept the audit’s findings hidden, never disclosing them to the general public or, more importantly, to the FNFN whose members were most directly affected.

“FNFN never received the audit even though the [Nation’s] Lands Department requested a copy of the final documents,” Chief Harrison Dickie said.

“Purges and paranoia in Erdogan’s ‘new’ Turkey” by Ella George (A Socialist In Canada)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The elections due to be held in Turkey on 24 June, 2018 – brought forward abruptly from the end of 2019 by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – come after a period of repression and fear that represents the most serious rupture in the history of the Turkish republic…

Even those whose relatives and friends who have not been designated national security threats have been affected by the repression. The newspapers they read have been shut down, the columnists they followed have been detained, the local medical clinic has had its assets seized, the school around the corner has been closed, the dozens of voluntary associations that formed the fabric of their community have gone, and the politicians they voted for – from municipal officials to provincial governors – have been forcibly replaced or fear they are about to be. The purges of prosecution lawyers and judges have reached such proportions that among the new appointees are recent graduates who do not know the rules of their own courtrooms. All judges are aware that any decision deemed adverse to the government may end their careers. The scale of the social transformation being wrought by these measures exceeds even the founding convulsions of the republic. To appreciate what has happened in Turkey requires historical perspective, not least because the government is bent on reinventing the republic in its image, and rewriting its history.

Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

“Why the CIA Funds Nonviolence Training” by Stuart Jeanne Bramhall (Dissident Voice)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

One important aspect of the debate over “diversity of tactics” (i.e. the decision whether to be exclusively nonviolent) in the Occupy movement relates to mounting evidence of the role CIA and Pentagon-funded foundations and think tanks play in funding and promoting nonviolent resistance training. The two major US foundations promoting nonviolence, both overseas and domestically, are the Albert Einstein Institution (AEI) and the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). Both receive major corporate and/or government funding, mostly via CIA “pass through” foundations…

This is a strategy Frances Stonor Saunders outlines in her pivotal Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters. According to Sanders, right wing corporate-backed foundations and the CIA have been funding the non-communist left since the late sixties, in the hope of drowning out and marginalizing the voice of more militant leftists. It’s also noteworthy that the governing and advisory board of both AEI and ICNC have been consistently dominated by individuals with either a military/intelligence background or a history of prior involvement with CIA “pass-through” foundations, such as NED and USAID…

Less well known is the role military and intelligence figures have played in helping Sharp set up and run the AEI. I think most progressives would be extremely disturbed by the major role played by the military-intelligence establishment in funding and running the AEI. I think they would find it even more troubling that progressives who refer to any of this on so called “independent” or “alternative” media websites and blogs have their posts removed.

“A Loud Whoompfing Sound”

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