Some Kind Of Censorship. Bookmark Me Maybe?

Before asking WordPress whether they censor, I thought I’d have a look at any discussions about that subject that there might be in the WP forums. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time examining them, but there’s some complaints and enough to indicate that people do experience censorship. Here’s my question and a WordPress staffer’s response:

Well, That staffer’s easy answer doesn’t satisfy me one bit. If the government (US, as I believe WP is US-based), which is fascist and at war with the people, domestically and abroad, asks WP to censor, well then, It’s not WordPress censoring me, Is it? (I’m in Canada. I have a basement apt and internet is included in my rent. My landlord switched from abusive Rogers to Bell, which he had before but was not happy with, as I recall. They are abusive, these big tax-evading companies, and there’s nothing you can do about them except switch from your current abuser to some other and then back again, around and around, while you pull your hair out in frustration and anger. I know from reading Michael Geist’s blog that Bell is not only the worst when it comes to privacy issues, but it is actively pressuring the Canadian government to censor online content. I can’t afford to have my own internet here, but maybe that’s a solution. I don’t know. But I do know that, while Bell doesn’t go down permanently, it constantly goes missing in action. After a few minutes it comes back. But it just dies on a regular basis daily. What the hell is that?) What I have no doubt about is that WP’s owners and managers are on the side of the State, not the people. (They’ve been dumbing down WordPress against the very vocal complaints of users, even if it’s still the best blogging platform out there. Therefore, Users don’t have any pull with WordPress.) Until I see solid evidence to the contrary, that is the opinion I will hold.

If you’re big, it’s because the Corporatocracy State allows it. If you grow and become big without being evil, you will find yourself in a position where suddenly the war-making State offers you a deal that you can’t refuse: Serve power or face trouble. That all should serve power or die is the position of the Benefactors in power within the gangster Corporatocracy. (We are to get branded with the slave’s mark of 666 in order to participate positively in the gangster Corporatocracy, aka the wild beast.) They perversely call that freedom and democracy, which is how they call out to God to “Bring it!” (You’re free from having your knees shattered, as long as you pay up.) Lavabit and its principled owner sought to care more about its customers than the surveilling State, which caused the State to menace it. In order to avoid being forced to turn against its customers, and the promises of security made to them, Ladar Levison made the hard decision to shut down Lavabit. After some time, and some preparations that would enable the owner to continue giving good customer service despite the State’s abuse, Lavabit returned. If you become big and not something that the State thinks it can use, it will simply attack you. And I don’t mean disagree with you. And the attack can be vicious and cruel and without any rules, as one would expect from mentally and spiritually ruined attackers. That’s what happened to Wikileaks and its creator, Julian Assange. What big social network do you know that hasn’t gone over to the dark side (dark side not as in Star Wars but similar). Not long ago, I thought of Mozilla as the good guy. I think a lot of people did. And I believe that Mozilla banked on that perception as it grew, until one day, we, the netizens who avoided evil Microsoft and ‘do evil’ Google because we are principled, were confronted with a Mozilla that was going to censor. Just like that.

“Mozilla Joins George Soros’s Efforts In Launching A Strike Against “Fake News”” by Aaron Kesel

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Mozilla, the non-profit organization which runs the Firefox internet browser, said Wednesday it was launching an effort against “fake news,” as fact-checking software backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and George Soros got its first run-out in public to shape our Orwellian nightmare of future truth arbiters.

Mozilla said it was “investing in people, programs and projects” in a new initiative to “disrupt misinformation online” calling for a “Mozilla Information Trust Initiative,” or MITI for short, Business Insider reported…

I worry more about those who want to act as fact checkers, blatantly ignoring propaganda and fake news by the MSM while targeting alternative media and dictating what is and isn’t important for public consumption…

So you have all these people, some of whom have even once advocated for a free and open Internet, now advocating for controlling the flow of information under the moniker of “fake news.”

How about all the fake news spread by the CIA and intelligence services called planted propaganda usually for pushing war? Especially as a new report questions the veracity of claims made by a shady firm Cloudstrike that “Russia hacked the election” – how about that fake news?

Pierre Omidyar is a Nazi. By that I mean that is a fascist, which just means that he believes in a kind of democracy that is the opposite of real democracy. Elites can’t speak truthfully about the darkness they’ve embraced. Fascism, setting aside historical examples and details pertaining to them, simply means a situation where the business community, especially big business, joins forces with the political class in order to run the country (and world, hence Corporatocracy), while telling the people that they have representative democracy and elections are proof of that, when in reality the people are cut out. Electoral systems are as captured by powerful special interests as (most) governments are. A few countries are resisting fascism: Venezuela, Bolivia for example. Cuba was, but, reportedly, Raul Castro is coming around to seeing things the West’s twisted way.

“Revealed: Visitor logs show full extent of Pierre and Pamela Omidyar’s cozy White House ties” by Paul Bradley Carr

“Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show” by Mark Ames

“On the importance of keeping investors out of the newsroom, and not treating your readers like fools” by Paul Bradley Carr

I’ve experienced slow days on my blog before. On rare occasions, a day with zero hits happens. But it’s like those public transit zombies who are looking for attention and actually believe that being anti-social makes them cool and so, despite signage (subways) that you’ll see on EVERY door saying PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE DOORS, people park themselves in front of the doors, even when the trains are not crowded. They partially block the doors, probably telling themselves they are not blocking the doors as long as people can get around them, while they slow the whole line down. The abusers in power, who, as Jesus Christ noted, want to be called Benefactors, cause what trouble they can. Overt, extreme criminality might not always be the way to go. (If none of my critical organs are permanently damaged by the enhanced interrogation my Benefactors subject me to, it’s not torture. Right?) My blog hasn’t been out and out banned, but I have no doubt that somehow, while I am being allowed to freely present my views, It’s being restricted sometimes at least – by some group or groups somewhere and somehow. It’s a restriction that doesn’t kill me (the way banning does and I’ve been banned on many sites, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [which my taxes help fund], for having a non-yahoo viewpoint), but slows down my visibility online. (This seems to be happening to me on YouTube as well.) Possibly, the size of my blog post is a factor. It’s like my longer posts are being examined, and held up while they’re being examined, which will, if that’s happening, take longer the larger the post is.

The CIA had the Vietnamese set up a parallel organization – Phung Hoan – to its package of counterinsurgency programs, so that it could hide behind it. Eventually, that kind of failed in the sense that they merged completely.

I know how the terrorist, war-making State rolls. I was very impressed with Caitlin Johnson’s report about the State (New Zealand) persecution and black ops targetting Suzie Dawson. I have read enough about the evil of the deep State and its tools to know that getting its way isn’t enough. Those are people with absolutely nothing good to do after they’ve sold their souls. They are now twisted workers in the Devil’s workshop, very busy doing evil and absolutely useless when it comes to making the world a better place. When I read Douglas Valentine’s book, “The Phoenix Program,” I was blown away by some of the reported atrocities committed by US soldiers and the Vietnamese who they corrupted and who were already corrupt. One Vietnamese citizen who they kept for four years in a refrigerated room but who didn’t tell them what they wanted him to tell them, was finally released – out of a plane. That’s what our tax dollars are used for? We are paying the salaries of psychopaths! What need was there for those interrogators (torturers) to kill the man that way? We are all free to self-modify, jettisoning our God-given conscience (learning how to ignore it) and embracing inequality, deceit and violence. When we make that choice, our values change and our needs and wants become unnatural.

“Activists Are Being Targeted By Spy Agencies — Interview With The Internet Party’s Suzie Dawson” by Caitlin Johnson

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== =
…After years of being targeted as a person of interest escalated to an actual assassination attempt, Suzie finally had to move to Berlin where the persecution continued, until she sought asylum in Russia where, thankfully, she is no longer harassed.

She has committed no crimes other than to try and make the world a better place, but apparently that’s the bar now. And it’s all legal. Breaking into your home, installing cameras and tracking your car is par for the course, but so are other more unusual methods of gaslighting, such as leaving loose screws around your house and messing with your underwear. Little things that you can’t exactly go to the police about but creepy enough to let you know that your private spaces are being routinely violated.

Rather than go quietly nuts and let it confuse and scare her into silence, Suzie did exactly the opposite – she went public. She blogged about the weird things that were happening to her and made this epic documentary which summarized her experiences. People who were also being targeted came out of the woodwork and said “Hey, that happened to me too!”
= ===

From Douglas Valentine’s “The Phoenix Program, the following:

The CIA treated its prisoners at the National Interrogation Center no better. In Decent Interval, former CIA officer Frank Snepp cites the case of Nguyen Van Tai, the Cuc Nghien Cuu agent who organized the attack on the U.S. Embassy during Tet. Tai was captured in 1970 and, “With American help the South Vietnamese built him his own prison cell and interrogation room, both totally white, totally bare except for a table, chair, an open hole for a toilet – and ubiquitous hidden television cameras and microphones to record his every waking and sleeping moment. His jailers soon discovered one essential psychic-physical flaw in him. Like many Vietnamese, he believed his blood vessels contracted when he was exposed to frigid air. His quarters and interrogation room were thus outfitted with heavy-duty air conditioners and kept thoroughly chilled.”

In April 1975, Snepp notes, “Tai was loaded onto an airplane and thrown out at ten thousand feet over the South China Sea. At that point he had spent over four years in solitary confinement, in a snow-white cell, without ever having fully admitted who he was.” As perverse as anything done in Salem, Tai was disposed of like a bag of garbage simply because he would not confess.

But unlike Truong and Tai, most Vietnamese jailed under Phoenix were anonymous pawns whose only value was the small bribe their families offered for their release. Anyone confined in a PIC or province or district prison was in the belly of the beast.. The range and extent of torture are beyond the comprehension of the average middle-class American but are well documented, as is the fact that American advisers rarely intervened to reduce the level of abuse. – pages 221 & 222


Phoenix had gone underground, but the bodies it corralled were impossible to hide – despite the efforts of Ambassador Graham Martin, who on July 25, 1974, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that “we found no one in prison” who could be regarded as a political prisoner and that charges that there were two hundred thousand political prisoners were part of a Communist propaganda campaign [sic] “deliberately designed to force the American Congress to limit economic aid.”

Refuting Martin’s assertions was David Shipler, who cited one instance after another of perverse torture of women and men – mostly teachers, students, and union workers – in Saigon’s First Precinct headquarters…

And Shipler wrote about a woman arrested in Saigon, taken to the Kien Chuong PIC twenty-two miles away, and viciously, sadistically tortured for absolutely no reason whatsoever, other than for the pleasure of the torturers. -pg 412


[William J.] Taylor’s account of Phoenix is set in Da Nang in July 1970. The incident occurred on a Sunday morning. As was his habit, Taylor was rummaging through the garbage cans in the alley behind the White Elephant restaurant near the Da Nang Hotel, loading the back of his jeep with discarded fruity, vegetables, and bread, which he gave to Vietnamese members of his informer network who were having a hard time making ends meet. Some of these people worked at Camp Horn; others, for the mayor of Da Nang. Most he had known since 1968.

While poking around in the trash, Taylor saw a U.S. Army intelligence officer, accompanied by a Korean intelligence officers, pass by in a jeep. Taylor quickly dropped what he was doing and followed them. Taylor had opened the case when a number of his Vietnamese sources began complaining to him that an American military officer, in cahoots with the Koreans, was murdering Vietnamese civilians for the CIA. The American officer was regularly seen at the Da Nang Interrogation Center, assaulting women prisoners and forcing them to perform perverse acts. He had a reputation as a sadist who enjoyed torturing and killing prisoners. A psychopath with no compunctions about killing people or causing them pain, he was the ideal contract killer.

That the CIA should recruit such a man was not unusual. Taylor himself had investigated a racial incident in which four blacks threw grenades into the Da Nang enlisted men’s club while a movie was being shown. One of the blacks told Taylor that a CIA “talent scout” had offered to get him and his comrades off the hook if they would agree to perform hits for the CIA on a contract basis, not just in Vietnam but in other countries as well. – pg 358


The son of an Air Force officer, Stan Fulcher was brought up in various military posts around the world, but he brands as “hypocritical” the closed society into which he was born. “The military sees itself as the conqueror of the world” – Fulcher sighed, “but the military is socialism in its purest form. People in the military lead a life of privilege in which the state meets each and every one of their needs.”

Having served in the special security unit at Can Tho Air Base in 1968 – where he led a unit of forty riflemen against the VCI – Fulcher fully understood the realities of Vietnam. He told me of the Military Security Service killing a Jesuit priest who advocated land reform, of GVN officials trading with the National Liberation Front while trying to destroy religious sects, and of the tremendous U.S. cartels – RMK-BRJ, Sealand, Holiday Inns, Pam Am, Bechtel, and Vinnell – that prospered from the war.

“The military has the political power and the means of production,” Fulcher explained, “and so it enjoys all the benefits of society… Well, it was the same thing in Vietnam, where the U.S. military and a small number of politicians supported the Vietnamese Catholic establishment against the masses… Greedy Americans, ” Fulcher contended, “were the cause of the war. The supply side economists – these are the emergent groups during Vietnam.” -pg 396

So, Is it any surprise that those who own and rule (and ruin) the world should treat us, who are their fellow citizens, shabbily, especially as they have come to see us as an obstacle to the further satisfying of their greed? Not to mention, They just like to show off their power.

I seem to be experiencing ghost-banning on YouTube right now, although it doesn’t appear to be outright banning. It looks like restrictiveness that involves ghost-banning that is randomly halted temporarily. I don’t know how else to describe it. Amusingly, Google cleverly allow me to appear in the ‘top posts’ even while I’m invisible. It’s called attitude. (See the images below. Also, Peter Lavelle’s article titled “Ghost Banning on Social Media – the start of systematic censorship” will give you a good idea what ghost banning is all about.) For some time, I’ve noticed that I can comment on YouTube, but, unlike most of the non YouTube commenting I do online, my YouTube comments just about never are responded to. Which they wouldn’t be if they are only visible to me, which is how ghost banning works. I’m like a ghost. I’m there but you can’t see me.

Suzie Dawson explained to Caitlin Johnson how she would return home to find screws kicking around. Intruders had also cut up her panties and did other sick things when she was away, all to scare the crap out of her, but also just to play twisted games with her, because for them it’s work and a paycheque and they have sold their souls and have no problem with doing such ‘work’. (Gatekeepers, we will find, have that kind of freedom. If you serve power – the Corporatocracy for example – then rules, mostly, don’t apply to you.) They are furthering ‘national security’ don’t you know! The screws were interesting. Try telling people about loose screws kicking around in your apartment and, as you may fear, they may very well say to themselves “Loose screws. Right. Screwy. Right.” When I had my friend check to see whether he could see me on one particular YouTube channel where I had commented, he could see me. That was a while ago. What if I told him that I still think YouTube is ghost banning me? Would he think, “Hmm. I saw your comment. I think someone reads too much about the evil State.” He would reasonably point out to me that when we did our experiment, it was negative. So, What’s up here? Would they go so far as to allow my friend to see me while ghosting me to everyone else? On one hand, I’m nobody. I’m certainly no celebrity blogger. As you can see from the scree shots above, there’s not many visitors to my blog. (But zero hits is still abnormal.) On the other hand, people with too much power and freedom, because they have the ‘right’ political views, have nothing useful to do at all. Ergo…

Here’s a very small sampling of the many YouTube appearances by myself, as a ghost apparently:

Bill Maher by Abby Martin one year ago

Brainwash Update with Abby Martin re Bill Maher

Cornel West vs Tucker Carlson on The Jimmy Dore Show July 20 2018 1

Keiser Report July 31 2018

re Alex Jones banning on The Jimmy Dore Show

Tucker Carlston vs Cornel West Jimmy Dore Show

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