Progressives: Don’t Use The “Box” Cloud Service

*edit, Sept 19, 2018 – Aira got back to me today (see below). I will continue to update this post as long as my file is active and I have material to share, but I won’t provide a special alert for that going forward so that I don’t make this post into an eye-sore.

Just like that Box deactivated my very active Box account. It’s not a commercial enterprise. But I use it regularly. I keep an index of articles that I link to in my series. That series is divided into three parts: 1. Lawlessness / Ruined 2. Professional Scam Artists 3. The Avalanche – Snapshots. I also had a lengthy open-ended compendium on JFK and RFK, as well as numerous other items that were mostly there as handy bits of information that I could link to instead of writing out again and again. Box never indicated why it deactivated my account. When I clicked on a link that came with the notice of deactivation, I was then presented with a message saying that my account could not be re-activated.

I’d like to think that I’m that effective, but I know I’m not. The hits on my blog, unless WordPress doesn’t honestly report here, are few. I rarely push past the 30s on any given day. Often my blog gets far fewer hits than 30. That’s not celebrity status, Is it? I guess it’s an indication of how far-reaching and extreme the censorship is that is happening now. I’ve complained before about my blog being, possibly, censored. Usually, those were temporary dips that may or may not have been censorship. This time, I think it may be serious. I’m watching – and didn’t plan on complaining about it until some time had passed – as my daily hits nosedive. It has only been a few days since my blog has mostly died. Then this crap on Box happened today.

I know that Edward Snowden recommends SpiderOak, for which reason I looked at it. But I couldn’t make head nor tails out of it. And geeks will never explain anything to anyone in plain English because being a geek doesn’t make you decent. Progressives who are geeks aren’t really progressives in my book. I don’t have tech savvy friends and so I’m on my own here. I’m easy pickings for busy, busy workers in some Devil’s workshop somewhere.

Let’s see what Stephanie says about her utterly unclear, to me, ‘explanation’.


I really wouldn’t recommend Box to anyone after this. This isn’t the first time Box has given me trouble. See my previous blog post titled “Box Mystery.” If anyone can recommend to me – if anyone can find me now that my blog seems to have become all but invisible – a simple, easy-to-use cloud service for personal use, please do. Searching around for an alternative to Box turned up empty. I can hardly understand the damn jargon. I downloaded something called Cryptobox and, for the life of me, could not make heads nor tails of it. It appeared to be a program that allowed me to encrypt files throughout my cloud services. I don’t possess such services. I’d like ‘one’, let alone many. And I have zero use for anything offered by Microsoft, Google et al. A Google search for not just user-friendly, but progressive-friendly cloud services, I fear, will be fruitless. Google isn’t like my telephone, if it ever was, which I am given to understand that it wasn’t. If Google doesn’t like my ‘call’, it can hinder it and/or me.

And then:

‘If’ I take Box’s word for what happened and ‘if’ I leave out the ‘fact’ that I was abused, then yes, I might be willing to say that I was happy with Box’s service in the area of their help that followed when I complained about my account being deactivated. I could just send that message, since I’m sure that their own form won’t allow me to state matters that way, but I have no desire to communicate with them further here. Abuse? I was deactivated and then when I clicked on a message saying ‘click here to reactivate’, was met with another message saying that my account couldn’t be reactivated. Was that true? If it wasn’t, Why did I see that message? Did I need that stress?

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