Is The Real News Network Failing?

*edit, September 30, 2018 – I see that, days after I posted some comments to TRNN, they have approved them. It looks like all of my comments were approved. That’s better than nothing, but it’s still awful. If you are are having a conversation with someone and you speak, and a week later your associate responds, etc, etc… TRNN deserves what follows (below), even if we can’t say they’ve censored me (completely).

Source: UK Labour Alarms Elites With Plan to Democratize Workplace, Public Ownership

An excerpt from the above linked-to show/transcript follows:

==== == =
AARON MATE: It’s The Real News. I’m Aaron Mate.

The British Labour Party has unveiled proposals for what it calls the greatest extension of economic democratic rights that Britain has ever seen. Labour Finance Spokesperson John McDonnell addressed the party’s annual conference on Monday.

JOHN MCDONNELL: So in 2018, I tell you that at the heart of our program is the greatest extension of economic democratic rights that this country has ever seen, and it starts in the workplace. It’s undeniable now that the balance of power at work has been tipped against the worker. The result is long hours, low productivity…

AARON MATE: The Labour Party’s plan also includes transferring a portion of company shares to workers, and giving them a third of seats on company boards.

JOHN MCDONNELL: We believe that workers who create the wealth of a company should share in its ownership…

AARON MATE: Well, joining me to discuss the Labor Party conference and its bold new proposals is Leo Panitch. He is a professor of political science at York University, and author of The Making of Global Capitalism.

Professor Panitch, welcome. You were there at this conference. Talk about what we just heard from John McDonnell unveiling what he calls the greatest extension of economic democratic rights that Britain has ever seen.

LEO PANITCH: Well, it would be, if in fact they’re able to see it through…
= == ====

I left a comment or two, on TRNN’s website, attached to this show, and they were disappeared. And so I left a few more comments which I then captured with PicPick and could therefore show to others should they get disappeared as well. All of the comments I posted to this show were disappeared. I don’t recall TRNN being at all censorious. Have they gone the way of Common Dreams, who banned me for pointing out in my comments that they carried articles by fakers like Jeffrey Sachs? (I’ve commented in the past, on TRNN’s website, about their reliance on deep State-connected sources at the expense of genuinely independent journos, so Who knows? My position is: Okay, If a Larry Wilkerson or someone like that wants to spill the beans, judge them by what they say and do. But remember what they did. Suspicion is warranted. And why, Paul Jay and Real News, are you ignoring independent journos like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett?) My post about that is titled “Common Dreams wants donations and will sacrifice progressives to get them.”

Right click on the image and selected ‘view image’ for a clearer look at it.

From WSWS:
Tsipras (left) meets Corbyn last week [photo from Greek Embassy in London Facebook page]

“UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hails Alexis Tsipras of Syriza” by Robert Stevens (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Last week, Greek Prime Minister and Syriza (Coalition of the Radical Left) leader Alexis Tsipras visited the UK. He met Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May and was received warmly by an audience in the Guildhall in the City of London consisting of what the Greek Embassy in London described as “key representatives of the financial sector”. Tsipras called on his audience to invest in the Greek economy to reap vast financial rewards…

His most enthusiastic welcome, however, was afforded by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who tweeted of their June 26 meeting, “It was good to meet Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras today to talk about Brexit, the fight against austerity, and the crucial importance of international solidarity in our time. Governments can and must work together to support refugees fleeing war and devastation.”

Just who does Corbyn think he is fooling? What “fight against austerity” and support for refugees is he talking about?

If he were honest, Corbyn would have said that he discussed Syriza’s fight to impose austerity.

“Canada’s pseudo-left Socialist Project propagandizes for US imperialism in Iraq” by Roger Jordan (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Canada’s Socialist Project, led by the pseudo-left academics Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin, is promoting an article on US imperialist policy towards its Kurdish allies in the Mideast war that was co-authored by a former US State Department official under the Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidencies.

Entitled “A critical turning point in Washington’s partnership with Iraqi Kurds: the Kurdish peshmerga ‘our boots on the ground’,” the article was prominently republished on Socialist Project’s website on August 15 and remains there. In the intervening three-and-a-half weeks, the article has apparently provoked no adverse comment, let alone protest, from anyone within this ostensibly “Marxist” group, although the article forthrightly argues from the standpoint of the US “national interest” in Iraq and the Mideast—a region that for decades has been a focus of Washington’s intrigues and wars because of its abundant oil resources.

“The ISO’s Socialism 2018 Conference: Socialist phraseology in the service of American imperialism” by Alexander Fangmann (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The International Socialist Organization’s (ISO) annual Socialism conference is taking place this weekend at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.

As with past events, the ISO conference will include dozens of panels on various topics, from “What do socialists say about white privilege?” to “Marxism and intersectionality” and “The politics of pregnancy.” The politics that emerges from the cornucopia of sessions is the politics of the Democratic Party and a complacent layer of the upper-middle class that surrounds it, namely identity politics, support for the trade union bureaucracy, and, above all, support for US imperialism.

For the second year in a row, the conference is being co-sponsored by Jacobin, published by Bhaskar Sunkara, a former vice-chair of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The DSA has grown substantially over the past year and a half, increasing its membership from about 7,000 to 29,000. The organization is being cultivated by the media and the Democratic Party establishment following the victory in the New York primary elections last month of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whom Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez on Tuesday called the “future of our party.”

During the 2016 election, the DSA heavily promoted the campaign of Bernie Sanders, who is now in the leadership of the Democratic Party caucus in the Senate. One of the panels at the ISO conference sponsored by Jacobin is “Who’s Afraid of Bernie Sanders: The Right fears him. The Center fears him. But should the Left?”

“Do not be misled. Bad associations spoil useful habits.” – 1 Corinthians 15:33

“By their friends you will know them: The International Socialist Organization and American imperialism” by Joseph Kishore (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The International Socialist Organization functions as an arm of the State Department in the milieu of pseudo-left politics in the United States…

The ISO’s online publication Socialist Worker regularly publishes articles by Ashley Smith and others that promote the US-backed Syrian opposition, uncritically report US-organized provocations in Syria, and slander anyone opposing imperialist intervention as a supporter of the bourgeois nationalist government of Bashar al-Assad.

With the Syrian civil war, the alignment of the ISO with the foreign policy of the American ruling class, and its close connections to individuals with high-level positions in think tanks and organizations tied to the state, has become undeniable.

A case in point is the recent volume put out by Haymarket Books, the publishing arm of the ISO, The Impossible Revolution: Making Sense of the Syrian Tragedy, by Yassin al-Haj Saleh…

The book itself is a political whitewash of the “Syrian Revolution,” which is presented as a spontaneous and “popular” uprising with no connection to the outside world—and, particularly, with no connection to the American government. The United States is referred to only twice in Saleh’s text, in passing, and Obama is not mentioned at all. The book is an exercise in political cover-up, obscuring the history and evolution of the US-backed civil war in Syria…

…The ISO has absolutely nothing to do with Marxism, and its “socialist” rhetoric is no more than a cover for bourgeois, imperialist politics. It is a pseudo-left organization of the upper-middle class that seeks to divert young people opposed to capitalism behind powerful factions of the American military-intelligence apparatus.

“The ISO and the imperialist politics of the pseudo-left” by Barry Grey (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== === == =
The International Socialist Organization is stepping up its efforts to legitimize American imperialism’s military interventions in the Middle East in the wake of US-British-French missile strikes against Syria, the intensified offensive against Iran signaled by President Donald Trump’s pullout from the Iran nuclear agreement, and the Israeli bombardment of Iranian forces in Syria…

In recent days, Socialist Worker, the website of the ISO, has prominently featured an editorial published May 8 titled “Our socialism is international,” which concludes with an attack on opponents of the US intervention and Washington’s proxy forces in Syria, branding them apologists for the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad…

On May 1, Socialist Worker published a commentary titled “The left can’t be silent about Assad’s crimes.” The article attacked a piece published in Jacobin under the headline “US Out of Syria.” Jacobin has adopted an eclectic position on the war, publishing articles both pro and con.

The ISO felt all the more obliged to publicly reply to this article because Jacobin is co-hosting the ISO’s “Socialism 2018” conference in Chicago in July. Jacobin’s publisher, Bhaskar Sunkara, is a former vice-chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America, with which the ISO appears to be preparing some form of political regroupment.

The ISO is concerned that politically radicalized students and youth attracted to socialism are hostile to American military interventions in Syria and elsewhere. The growth of anti-capitalist sentiment among young people coincides with a resurgence of the class struggle among teachers and other sections of workers, which is taking the form of an incipient rebellion against the corporatist trade unions.

The ISO wants to ensure that any movement that emerges is subordinated to the agencies of American imperialism such as the unions, the Democratic Party and the State Department…

The ISO says nothing about the historical context of the war being waged by the US and its NATO and regional allies in Syria…

Moreover, the US has been intervening in Syria ever since France granted the country nominal independence in 1946, beginning with the CIA-orchestrated ouster of the left bourgeois nationalist regime of Shukri al-Quwatly in March of 1949. In December of the same year, Adib Shishakli came to power in a coup organized with the support of the US. Indicative of the political types leading the anti-Assad opposition today is the fact that Adib Shishakli’s grandson and namesake, Adib Shishakli, a right-wing businessman with close ties to the Saudi royal family, is a leading figure in that opposition.

The US has been working to destabilize and ultimately remove the Assad regime for more than 15 years…

The bourgeoisie is terrified of the implications of a new period of working-class struggle, under conditions where their main instruments for suppressing the class struggle in the US, the trade unions and the Democratic Party, are losing any credibility in the eyes of working people and youth.

The ISO, notwithstanding its socialist pretensions and rhetoric, is a critical part of the bourgeois political establishment in America. Its function is to provide a left face for sections of the foreign policy establishment, primarily those affiliated with the Democratic Party. Above all, it functions as a mechanism for the AFL-CIO, the Democratic Party and the State Department to seek to control oppositional movements in the US.
= == === ====

My previous post included a couple of WSWS articles dealing with faker Corbyn. Others, like John Pilger and Barbara McKenzie are also onto him.

From John Pilger:
Delegates to the recent Labour Party conference in the English seaside town of Brighton seemed not to notice a video playing in the main entrance. The world’s third biggest arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, supplier to Saudi Arabia, was promoting its guns, bombs, missiles, naval ships and fighter aircraft.

“THE RISING OF BRITAIN’S ‘NEW POLITICS'” by John Pilger (John Pilger)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Delegates to the recent Labour Party conference in the English seaside town of Brighton seemed not to notice a video playing in the main entrance. The world’s third biggest arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, supplier to Saudi Arabia, was promoting its guns, bombs, missiles, naval ships and fighter aircraft.

It seemed a perfidious symbol of a party in which millions of Britons now invest their political hopes. Once the preserve of Tony Blair, it is led today by Jeremy Corbyn, whose career has been very different from Blair’s and is rare in British establishment politics.

Addressing the Labour conference, the campaigner Naomi Klein described the rise of Corbyn as “part of a global phenomenon. We saw it in Bernie Sanders’ historic campaign in the US primaries, powered by millennials who know that safe centrist politics offers them no kind of safe future.”

In fact, at the end of the US primary elections last year, Sanders led his followers into the arms of Hillary Clinton, a liberal warmonger from a long tradition in the Democratic Party…

Like Clinton, Sanders is a cold-warrior and an “anti-communist” obsessive with a proprietorial view of the world beyond the United States. He supported Bill Clinton’s and Tony Blair’s illegal assault on Yugoslavia in 1998 and the invasions of Afghanistan, Syria and Libya, as well as Barack Obama’s campaign of terrorism by drone. He backs the provocation of Russia and agrees that the whistleblower Edward Snowden should stand trial. He has called the late Hugo Chavez – a social democrat who won multiple elections – “a dead communist dictator”…

Corbyn supported the likes of Hugo Chavez, who brought more than hope to societies subverted by the US behemoth.

And yet, now that Corbyn is closer to power than he might have ever imagined, his foreign policy remains a secret.

By secret, I mean there has been rhetoric and little else. “We must put our values at the heart of our foreign policy,” said Corbyn at the Labour conference. But what are these “values”?

Since 1945, like the Tories, British Labour has been an imperial party, obsequious to Washington and with a record exemplified by the crime in the Chagos islands.

What has changed? Is Jeremy Corbyn saying Labour will uncouple itself from the US war machine, and the US spying apparatus and US economic blockades that scar humanity?

His shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, says a Corbyn government “will put human rights back at the heart of Britain’s foreign policy”. But human rights have never been at the heart of British foreign policy — only “interests”, as Lord Palmerston declared in the 19th century: the interests of those at the apex of British society…

Today, replace Indonesia with Saudi Arabia and East Timor with Yemen. British military aircraft – sold with the approval of both Tory and Labour governments and built by the firm whose promotional video had pride of place at the Labour Party conference – are bombing the life out of Yemen, one of the most impoverished countries in the world, where half the children are malnourished and there is the greatest cholera epidemic in modern times…

In Labour’s 2017 manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn and his party colleagues promised that “Labour will demand a comprehensive, independent, UN-led investigation into alleged violations … in Yemen, including air strikes on civilians by the Saudi-led coalition. We will immediately suspend any further arms sales for use in the conflict until that investigation is concluded.”

But the evidence of Saudi Arabia’s crimes in Yemen is already documented by Amnesty and others, notably by the courageous reporting of the British journalist Iona Craig. The dossier is voluminous.

Labour does not promise to stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia. It does not say Britain will withdraw its support for governments responsible for the export of Islamist jihadism. There is no commitment to dismantle the arms trade.

“Jeremy Corbyn and George Soros” by Barbara McKenzie (Barbara McKenzie)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On 12 September 2015 Jeremy Corbyn, as his first act as the new leader of the British Labour Party, addressed a protest in support of refugees, called Solidarity with Refugees. Corbyn stood next to Abdulaziz Alhashemi of Syria Solidarity UK (SSUK), who was draped in a flag representing UK-backed Syrian extremists, on a platform from which Clara Connolly, also of SSUK, had urged a Libya-style no-fly zone.

Syrian Solidarity UK describes itself as ‘a network of activists committed to solidarity with the Syrian Revolution’. In practice this means making the case for greater UK involvement in Syria, above all a no-fly zone. SSUK
 claimed a large part of the credit for the March…

The protest was organised by Stop the War in conjunction with groups created or funded by George Soros, such as Avaaz.

George Soros, one of the world’s richest men, has been playing an active role in regime change wars and coups since the 1980s. At the same time he is the major force behind the European refugee crisis and is the presumed architect of the Merkel Plan. (See also F. William Engdahl, Soros Plays Both Ends in Syrian Refugee Crisis). ‘Solidarity with refugees’ in Soros terms means using war to create as many refugees as possible; ‘Syria solidarity’ means facilitating those wars.

Thus Corbyn’s first act as leader of the Labour Party was to lend moral support to George Soros’s most ambitious projects: externally created regime change and mass migration.

And there’s this, from Daniel Lazare:

“Corbyn Might Long Regret Capitulation on Anti-Semitism” by Daniel Lazare (Consortium News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== == =
After months of pummeling, Jeremy Corbyn, the besieged leader of Britain’s Labor Party, gave in to the Zionist lobby and adopted a fiercely contested definition of anti-Jewish hatred that Arab activists say essentially brands the Palestinian cause as anti-Semitic.

Opinion varies as to what the capitulation will mean.
= == ===

The following is an image of at least one donation I made to TRNN:

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