Reality Includes Hidden Crap

Source: The Doomsday Machine: The Big Lie of the Cold War – Daniel Ellsberg on RAI (1/8)

An introduction to the (12 part?) discussions between Paul Jay and Daniel Ellsberg (in which the above linked-to segment is the first in the series) follows:

=== =
DANIEL ELLSBERG: As Blackett put it, he said this was really the first battle of the Cold War, rather than the last act of the World War II. Well, it was both, strictly speaking. After the bomb, both bombs, had been dropped, the Air Force wanted to continue to show their major role in the ending of the war. And Hap Arnold sent a thousand planes, sent a 1000-plane raid, over Japan on August 14, knowing that the Emperor was about to surrender, or issue a surrender. And the surrender came before the planes had returned from Japan. That came after the bombs. So the Air Force was very concerned that at the end of the war they wanted to be an independent Air Force, free of the Army, which had control of them till then; to have a very large Air Force, and in particular to have a large enough industry to support a major R&D, research and development program, so that the Air Force would always have superior weapons, would have the most advanced weapons. And for that you needed a large R&D effort. And for that it turned out you needed something much more than commercial sales of airplanes. You needed government purchases to keep these firms profitable.

Actually, since I wrote the book, I’ve been researching that more than I had before. And realized- various books I could give, one by Kovski and some others- that in ’46 and ’47, firms like Boeing and Lockheed and others, which depended entirely, had depended on sales to the government, found they could not survive, really, in the post-war period simply on commercial projects. Ford and GM, who built most of the planes, went back to building cars. But Lockheed and Boeing found that the commercial aircraft airline industry didn’t provide them enough sales and purchases really to stay solvent. And so they began lobbying very heavily in ’46, ’47. Finally in ’47 and ’48 got enormous increases in government contracts at that point. And as I say, from the very beginning, that had to be against Russia.

The Cold War had not officially begun at that point, but only Russia had enough targets to justify a larger force at that point. I do think, in other words, that from that time on, I now think- and it’s not in my book. It wasn’t as clear to me even a year ago. I would now say that the Cold War was to a very large extent, from beginning to end, a marketing campaign for subsidization of the aerospace industry.
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My comment, addressed I belieive to a poster named “rosemerry,” was disappeared. This was her comment:

In recent years I have realised that the whole “anticommunist” campaign of the cold War and the US policy in Europe of “stay-behind” and other ways of controlling policy and removing elected communists from governments. I visited the USSR in 1966 from London, and many different nationalities were with us, but the Americans were not allowed to visit and had to hide it from their own government. The people there were normal humans like us and the whole experience interesting, but the way people now are treating Russia, which is not communist and is arguably more Christian than the USA or the UK, shocks me . Ridiculous accusations are not even investigated, let alone proven-Russia is blamed for everything bad.

As for WW2, remember Stalin was instrumental in the efforts of the Red Army to defeat Nazism, which of course the USA pretends it was the one to do! None of the Western allies can deny the truth of their cruelty in wartime and of course in colonisation. Belgium, France, UK, Netherlands caused the death of large numbers of people-not “their own” but their subjects eg in Africa.

My response to rosemerry’s comment is below. To see the image clearer, right-click and selected ‘vew image’. Remember to simply go back a page to return to this post.

What is the reason for my post being disappeared? I may yet ask. But I think that we need to know when this sort of behavior happening, especially now with the tsunami of censorship happening and with the ongoing defections by alternative media orgs and progressives to the wild beast of Corporatocracy. There’s defections and then there’s the fakers who are among us – until they are somehow outed. (How many readers who leave comments that are disappeared just go away and forget about it?, which means that we don’t know about it, which, I think, is not good.) And so I’m adding this post, sadly, to my Disappeared collection (which, note, is separate from my Avalanche Snapshots series).

It comes, interestingly, after my having read some rather interesting material, by Michael Barker, about the origin of The Real News Network. And that’s on top of astonishing things I’ve just read in Yasha Levine’s (not perfect) book, “Surveillance Valley.” Edward Snowden, it appears, is not a hero. Or at least he is a very, very flawed one who in fact has been used by the deep State. Tor, the pro-privacy superbrowser, it turns out, is a deep State creation meant to empower not democracy activists, but the wild beast of Corporatocracy. Jacob Appelbaum is a big faker. Wikileaks unwittingly aided and abetted the deep State by its high-profile endorsement of Tor’s chief salesperson, Jacob Appelbaum. The darkness is always spreading and deepening. It can’t get much darker.

From “Who Funds the Progressive Media?” by Michael Barker, we get the following:

Founded in 2007, The Real News describes itself as a “non-profit news and documentary network focused on providing independent and uncompromising journalism”. The Real News website proudly claims that they are “member supported and do not accept advertising, government or corporate funding” (emphasis in the original). The site adds, “the Real News will be financed by the economic power of thousands of viewers like you around the world. Just 250,000 people paying $10 a month will make it happen”, and claims there is “NO government funding; NO corporate funding; NO advertising; NO STRINGS”.

The Real News’ mission statement suggests that Real News promotes independent and investigative journalism and is a grassroots effort. It fails to mention, however, that the project was launched with millions of dollars provided by leading US American liberal foundations. There may well have been no strings attached to the seed money, but there is little doubt that the foundations chose to support their project – as opposed to any alternative ones – because the Real News formula suited the foundations’ own philanthropic interests. How much influence the liberal foundations had in determining the makeup of The Real News advisory boards and founding committees will remain unknown until the issue becomes the focus of an in-depth investigative report. An investigation that is unlikely to be forthcoming from The Real News itself…

The Real News can be considered the flagship project of a non-profit group that is known as Independent World Television (IWT). From Toronto (Canada), and formed in 2003, IWT was co-founded by Paul Jay and Sharmini Peries. Paul Jay, who is presently the CEO and chair of The Real News is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who was formerly the creator and executive producer of Canadian Broadcasting Centre Newsworld’s debate program counterSpin. On the other hand, Sharmini Peries, who until recently served as the director of policy and development for IWT, is an executive director of the International Freedom of Expression eXchange and the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. These two groups are have close connections to the Ford Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy. The National Endowment for Democracy plays a big role in promoting United States’ foreign interests – which most notably saw them support the 2002 coup that temporarily removed President Hugo Chavez from power. Ironically, Peries presently serves as a foreign policy advisor to President Chavez.

In 2005, Independent World Television received a $100,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to conduct a “feasibility and planning study on an innovative idea to create a news and current affairs TV network funded primarily by viewers”. Two other liberal foundations, the MacArthur Foundation and the Haas Foundation also contributed to this planning study. IWT set out to create what would become The Real News using the services of EchoDitto – a consulting group that has done much work on projects connected to the United States’ Democratic Party. A website was launched on June 15, 2005 ( to build an online community of supporters and donors. The goal of this first phase of IWT’s project was to raise a $7 million start-up budget from individual donors and foundations. By January 2007 IWT had “raised $5 million from several foundations, charitable trusts, individuals and unions, including the Canadian Auto Workers Union, the Ford Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation”. Having achieved this level of philanthropic support, IWT was then able to create The Real News website, at first with a limited news service to help get the full journalism project off the ground.

Discouraging, Isn’t it?

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4 Responses to Reality Includes Hidden Crap

  1. Doug Colwell says:

    It is discouraging. I really like Aaron Mate. And a lot of the Real News content. But I can’t say I’m surprised
    Also, Douglas Valentine has interesting things to say about Daniel Ellisburg. He was (and is?) CIA.

    • Arrby says:

      I like Aaron too. But I can’t ignore the info that Michael Barker imparts. And I am even less inclined to do so when I start to see my comments disappeared there. I really like Douglas Valentine, although I wonder what he now thinks of Sibel Edmonds. Interestingly, She raised very good points about Edward Snowden and The Intercept. Until I read Yasha Levine’s (imperfect, but very interesting) book, “Surveillance Valley,” I thought Edward Snowden was a hero. He could not have been even if what he did was brave. His politics were more rightwing than people who support him may realize. But more to the point, he was used by the deep State (due mainly to his naive belief in Google et al), as was Jacob Appelabaum (due to being a paid asset and not caring). The deep State created and funded and funds Tor, which Snowden and Appelbaum continue to herd progressives into – where the intelligence community keeps tabs on them rather than can’t see them.

  2. Doug Colwell says:

    I will look up “Surveillance Valley” when I find the time. I never did place much faith in Snowden, I couldn’t say why, yet I did think highly of Sibel Edmonds at first.
    The longer I live the more sceptical I become.
    Do you ever look at the “Cafe Babylon” blog?

    • Arrby says:

      I recommend “Surveillance Valley,” even with its flaws. It may be that Levine has specialist knowledge only (writing for The eXile and Pando; Pando being focussed on internet tech and companies) and so just isn’t totally up to speed on some macro political stuff, like Syria. He parrots the establishment line about monster Bashar Assad ‘brutally’ cracking down on protesters in Syria for example. That tells me that he doesn’t read around much in the alternative media. Mind you, even Noam Chomsky for gosh sake spouts the debunked, stupid idea that Assad barrel-bombed his own people. As for Pando, I’ve read some very good articles by Paul Carr and Mark Ames, exposing the fakeness of Glenn Greenwald et al. Pierre Omidyar, who Greenwald, Laura Poitras (makes an appearance in “Surveillance Valley”) and Jeremy Scahill work for, helped fund the Nazi regime now residing over and destroying (See “The New Cold War: Ukraine And Beyond”) Ukraine.

      Cafe Babylon? I forget. Is that Ken Silverstein’s blog? I bookmarked it and check in from time to time. I probably looked at it, but if I’m not convinced that its useful, I just move on. If I think it may be useful (as in progressive and ‘not’ fake news), then I bookmark it. I hope my browser doesn’t crap out from all the links (websites and articles) I load it up with.

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