The Ignorance Of Progressives Is Astonishing

*edit, June 19, 2019 – I adjusted my commenting rules where I was allowed to in order to allow the greatest freedom for commenters to comment. If I understand how this works, Commenters will have their first message held up for my moderation and approval and then after a first approved comment, they will be able to freely comment without having those comments held up for moderation. I have no problem with that. I assume that I can still delete awful stuff that’s only there to disrupt. (I don’t even care if you want to disrupt here, but you have to keep it within certain parameters.)

Also, I’d like to migrate WordPress to another blog. (I’d also like to put my JFK compendium online in the form of a blog, but when I tried to make a second WordPress blog, I couldn’t. It was absolutely impossible for me – and I’m a long-time WordPress blogger – to figure out how to set the damn thing up. Way to go LOSERS!) But what other blog? They all look like crap to me. I don’t want another blog whose owners work with the tax-evading, censorious, fascist Google, the way WordPress now does. I had a comment in the WordPress forums removed once for expressing disappointment with WordPress’s decision to partner with Google. (The scammers labelled it a “rant,” and then pointed to a terms of use rule about rants. Who runs WordPress? Mike Pompeo?) And I recently came across a snippet of news about that when reading an excellent article by Whitney Webb. I’m already getting the censorship treatment. What will happen when the plugins mentioned in Whitney’s article are activated. WordPress, we now see clearly, is evil. You can’t work, willingly and knowingly, with the Devil and not be evil.

You’ve heard the joke about the kid’s excuse for not doing his homework. It goes something like “The dog ate it.” This is the level that ‘progressives’, too often, have stooped. Progressives, who are desperately trying to capture readership market, and the donations that come from that, sometimes make alliances with other progressives, but when they haven’t, they are brutal. How many progressive blogs have you found to carry a lot of useful links? (But there’s those ubiquitous links to Deep State tools like Facebook and Twitter.) You know that the problem isn’t that those who run those websites don’t read around. They and their contributors are very informed. That info doesn’t just pop into their heads. They read – other blogs, books, everything and, commendably, even rightwing crap that more timid souls (like myself) can’t face. I don’t expect to find links to rightwing orgs on progressive websites. But there’s usually almost ‘no’ links. You get, often, less than a handful. Thanks Guides, for the, uh, guidance! Progressives should get over themselves. They aren’t going to save the world. I’m not going to save the world – the world being: the few people who aren’t helping to mentally and spiritually ruin others while physically ruining the liveable earth and trying to replace God with themselves – and it doesn’t matter, therefore, if my blog is never read by a single soul. And I keep company with God. Most progressives prefer a fake God, namely humankind. And Santa Claus.

From time to time, I come across expressions (that succeed in getting published) of frustration by readers visiting this or that progressive website. One of the changes I’ve noticed since the reins to Consortium News passed from the late Robert Parry to Joe Lauria was a kind of reliance on a spam filter that wasn’t there before. (Was there no spam filter in use before Joe Lauria?) I don’t know the details and I can very well imagine what kind of fun I’d have trying to get those uber conversationalists to tell me anything much. I believe they are now using Akismet. My own blog uses Akismet. There’s no question that something like Akismet is needed. I learned, probably naively, to trust Akismet. I no longer trust Akismet. Akismet may have zero to do with the censorship I’m experiencing (zero hits on some days, usually about one or two hits), but I just don’t know who is censoring me or how. (Akismet should have nothing to do with my being censored, but I simply don’t know. And if Akismet isn’t involved in my recent receding from view online that doesn’t mean that Akismet is on my side. But I am gratified to know that I’m giving evidoers with power ulcers. If I was stroking them, I’m sure I’d be fine and maybe famous.) Now, When I attempt to have a ‘conversation’ with others on CN, it’s completely crippled by the moderation they employ (or deploy). How do you have a conversation of any sort when the time lag is a day or days? You can’t. And a lot of ‘progressive’ websites are doing this. But not all. Off Guardian, Rogue Journalist and 21st Century are a few of the progressive places online where you can see your comments published almost immediately. It’s appreciated.

Also, because of annoying SPAM, we have installed a SPAM filter that uses algorithms to detect SPAM. The filter does a good job at this, but sometimes catches legitimate comments by accident. During the day, we try to recover these comments, but please do not be upset if one of your comments suffers this fate.

In addition, we use an automated system that pulls out questionable comments for manual review. Those comments that do not violate our Comments Policy will be restored. Do not be dismayed if there is a delay before your comment is approved or permanently removed. – Consortium News

“…I can offer no solution to stopping the imperial beast other than: educate yourself and as many others as you can, increasing the numbers of those in the opposition until it reaches a critical mass…” – William Blum, pages 15 & 16, “American’s Deadliest Export: Democracy – The Truth About US Foreign Policy And Everything Else”

Do not be dismayed if your comment is permanently removed? Okay. As for the killing of the conversation, You could have also said “The State made me do it.”

Bill Kristol and Pierre Omidyar

I mean, Come on! With all the censorship happening, and real news fading from view, and from the consciousness of people, Is this restriction on reader interaction that so many progressive sites’ managers do the solution? Do two problems now equal a solution? As the late William Blum said, all that we have left is education. (Will we call passive learning ‘education’? Then everyone out there with a tv set is educated!) Moderation that involves a huge time lag is bad enough (and yes, it’s better than not allowing us to interact). But fairly regularly, my comments also get disappeared. Call it moderation with extreme prejudice. I don’t really care about getting disappeared on rightwing websites, should I happen to visit one and log on in order to comment. I may or may not blog about such disappearances. But when it happens on websites belonging to those I thought were on my (progressive) side… I know that I’m not evil. Therefore, If you must attack me, that tells me something about you. Got that American Herald Tribune? If I give you ulcers, then you deserve them. Be sure of it.

“Curious Bedfellows: The Neocon and Progressive Alliance to Destroy Donald Trump” by Philip Giraldi

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows, to be followed by my back and forth with another visitor to the site. His name is Robert H. Stiver. I assume that’s his real name, but I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. The excerpt from the article by Philip Giraldi is given mainly in order to keep to proper form. I’m mainly talking about talking about the article. But readers are entitled, I think, to know a little about the article that led to our (Robert and mine) exchange:

An excerpt from the top of post linked-to article follows:

Meanwhile, the neocon metamorphosis is nearly complete as many of the neocons, who started out as Democrats, have returned home, where they are being welcomed for their hardline foreign policy viewpoint. Glenn Greenwald reports that, based on polling of party supporters, the Democrats have gone full-Hillary and are now by far more hawkish than the Republicans, unwilling to leave either Syria or Afghanistan.

The neocon survival and rejuvenation is particularly astonishing in that they have been wrong about virtually everything, most notably the catastrophic Iraq War…

One of the most active groups attacking President Trump is “Republicans for the Rule of Law,” founded by Bill Kristol in January 2018, as a component of Defending Democracy Together (DDT), a 501(c)4 lobbying group that also incorporates projects called The Russia Tweets and Republicans Against Putin. Republicans Against Putin promotes the view that President Trump is not “stand[ing] up to [Vladimir] Putin” and calls for more aggressive investigation of the Russian role in the 2016 election.

DDT is a prime example of how the neoconservatives and traditional liberal interventionists have come together as it is in part funded by Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire co-founder of eBay who has provided DDT with $600,000 in two grants through his Democracy Fund Voice, also a 501(c)4. Omidyar is a political liberal who has given millions of dollars to progressive organizations and individuals since 1999. Indeed, he is regarded as a top funder of liberal causes in the United States and even globally together with Michael Bloomberg and George Soros. His Democracy Fund awarded $9 million in grants in 2015 alone.

Last week, the Omidyar-Kristol connection may have deepened with an announcement regarding the launch of the launch of a new webzine The Bulwark, which would clearly be at least somewhat intended to take the place of the recently deceased Weekly Standard.

My back and forth with Robert, minus the disappeared comment I offered as a reply to Robert’s questions follows:



My reply to Robert, disappeared from the AHT website:

Glenn Greenwald is indeed good at what he does. But he’s allowed himself to be used. So have the other celebratory lefty journos that accepted employment with Omidyar. And Glenn isn’t the shining star that he appears to be. If he was, for starters, he would admit he’s made a mistake and take steps to correct it.

I understand the argument about funding. I recently had a back and forth about that with the fine folks behind Criminal Legal News. I’m now in the habit of checking an org’s funders. That’s because so many progressive sites are fakers. Some, like Daily Kos, were always easy to spot. Others look solid, for a long time. Then out of the blue they start churning out evil pro establishment, pro empire crap. Even though other journos, like Elizabeth Vos, had warned us about a progressive org run by a billionaire, I never saw anything terrible (partly because I missed stuff, I now realize) about the Intercept until I read Murtaza’s [Murtaza Hussain] awful pro White Helmets, pro USAID article. Similarly, If Amy Goodman had run for president and I were American, I would have voted for her for sure. I was at work one day and someone who I was accompanying (a new staffer for the business I do security for), who was listening to Democracy Now on the radio, asked me what I thought of DN. Until that very moment, I would have recommended DN to her, as I told her, but the show we both were listening to was awful pro White Helmets crap.

It’s not small potatoes. For years, these types of orgs can fake people out. Avaaz can have people sending money for saving whales or forests or whatever good thing you like for years, and then one day call for signing a petition to have the US impose a no-fly zone over Syria, which effectively means the destruction of Syria, which the US and its (State and non State) terrorist allies are right now attempting. If the people dishing out funds for Avaaz’s worthy causes haven’t been paying attention, they go along with Avaaz, thinking that they’re the good guys. And the consequences for targets of US aggression pay the consequences.

Criminal Legal News, part of a stable of orgs that, as far as I can tell, do good work, gets funding from the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation, evil entities through and through. CLN argues that they have no choice because the advocacy work they do (prisoner rights) isn’t sexy or something that people, generally, will get behind. Well, That’s reality. You are going to sell your soul because life is hard?! The thing is, There are many orgs that seem to do okay without taking money from the mentally and spiritually ruined who are powerful and rich. I can’t judge, except insofar as it pertains to who I’m going to support. You know, I have a blog (which is censored but not completely shut down) that I’ve worked on for about 10 years. It looks fine and I have cranked out hundreds of posts and continue to. For free. is what I use. I guess that you could argue that the dot com version of WP, as opposed to their .org version (which allows users to use the WP platform but is not hosted by WP and free therefore from WP’s family friendly restrictions) means that WP could snap its finger and disappear me. They could. But what’s the difference between the fascist gov telling an ISP to kill someone’s account and the fascist gov telling WP to kill an account. When I asked WP about censorship they were happy to tell me that they don’t censor – unless the gov tells them to.

This is the problem with a privatized internet. It was privatized in 1995. Give Yasha Levine’s “Surveillance Valley” a read. It goes into all of this. For some time, the people were allowed to use the internet relatively unmolested, even though it had been stolen from them. But since 2016 (Google’s First Draft), the Corporatocracy State and it’s allies have been employing censorship big time. We have all but completely lost the internet. What will be left to us online when the fascists are done will be what the State finds acceptable. Guess what that will be? It will be pro war-making State statements and sentiments. The darkness is spreading and getting deeper.

I recommend a recent article by Caitlin Johnstone titled “Fight The Establishment’s Narratives By Getting Clear On Your Own.” It will help you to think about all of this, in my view. I have been grappling with what it means to be a progressive for a while and finally took a stab at airing my thoughts about that in a blog post. You might find that useful as well. It’s called “Progressives.” It’s on my blog titled “A Yappy Trade Barrier.”

“Revealed: Visitor logs show full extent of Pierre and Pamela Omidyar’s cozy White House ties” –…

“Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show” –…

“On the importance of keeping investors out of the newsroom, and not treating your readers like fools” –…

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3 Responses to The Ignorance Of Progressives Is Astonishing

  1. After spinning through your bio screen (very literate and readable, excellent English-language skill…but long, and I tend to lose focus too quickly in these diminishing-horizon days), I found this! Thanks for it…finding common ground, you cite Caitlin Johnstone, one of my favorite analysts/authors; and at other screens I found the names of two other personal heroes, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley. I also stay (far) away from Avaaz these days. I had a serious (via e-mail) falling out with Bill Blum a few years ago after admiring him for the years prior. I admire Noam Chomsky but occasionally find him ruminating in directions that turn me off. I once watched and liked Amy Goodman, but she has her own agenda that doesn’t comport with “mine” to an extent that I don’t miss her. Do you know Paul Jay at The Real News Network?–I think his gravitas and program content are far better than Amy’s, but I admit that I rarely get to him these days. You have nothing at any screen scanned by me about a compatriot of Phil Giraldi: Alison Weir, who in my opinion is the most honest and truest investigative journalist on the planet. Her site is . Do you know Jonathan Cook? — a great British reporter who lives in Nazareth, Occupied (Greater) Palestine; I think he has his own website, and he often writes for (I think) The National. I am an inveterate reader of Aletho News and made a commitment quite long ago never to visit it without making even a cursory comment (that is invariably automatically posted) in the hope of eliciting a back-and-forth augmentation of the theme of the particular post…except for an Australian fellow reader, I’m typically the only commenter…disappointing. Do you know Lobelog?–it hosts an eclectic and typically excellent stable of writers; I very often comment, but about two years ago I pee’d off someone and was blackballed for 18 months or so…recently my comments (after being “moderated”) are once again being published, with an occasional non-acceptance.

    Well, I’ve already shown my predilections for Middle East (read, in the main, Palestine) hands, but I wanted to give you a flavor. I appreciate your comments, but I confess that I don’t truly understand, and perhaps never have understood, the similarities or divergences of “neoliberalism” and “neoconservatism.” A few years ago, I would have observed only that they were at opposite poles of any issue, but more recently they seem to be following the same ol’ establishment, mostly right or far-right, line. Remember Samantha Power, Obama’s UN Ambassador? I had great hope for her when she was appointed as a justice- and civil-rights advocate, but she turned “neoliberal” and I came to hate her every utterance and position as no better than the very worst “neoconservative.” I also am convinced, in my ever-less-flexible mind, that “neoconservative” and “Zionist” are basically two sides of the same evil coin — just as I consider Republicans and Democrats two sides of the political-class coin. (My hero Ralph Nader always counsels “Don’t vote for the lesser worse”…and I haven’t voted Rep. or Dem. for at least 20 years. (I realize that you’re Canadian, so perhaps my “Yankee”-oriented words don’t resonate well with you….) Another word: “progressive (stemming from the traditional “liberal”?) — I guess I’d term myself a “progressive,” but my constant lament is that “progressives” become so scattered in pursuing all kinds of “progressive” agendas that their attention and concentration in any one area of crisis are diluted and their efforts become ludicrously ineffective (tilting at too many windmills) and actually play into the hands of the “other.” If “progressives” had the focus of and resources available to, e.g., the Zionist community/monolith, then some “progress” might be possible. IMO….

    I’ve run out of time and energy…thanks so much. (Perhaps most of what I’ve scribbled here is just plain b.s.)

    P.s. My real name is Robert H. Stiver — a nonentity if there ever were one.

    • Arrby says:

      Hi Robert. As I am on (the free version as opposed to, I have only so much control over things. It’s actually a great deal of control, with regard to content. I’m happy about that. But it’s like being free to give speeches in an auditorium any time you like – just as others are free to not go and listen to them – if you’re invisible due to censorship. I got a few more hits than normal today, perhaps owing to our back and forth on AHT. So, My excuse is that my blog is WordPress’s blog, in that sense. I’m honestly terrified to turn off moderation, if it can be. I’ve never had a lot of activity on my blog and there’s only been a few times that I’ve had to deal with comments that were clearly intended to disrupt. I’ll have to look at my settings. If I can turn off moderation, which I assume means that I can still delete comments that are meant to disrupt, I will try an experiment and turn off moderation.

      Thanks for your kind words. – That’s another thing I wonder about on other blogs. It’s hard to criticize those who are in control of the delete switch and probably harder to criticize them when you have identified them as allies, and doubly hard when you’ve been visiting friendly sites for some time and feel like it’s a home away from home. But that freedom’s necessary. Do criticize me when you feel you need to. But you always see on assorted progressive sites those few who seem to use most or half of their air time in praising up the ‘perfect’ blogger or group of bloggers and/or writers whose site they are leaving comments on. It’s actually nauseating.

      Poor Vanessa and Eva. They are special targets of the vicious war-making States and their tools and allies.

      Noam Chomsky has taught me so much, as my essay “Progressives” notes. But, alas, He seems to be flirting with the dark side these days, for whatever reasons. I’ve read more than 20 of his books, am reading one now, and have about 9 (already bought) to go. Regardless, I find him failing now.

      Joathan Cook is an important resource. I have him among my hundreds (I think they’re hundreds) of links and visit his site regularly or else find his articles, by chance, when flitting around. He lands on Mondoweiss often enough.

      Alison Weir? Don’t know her. I’m always bookmarking potentially useful blogs, so I’ll look. By the way, I do have criteria for allowing links to other blogs on my site. While I endeavor to present as many as I can (Why not?), I am not keen on linking to sites that don’t allow reader interaction. And why should I link to progressive sites where they’ve disappeared my comments? I guess I could be extreme about that. I don’t want to be extreme about anything (which doesn’t mean not having principles and definite views). Somewhere on my blog I talk about my criteria for links.

      As for my being Canadian, you’ll find that my view of that is that the border between Canada represents a sentiment and, like the nation State itself, a bit of an illusion. I get annoyed at progressives who yammer on about the coming world government, as though there isn’t one. Corporatocracy is that world governmet, with the US acting as its governing Party. I like the idea of actual nation States, and provinces/states and cities, where locals can elect local leaders, as well as national leaders, and have political representation following rational prescriptions and goals. But we don’t have that. What we have is the US-led Corporatocracy seeing the idea of the nation State as being useful for population control, the way elections are. You see, As long as we can be convinced that we haven’t lost democracy (if we ever had it), then we will be less inclined to look for it. Right? But, again, I don’t want to be extreme. Vote if you must. But if you have to pick between two warmongers who want to attack and kill others and the only difference between them is that one will attack one less country than the other…

      I see things the way that Arundhati Roy does in the Foreword to Noam Chomsk’s “For Reasons Of State,” where she writes “I realize that for Noam Chomsky, a U.S. citizen, to criticize his own government is better manners than for someone like myself, an Indian citizen, to criticize the U.S. government… But when a government ceases to be merely a country and becomes an empire, then the scale of operations changes dramatically. So may I clarify that I speak as a citizen of the U.S. Empire? I speak as a slave who presumes to criticize her king.”

      I have a lot of respect for Ralph Nader. I hope he doesn’t follow Chomsky on Syria, North Korea, Nicaragua.

      Again, Robert, thanks for the dialog. I get little of it here. It was, I hope, useful, which I wouldn’t care about if I found your ‘scribblings’ to be “just plan b.s.”

  2. Well, I’m flummoxed: Unlike, e.g., Aletho News or The Uprooted Palestinians’ Blog, my above comment appears, but with the irritating “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” caveat….

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