The Avalanche – Snapshot 29 – Feb 9, ’19

“MH17 Turnabout: Ukraine’s Guilt Now Proven” by Eric Zuesse (Strategic Culture Foundation via The Greanville Post)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Finally, a clear and convincing — and unrefuted — case can now be presented to the public, as to precisely whom the guilty party was, that downed the MH17 Malaysian airliner over Ukraine on 17 July 2014, and why it was done. The complete case, which will be fully documented here, displays unequivocally who needed the MH17 murders (of 298 persons) to be perpetrated. This mass-murder was done for one leader’s very pressing obsession. For him, it simply had to be done, and done at that precise time.

The full MH17 case will be presented here, to be judged by the public, because no court of law which possesses the power to bring this (or even any) case on the MH17 murders, is willing to do so, and because the evidence in this 17 July 2014 case has become overwhelming, and is unrefuted. This evidence is accepted by both sides. But it still remains effectively hidden from the publics in the United States and its allied countries.

“Remembering Occupy Wall Street: Decimated by Mainstream Media Assassins and Late Night Comedians” by Teodrose Fikre (Ghion via The Greanville Post)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

== === =
Before the Yellow Vests captivated Parisians and put the fear of God in Macron and the global banking cartel he dutifully serves, there was another movement that threatened to blow up the corporate order. After witnessing the implosion of the US economy in 2008 and watching in disbelief as Obama rushed to the aid of the capital larcenists who made off with the life savings of workers and investors, protesters took to the streets of Manhattan to demand accountability and justice.

Occupy Wall Street was a truly organic development; what started off with a handful of Arab Spring-inspired activists demonstrating in Zuccotti Park snowballed into a nationwide operation that captivated the imagination and channeled the frustrations of disgruntled Americans everywhere. For the first time since the 1960’s, the prospect of a mass movement by and for the proletariat against the status quo seemed a very real possibility.

That is when the establishment jumped into action and unleashed a combination of brute force and subterfuge to abort Occupy Wall Street before it could grow into America’s second revolution. Local, state and federal government violently cracked down on protesters. Using tools accorded to enforcement agencies under the Patriot Act, American citizens were treated like an invading army and suppressed with the iron fist of the law. The FBI, DHS and other federal departments tracked countless thousands of individuals before swooping and arresting 8,000 OWS participants.

Yet, as harsh as the law enforcement response was to Occupy Wall Street, the lethal blow was dealt by paid mercenaries within mainstream media. It was not the handcuffs, teargas nor the water cannons that snuffed a burgeoning insurrection but the notepads of journalists, the cameras of reporters and the punchlines of late night comedians. A concerted effort to demean protesters and discredit their concerns was unleashed in ways so devastating that a potentially historic insurgency was transmuted into a laughing stock before being erased out of the public conscience.
= === ==

Stephen Garton

“McCarthyism at Sydney University” by Evan Jones (American Herald Tribune)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== ==
On 4 December 2018, Sydney University suspended academic Tim Anderson from his position – banning him from university grounds and demanding no contact with staff or students. The suspension is a prelude to having Anderson sacked.

His crime? Purportedly offensive comments and misconduct. According to Provost Stephen Garton, Anderson has failed his obligation to his employer by remarks claimed to be “intemperate … not fair and reasonable”, etc.

Anderson outlines here the background to this affair with select excerpts from relevant correspondence.

Any association with Tim Anderson would confront that he is anything but intemperate. He is uncompromising in his views but sober in their enunciation and forthcoming with grounds in their defense.

The quality of Anderson’s teaching and of his writing has not been canvassed. Rather, Anderson’s crime is that he has the wrong views…

The media has led the attack on Anderson. Provost Garton’s attribution to Anderson of offensive statements and misconduct refers to Anderson’s setting the record straight regarding the errors of facts in the journalistic reporting, and to Anderson privately taking to task the then Dean of Arts for divulging private information to the media.

The Australian mainstream media is addicted to reproducing the conventional wisdom regarding global affairs manufactured by the American-Anglo media. Its emphasis and its content (Russia-gate, Skirpal, Ukraine, MH17, Syria, Venezuela, etc.) constitutes essentially fake news. Those allergic to the Murdoch press can find little solace in the alternative mainstream media outlet Fairfax/Nine Entertainment (‘Independent. Always’) whose reporting of international affairs has been appalling – glibly reprinting rubbish from the New York Times, Washington Post, AP & Reuters, etc. The public ABC television station, under financial and direct political pressure, has also fallen into line, if less strident.
== ====

Volunteer fireman, Olivier Beziade, a father-of-three in his 30s, was shot in the back of the head in Bordeaux on Saturday 12th January 2019. (Photo: Stephanie Roy on Twitter)

“GILETS JAUNES: Civilians in Police Crosshairs as Macron Adopts Totalitarian State-Practices to Suppress Dissent” by Vanessa Beeley (21st Century Wire)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A 30-year-old volunteer fireman who joined the Gilets Jaunes protests in Bordeaux, France on the 12th January 2019, is in a coma after being shot in the back of the head by an LBD or “flashball” bullet fired by French security forces who are brutally suppressing public demonstrations in most major French cities. Olivier Beziade is a father of three who now has a “very serious brain injury” and is in an induced coma. As violence radiates across France, western media locks down and fails to report comprehensively or fairly on Police infractions against protestors.

“UK Mainstream Media Blackout on ‘Integrity Initiative’ State-run Psy-Op” by ? (21st Century Wire)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

More than two months after the Integrity Initiative leaks became public knowledge, the corporate mainstream press appears to be still be intentionally avoiding the story. The longer it drags its heels on this scandal, the more the public will speculate on why the mainstream media has failed to hold both government – and itself, to account.

The Integrity scandal has given the world a direct look into a deep state network which spanned media, military, intelligence services, think tanks and government, which many knew existed but could not readily identify its structure.

Was there a ‘D Notice’ issued by the British government forbidding mainstream media outlets from reporting on the embarrassing leak of this clandestine propaganda operation?

“‘Venezuela’: Media’s One-Word Rebuttal to the Threat of Socialism” by Alan Macleod (FAIR)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Alarmed by the growing threat of progressive policies at home, the establishment has found a one-word weapon to deploy against the rising tide: Venezuela. The trick is to attack any political figure or movement even remotely on the left by claiming they wish to turn the country into a “socialist wasteland” (Fox News, 2/2/19) run by a corrupt dictatorship, leaving its people hungry and devastated…

This useful weapon to be used against the left can only be sustained by withholding a great number of key facts—chief among them, the US role in Venezuela’s devastation. US sanctions, according to the Venezuelan opposition’s economics czar, are responsible for a halving of the country’s oil output (, 12/17/18). The UN Human Rights Council has formally condemned the US and discussed reparations to be paid, with one UN special rapporteur describing Trump’s sanctions as a possible “crime against humanity” (London Independent, 1/26/19). This has not been reported by any the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN or any other national US “resistance” news outlet, which have been only too quick to support Trump’s regime change plans (, 1/25/19).

Likewise, the local US-backed opposition’s role in the economic crisis is barely mentioned. The opposition, which controls much of the country’s food supply, has officially accepted responsibility for conducting an “economic war” by withholding food and other key goods.

“A Lound Whoompfing Sound”

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