“Professional Power Tripping”

Power Tripping

Source: “Police Raid Stage 4 Cancer Patient’s Hospital Room for Medical Marijuana” by Tyler Durden

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A shocking viral video showing a team of police entering and then searching the hospital room of man with stage 4 pancreatic cancer is fueling outrage in Bolivar, Missouri, where the incident took place and is renewing nation-wide debate over medical marijuana.

Multiple police officers initiated an unconsented surprise search on terminally ill patient Nolan Sousley’s hospital room on March 6 after hospital staff claimed he was using unauthorized medical marijuana. “If we find marijuana we’ll give you a citation, we’re not taking you down to the county jail,” said one officer, caught on Sousley’s cell phone video searching through his belongings. Sousley said, referencing hospital staff, “they already told me I’m gonna get arrested.”…

Halfway through the video a doctor enters the room — apparently unaware that other hospital staff had called 911 on suspicions of marijuana use — to try to assess the situation, and asks if the police have probable cause to search the patient’s things. “Do you have the right to search his stuff?” the doctor questions.

The police admit, “we haven’t found any marijuana yet so we’re not citing him.”

Following the incident, according to local reports, “Bolivar City Attorney Donald Brown said the city and the police chief are investigating the incident.” The police department involved is now receiving various threats over the now viral video: “But Bolivar police said the department is getting threats since the video has been shared nearly 7,000 times on Facebook.”

Bolivar police are blaming Facebook? Make no mistake, people; It’s not (evil) Facebook, the company, that the establishment has a problem with. It’s anyone on Facebook who disseminates information and/or ideas that it doesn’t want to see disseminated. And we know what their response is to that sort of freedom. It’s censorship.

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

If there’s one thing that I know for sure about police, and other agents belonging to the State’s instruments of repression, it’s that they enjoy power-tripping. They would call it professionalism. I would call them professional scam artists. And appointed gatekeepers.

You have two types of gatekeeper: 1. appointed and 2. self-appointed. Appointed gatekeepers are paid and their paid employment includes gatekeeping, which isn’t to say that they stop gatekeeping when they are off the clock. They also have more awareness of their role as gatekeepers who protect power and privilege. Self-appointed gatekeepers can be anyone. They can be rich, smart, poor, stupid and anyone at all.

What is a gatekeeper? Different people have different ideas about political gatekeeping. I have my own. Some think that gatekeepers simply decide what information gets disseminated in society. I think that that’s too narrow and therefore not terribly helpful. A gatekeeper is anyone who hinders, in serious and not so serious, ways those who they decide or (in the case of appointed gatekeepers) are told have the wrong political views or aren’t behaving in politically acceptable ways. Gatekeepers cynically align themselves with those who they view as powerful (and the rich and governments [which they’ve captured] ‘are’ powerful), so that those powerful special interests will in turn protect and/or prosper them (maybe). What are the wrong political views? Obviously, Those would be views that the powerful don’t want to see disseminated or accepted.

Gatekeepers are one feature of this Godless, dark, TEMPORARY, world.

Does anyone think that cops don’t smoke weed? This speaks to ‘impunity’, an aspect of gatekeeping that shows that it’s not about law & order in any positive sense. Gatekeepers, who protect the powerful and privileged, get impunity for crimes that others, namely those with the wrong political views, don’t enjoy.

“A Lound Whoompfing Sound”

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