Professional Scam Artists – part 41

© Sputnik / Carlos Herrera

“‘Credibility of US Imperial Blackmail’ Hangs on Success of Venezuela Policy” by editorial writers of Sputnik (Sputnik via Axis of Logic)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Washington has withdrawn its diplomats from Venezuela and Caracas has begun a new probe into self-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido for the power outages that, among other things, cut the capital’s water supply. A journalist told Sputnik that US moves, while backed by “disturbing language,” are a tacit admission of the coup’s defeat…

Venezuela has been hit with several large blackouts in the last week, the first and largest of which caused power loss in 18 of the country’s 23 states, Sputnik reported. On Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said, “We have apprehended two people who attempted to sabotage the communications system at the Guri Dam in order to impede the process of [power supply] restoration. They are being questioned.” He further identified the cause of the Guri Dam power failure last Thursday as being a cyber attack by the United States.

Since January 23, Maduro has faced pressure from within and without as an almost unknown parliamentarian, Juan Guaido, has staged a bid for power with extensive backing from the United States…

As a result of the prolonged series of blackouts, the Tuy River pump system, which supplies water to Caracas, had not been functioning properly. The Venezuelan capital is roughly 900 meters above sea level, meaning the vast majority of its drinking and bathing water must be pumped up from reservoirs below.

“In terms of size and capacity there is no city in the world with pipelines as large as the IV Tuy,” Minister of People’s Power for Environment Alejandro Hitcher said in a June 2011 press release from the Ministry of Environment. The Tuy IV aqueduct was completed in 2012 and provides 21,000 liters of water per second, according to the Venezuelan Embassy to the United States.

Those pumps rely on a dependable supply of 2,000 megawatts, Norberto Bausson, who was head of the state utility Hidrocapital in the 1990s, told Bloomberg — a supply now brought into question by US-directed cyber attacks directed against the Guri Dam and other power stations in the country.

What the US and its tool Juan Guaido and the terrorist traitors within Venezuela are doing to Venezuelans is not terrorism, but rather, it’s in defence of democracy. What Nicolas Maduro is doing to defend his people against such terrorism is called, by the terrorists, ‘terrorism’ and the cause of Venezuelans’ woes, which calls for ‘humanitarian intervention’ (and the murder of untold numbers of Venezuelans) of course.


Finian Cunningham (photo from RT News)

“Germany’s Über Hypocrisy over Venezuela” by Finian Cunningham (Information Clearing House)

An excerpt from the above linked-article follows:

Germany has taken the lead among European Union member states to back Washington’s regime-change agenda for Venezuela. Berlin’s hypocrisy and double-think is quite astounding.

Only a few weeks ago, German politicians and media were up in arms protesting to the Trump administration for interfering in Berlin’s internal affairs. There were even outraged complaints that Washington was seeking “regime change” against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

Those protests were sparked when Richard Grenell, the US ambassador to Germany, warned German companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with Russia that they could be hit with American economic sanctions if they go ahead with the Baltic seabed project.

Earlier, Grenell provoked fury among Berlin’s political establishment when he openly gave his backing to opposition party Alternative for Germany. That led to consternation and denunciations of Washington’s perceived backing for regime change in Berlin. They were public calls for Grenell to be expelled over his apparent breach of diplomatic protocols.

Now, however, Germany is shamelessly kowtowing to an even more outrageous American regime-change plot against Venezuela.

“UN Works With Intelligence Contractors To Destabilize North Korea Dialogue” by William Craddick (Disobedient Media)

An excerpt from the above linked-article follows:

Just a few days after NBC News and National Public Radio (NPR) launched propaganda attempts to undermine the peace process between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), the United Nations has waded into the fray with a new attempt to build a case for retaining sanctions that have proven to be a sticking point between the negotiation teams.

Much like previous reports, the United Nation’s Panel of Experts (PoE) on North Korea utilized misleadingly interpreted satellite footage provided by private firms who have contractual connections to the CIA and Pentagon. The panel’s findings will ultimately be used to support policies that are aimed at playing on North Korean fears and make them more likely to withdraw or engage in counterproductive behavior…

Much like with previous attempts to undermine the Korean peace process, the UN PoE has sourced their imagery from private contractors who primarily work with the CIA and Pentagon. The PoE’s satellite footage is attributed to DigitalGlobe. As Disobedient Media has previously reported, DigitalGlobe is an American vendor of satellite imagery founded by a scientist who worked on the US military’s Star Wars ICBM defense program under President Ronald Reagan. DigitalGlobe began its existence in Oakland, CA and was seeded with money from Silicon Valley sources and corporations in North America, Europe and Japan. Headquartered in Westminster CO, DigitalGlobe works extensively with defense and intelligence programs. In 2016, it was revealed that DigitalGlobe was working with CIA chipmaker NVIDIA and Amazon Web Services to create an AI-run satellite surveillance network known as Spacenet.

DigitalGlobe is a subsidiary of Maxar Technologies, a private conglomerate which boasts contracts with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Some subsidiaries of Maxar derive as much as 90% of their annual revenue from government contracts with the Department of Defense and U.S. Special Operations Command.

Planet Labs, whose imagery was cited in NK News reports of the UN PoE’s findings, is a private satellite imaging corporation based in San Francisco, CA that allows customers with the money to pay an opportunity to gain access to next generation surveillance capabilities. In February 2016, Federal technology news source Nextgov noted a statement from former CIA Information Operations Center director and senior cyber adviser Sue Gordon that Planet Labs, DigitalGlobe and Google subsidiary Skybox Imaging were all working with the NGA to provide location intelligence. Planet Labs’ own website also lists press releases detailing past contracts for subscription access to high resolution imagery with the NGA.

The pervasive involvement of companies providing satellite footage with the CIA in particular is deeply inappropriate.

William Craddick writes that “While North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons was certainly what landed them in the situation they currently find themselves in, it is the callous disregard of human welfare by the United Nations, internationalist and certain American interests which causes an increase in such needless suffering. Considering that nations such as Japan have recently moved to suspend efforts to condemn and punish the DPRK for their rights abuses in light of progress made during the negotiation process…” I don’t think that that’s satisfactory. We (all sane people) know that nuclear weapons, and all weapons, are not what mankind needs. That’s beside the point. That’s the world we have for now. To suggest that N Korea’s desire to protect itself in the face of continuing threats from the world’s most armed, most violent and most lawless nation is somehow wrong is the wrong thing to do. What are these “rights abuses” in North Korea of which Craddick speaks? Craddick passes on propaganda here.

“Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attacks” by William Craddick (Disobedient Media)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

As the world reels from the tragic terrorist attack against two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, much attention has been given to sensational information about the single named suspect, Brenton Tarrant. However, the hyperfocus on Tarrant distracts from the fact that the Australian national was arrested along with other suspects.

An investigation and analysis by Disobedient Media indicates that Tarrant and the group he worked with likely have professional military connections, are part of the same cell that perpetrated a February 22nd break-in of the North Korean embassy in Spain and potentially have intelligence ties to various agencies that cooperate under the UKUSA Agreement popularly known as Five Eyes (FVEY)…

There are a number of analogous facts shared by the attack on the North Korean embassy in Spain and the terror event in Christchurch which suggest that the same team was involved in both incidents…

Analysis of documentation of the Christchurch terror attack also indicates that the perpetrators were part of a military style cell. Although much has been made of Brenton Tarrant’s live-streamed attack, no other individuals were featured in the film. Video footage being distributed online shows two individuals carrying firearms during the attacks. Both are wearing baseball caps. This means that neither can be Tarrant, who was filming himself during the attack and wore a helmet with a mounted camera, not a hat…

It is also worth noting that the location of police stations in and around Christchurch shows that there were several just a few blocks away from the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre. This is about a seven to eight minute drive with normal traffic. But witness statements say that police took over 20 minutes to arrive at the scene (the police response time was actually an even longer 36 minutes). Ambulance services took over half an hour to arrive at the scene despite the fact that hospitals were in even closer proximity to the attack locations than police stations.

The failure of police to deploy with greater haste or intercept the attackers while they moved from their first target to the second raises serious questions about the reasons for inadequate law enforcement reactions. Normally an incident on such a scale would trigger an immediate lockdown of the affected city and a total isolation of the affected area…

Since Tarrant had at least one New Zealander acting as an accomplice, it is possible that there may have been other New Zealand nationals associated with his group. Outside of their collaboration through the FVEY framework, New Zealand’s Special Air Service has been deployed to Afghanistan where they worked directly under the CIA at a base in Bamiyan province according to claims published in 2011.

If individuals who had a past or present affiliation with New Zealand’s intelligence or military services were involved with a military cell that participated in the embassy and Christchurch attacks, it would provide a potential explanation for the extraordinarily slow police response time which caused an increased number of casualties. It would also give context to reports that New Zealand police are refusing to provide footage of Brenton Tarrant’s attack to US authorities who are seeking it for training purposes.

“The college admissions scandal and the rigged system of admissions at elite universities” by Gabriel Black (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On Tuesday, federal prosecutors unsealed charges against 50 individuals involved in what they described as “the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”

According to federal agents, wealthy parents paid tens and hundreds of thousands, and, sometimes, millions of dollars to secure their children’s entry into top American universities. Thirty-three parents have been charged, including Manuel Henriques, CEO of Hercules Capital—a Silicon Valley hedge fund—and actress Lori Loughlin, known for her role on Full House.

Run through a company called “The Edge College & Career Network,” employing dozens of insiders, the scam allegedly faked standardized test exams and facilitated direct bribes to university coaches and administrators disguised as charitable donations.

The operation was allegedly run by William Rick Singer, who worked with parents to fabricate students’ participation in sports teams and elite clubs. Singer has pled guilty to four charges, including running a fake charity to facilitate money laundering from the parents.

Singer says he would fly students out to schools in Texas where they could take standardized tests required for entry into college in rooms overseen by bribed individuals. Other times, Singer would arrange for tests to be taken by entirely different people, fabricating the results completely.

“The People’s Climate Movement. No Mention of War” by Michel Chossudovsky (Global Research)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== == =
On March 15, tens of thousands of children in 71 countries will skip school in support of what is described as “one of the biggest environmental protests in history.”

While Jobs and Justice are part of the campaign alongside climate, the issue of poverty and Worldwide unemployment resulting from the imposition of neoliberal reforms is sidetracked.

Mid-March 2019: There are ongoing military threats against Venezuela and Iran.

Is a US sponsored war contemplated for March 2019?

Is this a matter of concern which should be the object of a Worldwide protest movement?

The cyber-attack on Venezuela’s Electric grid affecting up to 80% of the country constitutes a de facto act of war…

While Climate Change is a legitimate concern, why are these protest movements limited to global warming? The answer is that many of the key organizations involved are generously funded by Wall Street foundations and corporate charities, including the Rockefellers, Tides, Soros., et al.
= == ===

“ADL’s Greenblatt says ‘murdering people in a mosque’ has never happened before” by Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On NPR this morning, David Greene interviewed Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti Defamation League about the mass murders in the New Zealand mosques and asked how common it is for “hate speech online and in social media platforms” to “turn into an actual mass shooting this terrible?”

Greenblatt said the attack is unprecedented.

Well I think this act of violence really doesn’t have a precedent as far as we know, murdering people in a mosque like this, and the social media dimension is something new. However, hate speech on-line is an increasing problem. We’ve got a big problem on our hands. We need to recognize social media allows white supremacy much like other forms of hate to travel across borders. and we’ve got to recognize it for the global terror threat that it really is.

Greenblatt failed to remember 1994’s rightwing Zionist attack on the Ibrahimi mosque, at the Cave of the Patriarchs, when Baruch Goldstein, a messianic Jewish settler who had moved to occupied territories from Brooklyn, killed 29 Muslims while they prayed.

Though Greenblatt did link the New Zealand killings with the murder of 11 last October in an American synagogue:

Coming off the heels of the awful massacre that happened in Squirrel Hill Pennsylvania late last year we know what it’s like to see a community attacked and assaulted in a sacred space.

Greenblatt’s omission demonstrates the extent to which American Zionist organizations will always cut Israel a break, overlooking atrocities by Jewish chauvinists against Palestinians.

Out of the same ideological attachment, Greenblatt has lumped anti-Zionists like Jewish Voice for Peace in with white nationalists as a threat to American Jews (!).

“What is UK Lawyers for Israel’s relationship to the Israeli government?” by Hilary Aked (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The group UK Lawyers for Israel is one of the quietest yet most influential Israel lobby actors currently operating in Britain.

Since 2011, it has closely monitored the Palestine solidarity movement and worked to repress it, often with significant impact.

The ‘lawfare’ organisation has especially targeted organisations promoting the Palestinian-initiated Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) – from academics to students unions, architects to local councils – by lodging complaints with regulatory bodies and sending letters threatening legal action.

It has even obstructed the work of charities such as Medical Aid for Palestinians and War on Want, working in close collaboration with the US-based Lawfare Project to do so.

But where did UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) come from and who is behind it?…

However, in 2012, Hebrew-language daily Israel Hayom reported that Israeli government officials were ‘training legal experts around the world to deal with the demands of delegitimization against Israel’. Might UKLFI have emerged from such an MFA-convened event, making it, effectively a civil society organisation established at the behest of a government?

The evidence suggests it is possible. The Israeli government’s involvement in so-called ‘lawfare’ is well established. In particular, there are numerous reports and examples of its role in anti-BDS efforts around the world…

In 2017, Haaretz reported that the Israeli government had for some time been outsourcing counter-BDS work in Europe and North America to private law firms. The newspaper stated that ‘secrecy surround[s] the contracts’ and related this to the fact that ‘Israel does not want to be revealed as supporting such actions, to avoid the perception that it is interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.’

Israeli government representatives also have a track-record of astroturfing pro-Israel bodies in civil society, including in the UK. Filmed as part of Al Jazeera’s 2017 undercover documentary The Lobby, Israeli diplomat Shai Masot – who worked for the anti-BDS Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs in London – was recorded saying of such groups ‘it’s good to leave those organisations independent. But we help them, actually’…

Likely due in part to fear of these state-civil society connections being exposed, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs is highly secretive. Its director general Sima Vakini-Gil has declared: ‘A major part of what we do stays under the radar’.

Irwin Cotler, left, is seen with guest speaker Alan Dershowitz, right.
Canadian Jewish News Photo

“Canadian Apologist for Israeli War Crimes Nominated for Peace Prize” by Yves Engler (Yves Engler via American Herald Tribune)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Hypocrisy, lying, disdain for the victims of ‘our’ policies and other forms of rot run deep in Canadian political culture.

The latest example is former prime minister Paul Martin nominating Irwin Cotler for the Nobel Peace Prize, which has been applauded by the likes of Bernie Farber, Michael Levitt and Anthony Housefather.

This supposed promoter of peace and former Liberal justice minister has devoted much of his life to defending Israeli violence and has recently promoted war on Iran and regime change in Venezuela…

Cotler has described illegal Israeli colonies in the West Bank as “disputed territories” and the Canadian lawyer justified Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon that left 1,200 dead. He savagely attacked Richard Goldstone after the South African judge led a UN investigation of Israeli war crimes during operation Cast Lead, which left 1,400 dead in Gaza in 2008–09. Cotler called for the removal of Richard Falk as UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories and William Schabas from his position on the UN Human Rights Council’s International Commission of Inquiry into the killings in Gaza in 2014. Alongside attacking these three (Jewish) lawyers tasked with investigating human rights violations, Cotler promotes the notion of the “new anti-Semitism” to attack critics of Israeli policy.

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