Professional Scam Artists – part 47

“UK Media, MPs Unveil Latest Assange Deception” by Jonathan Cook (Dissident Voice)

An excerpt from the above linked-article follows:

n my last blog post, I warned that the media and political class would continue with their long-running deceptions about Julian Assange now that he has been dragged from the Ecuadorean embassy. They have wasted no time in proving me right.

The first thrust in their campaign of deceit was set out on the Guardian’s front page today.

There should have been wall-to-wall outrage from public figures in the UK at the United States creating a new crime of “doing journalism” and a new means of arrest for those committing this “crime” overseas, what I have termed “media rendition”…

Now we can see how the media is going to collude in a narrative crafted by the political class to legitimise what the Trump administration is doing.

Rather than focus on the gross violation of Assange’s fundamental human rights, the wider assault on press freedoms and the attack on Americans’ First Amendment Rights, UK politicians are “debating” whether the US extradition claim on Assange should take priority over earlier Swedish extradition proceedings for a sexual assault investigation that were publicly dropped back in 2017.

In other words, the public conversation in the UK, sympathetically reported by the Guardian, supposedly Britain’s only major liberal news outlet, is going to be about who has first dibs on Assange.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“A Reckoning for Al Sharpton and the Black Misleadership Class” by Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

With support for “socialism” rising, the political fate of Al Sharpton and the rest of the Democratic party’s Black corporate minions is in doubt — and they know it…

Big Capital’s darker denizens made their voices heard at Al Sharpton’s annual National Action Network showcase, last week, blasting “democratic” socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her role in chasing Amazon away from New York City. “The people campaigning against the Amazon campus are financially illiterate,” said Tracy Maitland, CEO of Advent Capital Management, which handles $9 billion in other people’s money. Maitland claimed that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s offer to set up a corporate headquarters in Queens in return for $3 billion in tax breaks and other subsidies was a good trade for 25,000 new jobs, and that activists misinformed the public. “This was a disgrace,” exclaimed the irate Black money manipulator. “I partially blame AOC for the loss of Amazon. She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. That’s scary. We have to make sure she’s better educated or vote her out of office.”

Joining the chorus of capitalist indignation was Bill Thompson, a perennial Black mouthpiece for Wall Street and current chairman of the City University system.

That is what I call the rightwing ratchet. Alexandria is, as far as I’m concerned, rightwing. Anyone who praises warmongering, white supremacist, fascist John McCain is rightwing; not Conservative, but rightwing. What rightists do is pick the least rightwing member of their class – and those targets may or may not understand what is happening and may or may not take it personally – and then lambast them publicly for being ‘socialist’. That has the effect of squeezing socialist thinking out of observers (and targets). When that target moves on (happily or otherwise), the fascists move on to the next least rightwing member of their rightwing camp and repeat the ratchet.

“Sky’s Adam Boulton finally called out a notorious wolf in sheep’s clothing. And it was amazing.” by James Wright (The Canary)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Sky‘s Adam Boulton finally called out the notorious Taxpayers’ Alliance on 9 April for hiding its funding. And, because mainstream broadcasters have long featured representatives from the secretive thinktank without question, it was amazing to see.

Boulton was speaking with Taxpayers’ Alliance campaign manager Chloe Westley, who previously worked as a communications officer for a Conservative minister…

Following online pressure, Boulton asked Westley who funds the organisation. And she replied:

We have thousands of individual donors who like what we do and who support us.

So Boulton changed the question:

What percentage of the funds do individual donors make up?”

To which Westley said:

I’m not going to give you a list of names and addresses so they can be doxxed online.

But Boulton pressed on:

Where is the bulk of the money coming from? It’s not individual donors is it?”

And Westley again failed to respond.

“Julian Assange Arrested – Murdering Human Rights, Freedom of Speech – Murdering Freedom” by Peter Koenig (Information Clearinghouse)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

April 16, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – Indignation has no limits! Arresting Julian Assange is murdering the truth, murdering human rights – and eliminating freedom of speech, let alone freedom of the media, although the latter has been compromised and became a farce since quite a while. What happened on 11 April and in preparation of 11 April – the storming by UK police of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London – to drag Julian Assange from his “room”, rather a cell – within the Embassy – was the pinnacle of abuse and of atrocity on humanity. Julian Assange has been basically for almost 7 years under house arrest in the Ecuadorian Embassy, especially during the last two years, after Lenin Moreno, the new right-wing, Washington shoe-in, became Ecuador’s new President, another Latin American neoliberal leader.

Lenin Moreno in 2012

“How Ecuador’s President Gave Up Assange” by Denis Rogatyuk (Consortium News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Since at least December 2018, Moreno has been working towards expelling the Wikileaks publisher from the embassy. The Ecuadorian president’s behavior represents a stunning reversal of the policies of his predecessor, Rafael Correa, the defiantly progressive leader who authorized Assange’s asylum back in 2012, and who now lives in exile.

While Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Jose Valencia blamed his government’s expulsion of Assange on the Australian journalist’s “rudeness,” the sellout is clearly a byproduct of Moreno’s right-leaning agenda.

Political instability has swept across Ecuador since revelations of widespread corruption in Moreno’s inner circle emerged. The scandal coincided with Moreno’s turn towards neoliberal economic reforms, from implementing a massive IMF loan package to the gradual and total embrace and support for U.S. foreign policy in the region. In his bid to satisfy Washington and deflect from his own problems, Moreno was all too eager to sacrifice Assange…

WikiLeaks’s decision to re-publish the details of Moreno’s use of off-shore bank accounts in Panama, titled “INA Papers” after the name of the shell corporation at the center of the scandal (INA Investment Corporation) appear to be the main cause for the president’s decision to expel Assange from the embassy…

The INA Papers scandal has cast a long shadow on Moreno’s regime and shattered its pledge to fight against institutional corruption. The scandal reveals that a close associate of Moreno, Xavier Macias, lobbied for the contract of the Coca Codo Sinclair hydroelectric power plant (valued at $2.8 billion) as well as the ZAMORA 3000 MW plant to be awarded Sinohydro, a Chinese state-owned construction company.

The financial trail from the Chinese corporation passed through bank accounts in Panama belonging to INA Investment Corporation — a shell company originally founded in Belize, a notable tax haven, by Edwin Moreno Garcés, the brother of the current president. The most crucial pieces of evidence indicate that the INA Investment funds were used to purchase a large apartment in Alicante, Spain, and a number of luxury items for Moreno and his family in Geneva, during his time as a special envoy on disability rights for the United Nations.

Thanathorn Jungrungreangkit

“West Finds New Anti-China Puppet in Wake of Thai Elections” by Tony Cartalucci (New Eastern Outlook)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Western political meddling abroad faced another serious setback – this time in the Southeast Asian country of Thailand.

With a population of 70 million people, the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia, and transforming into a key regional partner for Beijing and its One Belt, One Road initiative, the US and its partners sought to propel opposition parties into power during recent elections held in March.

However, the military-linked Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) won the popular vote, delivering US-backed opposition parties their first serious defeat at the polls since rising to power in 2001.

The US-backed Thai opposition is led by fugitive billionaire, ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. He was ousted from power in 2006 after a series of corruption scandals, human rights abuses, and attempts to illegally consolidate power…

While Pheu Thai and other parties are openly run by Shinawatra as proxies, the latter – Future Forward – has attempted to claim it is not a nominee party.

However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The party – headed by billionaire Thanathorn Jungrungreangkit (normally referred to as Thanathorn) – not only promotes an identical agenda of removing Thailand’s military from politics – thus paving Shinawatra’s return to power – it literally established its party headquarters next door to Shinawatra’s Pheu Thai Party. It includes various pro-Shinawatra politicians in its party, and was promoted by Shinawatra’s Thai Raska Chart (TRC) party as a nominee after TRC’s disbanding ahead of elections.

I have no use for militaries. However, a military that hasn’t been corrpupted by foreign powers – the standard method of regime change by the United States involves corrupting and then enlisting the target nation’s police and military, which any country whose ruling class is loyal to its own citizenry (as in ‘all’ of the citizenry), would take steps to prevent – is obviously to be preferred over a military that’s loyal to foreign imperial powers.

“Speak up for Grassy Narrows” by Mark Calzavara (The Council of Canadians)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Last week, I gave $125 to the Liberal Party of Canada. That was the price of joining their exclusive “Laurier Club,” which gave me access to a swanky high-end donor event featuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a luxurious Toronto hotel.

Dressed in my Sunday best and accompanied by Lana, a fellow Grassy Narrows supporter, I ate canapés amongst a few hundred Liberal donors, and waited for the Prime Minister. When he appeared, I started broadcasting live video to the Council of Canadians’ Facebook page from my smartphone as Lana slipped under the velvet ropes in front of the stage. She unfurled a banner and reminded him that people were suffering from mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows…

I was surprised by the Prime Minister’s reaction. We expected, and we were prepared, for him to engage us as he has engaged other protesters in so many similar circumstances. His dismissive and sarcastic response “Thank you for your donation” made headlines internationally.

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