Lawlessness / Ruined – part 44

U.S. Army Soldiers, attached to Heavy Company, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, take cover behind their vehicle as they hear small arms fire open up in the distance in Mosul, Iraq, on Jan. 17, 2008. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Kieran Cuddihy) (Released)

“US Military: A Terrorist Organization” by Stephen Lendman (American Herald Tribune)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

18 US Code § 2331 defines a terrorist organization as follows:

The term refers to “activities that involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life…(that) intimidate or coerce a civilian population…influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion…(and engage in) mass destruction.

The US Army Operational Concept for Terrorism (TRADOC Pamphlet No. 525-37, 1984) called terrorism “the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature…through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear.”

What better definition of terrorism than the above. Clearly and indisputably, the US, its government and agencies, especially its military, is an unparalleled terrorist organization under the above definitions.

It consistently and repeatedly flouts international, constitutional, and its own statute laws, operating by its own rules of engagement worldwide, doing whatever it pleases on the phony pretexts of protecting national security, humanitarian intervention, responsibility to protect, and/or democracy building. The US tolerates it nowhere, especially not at home.

On Monday, Mike Pompeo said the following:

“I am announcing our intent to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including its Qods Force (sic), as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO). This designation will take effect one week from today,” adding:

“This is the first time that the United States has designated a part of another government as an FTO.”

Pompeo lied claiming “(w)e’re doing this because (Iran) use(s) terrorism as a tool of statecraft…”

Fact: Iran hasn’t attacked another country in centuries, threatening none now. The US wages permanent war on humanity, raping and destroying one country after another, notably since the 1950s, especially post-9/11…

In falsely designating Iran’s IRGC (a branch of its military) an FTO, the Trump regime acted at the behest of Israel, aiming to give Netanyahu a further boost ahead of today’s elections, the prime minister tweeting:

“Thank you, my dear friend, President Donald Trump, for answering another one of my important requests.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called Trump’s latest action a “misguided election-eve gift to Netanyahu. Another dangerous US midadventure in the region.”

Juan Guaido

“Exporting Dictators” by David Swanson (Let’s Try Democracy)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The U.S. government gets little credit for it, doesn’t even like to brag about it, but as of 2017 provided military “aid” to 73% of the world’s dictatorships. Ocassionally, the U.S. turns against one of its dictators and chooses that moment to tell everyone about him: Hussein, Noriega, Gadaffi, Assad. Sometimes it loses a dictator for other reasons: the Shah of Iran, Hosni Mubarak.

Sometimes the U.S. imposes a U.S. dictator on a foreign colony: as historically in the Philippines, or Haiti, Chile, or post-“liberation” Iraq. More often it selects and trains, imposes and props up a dictator from within the population of “natives” or “savages.” And sometimes such a dictator spends many years in the United States preparing and awaiting opportunity.

When I heard that Juan Guaido, a graduate of George Washington University in Washington, D.C., had proclaimed himself president of Venezuela, I was reminded that his fellow GW (and Harvard and Princeton) graduate Syngman Rhee was flown to South Korea by the United States government and put in charge of the place, and given the power to commit massive atrocities — the greatest of which was pushing the Korean peninsula into war. Does George Washington University recruit students with promises of small distant countries in which to have life-and-death power over the primitives?

Aerial View of the La Saline Market(C), near the of Seaport Terminal Port-au-Prince, on March 20, 2014. AFP PHOTO/Hector RETAMAL (Photo credit should read HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP/Getty Images)

“The Lasalin Massacre: Accident, gang rivalry, or a calculated political act?” by Vladimir Duace (Haïti Liberté)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Lasalin, a shantytown in Haiti’s capital, is crossed by two main thoroughfares, which make it a strategic area, coveted by several economic and political groups.

On one side is Jean-Jacques Dessalines Boulevard, with Lasalin Boulevard on the other. Facing Lasalin are truck terminals and private ports that receive goods and merchandise from abroad. The shantytown’s center is situated directly across from the terminals and ports. One powerful ruling class group considers the people of Lasalin a threat. It is determined at all costs to force out Lasalin’s residents and take over the land to enlarge its economic operations.

Edouard Baussan, the owner of Unibank, now controls these terminals after buying out the other shareholders. For this group to achieve its dream, it must remove the people who live in Lasalin. Many Lasalin residents are active members of the Fanmi Lavalas Political Organization and publicly declare their appreciation and loyalty to former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who began as a parish priest in Lasalin in the 1980s and, after being elected president twice, implemented many development projects in the area.

Haiti’s ruling class does business with wealthy businessmen internationally, particularly from the U.S.. Both groups supported and helped bring the ruling PHTK (Haitian Tèt Kale Party) to power. This may explain why major international media provided very little coverage of recent massacres in Haiti, which I submit they were behind. There was a similar lack of coverage among the local Haitian media which they control. If it were not for social media networks – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp – the world might not know what occurred in Haiti on Nov. 13, 2018, when hundreds were killed, scores of houses were burned, young women were raped, and children and elderly were mutilated with machetes.

“Vetoing Congressional resolution, Trump reaffirms US support for Saudi slaughter in Yemen” by Niles Niemuth (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

President Donald Trump vetoed a congressional resolution Tuesday that would have required the United States to end direct military support for the Saudi-led slaughter in Yemen, which is now in its fifth year, with air strikes and other combat operations directly causing the deaths of some 80,000 people.

Trump’s veto reaffirms his administration’s support for the war that has resulted in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, leaving 8 million people on the brink of famine and at least 85,000 children dead from starvation.

The war began in 2015 with the support of the Obama administration, which provided Saudi jets with midair refueling and established a joint planning center to provide Saudi forces with intelligence and approve military targets. The US has also provided Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars in jet fighters, bombs and other military equipment and training, which has been used to destroy homes, factories, hospitals, schools, markets and critical water and electrical infrastructure.

“US attorney general orders denial of bond, indefinite detention of asylum seekers” by Patrick Martin (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== == =
In the latest outrage against the human rights of asylum seekers, US Attorney General William Barr ordered immigration judges to deny bond to all asylum seekers who are not part of family groups that include children. These asylum seekers, who have committed no crime and have passed the initial test that they have a “credible fear” of persecution if returned to their home countries, would potentially face indefinite detention while awaiting a final decision on their asylum requests.

The decision takes effect in 90 days, so that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “may conduct the necessary operational planning for additional detention and parole decisions,” Barr wrote. The order could affect tens of thousands of asylum seekers a month, according to figures released by Customs and Border Protection. Of the more than 100,000 immigrants detained in March, some 60,000 were unaccompanied minors or family groups. Of the remaining 40,000, the majority were asylum seekers without children who are targeted by the attorney general’s order.

The order also suggests the direction of administration policy for all asylum seekers, including children and families, who under current procedure cannot be held in custody longer than 20 days. The Trump administration is discussing how to overturn this limit, established by the Flores decision, a court-supervised consent agreement that has been in effect for two decades. The Flores case was the basis for court rulings last summer that compelled the administration to abandon its policy of family separation for asylum seekers, imprisoning the parents while sending the children into juvenile detention or foster care…

Omar Jadwat, director of the Immigrants’ Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement: “This is the Trump administration’s latest assault on people fleeing persecution and seeking refuge in the United States. Our Constitution does not allow the government to lock up asylum seekers without basic due process. We’ll see the administration in court.”

Whether the Constitution permits it or not, the US Supreme Court could well back the Trump administration’s anti-democratic action. A Supreme Court ruling last year upheld a modified version of the evidently unconstitutional Muslim ban, barring visitors and refugees from seven mainly Muslim countries.
= == ===

“Canada’s Liberal government attacks refugee rights” by Laurent Lafrance (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In a major assault on democratic and human rights, the Trudeau government surreptitiously concealed reactionary amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in its 392-page omnibus budget bill, the Budgetary Implementation Act. The amendments will make it significantly more difficult for migrants fleeing war and persecution to find asylum in Canada, and are accompanied by a Liberal pledge to spend an additional $1 billion on border security over the next five years.

Under the amendments, asylum seekers who have already made a refugee claim in a country with which Canada has an “information-sharing agreement” will automatically be refused asylum. They will be denied the right to a full-case hearing and, in most cases, will be quickly sent back to their home countries. The “information-sharing” countries in question—Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the US—comprise, along with Canada, the US-led “Five Eyes” spying network that conducts mass surveillance of the world’s population.

Given that the US is the only one of these four partners with which Canada shares a border, the practical effect of the legislation is to empower authorities to summarily deport refugee claimants crossing the US-Canada border to escape Trump’s anti-immigrant witch hunt.

This reactionary legislative change comes amid statements from Minister of Border Security Bill Blair and Canada’s US ambassador David McNaughton revealing that the Liberal government has been engaged in behind-the-scenes discussions with Washington on closing the so-called “loophole” in the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA)…

Now, putting the lie to the Liberals’ pretenses to be “pro-refugee,” the Trudeau government is effectively implementing the Conservatives’ demand that the Canada-US border be declared an “official checkpoint,” so all those crossing “irregularly” can be subject to the terms of the reactionary Safe Third Country Agreement and summarily expelled.

In a clear violation of Canadian law, the Liberals’ refugee law “reform” would mean that asylum seekers who previously made a refugee claim in the US, Britain, Australia or New Zealand, whatever the current status of their claim, will no longer be eligible for a full, oral hearing. Moreover, they will not be able to appeal to an independent tribunal with procedural protections, as is currently the case (under the Immigration and Refugee Board). Instead, they will automatically be brought before an immigration officer for fast-track deportation.

Here’s the true face of fascist, nazi Canada. It can only go downhill (for a short while) from here. Soon, People like myself will be in trouble just for passing on to others information like the above.

Bradley Manning

“Freedom Rider: The “Resistance” is Silent on Julian Assange” by Margaret Kimberley (Black Agenda Report)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president we have heard a lot about people who call themselves the “resistance.” That word has very significant meaning and should not be used frivolously. The enslaved Haitian people resisted the French 200 years ago. Harriet Tubman resisted and so did Tecumseh. Brave people all over the world have resisted colonial invasion, occupation, and racist violence.

But resistance for the anti-Trump group doesn’t amount to very much. They are united in dislike of Donald Trump, but only some of the time. They call him a fascist, but they mute themselves when his fascism supports the bipartisan imperialist consensus.

The so-called resistance have been conspicuously silent ever since Julian Assange was arrested after Ecuador withdrew his asylum from its London embassy. Under the guise of defending the press, this same group became hysterical when Trump had a stupid argument with a CNN reporter.They are enraged when he refers to the media as “enemies of the people.” But when publisher and journalist Julian Assange was snatched up by the U.S. and its vassal states they either said nothing or condemned a man whose actions are the very embodiment of resistance.

Israeli kids wearing school bags for first day of school and kindergarten outside thier home in Jerusalem on August 31, 2015, The Israeli secular state education system will open tomorrow on September 1, 2015, the academic year with more than two million Israeli children. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

“Jerusalem orders kindergartens not to let ‘minorities’ visit” by Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man (+972)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Public kindergartens in Jerusalem were ordered by the city’s Emergency and Security Division not to allow “foreigners” and “minorities” into educational facilities in a document laying out security instructions distributed to kindergartens recently.

Under a section titled “Entry of Visitors,” the document reads: “Do not allow the entry of foreigners into the kindergarten grounds — as a rule entry is not permitted for minorities, in any such case you must notify the area security officer.”

Minorities is a semi-official and universally understood euphemism for Arabs in its Hebrew usage in Israel…

The municipality told Ma’ariv that it would fix the wording of the document. Its response did not indicate whether changing the wording would alter the instructions regarding discrimination based on nationality or ethnicity.

“Minorities, even if they are citizens and residents of the state, are [considered] dangerous foreigners by default,” wrote member of Knesset Aida Touma-Sliman of the Jewish-Arab Hadash party.

“The municipality said it would correct the instructions — but what else should we expect if the racist [Bezalel] Smotrich heads the Education Ministry?” Touma-Sliman wrote on Twitter.

Smotrich, an openly homophobic member of Knesset who has in the past advocated segregation, and whose parliamentary slate includes former followers of the outlawed terrorist group once led by Meir Kahane, has said that he will demand the education portfolio in the next government.

Palestinian Orthodox believers hold candles lighted by the holy fire which was delivered from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem’s Old City, traditionally believed to be the burial place of Jesus Christ, after the ceremony of the Holy Fire, during the Easter service, at the Saint Porfirios church in Gaza City, on April 20, 2014. Photo by Wissam Nassar/Flash90

“Israel bars hundreds of Palestinian Christians from traveling on Easter” by Henriette Chacar (+972)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Thousands of Christian pilgrims from all over the world are expected to travel to Jerusalem for Easter celebrations. For Christian Palestinians who live no more than hours away from the holy city, however, holiday plans are determined by the whims of the Israeli army. This year, in an unprecedented decision, the army is denying movement for hundreds of Palestinians and barring all movement between the West Bank and Gaza.

The Israeli army limited the holiday travel quota to 200 Christians from Gaza who are over 55, and only for travel outside of Palestine-Israel. Only 120 of the 1,100 Christians in Gaza meet this arbitrary requirement. Palestinians who were planning on visiting the holy sites or their families in the West Bank and Israel, already a rare occasion, will not be able to do so…

Israel classifies the permits it gives Palestinians to celebrate and worship during major holidays not as part of its obligation to enable religious freedoms or the right to free movement and family life, but as special “goodwill” measures. In contrast, during Jewish and Israeli holidays, the army routinely imposes a closure on Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, restricting the free movement of even those who have passed security checks and hold army issued travel and work permits…

While travel permits are a happy occasion for the few who receive it, for the many Palestinians who are denied authorization to move through the Israeli checkpoints and terminals separating the various Palestinian territories, the permit system serves as a method of collective punishment. In November, for example, COGAT [Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories] warned that is [sic] would not issue permits to Palestinians in Gaza with family members who had “overstayed” their travel authorization.

Furthermore, the permit system often splits members of the same family during the holidays, as some are given permission to travel while others are not. “If I get a permit, but my wife does not, there is no way I will leave,” said [Samir] Abu Daoud.

One thing I’m sure of is this: Whatever reasons the Israeli nazis offer for this bit of nastiness, part of their motivation is also their hatred for Christianity, and by extension, God. That’s God as in the actual God. I’ve noticed for some time that in movies and television shows, there is a thorough, usually indirect, slandering of God and an attack on his standards via depictions in which fictional characters act as though there were no God and God’s standards, such as honesty, are actually evil, unrealistic and dangerous. In the latest (finale to season 2) episode of Star Trek Discovery, for example, the crew is told to be silent about something – the existence of information collected by a powerful being – because all of sentient life in the universe depends on their silence. (Censorship by the war-making State is here good. The censors, by extension, are good. Citizens, especially those enlisted [appointed, paid and more or less aware of their role in the ongoing pacification of their fellow citizens so that the Godless 1% can have it all, unopposed] in militaries and police, but also corporate owned media, symbolized by Star Fleet, do well [get the slave’s mark of 666, according to the Christian Bible] to obey without question.) There’s certainly no room for God in this, even though there are references to God here and there in all Star Trek series.

In Hollywood and on television, God has to be merely a powerless belief, equal among all others, including beliefs about clearly nonsense stuff, in order to be acceptable. The attitude is: Believe in God but don’t let that get in the way of dealing with reality. Progressives, most of whom reject the idea of an actual creator God, go on about how we need to prevent climate crisis or the proliferation of nuclear weapons or else all life on earth will eventually come to an end. The true God, who cares about the livable earth and has the power to ensure that wicked humans don’t destroy it, is completely missing in their thinking and writing. They are free to make such a choice of course, but they are not going to be free from the consequences of having done so. God’s plan of salvation for mankind is something that the faithless – good and evil – have no time for. That leads to sad spectacles like famed human rights champion Noam Chomsky voting for warmongers like Hilary Clinton (which he recommended so I’m assuming that that’s who he voted for in their 2016 election). Chomsky, like all faithless progressives, has no choice but to put their hope in imperfect human saviors. They support those candidates who they believe are the least evil among them, but How does that work when in fact wicked, powerful special interests have captured electoral systems and can block decent people from running for office or ensure that they, if they make it into the system, don’t win? Which brings me to what I’m trying to say here.

How much of the disrespect and hatred toward God and his standards that we see on the big and small screens is at the hands of self-identified Christians? I would think that it’s more likely that religionists who profess to be adherents of non Christian religions (which has nothing to do with whether or not self-identified Christians in Hollywood are genuine) have the most to do with the assault on God and his standards in Hollywood and in tv land only because they are likely to find it easier than self-professed Christians to spit on God and his chief representative. Now, Among creators, producers and directors in Hollywood, Which religion has the largest representation? I suspect, but don’t know, that it’s Judaism. Jews, an awful lot of whom are evil, do have disproportionate power, overall, in the world.


“The CIA in Hollywood – How the Agency Shapes Film and Television” by Tricia Jenkins

“Hollywood Glorifies Military at Taxpayers’ Expense” by David Sirota

“The Glories of America’s Wars: “Made in Hollywood” by the Pentagon’s Propaganda Machine” by Joachim Hagopian

“Hollywood actors to visit Israel on a trip co-sponsored by AIPAC” by Nora Barrows-Friedman


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