Capitalist Expansion Is Accompanied By Repression And Terror

*edit, April 26, 2019 – Note, The correct title of Peter Phillips book, which initially escaped me, is: “Giants: The Global Power Elite.”

“Capitalist Expansion Is Accompanied By Repression And Terror”

The above linked-to video on Bitchute resides on my own Bitchute channel. I rarely see anyone comment, let alone attempt a discussion with me or someone else. Something like a discussion was happening after I posted a very interesting interview by Abby Martin (Empire Files) of Peter Phillips, author of the recently published “Giants: Who Really Rules The World?” It didn’t go far. One substantial, but not crazy long, comment I offered was okay. A second was deleted and left in its place was a notice that the comment had been marked as spam. I thought that Bitchute was a place where censorship couldn’t happen. Or was it Disqus? If it was Disqus, and alt media (progressives?) people like Ray Vahey are okay with this, then they have a problem. In fact, I’m furious. What is the matter with the tech savvy progressive community? They have let data-mining, abusive Disqus have the field, including spaces where progressives congregate online.(Try doing a substantial comment via Disqus, in which you need to edit your comment. You won’t believe how awful the experience becomes.) I like the ‘idea’ of Disqus (like I like the ‘idea’ of Microslop’s windows operating system) but the company is nasty, clearly. (As for Microslop, their recent update of windows 10 to a creator’s edition [?] destroyed my bluetooth.)

and this:

I had no inkling that Bitchute would do this and so my original comment has not been preserved in any form. Now I know. My second comment, which may also disappear – it’s in moderation and that happened instantly – follows. Judge for yourselves whether what follows is spam. As well, I’ll show you FallenNation’s comment to which I was responding.


“Socialism/Communism has never worked anywhere it has ever been implemented. It eventually fails. It’s failing in Western Europe right now even European Socialism has failed. None of them care about you they only care about power and control. I don’t want anyone telling me what I have to believe think what I can do and cannot do that’s Socialism and Communism it’s the the same thing in the end. We’re gonna die in divided nation and a divided world. In a way we have ourselves to blame. Even Democracies eventually fail when the 51% is wrong or for example Islamic.”

Capitalism has only ever ‘succeeded’ because those pushing it used violence and terrorism (cointel, ongoing; operation Condor, ongoing; the Phoenix program, ongoing). That’s just history. I guess it depends on your values, but to me that kind of success isn’t success. A social economic system works, in my view, when it works for ‘all’. Neoliberal (rotten) capitalism works for a minority only. Worse, The prosperity and privileges of that minority are at the expense of the majority, an unacceptable situation.

Noam Chomsky explains that Cold War, with the Pentagon system at its core, is essentially class warfare. ( Do we need class warfare? The problem is that it’s a free universe and, for now, people are free to self-modify themselves into believers in deceit, violence and inequality (neoconservatives) and then make trouble for others. With self-modified people, Where there was Jesus’s golden rule of love others the way you want them to love you, there is now ‘riches for the strongest’, this world’s operating principle and paradigm (and contradiction in terms to those who haven’t self-modifed and who have normal needs and wants). Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of nazi Israel, put it bluntly, in public, as Philip Weiss reminds us:


“The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong…”

That was from Philip Weiss’s Mondoweiss article titled “Netanyahu’s credo, ‘weak are slaughtered, strong survive,’ echoes Hitler” :

Once you self-modify yourself, as we are all free to do, your values change and your desires become twisted. You now value winning, and proving yourself strong, by beating others. There ‘has to be’ losers. Inequality is therefore a goal. While we can indeed self-modify, we cannot escape the consequences of doing that.

Jeff Halper wrote the detailed “War Against The People,” showing how Israel’s oppression of Palestinians was part of something bigger, namely a global, ongoing pacification program. That pacification program is part of what is called counterrevolution, which itself has been around since capitalism. Capitalists exploit and oppress, and in order to keep the people from rebelling against that abuse propaganda is deployed and examples (like Julian Assange) are made. When people do revolt, they must be put down, hence counterinsurgency. Counterinsurgency is State terrorism. States terrorizing their own citizens, after first abusing them, don’t call what they do State terrorism. They call it Critical Infrastructure Protection, public safety, and national security or some such thing.

“Thinking About Thinking” (A Yappy Trade Barrier) :

“Fossil Fuel Companies Are Enlisting Police to Crack Down on Protesters” by Sarah Lazare and Simon Davis-Cohen (In These Times) :

Naomi Klein (with whom I have issues, but let’s set that aside) wrote the stellar “The Shock Doctrine.” Disasters, natural or man-made, are profitable. Here’s an excerpt from her book, looking at the closed loop that is disaster capitalism:

“The Bush administration immediately seized upon the fear generated by the attacks not only to launch the “War on Terror” but to ensure that it is an almost completely for-profit venture, a booming new industry that has breathed new life into the faltering U.S. economy. Best understood as a “disaster capitalism comple,” it has much farther-reaching tentacles than the military-industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned against at the end of his presidency: this is global war fought on every level by private companies whose involvement is paid for with public money… The ultimate goal for the corporations at the centre of of the complex is to bring the model of for-profit government, which advances so rapidly in extraordinary circumstances, into the ordinary and day-to-day functioning of the state – in effect, to privatize the government.

“ To kick-start the disaster capitalism complex, the Bush administration outsourced, with no public debate, many of the most sensitive and core functions of government – from providing health care to soldiers, to interrogating prisoners, to gathering and “data mining” information on all of us. The role of government in this unending war is… of a deep-pocketed venture capitalist, both providing its seed money for the complex’s creation and becoming the biggest customer for its new services.” -pg 14

If it’s for profit, then privatized war is mandatory.

Long before Naomi Klein wrote “The Shock Doctrine,” Michale Klare wrote “War Without End” (about the Vietnam War, counterinsurgency and the involvement, knowingly and unknowingly, of the private sector and academia in the Pentagon’s and the CIA’s criminality). It was published in 1970, 1971 and 1972. When you read Klare’s book, you can see the seeds of the disaster capitalism complex in it. It’s astonishing to what extent officials in academia went along with Pentagon and CIA evil, willingly and knowingly. Part 1. Of Klare’s book is titled “The Counterinsurgency Establishment.” It includes sections with titles like: “The Scientific Mercenaries – American’s Fourth Armed Service” and “Social Systems Engineering – Project Camelot and Its Successors.” (And yet, today, Klare is spouting establishment nonsense about targets of imperial aggression. He can be found on the fakey TomDispatch website.)

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5 Responses to Capitalist Expansion Is Accompanied By Repression And Terror

  1. Ken W. Simpson says:

    America since WW2 has been a history of infamy. It began when Harry dropped atom bombs on civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki – and continued when he invaded Korea without the approval of Congress or the UN. Vietnam gained freedom from French rule despite opposition from an America that was showing its true allegiance to unrepresentative governments by immediately creating a civil war in Vietnam and installing a puppet government in the South – thus beginning the brutal Vietnam war which cost the lives of too many innocent American troops and Vietnamese civilians. The US used napalm against civilians and agent orange which is still causing horrendous birth defects among Vietnamese babies – with no compensation from Monsanto or the US government. The US dropped more bombs on Hanoi than it did on Hitler’s Germany. The US committed numerous atrocities and John McCain – a bomber pilot who bailed out and was captured by China – gave numerous propaganda broadcasts to get better treatment. He was known among US POW’s as ‘The Songbird’. He got away with it because his dad was an admiral – and anyway – Nixon pardoned him – as he did the notorious Lieutenant Calley.
    The US then invaded Afghanistan and are still there. It will take too long to go into the depths of depravity under Clinton, Reagan the Bush’s, Obama and Trump.
    The US is the world capitalist bully that is currently destabilising Venezuela and Nicaragua. It is still engaged in the genocide of the Yemeni people in collusion with Saudi Arabia – and still attacking civilians in Syria with white phosphorus.
    I’m wondering how much longer it can continue with Zionist Israel and Wall Street controlling Trump and the US government. Will the presidents that follow Trump still be the puppets of Zionist Israel and Wall Street?
    I am hoping Americans will awaken from their decades of programming by lies, propaganda and misinformation from the biased mainstream media – largely Zionist owned – and even from people like Chomsky who claimed 9/11 was not a conspiracy by the Bush administration when obviously it was – because his alma mater MIT produced the fake and inept video of planes ludicrously passing into and through the steel and concrete walls of the WTC. – an impossibility. There were no planes, no Islamic terrorists and no Osama Bin Laden. The Israelis, funded by Saudi Arabia, set thermite demolition charges months earlier to synchronise, when detonated, with the imaginary aircraft. An Israeli TV crew was on hand to record the catastrophe even before it happened. Joe Biden is still promoting the phony official version – like LBJ did with the Warren Commission.
    Chomsky sold out like the late Christopher Hitchens did over the US invasion of Iraq and 9/11. The US doesn’t mind killing it’s own.

    • Arrby says:

      I know nothing about a Lieutenant Calle. All else I’m pretty familiar with, although the details of warmonger John McCain’s incarceration that you relate are new to me. I recall that he was reckless and had a bad reputation among fellow airforce members for wrecking planes, if my memory serves.

      As for 9/11, I find the idea that there were no aircraft flying into 9/11 too incredible. And I’d want to see evidence. The one problem I have with 9/11 truthers (if that’s the term) is that they are too loud. They put their foot in their door, so to speak, the way ‘some’ door to door preachers do. I don’t want to be shouted at. Show me the evidence. On the other hand, I don’t have a problem with people looking into that. Why would anyone (Chomsky for example) discourage it? Although there are such things as rabbit holes, as in Alice In Wonderland. There’s enough verifiable evil in the world for activists to talk about without jumping down rabbit holes or encouraging others to do the same. I can’t tell you how many times someone I’ve tried to have a conversation with about this or that has emphatically said “Watch Zeigeist!” Those are people who are not serious but want to be seen as serious and knowledgeable. I watched about 10 or 15 minutes of Zeitgeist and had to stop the video. It’s awful.

      I have problems with Chomsky, but I’ve also learned much from him. That someone as smart as Chomsky could seriously think that Israel was indifferent to the Syrian conflict and that Assad dropped barrel bombs on his own people is extremely alarming. And where’s his humility. Like his good friend Amy Goodman (pushing White Helmets propaganda), they have their ‘new’ stories to tell and they’re sticking to them. So be it. God will judge.

  2. KPomeroy says:

    Hello Arby,
    I saw your comment on ICH, came to your website and read this article. I’m searching for truth, but find vast confusion in the alternate media. Censorship is shocking. I’ve been banned from the comment sections of Sputnik and Infowars, and have been censored on The Duran and Moon of Alabama. Yet my comments were sincere. My views differ from yours on capitalism vs socialism, but those are minor points compared to the destruciveness of the NWO global elite. So in general I probably agree with you.

    My website is apparently censored by some means. When I post a truly important commentary, often my views suddenly stop, then gradually come back to normal over the next 3 or 4 days. It is anything but random. I was trying to be a news platform, but I found that the more I posted, the fewer views I got, which goes against logic. How can you run a daily news platform if you can’t update more than once every few days?? I thought it might be WordPress suppressing my views, but I’ve concluded WordPress is benign. Could it be hackers? If you are having similar problems, I’d like to hear.

    Good luck with your blog! 🙂
    Karl Pomeroy

    • Arrby says:

      Hi KPomperoy. We are indeed having similar problems. I wish progressive techies would step up and help us with all of this. But they’re missing in action.

      I am not at all tech savvy, so I can’t help myself nor can I help you much other than to offer moral support.

      I experienced much the same thing on my blog. Just when you expect views, you get almost no views. Or zero. I’ve had that happen a few times lately. We know the various ways that the war-making State and its tools do censorship, but that still doesn’t tell you or me exactly what’s happening at any given time. What it looks like is there’s live operators – we know they are employed – who examine sites (not all, I don’t imagine; How could they?) who hold up your site’s visibility in some fashion. How else to explain what you and I experience here. They (Google et al) employ algorithms as well, but this looks like human operators. But I don’t know. Maybe it all works together in some complex fashion.

      All I know is that the so-called alternative community (like BitChute) is not there for us. Then again, alternative doesn’t mean different.

      By the way, If you haven’t read Yasha Levine’s book, “Surveillance Valley,” riffing off of ‘Silicon Valley’, I recommend you do so. It will at least help you to better understand all of this darkness.

      I’ve been banned from enough sites as well. I know the feeling. Hang in there.

      • KPomeroy says:

        Thanks for answering Arrby. You got it right—just when you’re expecting views you get almost none or zero. Yes, i think human operators maybe sift through certain key words. If I figure more out, I’ll let you know. – Best wishes 🙂 Karl

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