Lawlessness / Ruined – part 45

From Axis of Logic:
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting at The Venetian Las Vegas on April 6, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

“‘Obnoxious Vicious Malevolent Arrogant Assholes’ isn’t even half strong enough to describe the US” by Andrea Germanos (Common Dreams via Axis of Logic)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

President Donald Trump on Friday called the International Criminal Court’s decision not to probe alleged war crimes in Afghanistan, including those committed by U.S. troops and the CIA, “a major international victory,” and issued a not-so-subtle threat against any entity that would attempt to investigate “American, Israeli, or allied personnel for prosecution.”

His statement reads, in full:

Today, the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced its unanimous rejection of a request to investigate American military and intelligence professionals who served in Afghanistan. This is a major international victory, not only for these patriots, but for the rule of law. We welcome this decision and reiterate our position that the United States holds American citizens to the highest legal and ethical standards. Since the creation of the ICC, the United States has consistently declined to join the court because of its broad, unaccountable prosecutorial powers; the threat it poses to American national sovereignty; and other deficiencies that render it illegitimate. Any attempt to target American, Israeli, or allied personnel for prosecution will be met with a swift and vigorous response.

As Common Dreams reported, the ICC’s decision to reject the request from ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to probe possible war crimes and crimes against humanity followed bullying efforts by senior members of the Trump administration—Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton—who targeted ICC staff over the possible investigation. The administration even revoked Bensouda’s entry visa, it was reported last week.

“A List Of The Ways Media Says A War Could Start With North Korea” by William Craddick (Disobedient Media)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Media has always had a fascination with fomenting conflict. It’s dramatic and brings in readers. As the notorious William Randolph Hearst famously quipped, news organizations love to “”furnish the war.”

The most significant attempt to spark a conflict with North Korea has undoubtedly been the media’s rampant but short-lived promotion of Cheollima Civil Defense, also known as Free Joseon…

Emerging into notoriety at the same time as news that North Korea’s military was opposing Kim over his desire to denuclearize, the group sought a violent overthrow of Kim Jong Un but did not appear to support peace or reunification. Additionally, a report by Disobedient Media highlighted their deep ties to the United Nations and to the United Kingdom which lead to accusations from defectors that Cheollima was merely a regime change operation.

In the aftermath of reports from Disobedient Media and other outlets, Cheollima Civil Defense said that it would suspend its activities before shutting down a number of websites affiliated with the group, including the page for the Joseon Institute. The explosion of media puff pieces giving exposure to Cheollima Civil Defense in 2019 vanished as suddenly as they had appeared…

On March 29, South Korea accepted delivery of the first two F-35 jets being shipped as part of a 40-jet order. North Korea was quick to criticize the South for what they said was an act that continued confrontational policies initiated under former President Park Geun-hye.

The apparent fear displayed by the DPRK over the arrival of just two jet planes can be interpreted as a fantastically poorly-thought out display of vulnerability. Nevertheless, that did not stop The National Interest from wildly speculating about whether or not the North Koreans might be able to shoot down an F-35…

The DPRK in the past has not done themselves any favors by making public announcements that they reserved the right to shoot down US military planes which entered their airspace. This kind of behavior causes them to play right into the hands of international media and groups who want a military solution to the Korean War instead of a peace accord.

The media has been happy to indulge authors who draw up elaborate war game scenarios that provide potential playbooks for how a conflict could break out with North Korea…

“U.S. ‘Applauds’ Malta For Refusing Russian Planes To Use Its Airspace To Supply ‘Brutal Regime’ In Venezuela” by ? (South Front)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On April 19, US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus came with a statement supporting the decision of the government of Malta that had refused “to allow Russian planes to use its airspace to supply the brutal former regime in Venezuela.”

From Foreign Policy In Focus:
Protestors demonstrate against drug war killings outside the Philippine consulate in New York. (Wikimedia Commons)

“It’s Time to End U.S. Military Aid to the Philippines” by Amee Chew (Foreign Policy In Focus)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== == =
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody “War on Drugs” has now claimed over 27,000 lives — almost all poor and indigent people, including children, summarily executed by police or vigilantes.

Over 140,000 pre-trial detainees are being held in overcrowded Philippine prisons, many on trumped up drug charges; 75 percent of the total prison population still awaits their day in court, let alone conviction. On top of this, assassinations of human rights lawyers, journalists, labor and peasant organizers, indigenous leaders, clergy, teachers, and activists are spiraling out of control.
= == ====

“Empire Versus Democracy and Freedom. Will The Espionage Act Displace the US Constitution?” by Mark Taliano (Global Research)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The public interest, and democratic political economies, both domestic and internationally, are poison to Empire. But this must be hidden from view, hence war propaganda/fake news is protected by legislation, while Constitutionally-protected, evidence-based real journalism, a dying phenomenon, continues to be attacked.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution, adopted on December 15, 1791,

“prevents the government from making laws which respect an establishment of religion, prohibit the free exercise of religion, or abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.”

However, the Constitution is under constant assault by US oligarch ruling classes.

Freedom of the press has been negated by ruling class monopoly ownership and pervasive propaganda. Criminal propaganda is protected while “freedoms of speech” are under constant assault.

The fakery of the news stories is protected by (unconstitutional) laws embedded in the National Defense Authorization Act which blur the lines between reality and spectacle. In an earlier article I wrote,

According to an amendment to the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the House Bill H.R 5736 (now law), the federal government of the United States can now legally propagandize the domestic public.

Arguably, this makes staged theatrical presentations, featuring crisis-actors, and purporting to be ‘reality’, legal.

And, as if that isn’t enough, Don North writes in “US/NATO Embrace Psy-ops and Info-War” that,

“As reflected in a recent NATO conference in Latvia and in the Pentagon’s new ‘Law of War’ manual, the U.S. government has come to view the control and manipulation of information as a ‘soft power’ weapon, merging psychological operations, propaganda and public affairs under the catch phrase ‘strategic communications.’

The Espionage Act also contradicts the US Constitution, but it is being invoked with regard to the indictment against Julian Assange.

Ubiquitous classification of information beneath the mantle of “National Security” serves to sustain the illusion that Empire serves the public interest. Hence, as author and veteran journalist Naomi Wolf asserts, whistleblowers are necessary, as is the transmission of their leaks. This, she says, has been journalism practice for years. It is what real journalists are supposed to do.

“US and NATO’s Ongoing Support for Neo-Nazis in Ukraine” by Shane Quinn (Global Research)

An excerpt from the above article follows:

Over the past few months, NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg has continued outlining his organization’s “recognition” for Ukraine “to become a member of NATO”. Two weeks ago Stoltenberg pronounced publicly in Washington that “we work with Ukraine to help Ukraine move forward towards its transatlantic integration… we have trust funds, we have training, we have different kinds of activities which we are helping Ukraine”.

Comments like this are also a well-aimed provocation of nearby Russia. It is the equivalent of the Soviet Union having announced they had “trust funds” and “activities” occurring in Mexico, with the ultimate aim of luring America’s neighbour into the Moscow-led Warsaw Pact. Any such coercion by the Soviets would surely have drawn a swift military response from Washington.

t can occasionally be instructive to cast one’s eyes over a map of Europe, and a quick glance at the Ukraine reveals a long and winding border to the east with Russia; approximately 1,000 kilometres altogether no less. The Ukraine furthermore holds a generations-long history and association with Russia.

During the First World War, 3.5 million Ukrainians fought in the Imperial Russian Army, primarily in opposition to a German Empire which became a military dictatorship run by Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff – from late 1917 Tsarist forces ceased to exist as the October Revolution was implemented, ushering in the creation of Soviet Russia.

Over two decades later, up to seven million Ukrainian soldiers joined the Red Army during its “Great Patriotic War” against the Nazis. By 1945, around 2.5 million Ukrainian infantrymen within Soviet armies were killed by Hitler’s troops. The Ukraine’s young foot soldiers paid a heavy price indeed for their contribution in liberating Soviet lands from Nazi rule.

It has been rather galling, as a consequence, to witness the Ukraine in recent years led by a throng embedded with fascist figures – individuals with many years of neo-Nazi activism under their belts, such as Andriy Parubiy (image on the right), Chairman of the Ukraine’s Parliament since April 2016 and co-founder of the fascist Svoboda party. Parubiy is an old associate of other neo-Nazis such as Svoboda chief Oleh Tyahnybok, Oleh Makhnitskyi and Dmytro Yarosh, the latter a Ukrainian Member of Parliament (MP) since late 2014 and a former leader of Right Sector, another fascist party.

These men are all followers of the terrorist Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian Nazi who collaborated with the Third Reich before and during World War II. In early July 1941, with German soldiers pouring forward onto the frontiers of western Ukraine, Bandera’s “Act of Proclamation” declared,

“The newly formed Ukrainian state will work closely with the National Socialist-Greater Germany” and that Hitler “is forming a new order in Europe and the world and is helping the Ukrainian People to free itself from Moscovite occupation”.


A member of the Raqqah Internal Security Force learns from Coalition advisors how to interact with locals near Raqqah, Syria, March 17, 2018. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Travis Jones)

“Former ISIS Commanders Rehabilitated as Traffic Cops in Raqqa Suburbs Under US Watch” by Alexander Rubinstein (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

EIN ISSA, SYRIA — Locals of Ein Issa, a Syrian town just north of the city of Raqqa are reportedly fed up with former ISIS members and commanders who have been rehabilitated by U.S. proxy forces as traffic cops.

“Reliable sources” told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) that former Daesh militants have been converted into “security members” and are extorting the public.

The rehabilitated ISIS fighters are reportedly “imposing bribes” and royalties on vehicles, “not to mention the shameful acts against the pedestrians in the streets and the harassment of the citizen women.”

Earlier this year, according to the same outlet, American generals met with “administrative representatives” in the town.

SOHR is run by a single individual living in the U.K., Rami Abdulrahman, a man with pro-opposition sympathies. The outlet is funded by the British Home Office.

Typically in the aftermath of war, the losers are severely punished — especially snipers, and ISIS had many. Extrajudicial killings against suspected ISIS members have run rampant in Iraq and Syria, as citizens release their rage over being held captive for so many years. It is no surprise that the citizens of Raqqa and its suburbs, who are mostly Sunni Arabs, are incensed that former ISIS members, whom they may even recognize, are allowed to continue issuing traffic tickets and harassing women.

Trump’s fascist gateepers

“Armed militia detaining asylum seekers at gunpoint along US-Mexico border” by Meenakshi Jagadeesan and Niles Niemuth (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Armed right-wing militias have been systematically detaining asylum-seekers at gunpoint along the US-Mexico border in operations that are apparently coordinated with the federal Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agency.

The role of one particular group in detaining immigrants, the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP), came to light this week after the group uploaded several videos on social media, showing its members masked, dressed in camouflage, heavily armed and walking with dogs as they “patrolled” the border and corralled several hundred asylum seekers in Sunland Park, New Mexico, just outside El Paso, Texas.

While the border region has seen vigilante patrols by armed militias in the past, this latest development marks an even more dangerous turn, with the Trump administration appearing to give full rein to these fascist elements.

related: “Gatekeepers”

“By 3-to-1, Americans Want Assange Prosecuted” by Eric Zuesse (The Duran)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A YouGov poll of 2,455 Americans taken on April 11th found that by a margin of 53% to 17%, or by slightly over 3 to 1, Americans want Julian Assange to be prosecuted…

By overwhelming margins, Americans thought that their Government should have an unqualified right to hide from the public, basically, anything it wants to hide. The U.S. Government actually does possess unlimited authority to categorize whatever it wants, as being “Classified.” Overwhelming majorities of the U.S. public approve of this root-principle of dictatorship. Assange is being condemned, fundamentally, because he violates that intrinsic principle (government-secrecy, regardless of how arbitrarily it is imposed), of dictatorship, anywhere.

Clearly, then, the American people were far more favorable toward dictatorship than the public was, in any of the 22 other nations that were sampled.

Note that Noam Chomsky and the late Edward Herman identify two kinds of fascist State, namely 1. fascist and 2. sub-fascist. A sub-fascist State is one which the State forces fascism on an unwilling population. It’s looking more and more like the United States is a straight up fascist, nazi State. Certainly the ruling class (political and non political) is, and has long been, ruined.

Stephen Lendman

“Police State Ecuador Under Lenin Moreno” by Stephen Lendman (StephenLendman)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and Moreno are world’s apart.

Correa expelled the Pentagon from his country, shutting down its Manta airbase, the region’s largest. Moreno invited what no country should tolerate on its territory to return.

Economist President Correa opposed IMF debt bondage. Moreno went the other way. Correa opposed privatization of oil, gas, water, electricity, and other government enterprises, what Moreno wants handed to corporate predators, most likely for self-enrichment.

Correa’s agenda included investing in public healthcare, education, and other social programs. Moreno believes anything government can do, business does better so let it, no matter how exploitive of and harmful to ordinary people.

According to Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) Solidarity Committee member Stansfield Smith, Ecuador for a decade under Correa was “transformation(al).”

His predecessors (and Moreno) “instituted neoliberal austerity and privatization programs, prompting inequality, poverty and unemployment to soar.”

In cahoots with the US and UK, Moreno invented phony reasons to rescind Assange’s citizenship and asylum status – agreeing to hand him over to UK authorities for extradition to the US, flagrantly violating international law.

Betraying Assange was in exchange for a $4.2 billion IMF loan (with onerous loan shark of last resort terms) and other favors granted him, selling his soul for the right price.

Ecuadorian attorney general’s office issued an Interpol red notice on former Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, an Assange supporter/vocal critic of Moreno’s hardline rule.

Out of the country, he wants him detained and extradited to Ecuador for the “crime” of supporting truth-telling journalism the way it should be, calling his actions instigation and incitement — what police state rule is all about.

Interpol rejected a separate red notice for Correa’s arrest and extradition from Belgium where he’s living, calling it incompatible with human rights, the same true for wanting Patino prosecuted.

To be clear, both red notices are “incompatible with human rights,” obviously.

“The Possibility Of A War With Israel Is Very High This Summer And I May No Longer Be With You” by Elija J Magnier (Elijah J. Magnier)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah held a private meeting this week with his top military commanders in which he warned them to prepare for a hot Summer because Israel plans to launch a surprise war against Lebanon. Sayyed Nasrallah has asked his men to share the reality of the situation and the possibility of war when briefing their men, families and people in the villages and cities in which Hezbollah operates.

He also prepared them for the likelihood of his assassination and the killing of Hezbollah’s first line of command in the event of such a war and that they will have to run the war on their own, as they were trained for.

“If there was any doubt the mainstream media was an elitist guard dog, its Red Cross coverage should put that doubt to rest” by Ed Sykes (The Canary)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

If there was any remaining doubt that mainstream Western media outlets were acting as a guard dog for the interests of the rich and powerful, their latest Red Cross coverage should put those doubts to rest.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) recently announced it was stepping up its efforts in Venezuela after visiting the country and discussing increased cooperation with its government. The group avoided mentioning the US-backed opposition which has been trying to claim power since January. The ICRC’s tone was serious, but in keeping with its philosophy of “providing neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian assistance”.

The mainstream media coverage of the announcement, however, was far from ‘neutral’ or ‘impartial’…

The media has exaggerated, slung mud at the government wherever possible, and left out any meaningful context. And this can be seen in the Red Cross coverage from both Reuters and the BBC. (Note: Other outlets are worse. But too many people see both Reuters and the BBC as bastions of impartial journalism, when they’re clearly not)…

US efforts to force ‘humanitarian aid‘ trucks onto Venezuelan territory without government permission in late February, meanwhile, were very clearly a political stunt. Yet the mainstream media echoed the hostile position of the US state department. It was up to independent journalists on the ground to reveal the aggressive and anti-humanitarian nature of the event.

The UN, meanwhile, expressed concern about the politicisation of aid and – along with the International Red Cross – refused to participate in Washington’s efforts. The Red Cross also slammed “people not affiliated” with it for falsely using its emblems.

You wouldn’t know any of that from reading coup-supporting media outlets, though.

From Mint Press News:
Israeli police escort a pro-Palestinian Israeli activist at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv April 15, 2012. Hundreds of police officers were deployed at Ben Gurion Airport after activists launched a “fly-in” to Israel. Ronen Zvulun | Reuters

“Thought Police: US, Israel Increasingly Banning & Deporting Ideological Enemies” by Alexander Rubinstein (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

TEL AVIV/WASHINGTON — Israel and the U.S. are simultaneously stepping up repression in the form of travel restrictions against critics of the apartheid state.

A Palestinian activist has been barred from entering the U.S. while an advocate with a leading human rights NGO – Human Rights Watch (HRW) – faced a ruling on Tuesday in Israeli courts which upheld the government’s deportation order against him.

Last week, the U.S. banned a founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, one Omar Barghouti, from entering its soil. Though the government’s official explanation was “immigration reasons,” there is plentiful evidence to suspect the ban was meant as a reprisal for his non-violent advocacy…

Ariel Gold, national co-director of the anti-war women’s group Codepink, was deported last year from Israel after landing at Ben Gurion Airport. She told MintPress News:

I was denied entry and deported from Israel–even despite my being Jewish–solely for my political positions and peaceful BDS work for Palestinian rights. Last week the Trump administration partnered with Israel in the destruction of free speech when they denied BDS movement founder Omar Barghouti entry to the U.S”

Now Israel is deporting Omar Shakir, a human rights researcher from one of the world most credible human rights organizations–Human Rights Watch–for his and HRW’s peaceful advocacy to call on Israel should abide by international law and end its human rights abuses. This is shameful!”

Prior to her deportation, Gold had obtained a visa to study at Hebrew University. Anti-BDS minister (also known as the Minister for Strategic Affairs) Gilad Erdan said at the time:

We prevented Ariel Gold, an extreme boycott activist, from entering the country. Our policy is clear: Those who campaign towards boycotting Israel and come here in order to cause harm — won’t be allowed to enter the country. The rules have changed, and Israel will not show restraint towards those who try to hurt it.”


I guess that’s fair. Nazi Israel doesn’t want others ‘hurting’ it, so it acts like Nazis toward those who are ‘hurting’ it. For now it is free to do so. This is their Godless, nazi world.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at an election campaign in Kolkata, India, Wednesday, April 3, 2019. India’s general elections will be held in seven phases from April 11 to May 19. (AP Photo/Bikas Das)

“Modi Delivers Ironic “Peace Day” Message Netanyahu Borrowed from Hitler” by Whitney Webb (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

SURENDRANAGAR, INDIA — As India’s election season drags on and nears its conclusion, current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has continued to use speeches on the campaign trail to threaten using nuclear bombs against neighboring Pakistan in an attempt to portray himself as tough on “terrorism.”

In a speech delivered last Wednesday that was widely overlooked by international media, Modi used extreme rhetoric that threatens to raise already heightened tensions between India and Pakistan — both of which are nuclear powers that nearly went to war in late February. Modi stated:

Earlier, terrorists from Pakistan would come here and go back after conducting an attack. Pakistan would threaten us, saying it has the nuclear bomb and will press the button [if India retaliated]. We have the mother of nuclear bombs. I decided to tell them, do whatever you want to do but we will retaliate.”

India’s prime minister continued by noting that he was speaking on India’s national day of peace, known as Mahavir Jayanti, but apparently oblivious to the irony between the holiday and the bellicose content of his speech:

Today is Mahavir Jayanti, the day to observe peace. But when shall we have peace? Will anyone listen to a weak man making an appeal for peace or to the warning of a strong man who can flex his muscles? Only the peace appeal of a strong man will be respected, not that of a weak person.”

Modi’s speech regarding how only the “strong” are to be respected, while issuing an implicit threat of using nuclear weapons against enemies of the state, is strikingly similar to a speech given by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — an ally of Modi — last September. Speaking in front of Israel’s Dimona nuclear plant, long believed to house Israel’s not-so-secret nuclear weapons program, Netanyahu had stated:

The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end, peace is made with the strong…But our enemies know very well what Israel is capable of doing. They are familiar with our policy. Whoever tries to hurt us — we hurt them.”


“Stop Unfair Law Enforcement Campaign” by ? (Democracy Watch)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Law enforcement in Canada continues to be under threat from interference by politicians, and police and other law enforcement agencies are often not held accountable for bad decisions and wrongdoing.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has tried to appoint his good friend Ron Taverner as Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner (see details here). And across Canada, politicians choose the chiefs of police forces.

Federal government officials pressured the Attorney General to stop the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin for bribery (see details here). This interference was exposed, but who knows how many times federal and provincial Cabinet ministers have secretly interfered in prosecutions to protect their friends, donors or supporters?

Many questions are being raised about why the RCMP hasn’t stopped criminal gangs from China and other countries using Canadian casinos, banks, houses and condos to launder their dirty money (see details here and here).

Many questions are also being raised about why the RCMP and other police forces continue to get away with discriminating against minorities and indigenous peoples, and harassment of women and minority police officers (see details here, here and here).

The Prime Minister and Premiers across Canada choose their own watchdogs for ethics, transparency, waste-prevention, and lobbyist regulation (see details here). And they often choose lapdogs who let them off the hook again and again (see details here).

“American Internet Companies Are Privatized Instruments of US Geopolitical Power, and They’re Not Even Hiding It” by Yasha Levine (The Grayzone)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

I was in the New York Public Library recently doing research in the archives when I stumbled on a 1944 pamphlet from Western Electric, the old American techno-telephone monopolist. It’s called “Circuits for Victory” and its 40 glossy, slickly produced pages are dedicated to one thing: celebrating all the ways that the company’s telecommunication technology helps the United States government fight and win wars.

The pamphlet is a historical document, but if you squint at it right and replace “Western Electric” with, say, “Facebook” or “Google” or “Amazon,” you actually get an accurate sense of what Silicon Valley monopolies are today: privatized extensions of American Empire.

Since the dot com boom, Silicon Valley has been selling itself to the world as a new breed of global corporation — neutral platforms that sit on top of the world, unconcerned with and totally removed from American geopolitical and national security interests. The public believed it. Even Silicon Valley people believed it. It was the dawn of a new depoliticized corporate internationalism. It was all about a utopian technological revolution that would connect and empower people, regardless of their nationality or language. Indeed, Silicon Valley was supposed to make “the nation” obsolete.

Of course, this was always a transparent sham…

RussiaGate forced Silicon Valley to publicly admit something that I’ve been saying for years — something that is at the core of the thesis of my book, Surveillance Valley: American Internet companies are not abstract global platforms, but privatized instruments of American geopolitical power.

It’s out in the open now. Even Google CEO Sundar Pichai admits it — and Donald Trump blasts it out to the world…


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