Gatekeepers: A Snapshot

The Abduction Of Julian Assange

“Retaliation against Julian Assange over the past decade plus replicates a pattern of ruthless political retaliation against whistleblowers, in particular those who reveal truths hidden by illegal secrecy, VIPS says.” – Consortium News

VIPS = Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

Source: VIPS: Extradition of Julian Assange Threatens Us All – Consortiumnews

David Petraeus, George Patton, Leon Panetta


“Even if charges against a whistleblower are later dropped, governments still win because the tactics used damage the truth teller professionally, financially, socially and psychologically, and foreseeably chill other whistleblowers.

“Importantly, virtually all of the retaliatory actions described above are carried out or instigated by the elite political establishment—current and former political appointees and elected officials. Equally important is the fact that tactics used against whistleblowers are rarely if ever applied to political insiders who fail to protect classified information. Even actual spies who give or sell secrets directly to foreign governments have fared better than some well-meaning whistleblowers. In contrast to whistleblowers, political insiders who mistreat government secrets are publicly praised by the establishment, face lesser charges (if any), are treated with dignity by investigators, receive presidential pardons and move on to prestigious and lucrative positions.”

A Yappy Trade Barrier:

“A gatekeeper is anyone who decides to opportunistically ally himself with those who are powerful and anti-democratic. (Consider: If we were one big human family, rather than the divided human race we are with so many choosing to believe in inequality [and ‘us’ and ‘them’ therefore], then there’d be no exclusion and gates wouldn’t therefore be needed. Democrats know that. True Christians know that best.) A gatekeeper can be rich or poor, educated or uneducated, professional or average Joe / Josephine, appointed or self-appointed, completely aware of his gatekeeper role (if appointed), ignorant of it or partially aware of it (if self-appointed). The gatekeeper’s role is to hinder, in any way, small or serious, those who don’t have the ‘right’ political views. The ‘right’ political views, held by the gatekeeper, can be summed up as: The way to survive is to serve and protect those who are powerful, which service ‘may’ therefore protect and/or prosper you in return for your service. Calling that democracy is required…

“The gates that I am usually talking about, therefore, are the gates to – access to – Corporatocracy’s (unaccountable) political and other leaders. They are the gates to the powerful, namely the iconic 1% who own and run the world. The 1% eagerly (and willingly and knowingly) plays the Darwinian game of ‘riches for the strongest’ in which there must be losers. They are macho, perverted lawbreakers. They are perverted because they so often mean, very deliberately, exactly the opposite of what they say. Look at the phrase ‘humanitarian intervention’ for example. The operational definition – derived from an explanation of what is called humanitarian intervention – is exactly the opposite of what its proponents say it is. It’s imperialism and the bloody, terrifying regime change that (often) goes with it. Nazi Israel’s Benjamin Netanhayu, a piece of filthy, lying garbage expressed, honestly, what would be the prime motivation for most of the world’s ruined leaders when he stated that the strong make alliances and then proceed to crush the weak. See the Mondoweiss article by Philip Weiss titled “Netanyahu’s credo, ‘weak are slaughtered, strong survive,’ echoes Hitler.” There it is from the horse’s mouth. This world’s operating principle, or paradigm, is ‘riches for the strongest’, an path that only mentally and spiritually ruined people – namely those who have self-modified into being believers in inequality, deceit and violence – could follow. As Jesus Christ said to his disciples, ‘If you were part of the world, then the world would be fond of you.’ Indeed. In this Godless, dark world, Benjamin Netanyahu is a hero to other powerful, ruined leaders. And his marauding, unprincipled army is the most moral army in the universe!

“Think about that the next time you hear or read some official’s breathless explanation for why whistleblowers must be crushed. John Kiriakou is now (at the time of this writing) out of prison and beginning his 3 year house arrest for blowing the whistle on the CIA’s use of water boarding; torture in other words. In his interview from his home, with Amy Goodman, he notes that the horrible, terrible, dangerous leaks that his accusers talk about when they are attacking someone like him are something that they – people like CIA director Leon Panetta and General Petraeus – do on a regular basis. Panetta’s and Petraeus’s leaking of info is an example of powerful, appointed gatekeepers keeping the people away from their bosses and receiving protection from them in return for their service. Gatekeepers (especially ‘appointed’ gatekeepers) are very free, to the point where they can break laws that others can’t. And that’s how you end up with power in this world.”


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