I Am Wikileaks (Open Letter / Petition)

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6 Responses to I Am Wikileaks (Open Letter / Petition)

  1. Doug Colwell says:

    Hi Arby,
    I am writing to make a personal appeal to you. I understand that you are a Christian while I see myself as an atheist with reservations. From what I’ve read of your thinking and spirit I would like it if you could offer a prayer for my daughter. She just got out of the hospital. And is likely to have years of recovery. I guess I’m the sort of atheist who thinks the prayer of a truly moral person is of real value..

    • Arrby says:

      Hello Doug. Thank you. I hope your daughter pulls through. The fact of the matter is I don’t know your daughter. I don’t think that you’d ask me to do something like pray for her if she wasn’t a good person. I am going by how much I know of you. I also don’t pray that way – for anyone. I don’t believe that we are meant to use prayer to ask for things, although from time to time I have asked for things for others. When I do, because I have a bit of an idea what God will listen to and what he won’t listen to, I ask him to do this or that ‘if’ he thinks the person is worthy. (But I don’t know how he can do anything for others at this time. Maybe I’m wrong.) We can’t ignore God and then ask him for things when even his loyal servants are not supposed to ask him for things. I only pray, normally, to give thanks.

      I’ll say something to him for you and your daughter. But be aware – and realize that what representatives of Christendom, which is fake, mainstream Christianity, will tell you about prayer will be different than what I tell you – that at this time, pre Armageddon, God cannot directly involve himself in our affairs. Since the death of the last apostle, God has had to leave us to our devices and free to accept his standards (Jesus showed us what that looks like) and be guided by them or reject those standards and be our own guides. That’s because the rebellion that happened in Eden raised the important issue of universal sovereignty, and like a court case in which a judge must examine a unique crime, carefully, before issuing a verdict, the issue of universal sovereignty means that we have to allow time for the question of whether God’s way of love is best or whether some other alternative, like ‘riches for the strongest’ (from Satan) is an equal or superior alternative. We will be allowed to experience complete independence from the Source of life so that we can see, as our first parents wrongly desired to do, that it doesn’t work. Or if it ‘can’ work, then we’ll see that. The idea, from God’s standpoint, is that once we see that going our own way, at best reveals that we have incredible minds and are inventive, but that’s all, while we are not inventive enough to not destroy ourselves (and we have arrived at a point in human history where any honest person would have to conclude that independence doesn’t work) then God can issue his verdict, destroy this system of things and never allow anything like it again. The alternative to him doing that, in that way exactly, is endless man- and demon-made hell on earth, which would also make God not a God of love but defective for allowing that.

      From me personally: Thanks for the vote of confidence Doug. I hope that all goes well for your daughter. I don’t have kids, but I’ve seen what the bond between a parent and child means. My cousin got together with me yesterday after helping out his hard-working daughter-in-law. She owes him $4000 dollars, but, because he wants her to understand that he’d do the same for his biological daughter and feels the same attachment to her, she can forget about the burdensome debt she owes him and get on with her life. I’ve seen my brother forgive similar debts of his children even though it cripples him financially.

      Sadly I’ve seen parents who lack the natural affection that a parent should have for their children. Sometimes, I think it’s there, but many parents are ruined (or the world would be paradise instead of hell) and incapable of showing, by actions, their love for their children. Today, parents essentially sacrifice their children to Satan in various ways, including failing to protect them from the war-making State, and it’s propaganda, and from the wider system which it is a part of. I’m working on a blog post right now titled “The Ruination Of Malala Yousafzai.” I’ve already written “The Ruination Of Bana Alabed,” riffing off of Barbara McKenzie’s “The Crucifixion Of Bana Alabed.” Or just examine my post titled “Sacrifice ‘for’ the children or ‘of’ the children?” to get an idea what I mean.

      Take care Doug.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for explaining yourself so clearly. You have given me much to think about, and that is what I will do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Arrby,
    I continue to mull over your thoughts. I think I have found an error in your logic, but am not ready to address it. Please give me time.
    Your views are original and compelling.
    In a better world you would be much more well known.
    Best regards,

    • Arrby says:

      Hi Doug. Please feel free to give me your thoughts. I know that I do not know it all. I do think that I am on the right track. Of course, I will always welcome feedback on my preaching because that’s democratic and right, but also because I am eager to learn. The only time that I’m not eager to learn is when the teacher has demonstrated bad intentions. That’s not you.

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