The Bizarre Ranting Of Dave Lindorff

*edit, May 21, 2019 – I guess Dave felt the need to say good riddance a couple of times. I will append his most recent verbal abuse to the end of this post. As with his previous emails, he makes no sense. He spews hate. He has zero ability to dialog. If it’s just me who he can’t speak intelligibly to, That’s interesting.

I have been having some unpleasant dialog with Dave Lindorff, a founding editor of “This Can’t Be Happening!” He seems to have issues. Either that or the CIA has found a way to intercept email messages and change them so as to have people completely misunderstand, and hate and disagree with, each other. I can’t explain the craziness I’ve been subjected to, but I’m going to show you, because it’s also hateful. This org is progressive?!

I wasn’t sure how to present this. I could have just appended it to my next post about scam artists, but because it’s a bit involved, it will probably mess up the post, the way it did, a little, when I placed my first mention of this in my previous post about scam artists. I’m sure that it would have been fine to do that again – The messiness would not have been a great deal or problem – but doing a standalone post about the wonderful Dave Lindorff is also, I feel, a fine idea. Dave deserves it. I don’t appreciate his hateful ranting at me. People should have a good look at that ‘progressive’.

First, You may wish to examine my first post about this. It’s not a standalone post. I made the exchange I was having with Dave Lindorff the last entry in my last post about professional scam artists. See “Professional Scam Artists – part 55.” As you’ll see from the very first email I sent to “This Can’t Be Happening!” (not to anyone specifically), I linked to my compendium. For doing so I was accused of failing to document what my snarky (according to Dave Lindorff) comment was suggesting.

As an aside, I’ve never been completely happy with the appearance of my compendium on Box. And I worried about functionality, although it seemed to me that what information a genuinely interested person might need from my compendium, he or she would find there. I may just go ahead and place the whole thing on my blog where I can make it look better and not worry about functionality. I don’t know what Lindorff meant when he screamed that my “screed” isn’t searchable. He didn’t offer any explanations for any of his angry statements. He was too busy hating (and attempting to smear) me. I’d prefer to have a second blog for my compendium, but I loathe the idea of trying to do that now that WordPress has become difficult. In becoming simpler (less user friendly, dumbed down for reasons people in business can guess), WordPress has become more difficult. (Without the user scripts of tPenguinLTD I’d be screwed.) I was amazed that they reversed a recent ‘improvement’ they made to the platform. They had removed the direct link that redirects you to a post viewed, in the stats section. That functionality has been returned. A few of us (How many I don’t know exactly, but going by the forum…) complained about the initial removal. I didn’t expect any positive response because that’s not what we usually get with developments like this that we complain about.

To see the images below more clearly, right-click and select view image. Then hit your back button to go back to this post. Also, I will type out the emails below the images.

The “self-important asshole” email from Dave Lindorff:

Re: pro Camelot propaganda

From: Dave Lindorff
To: Rick Battams
Date: Mon, May 20, 2019 7:45 am

Don’t be such a self-important asshole. I went to your screed and searched both my last name and the name of our website and found nothing in it. If you’re going to make such a stupid charge, you can’t expect me to pour over your rantings to find a reference that isn’t searchable. I’ve got better things to do

My email in response to Dave Lindorff’s “self-important asshole” email:

Re: pro Camelot propaganda

From: Rick Battams
To: tcbhmail
Date: Mon, May 20, 2019 1:58 pm

I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. I think I’ll do a part two to my post about your fakery though. I find it amusing how someone who doesn’t have any time for me keeps ranting at me, telling ‘me’ that I’m self-important. Screed? Noam Chomsky, Joe Allen, John Pilger, Bruce Mirroff, Richard J. Walton, Seymour Hersh, Michael Klare and Sheldon M. Stern are some of the authors whose research my ranting points to and I let their words speak for themselves whatever I might add. I have issues with all of those authors, but they are the ones who I tapped because they are, or I believed they are least establishment, or rightwing. (Richard Walton has passed.) You can’t search for any of those authors? Are you implying that they are fictional or obscure. What a bizarre statement to make. Or are you referring to the location of my material on Box and the way the site functions. Are you blaming me for ‘that’? I don’t know exactly. You’re not clear. And evidently full of hate.

“I went to your screed and searched both my last name and the name of our website and found nothing in it.” WHAT does that mean?! I assume, by screed, you’re referring to my compendium, but I can’t be sure. You’re as clear as mud. I didn’t tell you that I had used your material in my compendium. There’s no reason for your name to be there. Are you mental?

You’ve become entertaining, but I actually do have other things to do. I work full time (for minimum wage) as well as maintain my blog. And I have a tiny social life, so that’s that.

Get help, unless you’ve sold your soul, in which case it doesn’t matter.

Rick Battams

“John Kennedy And Robert Kennedy Were Terrorists”


Dave’s “intellectual masturbation” email to me:

You obviously don’t have anything to point to to criticize so this conversation is over. If you can’t find anything I’ve said praising Camelot or any of the Kennedys, or that has been published in ThisCantBeHappening that does such a thing, to show me, you are simply a pathetic jerk trying to promote your own self-involved unpublished or self-published rantings. Enjoy yourself and your intellectual masturbation.

At this point you’re spam.

“If you can’t find anything I’ve said praising Camelot or any of the Kennedys…” He couldn’t come out and say, at the outset, that he isn’t infected with Camelot propaganda? Actually, He still isn’t saying that here. He’s only saying that I won’t find anything on his website that I can use to make such a charge. I never said ‘he’ said or wrote something pro Camelot. Is he in charge of ‘his’ website? If so, then it would be correct for me to say, as I did in my very first email to him, that I was appalled at the Camelot propaganda on his website. “I’m appalled at the pro Camelot propaganda I see on your website.” That’s a reference to your website, Dave, not to you personally. Good dodge Dave!

I will confess to something; I should have kept my powder dry before sending that first email, although I don’t think I got it wrong. Lori Spencer’s piece was pro Camelot propaganda that Dave not once refers to in our back and forth. Regardless, It wasn’t much material to work with. I should have at least typed JFK into the search field on “This Can’t Be Happening!” How would Dave have responded, I wonder, to a simple question about Camelot propaganda? I’d be delighted if someone would email him to ask him for me. I can no longer email him, although I don’t want to at this point. I’ve had my fill of hate from that ‘progressive’ for the time being. If I should not have persisted with my comments, via email to Dave, (in self-defence mainly), due to the little material I had to work with in regard to my original complaint, Should Dave have persisted with his verbal abuse?

And, for the record, I am not of the view that publishing a variety of viewpoints is automatically a good thing. If engagement is your objective, then allow discussions on your website, where rightwingers, instead of being censored (unless they are clearly simply being disruptive), can be challenged with facts and solid argumentation, which will inform all. But what merit is there in carrying ‘anything’ by ‘anyone’? When you do that, you therefore endorse everything, which reveals that you’re a faker, like the folks at Common Dreams who banned me for pointing out that they are carrying articles (by, for example, CIA asset Graham Fuller and destroyer Jeffrey Sachs), without qualifications or any editor’s comments about the content. When you endorse everything, then you stand for nothing – but yourself. Approve of everyone, almost, and that will gain you lots of approval – from that huge crowd, but it won’t put you on the side of God’s angels.

Take responsibility Dave, unless you’ve sold your soul and have no principles, and are in fact self-modified into being a believer in inequality, deceit and violence. And, Are you pro Camelot or not?

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