Bosses treat workers like their personal possessions. Governments work for bosses, Ergo…

Source: First They Came For Your Fingerprints . . . #PropagandaWatch

The blurb to the above linked-show follows:

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We chuckle at the old-timey FBI propaganda soliciting the public to turn in their fingerprints so that Hoover and his henchman could establish a file on every citizen. But is it so different today, with the exhortations to turn in our DNA? Find out the truth behind the propaganda as James Corbett tackles the nightmare of government identification databases.
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My online response to the above linked-show follows:

This was an interesting episode. There’s lots of oppression and abuse happening and it isn’t always of the blatant tossed in a cell and tortured variety. Seconds before I opened my email with the link to this show, I had an email from the company I work for (sadly), namely G4S. They want proof of my training (training which they do and for which they have NOT sent me certificates showing completion). But the worst part of that request for documentation was their request (made one other time) for my resume. If you keep an updated resume, just in case, and it includes negative comments about your ‘former’ employer, Do you want to show your ‘former’ employer, who is actually your present employer, that resume? Okay, My resume isn’t going to include storytelling and will not likely be anything that will miff G4S, but I am alarmed nevertheless. And I feel that that particular request is inappropriate. I remember voicing my objection the first time around. They just swat you away with some meaningless statement or other. The capitalist model is: ‘Dominate, take and dictate.’ The capitalists’ motto is: ‘Take what you get whether you like it or not and even if it hurts you.’

I recently booked a 2 week holiday. I got fairly quick approval for that (which is rare), but payroll didn’t get the file I attached (their form, asking for info about dates I want off and will return to work, amount of vacation pay and when it should be paid). I sent the ‘same’ email to both payroll and, via cc, my supervisor (called an area manager). So I re-sent the email (image file attached) to payroll. Communication with this company is awful. (A culture of power-tripping pervades the office here in Toronto and people will answer questions ‘if’ they feel like it. Not everyone there is nasty, but the atmosphere is negative.) I have to beg for confirmation that emails I have sent were received. I HAVE TO reply to their communications, but that is not reciprocated. I assume that my re-sent file was received because I was told in a later email that I can’t have my entire accumulated vacation pay. Just because.


However, you can withdraw from your current account to cover 2019 vacation time off. In your case you are requesting to have July 1 to July 14 vacation time off, I can only process a one time 40 hours of vacation payout at this time which comes to a total of $593.60

I was also told (email): “The vacation pay accrual on your pay stub is your current accrual to be withdrawn to cover your 2020 vacation time requests.” My accrual (if I’m reading my pay stubs properly, which I have difficulty with, which G4S considers to be my problem, period) seemed to be double that. I have not been taking any vacations or vacation payouts (How could I?) since last year. I make MINIMUM wage ($14.84) here in Toronto, which I pointed out in a May 27 email to both my supervisor and someone higher up in the organization (unless that person isn’t even there now; They come and go.) when I decided to complain about this treatment. (I have been working in security, full time, permanent, since 1999, with only a few brief periods, in all of that time, of floating). I have had no reply to that email. For two weeks off and for whatever I do on my vacation I received a whopping $593.60. Uh huh.

I also replied to a few other commenters commenting on the above Corbett Report. Spirit128 noted that “It is unfortunate that most good things discovered for the benefit of society become weaponized.” To which I responded with: “You nailed it. Not only seemingly innocuous innovations get weaponized, if they can be, but, as I’ve been pointing out for some time, any big entity (org or corporation) will be weaponized by the war-making (Corporatocracy) State. And you don’t necessarily have to be a big company. If the war-making State sees your particular business as being one which will yield high returns – that is, be of value in the global pacification program, a la Jeff Halper, under way – then it will go after you. If you don’t voluntarily let the State assimilate you, then you might be destroyed. Or you might voluntarily self-destruct out of principle. Remember Lavabit and Silent Circle? Those weren’t corporate behemoths, but they were seen as high-yielding (from the war-making State’s standpoint) entities. One, Lavabit, had Edward Snowden as a client.”

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