5G – Some Revelations But Not Armageddon

From my Bitchute channel:

This informative video comes to us from New Earth Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol3tAxnNccY&feature=youtu.be

I am indebted to the Quemado Institute (Karl Pomeroy) for carrying the video, which is where I found it.

I don’t agree, completely, with the New Earth Project about the idea that this is an extinction level event. This does not mean that I have issues with the material presented. I am not competent to judge, but I am competent to judge the bad intentions of those industry and (corrupt) government pushers of 5G, which are on display in the video. Anyone with a functioning brain can see and comprehend the irresponsibleness by government and industry 5G pushers that NEP is showing us in this presentation.

The world is ruined. The world of humankind is ruined, first and foremost, mentally and spiritually. But no one can be ruined against their will. We are all compelled to get the mark of the beast, which is a stamp of approval which we can either accept or reject. What is that stamp (666 in the Christian Bible)? It is actually our behavior. As Jesus Christ said, “By their fruits you will know them.” God will judge when a person has been compelled beyond his (or…) ability to resist. When a person is compelled beyond his ability to resist, that is not held against him by the Source of life.

5G (and many things) can kill us, but not completely. Only God can destroy a soul and he will only do that when it is ‘requested’. That is my belief.

From mental and spiritual ruination comes literal ruination. We get industrial food, nuclear power, 5G, pollution and disease from ruined minds. God had all of that in mind – mental and spiritual ruination and literal ruination – when he inspired the Bible writer John to write “He will bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” (Revelation 11:18)

See my blog post titled “Ruin”: https://arrby.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/ruin/

One man interviewed near the end of the video blurted out something about the social credit system (which is in operation in China). It wasn’t discussed but I agree completely with him. While I have zero use for the US’s aggression toward China, and all other States that the US targets, I also have zero use for China’s frightening social credit system.

My online response to the above 5G video on New Earth Project’s YouTube channel:

Who wants this? 5G is good for machines and not good for people, by all (informational) accounts. Militaries militarize everything, but always, what they do, which is saying what governments do, is counterrevolution – in order to maintain the American-led Corporatocracy. Corporations are the head of this creature. Governments are the body. It may not be exotic, but Corporatocracy is the world government a lot of people are going on about but don’t see.

Governments are like (very like) police forces anywhere (or anywhere in more developed States). They have operational control over police matters. It does not make police forces into governments. Similarly, Governments have operational control within the gangster Corporatocracy. But they are not the real governments in the full sense. You see those people, or a smattering of them, at Bilderberg meetings.

5G is capitalists’ insanity (and efforts at suicide) the way nuclear weapons are the Pentagon’s insanity and effort at suicide. Of the two approaches, 5G, in some ways, is more dangerous, because there’s less resistance, from pushers and anti 5G activists, to 5G rollout.

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