Professional Scam Artists – part 58

Jeremy Hunt and Julian Assange

“UK Foreign Secretary Defends Torturing Journalists, Then Says We Must Protect Journalists” by Caitlin Johnstone (Caitlin

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has just given a speech extolling the virtues of a free media, praising the journalists who’ve been brave enough to expose the truth about wicked governments in the face of tyrannical oppression. While he was preparing to give this speech, without any indication of any self-reflection at all, he defended the torture of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

After news broke that UN Special Rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer had found that Julian Assange has been the victim of psychological torture for years, Hunt, who is gunning to become the UK’s next Prime Minister, accused him of interfering in British affairs and making “inflammatory statements”.

“This is wrong,” Hunt tweeted. “Assange chose to hide in the embassy and was always free to leave and face justice. The UN Special Rapporteur should allow British courts to make their judgements without his interference or inflammatory accusations.”

“With all due respect, Sir: Mr Assange was about as ‘free to leave’ as a someone sitting on a rubber boat in a shark pool,” Melzer replied. “As detailed in my formal letter to you, so far, UK courts have not shown the impartiality and objectivity required by the rule of law.”

Finian Cunningham (photo from RT News)

“Brainwashing in Action: Pence Hails Virtue of ‘Certain War’” by Finian Cunningham (Information Clearing House)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== == =
June 02, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – In an address to West Point military graduates, US Vice President Mike Pence told them they will one day fight for America. “It’s a virtual certainty,” said Pence who was swelling with pride as he spoke, rather than lamenting.

Well, at least, he is being candid. The United States is a warmongering nation, there is no doubt about it. As several historical studies attest, out of the 243 years since its formation as a modern state, the US has been at war during every decade, sometimes in multiple simultaneous wars.

Or put another way, over nearly 95 per cent of its historical existence the US has been involved in waging wars, sometimes covertly or by proxy. Since the Second World War alone, the US has been involved in up to 60 wars or covert conflicts, inflicting a civilian death toll estimated at 20 million. Arguably, there is not another nation, past or present, with such a record of belligerence.

So, yes, Pence is correct when he told graduates from the US’ elite military academy: “It is a virtual certainty that you will be on a battlefield for America.”

Ironically, the vice president, like President Trump and the hawkish national security adviser John Bolton, has never served in the military. Yet Pence held forth like a four-star (armchair) general about the need for young American troops to do battle in a “dangerous world”…

American military power is used to project and protect US capitalist interests. US troops are just hired guns and cannon fodder for corporate profit-making, as former Marine general Smedley Butler scathingly confessed during the 1930s in his classic book ‘War is a Racket’.

When Pence said: “It is a virtual certainty that you will be on a battlefield for America.” What he really meant to say was… “for American capitalism”.
= == ====

Elizabeth May and Ian Cotler

“Green leader May supports same old pro-imperialist foreign policies” by Yves Engler (Canadian Dimension)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Does Elizabeth May hate Palestinians? Does the Green Party leader want the Trump administration to attack Iran? Does she support efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s government?

I’ve been asking myself these questions since reading a Canadian Jewish News story about Paul Manly’s recent victory in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith bi-election. In a story titled “Concerns raised over new Green MP’s views on BDS” May strongly implies that the Palestinian civil society led Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement is racist…

May is seeking to downplay the significance of Manly’s election to anti-Palestinian forces, particularly within the NDP. Only the second MP ever elected under the Green banner, Manly was blocked from running for the NDP in the 2015 federal election because he defended his father (a former NDP MP) after Israel detained him as he sought to break the illegal blockade of Gaza…

As May besmirched Palestinian civil society’s call for international solidarity, the Green leader stood with those pushing for war on Iran. Last week May attended a press conference organized by Irwin Cotler calling on Canada to impose sanctions on 19 Iranian officials and to follow the Trump administration in listing the country’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. May’s support for ramping up Canadian hostility towards Tehran takes place amidst increasingly bellicose moves by Washington that could lead to a war on Iran…

May is a regular at events led by Cotler who has devoted much of his career to defending Israeli human rights violations (his wife, Ariela Zeevi, was a “close confidant” of Likud founder Menachem Begin when the arch anti-Palestinian party was established to counter Labour’s dominance of Israeli politics…

May has participated in at least three press conferences organized by Cotler to call for the release of leading Venezuelan Leopoldo López. The Harvard-educated Lopez endorsed the military’s 2002 coup against President Hugo Chavez and the leader of the hardline Voluntad Popular party was convicted of inciting violence during the 2014 “guarimbas” protests that sought to oust President Nicolas Maduro (Cotler later joined López’ legal team)…

While she’s criticized some Canadian foreign policy decisions, May rarely strays far from the liberal establishment worldview.

“President-Elect’s Proposed Solutions to the Refugee Crisis Are Insufficient to Address Root Causes and Amount to Victim Blaming” by ? (CISPES)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Nayib Bukele will be inaugurated on June 1 and will become the youngest president in the history of El Salvador. Accompanied by his new Foreign Minister Alexandra Hill, a member of one of the families that makes up El Salvador’s historic oligarchy, and U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Jean Manes, Bukele traveled to Washington, D.C., where he reaffirmed that his top priority will be to remain in the good graces of the United States…

On May 7, speaking at the “Disruption and Transformation in the Americas” conference hosted by the Council of the Americas, an elite business organization with multinational corporations among its membership, Bukele reaffirmed his commitment to prioritize good relations with the United States and to center the interests of private investors…

With regards to immigration, Bukele made no mention of the human right to migrate, a notable contrast to the outgoing Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) administration. Rather, Bukele expressed frustration with the crisis, explaining that he would combat the issue through job creation, a strategy that repeatedly has proven insufficient to address the region’s high levels of inequality. Despite this, Bukele gave a rundown of the policies he intends to implement to make El Salvador “safer” for private investors…

Proposals to create more low-wage, exploitative jobs are likely to exacerbate the migration crisis and damage the environment rather than allow working-class people to remain in their homes and communities. But this too comes as no surprise given Bukele’s eagerness to charm conservative U.S. politicians and corporations that have similar “frustrations” around immigration and other policies in the region.

On May 7, Bukele ingratiated himself with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, playing into the Trump administration’s anti-Maduro stances and throwing the FMLN under the bus when he stated, “We have spent 10 years receiving aid from the United States while being pro-Maduro and yet our leaders still have a ‘Yankee go home’ mentality.”

“Pro-Israel Lobby Launches New Smear Campaign Against Al Quds Day Organizers” by Dimitri Lascaris (Dimitri Lascaris)

Dimitri introduces the above video (click on image). Irwin Cotler, a fascist, is certainly a professional scam artist. I don’t think that you can be a fascist and not be a scam artist and vice versa:

Yesterday, Canada’s former Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, a relentless promoter of Israel, spoke at Concordia University in Montreal.

Along with Yves Engler and Malcolm Guy of Quebec Movement for Peace, I disrupted Mr. Cotler’s speech.

Here’s the video of my exchange with the former Justice Minister.

From Mint Press News:
A man stands next to a pile of subsidized food to be distributed under a Maduro government program named “CLAP,” in the Catia district of Caracas, Venezuela, Jan. 31, 2019. An independent U.N. human rights monitor says economic sanctions are compounding a “grave crisis” in Venezuela. Rodrigo Abd | AP

“Washington Office on Latin America Gets Behind US Regime Change Agenda in Venezuela” by Alexander Rubinstein (Mint Press News)

A excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), a self-described “human rights” NGO (non-governmental organization), has been circulating a June 1 press release ostensibly urging the return of democracy to Venezuela.

The press release cites the “value” of “pressure mechanisms” such as “multilateral” sanctions when they are “linked to clear outcomes, and avoid harming the broader population.”

WOLA goes on to state that it “supports” the mediation efforts between the government and the opposition by “the Norwegian government.” It does not disclose that its largest donor is, in fact, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover, those talks hit a stalemate. As the Miami Herald notes:

“Between the different points discussed, the Guaido delegation went with a mandate that any proposal concerning a presidential election was conditioned on Maduro not holding power.”

In other words, the opposition refused to agree to reconcile through democratic elections if Maduro runs. Yet, twice in the press release, WOLA made clear its support for new elections. The press release is, in fact, the latest in a long list of provocations against the Venezuelan government by the so-called human rights organization.

From Haïti Liberté:
Agronomist Jean André Victor of MOPODH and FOP has proposed the absurd idea of a self-proclaimed president.

“Jean André Victor and His Self-proclaimed President” by Catherine Charlemagne (Haïti Liberté)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

We imagine that many people read and reread agronomist Jean André Victor’s text entitled “What is a self-proclaimed President?” published in the newspaper Le Nouvelliste of Wed., May 8, 2019. It was a presentation of the radical opposition’s intention to name a self-appointed President to replace current head of state Jovenel Moïse in the National Palace on Sat., May 18, Haitian Flag Day. Although absurd, this curious idea has still provoked a bit of debate and controversy in the Haitian political milieu and press.

It all began, in fact, on Mon., May 5, 2019 during a press conference in which Jean André Victor, the leader of MOPODH (The Haitian Patriotic Dessalinien Movement), unveiled his project to create a People’s Parliament and appoint a new President of Haiti. We presume that this body’s “parliamentarians” would also be self-elected. Although this announcement made many of the journalists present laugh, it was received as a very bad joke by the political class, even by some opposition members who described Victor’s announcement as a political aberration.

It must be said that for some time now, the Haitian opposition, in particular the so-called radical opposition, has been losing ground in terms of innovative ideas to revive the mobilization against President Jovenel Moïse…

In truth, nobody has taken too seriously this opposition current pompously called “Forces,” which is in fact an empty shell lacking much usefulness in the fight against Jovenel Moïse, who is more concerned about the ratification and installation of his new Prime Minister and ministerial cabinet. Totally silent of late, whether on the ground or in the press, the radical opposition leaders who did not take part in the negotiations leading to the appointment of the new prime minister were looking for something to get back into the headlines. Hence May 5th’s famous press conference announcing the “events of May 18, 2019,” the highlight of which would be to name a second “Juan Guaido” on the American continent…

Moreover, it is this suicidal attitude that is the strength of the Haitian president. Jovenel Moïse has no popular support in the country unlike President Nicolas Maduro, who obviously has a majority in his country in support of his Chavista Party, and especially the Venezuelan army, which is the ultimate defender of Venezuela’s interests and the revolution initiated by the late Commander Hugo Chavez…

First of all, it is in no way “Haiti” that recognizes Juan Guaido’s fake presidency. That is only the position of a President [Jovenel Moïse] whom Victor calls “a renegade,” whom Victor’s party fights precisely for non-respect of democracy. In no way can one rely on an illegal act to accomplish another illegal act.

“In no way can one rely on an illegal act to accomplish another illegal act” isn’t a great construction, but you get the point. It isn’t possible to rely on an illegal act (self appointed presidency) in the fight against those who are lawless. Those who actually desire law & order won’t support that approach to fighting fascism.

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