What Will Mint Press News Do When I ‘Actually’ Criticize Them?

Source: Inside Canada’s Outsized and Under-Scrutinized Bid to Overthrow Maduro

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

“Canada’s foreign policy, under the auspices of Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, is bucking the country’s long standing tradition of generally staying out of the affairs of governments to its south in Latin America.”

Oh gosh what an incorrect statement from a stellar journo!!

Alex: May I recommend some books for you to read in order to get up to speed on ‘nice’ Canada?:

“Thieves of Bay Street – How Banks, Brokerages And The Wealthy Steal Billions From Canadians” by Bruce Livesay

From page 5 of “Thieves”:

=== =
For one thing, the federal government had bailed out Canada’s banks. In October 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government created a program to move tens of billions of dollars in assets off the banks’ balance sheets in order to free them up to continue lending. For another thing, overwhelming evidence revealed that Canada was actually a premier have for investment fraud, a country where white-collar criminals faced little fear of being caught or seriously punished for their crimes. Over the quarter century leading up to 2012, fewer than twenty Canadian white-collar criminals had actually gone to jail. Yet the damage caused by these crooks and others like them was reflected in nearly $15 billion worth of losses due to securities fraud that plaintiffs were pursuing in lawsuits during 2010 alone.
= ===

“Imperialist Canada” by Todd Gordon

From pages 12 & 13 of “Imperialist”:


As I detail in the fourth chapter, it is not benevolence or neutrality that Third World activists are resisting, and in some cases losing their lives over. It is the predatory nature of Canadian capital they are fighting: the mining and oil and gas companies stealing and destroying their land, the sweatshop manufaturers who do to all lengths to keep unions out and maintain poverty-level wages, and the banks that finance these investments and cater to the whims of local elites…

…The $18 billion increase in military spending between 2005-2010 alone, and the projected increase of $50 over the next two decades, is not for peacekeeping. It is for a combat -capable military that will be taken seriously by both friend and foe. Peacekeeping is in fact another piece of Canadian history that desperately needs to be deconstructed. Not only is the actual practice of peacekeeping far more problematic than its proponents across the political spectrum acknowledge, as I argue in the fifth chapter, but peacekeeping claims simply do not resonate with indigenous peoples in Canada facing military and paramilitary assaults on their land reclamations, Haitians opposed to the Canada-supported 2004 coup d’état against Jean-Bertrand Aristide, or Afghans who have been living under violent occupation since 2001. On this score, the right’s analysis of Canada’s military role in the world is more accurate than much of the left’s, when the former – often in response to the claims made by the likes of the New Democratic Party that Canada is at heart a peacekeeper – asserts that Canada is not a peacekeeping nation but one that engages in war. The right’s justification of Canada’s military missions may be wrong and very misleading, but their basic understanding of the military’s history and its role in foreign policy is not.

“Too Close For Comfort – Canada’s Future within Fortress North America” by Maude Barlow

“Canada In Haiti” by Yves Engler and Anthony Fenton

“The Truth May Hurt – Lester Pearson’s Peacekeeping” by Yves Engler

“Indigenous Nationhood – Empowering Grassroots Citizens” by Pamela Palmater

“Straight Through The Heart – How The Liberals Abandoned The Just Society And What Canadians Can Do About It” by Maude Barlow and Bruce Campbell

“Harperism – How Stephen Harper And His Think Tank Colleagues Have Tranformed Canada” by Donald Gutstein

From pages 11 & 12 of “Harperism”:

If you focus only on Harper, you can learn a lot about his ruthless control over his party and caucus, his disciplined messaging, his obsessive focus on the economy, his ability to move issues froward in the light of vigorous opposition. But you won’t have the complete picture… Harper is one side of an ideological coin; missing from the discussion is the other side of the coin – the network of conservative think tanks such as the Fraser Institute working over many decades to change the climate of ideas that make sense to many of us. By climate of ideas, I mean our commonly accepted notions about how government and the private sector should operate, and our understandings of ourselves as self-centered individualists or as compassionate members of society…

The ideology the think tanks promote is properly called neo-liberalism because, in contrast to libertarians who want a small, powerless state that leaves people alone, neo-liberals require a strong state that uses its power to create and enforce markets, and prop them up when they fail, as happened after the 2007-08 financial meltdown. Their utopian dream is a state governed by market transactions and not democratic practices. It’s based on the principle that economic freedom must come before political freedom. Political freedom may not even be necessary. It’s fair to say they believe in government, but not in democracy.

“Silent Coup – Confronting The Big Business Takeover Of Canada” by Tony Clarke

“A Propaganda System – How Canada’s government, corporations, media and academia sell war and exploitation” by Yves Engler

“Left, Right – Marching To The Beat Of Imperial Canada” by Yves Engler

“Slick Water – Fracking And One Insider’s Stand Against The World’s Most Powerful Industry” by Andrew Nikiforuk

“Tar Sands Showdown – Canada And The New Politics Of Oil In An Age Of Climate Change” by Tony Clarke

“Canada In Africa – 300 Years Of Aid And Exploitation” by Yves Engler

Alexander Rubinstein

Betrayal – Like dog crap, it’s everywhere, especially on the Left!

All at once, Mint Press disappears a perfectly acceptable comment that I attached to the top of post linked-to article and presents articles from faker Tom Secker and faker Nafeez Ahmed. Is this the beginning of Mint Press’s descent? It’s such regular occurrence on the Left these days.

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