Lawlessness / Ruined – part 53

“6,043 days Fighting Deportation to Torture: Call Trudeau to Say Enough is Enough” by Matthew Behrens (

An excerpt from the above petition follows:

====== =
Jun 26, 2019 —

On Wednesday, June 26, the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, help out somehow who has spent the past 6,043 days living under the threat of deportation to torture: Ottawa refugee Mohamed Harkat. Call Justin Trudeau at 613-992-4211 and remind him that no one should ever face the prospect of torture. Indeed, the threat of that hanging over someone’s head for over 16.5 years is itself a form of torture.
= ======

Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux, centre, discusses the findings of the PBO’s report on the international tax gap at a Finance Committee June 20, 2019.

“Tax avoidance costing Canada up to $25B a year: PBO” by ? (Canadians For Tax Fairness)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

For the second time this week, experts are sounding the alarm on the multi-billion-dollar cost of tax dodging. Today’s Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report suggests Canada is losing up to $25 billion or more a year in tax revenues from multinational corporations avoiding taxes through tax havens.

“Canadians are being robbed of investments to health care, childcare, education and green infrastructure – all of which the government could afford if it were to get serious about cracking down on tax avoidance,” said Toby Sanger, executive director of Canadians for Tax Fairness.

The PBO’s findings add to a similar report this week from the Canada Revenue Agency that estimated corporations are responsible for at least $10 billion — 40% of the federal government’s estimated $24-billion overall tax gap.

Estimates vary because data is difficult to obtain…

© AP Photo / Marcelo Garcia

“Venezuelan Authorities Thwart New Coup Attempt – Reports” by ? (Sputnik)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The attempted coup reportedly included a plan to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro, according to Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Culture Jorge Rodríguez.

The Venezuelan government has thwarted a military plan to carry out a coup d’état, to free General Raul Isaias Baduel, who has been detained since 2009, and to proclaim him as president, Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Culture Jorge Rodríguez stated.

Rodriguez said the plan involved both active and retired army officers and was to have been carried out between 23-24 June.

The minister also showed a video with the officer’s confession in which he assured that the plan for the military coup was being executed with the presumed support of the Israeli and American militaries.

Sputnik is actually an awful website. I doubt the quality of the reports when I see click bait ads for scantily clad women all over the place. But I haven’t caught them bullcrapping us – yet. Regarding the last line of the above quote, It’s not clear to me what it means. Did the officer say “presumed” or the minister reporting on his statement?

“Spain Battles Self-Igniting Manure as “Heat Wave From Hell” Torments Europe” by Tyler Durden (The Mind Unleashed)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Update (1240ET): Temperatures were even hotter than expected across Europe today and, as Accuweather reports, the extreme heat wave is suspected of killing several people as it set an all-time high in France.

The highest temperature ever measured across France in the entirety of record keeping was set on Friday afternoon. Temperatures soared to 45.8 C (114.4 F) at Gallargues-le-Montueux in southeastern France, exceeding the nation’s previous all-time record high of 44.1 C (111.4 F) at Conqueyrac on Aug. 12, 2003.

In neighboring Spain, the heat has been blamed on the deaths of several elderly people as hundreds of firefighters are battling a major wildfire near Tarragona in northeastern Spain. About 10,000 acres of forest and vegetation are being threatened by the blaze, which has been described by regional government officials as one of the worst in 20 years. More than 50 people have been evacuated.

“From 9/11 to Shoplifting: Assange in the Context of the European Arrest Warrant” by Nina Cross (21st Century Wire)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

It is astonishing to think that the many coordinated attacks leveled against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by the governments of the Britain, Sweden, Ecuador and the US, have all been stacked, in their colossal forms, on the tiny European Arrest Warrant (EAW). This little manhunt-widget gifted the US and its allies the power to corner Assange like a chess piece. They have used the EAW in a way that suggests their motto always has been ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow.’

The origins of the EAW are in the Maastricht Treaty (1993), and in the Treaty of Amsterdam (1999). The EAW was designed to enable quick extraditions across Europe for suspects wanted for terrorism and serious crime under a system that placed procedure above human rights and was recognised as vulnerable to abuse from the outset. However, following the Attacks of September 11 2001, it was hurried through in a panic, forming part of a wave of security and intelligence-sharing agreements. Far from being used to apprehend suspects for serious and violent crimes, the post-9/11 EAW has been used by countries like Britain to apprehend people for such minor offenses as bicycle theft, and shoplifting…

It is behind this backdrop that the EAW has been functioning as one of the instruments satisfying the narrative of ‘EU-US allied fight against terrorism.’ In this sense, Washington’s national security obsession, a smokescreen for imperialist aggression, becomes the impetus for increasing global jurisdiction and influence. This is seen in the Trump Administration’s attempt to extradite Assange, who is neither a US citizen nor has ever worked in the US, on spurious espionage charges following exposure of US war crimes by Wikileaks.

No sensible person would oppose extradition of seriously dangerous and violent criminals. However, the irony here is too much to ignore: EAW signatory states that are surrendering citizens under an extradition treaty claiming to fight terrorism – are also arming violent extremists and bloody dictatorships where it suits their agenda and are immune from any prosecution…

The fact that UK Barrister Clare Montgomery was instrumental in the extradition battles of both Pinochet and Assange sharpens the bite of such critique, as does the observation that the costs of each proceeding were ultimately paid by the British public.

As previously indicated, Clare Montgomery had defended Augusto Pinochet against an extradition request by the Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón for crimes against humanity, including genocide and terrorism, that had occurred during Pinochet’s rule in Chile. In July 1998 the UK House of Lords ruled the lion’s share of Pinochet’s legal costs in the matter would be paid from UK taxpayer funds.

In other words: The UK paid legal fees for the defense of Pinochet against efforts to extradite him in light of severe human rights abuses, later paying the same barrister again to aid Sweden in its effort to extradite a journalist, Julian Assange, without charge. All this, in addition to paying for the costs associated with laying siege to the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

“From Pinochet To Assange: A Tale Of Two Extraditions” by Elizabeth Vos (Disobedient Media)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The plethora of crimes committed during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile between 1973 and 1990 were exactly the type of abuse of power that Julian Assange would uniquely expose through WikiLeaks. Both Assange and Pinochet have battled against extradition from the UK, with vastly different outcomes and contrasting positions taken by the UK government. Astoundingly, the UK supported Pinochet, a human-rights abuser, and persecuted Assange, a journalist who has exposed crimes of the powerful. Adding to this, the UK paid for the same barrister to defend Pinochet from extradition, and to later argue for Swedish authorities during their attempts to extradite Assange.

The reality of the UK’s role in protecting a despot and prosecuting a journalist reveals the true face of a self-perpetuating, corrupt power structure which, based in part on the perception of freedom of the press, has falsely claimed moral authority on the world stage…

It boggles the mind to compare the clemency extended to Pinochet for health reasons, while UK authorities ignore the warnings from multiple physicians that Julian Assange’s health is clearly in a dangerous condition. A politically imprisoned journalist has received no reprieve, even after rulings by the United Nations were made in his favor and Sweden’s investigation, which prompted the initial fight over extradition, had ended.

Mitt Romney. Credit: Gage Skidmore

“Senate Republicans are paving the way for a military escalation against Iran” by Michael Arria (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On June 28, Senate Republicans were able to stop an amendment that would have required President Trump to seek congressional approval for an attack on Iran, despite the fact that the majority of votes were cast in support of the measure. That move wasn’t the day’s only victory for congressional hawks, as they were able to further pave the way for a potential military escalation before Congress recessed for the national holiday.

S.Amdt.883 was introduced by Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual defense funding bill. If passed, the legislation would have hypothetically prevented the Trump administration from spending the appropriated funds on an Iran attack unless it obtained congressional approval…

A day before Republicans blocked the Udall amendment, Utah Senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney introduced a one-sentence amendment that doubled down on Trump’s war powers…

However, the Romney vote was a symbolic victory for the GOP. As John M. Donnelly notes at Roll Call, “The Senate is on record rejecting a Democratic attempt to rebuff the president. And the Senate also overwhelmingly backed a reaffirmation of Trump’s authority as commander in chief in the form of Romney’s amendment. And all of this activity occurred in the context of passing a defense authorization bill that endorses spending the full $750 billion that Trump had proposed for national defense.”

The passage of the NDAA didn’t only deliver military funding and symbolic victories for the GOP, they were also able to quietly push a radical resolution into the final version of the bill…

The section was part of Oklahoma Republican James Inhofe’s substitute amendment to the NDAA and was inserted via a voice vote without debate or discussion. It gives U.S. courts unprecedented reach by allowing the government to legislate sovereignty over foreign banks that contain Iranian funds.

From Mint Press News:
Ali, last name not given, stands amongst torn family photographs damaged by Israeli soldiers at their family home in the southern village of Maroun el-Ras, Lebanon, Aug. 23, 2006. The house which was occupied for several days by Israeli forces was littered with soldiers’ belongings, empty food cans and water bottles. Lefteris Pitarakis | AP

“Israel Looks to Bolster Diplomatic Cover for New Level of Civilian Bombing in Lebanon” by Whitney Webb (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

During a conference hosted on Tuesday by the Mossad-linked Shurat HaDin or Israel Law Center (ILC), Israel’s Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan demanded that international laws on warfare be amended because current international law pertaining to warfare “serves terrorists.”

Erdan claimed that groups like Lebanon’s Hezbollah use existing international laws of war “to destabilize the ability of democracies to defend their citizens” and “force [democracies] to fight against terrorists with their hand chained behind their backs.” The ILC’s director, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, seconded Erdan’s claim but argued that changing international law is difficult, thus making it more practical to change how existing laws of war are interpreted, a task she suggested be performed by military prosecutors.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the laws currently governing international warfare are aimed specifically at reducing the suffering of civilians and, as the Post article suggested, Erdan wanted to change these measures aimed at protecting civilians prior to the “next war” between Israel and Lebanon because in that war “Israel will have no choice but to harm Hezbollah rocket sites and Lebanese infrastructure.” Erdan’s argument hinges on the commonly repeated accusation by Israeli officials that Hezbollah uses civilians as cover for military operations, but a comprehensive 249-page study by Human Rights Watch found that not to be the case…

As MintPress previously reported, Israel’s government has been preparing for an imminent war with Lebanon and specifically Hezbollah — which is a strong political force in Lebanon, with the coalition of which it is part holding a legislative majority in Lebanon’s parliament — for well over a year. It has warned prominent U.S. Senators no only that it planned for a “bloody” war against Lebanon, but that the Israeli military planned specifically to target Lebanese civilians and civilian infrastructure, including residential areas.

Abdul Rahman, another young victim of nazi Israeli killers

“Israel’s Latest Attack on Syria Launched From Lebanese Airspace, Killed Civilians” by ? (21st Century Wire)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Israeli warplanes carried out more attacks on Syria early Monday morning, using Lebanese airspace once again, and targeting alleged Syrian and Iranian-backed military positions in Homs and southwest of Damascus in the town of Sahnaya.

Multiple media outlets, inside and outside Syria, are reporting at least over a dozen civilians killed and many more wounded. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported the dead included a baby and that other children were also wounded in the attacks.

This video is a part of the above linked-to blurb:

From 21st Century Wire:
Ethiopian Jews protest in Tel Aviv after the murder of 24-year-old Yehuda Biagda due to police brutality, Jan. 2019.. (photo credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI at Jerusalem Post)

“Israel: Off-Duty Cop Shoots Dead Unarmed Black Ethiopian Jewish Teen” by Robert Inlakesh (21st Century Wire)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

An Israeli off-duty police officer shot dead an 18 year old Ethiopian Israeli Jew, near Haifa, this Sunday sparking outrage amongst the Ethiopian Jewish population.

Demonstrators voiced their outrage this Monday after the gunning down of an unarmed black Jewish teen in the area of Kiryat Haim, near Haifa which is located in Northern Israel.

An off-duty Israeli police officer shot dead 18 year old, Soloman Tekha, claiming that the unarmed teens had put his life in danger, however, all of the eyewitnesses testified against this claim.

The officer, who has not been identified over his personal “security concerns”, was apparently detained and later released to temporary house arrest following the incident.

The claim made by the officer was that he approached an ongoing fight that had broken out and as he approached to help, he had stones thrown at him, this was then used as the justification – being the “life threatening” circumstance – for the drawing of his weapon and fatally shooting the unarmed black teenager.

“An off-duty Israeli police officer shot dead 18 year old, Soloman Tekha, claiming that the unarmed teens had put his life in danger, however, all of the eyewitnesses testified against this claim.” Basic English skills would have had this author split this nasty sentence into two. I see this a lot. If I was to point it out on 21st Century Wire, I’d be jumped all over for ignoring what’s important here, which I am not doing. Put a bloody period at the end of “danger” and start a new sentence at “however.” Sheesh!

Does Israel have a racism problem? What level of racism does Israel have to show before its supporters will acknowledge that Israel does have a racism problem? I mean, if legislation that entrenches racism can’t jog Israel’s fascist, and idiot, supporters, What will do it? See my previous blog post titled “Aroma Stinks.”

“5G as a Globalist Tool” by Renee Parsons (Off Guardian)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The recent Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing regarding oversight of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) failed to shed any real light on details of the proposed 5G network as it received less scrutiny than expected given its highly anticipated, ubiquitous role in American life.

While the Senate Committee would be the logical committee to hold 5G hearings, it was curious that the Committee’s website does not specifically identify The Internet or Digital Communication or any other broadband subject on its list of committee jurisdiction…

If the 5G project and its massive diabolical offspring came out of Silicon Valley, it would be curious that no representatives appeared before the Committee to take credit for introducing such a sophisticated piece of malevolence…

The same document goes on to suggest that “the nation’s 5G needs to be built by American innovators” that the “groundbreaking technology should be supported by lawmakers” and that “US competitiveness in key 4G technologies is essential to US leadership in 5G.”

One interpretation of the above is that once Israel/Intel put the product together, it was then up to the US to sneak this technological atrocity past a naturally suspicious public, sell it to stressed-out skeptical citizens, line up the infrastructure, take it to market and deal with the political blowback…

In other words, while 5G has been a gleam in Israel/Intel’s eye for sometime, there has been a sort of shakedown cruise to work out the kinks prior to introducing the project to the gullible Americans.

Clearly, the Senate Committee (and 5G proponents) were intent on bamboozling the American public, assuring that discovery of the project would come only after it was too little, too late…

The mega-mammoth project is being sold to the American public as essential to modern life and deliberately focused on increased broadband network speeds, improved reliability and greater capacity including a connectivity to all that can be connected.

The mostly worthless connectivity of all things is little more than a sham, a talking point that offers no real merit to American consumers. The slick PR focus on broadband speed is a not-so-clever smokescreen for the sinister Massive Internet of Things (MIOT) and its fiendish compatriot, Artificial Intelligence.

The pretense is that faster speeds are far superior and very desirable, as if the current 4G LTE speed is somehow inferior or as if the public has been clamoring for faster speeds – neither is the case.

Related: “The 5G Dragnet” by James Corbett (The Corbett Report)


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