Political Innovators Are Not Wanted. The Soulless Are Welcome


Reminds me of this:

Like the brain-dead politicians in Idiocracy, Trump is simply devoid of quality thought. Politicians who were and are a lot smarter than Donald Trump are in a way no better. JFK was VERY unlike Trump in appearance, visually and in the power of their oratory. For that reason, JFK has been turned into an enduring ad selling the American Empire. But JFK excelled at defending the status quo and that’s all. Even leftists have been sucked into the myth of JFK the good knight fighting the forces of darkness, imagining that he innovated in the area of the economy. But, as Bruce Miroff explains in his book “Pragmatic Illusions – The Presidential Politics Of John F. Kennedy,” his meager innovation (applying Keynesian solutions to problems) in the area of the economy was meant to keep things the same, especially when it came to who had power in society. See my blog post titled “Thinking About Thinking”

The brain dead Anakin Skywalker (who was on the dark side even when he was on the light side, and who his idiot Jedi masters kept around even when it was clear the kid was super juvenile and just plain awful) argued with Obin-Wan Kenobi that ‘from the standpoint of the Sith the Jedi are evil’. Yes, One’s standpoint is a factor, not in what is or isn’t objective reality, but in what one refers to as evil or good. From my standpoint, Trump is Homer Simpson/The Rain Man/Michael Myers rolled up into one person and his expression of approval for nazi Israel is evil.

From this person’s standpoint (below), Trump’s expression of approval (above) for the powerful (the Israelis and the American establishment who view Israel as a base for projecting American power and protecting American interests in the middle east) is:

From page 33 of “Left, Right – Marching To The Beat Of Imperial Canada” by Yves Engler:

The JNF [Jewish National Fund] owns 13 per cent of Israel’s land, which was mostly taken from Palestinians forced from their homes by Zionist forces in 1947-1948. It discriminates against Palestinian citizens of Israel (Arab Israelis) who make up a fifth of the population. According to a UN report, JNF lands are “chartered to benefit Jews exclusively,” which has led to an “institutionalized form of discrimination.” Echoing the UN, a 2012 US State Department report detailing “institutional and societal discrimination” in Israel says JNF “statutes prohibit sale or lease of land to non-Jews.” Indicative of its discrimination against 20% of Israelis who aren’t Jewish, JNF Canada’s Twitter tag says it “is the caretaker of the land of Israel, on behalf of its owners – Jewish people everywhere.” Its parent organization in Israel – the Keren Kayemet LeYisrael – is even more open about its racism. In 2018 its website noted that “a survey commissioned by KKL-JNF reveals that over 70% of the Jewish population in Israel opposes allocating KKL-JNF land to non-Jews, while over 80% prefer the definition of Israel as a Jewish state, rather than as the state of all its citizens.” The JNF is an openly Jewish supremacist organization operating in a Jewish/white supremacist state.

Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, in their two volume work titled “The Political Economy Of Human Rights,” make a distinction between States that are fascist and States that are sub-fascist. The sub-fascist State is one in which the people only accept their government’s policies under duress, whereas the fascist State is one in which the people have been ruined and support their fascist ruling class and its policies. Of course there will always be dissidents. Also, In Yves Engler’s statement, above, he shows large numbers of Israelis who support their fascist government and its racist policies, but he doesn’t call them Israelis. What must be included in any tally of Israeli citizens who support their government’s policies is ‘all’ of the citizens, including the Arab Israelis. But I’ve read enough elsewhere to be pretty sure that, in fact, most Israeli citizens do support their fascist government. And I have no problem calling Israel “nazi.”

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