Professional Scam Artists – part 65

Hassan Diab

“Segal report does nothing to prevent future wrongful extraditions” by ? (Justice For Hassan Diab)

An excerpt (Hassan’s statement) from the above linked-to report follows:

To say that the Segal report is a disappointment is a gross understatement. It is a one-sided report. Its purpose is not to provide transparency or accountability or to prevent future miscarriages of justice. Rather its purpose is to absolve the Department of Justice from any accountability and to shield senior officials at the Department from further scrutiny.

From the outset, we asked for an independent and transparent public inquiry into my wrongful extradition. We boycotted the external review because we believed that it would amount to a whitewash exercise. It is profoundly upsetting to see our concerns and fears materializing.

I endured over five years of draconian bail conditions and more than three years of imprisonment away from my family and home. My reputation was tarnished; my financial savings were wiped out; my physical and mental health deteriorated, and most importantly l missed the birth of my son and more than three years of my children’s lives.

My suffering and that of my family was prolonged due to the conduct of senior officials at the Department of Justice. Yet the report found that no one was responsible for this miscarriage of justice. Neither does the report call for a serious reform of the very problematic extradition law to ensure that Canadians are protected.

I trusted the government’s promise that what happened to me should never happen to anyone else. However, the report promises a continuation of the old way where every Canadian is at risk. It was alarming to see that the report was seeking to strengthen the existing law by recommending educating the public about extradition steps and procedures.

The report represents a total failure of accountability and transparency. We demand a public and transparent judicial inquiry because justice dies in the darkness.

As Donald Bayne, Hassan’s lawyer pointed out, “This is basically a report that says nothing wrong was done by anybody … Nothing to see here, folks, move on.” Murray Segal, who did the report, is a fraud for sure. But the biggest scammer here is Justin Trudeau. The buck stops with that guy. What a faker! And his fakery is not at all benign. Added Bayne, “If Canadian prosecutors and the justice system … all got it so right, why then did (Diab) languish in solitary confinement over three years … an innocent Canadian in a French jail? The standards we are using are clearly wrong. Anything goes in an extradition, and you can’t defend yourself. This will happen again.”

“Dr. David Suzuki: Trudeau Government’s Climate Emergency Declaration Is ‘A Joke’” by Dimitri Lascaris and David Suzuki (The Real News Network)

An excerpt from the above linked-to show follows:

DIMITRI LASCARIS: This is Dimitri Lascaris reporting for The Real News Network from Montreal, Canada.

On June 17, Canada’s Parliament adopted a motion declaring a climate emergency. The motion was brought by Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Here is some of what she had to say in Parliament in support of her motion.

CATHERINE MCKENNA: Mr. Speaker, my point was that people around the world, including the Pope, understand that climate change is having an impact and that we need to act. In fact, that meeting was between the Pope and major energy companies. I know that the member opposite cares greatly about jobs, she cares greatly about getting our resources to market. Those companies were there meeting with the Pope to say, “We need to put a price on pollution.”

DIMITRI LASCARIS: The motion, approved by Parliament, describes climate change as a “real and urgent crisis, driven by human activity, that impacts the environment, biodiversity, Canadians’ health, and the Canadian economy.” It declares that “Canada is in a national climate emergency which requires, as a response, that Canada commit to meeting its national emission target under the Paris Agreement and to making deeper reductions in line with the agreement’s objective of holding global warming below 2 degrees Celsius and pursuing efforts to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.” The motion was adopted by a vote of 186 to 63, an overwhelming majority. It was supported by the governing Liberals and three of the four opposition parties, the NDP, the Green Party of Canada, and the Bloc Quebecois. It was opposed by the Conservative Caucus, led by Andrew Scheer.

The motion, however, was non-binding. And strictly speaking, it does not have the force of law. That may explain why on the following day, after supporting this motion, the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau considered himself at liberty to approve the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, which the government bought for 4.5 billion dollars last year after regulatory and political uncertainty led Kinder Morgan to abandon the project. In announcing the approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, the Prime Minister stated that every dollar earned from the pipeline, as well as the future sale of it, will be invested in clean energy projects….

DIMITRI LASCARIS: I’d like to start by getting your reaction, Dr. Suzuki, to the Liberal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. In your view, can that approval be reconciled with the motion that the Liberal government supported only 24 hours earlier?

DAVID SUZUKI: No, absolutely not. I mean, it just shows what a joke the whole declaration of a climate emergency is.

The video, above, is good, but… I have been made very aware that The Green New Deal is a major scam. (We need to deal with climate crisis but we can only do so by deleting this entire system of things. Suzuki seems conflicted about that. Chris Hedges comes closest to saying that, although someone would have to explain to me how replacing capitalism with socialism removes money from the picture. Disappointingly, Chris, a self-identified Christian, ignores Jehovah God’s plan, which I think I’ll go with. The Creator is going to get it right and we – who choose life – will see that for ourselves post Armageddon.) David Suzuki mentions The Green New Deal. In his answer to Dimitri’s question about whether any major Party in Canada is seriously considering leaving oil in the ground, Suzuki mentions that the NDP is flirting with the Green New Deal, implying thereby that that corporate-inspired and -led plan is a good thing. He’s got lots of company in believing, or choosing to believe, that a corporate-inspired and -led plan for dealing with climate crisis is an okay thing, all of which makes his, and Dimitri’s, presentation very hypocritical, or, at best, super flawed. The major polluters will not solve the problem of pollution and no one should buy their bullcrap. They very clearly want to retain capitalism, with all that goes with it, including the polluting militaries that protect capitalism, and capitalists, and the consumer system that David complains about.

Other than that, Dimitri, Suzuki and myself are in total agreement about the scammy Liberal Party and it’s leader.

I threw this comment in where I watched the video on YouTube, but don’t expect it survive. I don’t really care. YouTube, or Google, is the enemy and acts accordingly. See “A Loud Whoompfing Sound.” Google can stomp all over me and other little people, but they won’t stomp all over God and his chief representative.

related: “Watch: Pope Francis letter to President Assad is hypocritical and disingenuous”

“DWatch calls on Ethics Commissioner to ensure independent investigation of Dominic LeBlanc-connected appointments of judges” by Brad Duplisea (Democracy Watch)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Thursday, July 4, 2019

OTTAWA – Today, Democracy Watch sent a letter federal Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion calling on him to ensure an independent investigation and ruling on recent Trudeau Cabinet appointments of judges who have connections to Cabinet Minister Dominic LeBlanc. DWatch also called on the federal Liberals to suspend the appointment of all judicial and watchdog appointments until the appointment process is changed to be actually independent and merit-based.

As first reported by CBC New Brunswick, Justice Charles LeBlond who was appointed to the New Brunswick Court of Appeal, and Justice Arthur Doyle and Justice Robert Dysart who were appointed to the New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench all donated to help Minister LeBlanc pay off his debt from his 2008 Liberal Party leadership race campaign. reported other donations made by these three justices to Minister LeBlanc’s riding association, and to the Liberal Party.

These outlets also reported that Jacques Pinet, the husband of Tracey DeWare, who was appointed Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench by Prime Minister Trudeau in June, also donated to Minister LeBlanc’s campaign, among other donations to the Liberal Party. CBC also reported that the couple purchased a seaside home from Minister LeBlanc in 2013 for $430,000, located next to Minister LeBlanc’s summerhouse.

Democracy Watch also revealed that, according to Minister LeBlanc’s federal ethics disclosure registration, sometime in 2017, a Jacques Pinet, Vice-President, Assumption Life Insurance Co. of New Brunswick, gave Minister LeBlanc a gift of 3 days hospitality at Ledges Lodge, Doarktown, New Brunswick. If this is the same Jacques Pinet who is married to Chief Justice DeWare, it would only compound the appearance of conflict of interest for Minister LeBlanc.

The Globe and Mail reported that Minister LeBlanc participated in the decisions for all of these appointments, while recusing himself from the appointment of one other judge who is a relative of his.

“Dominic LeBlanc should be investigated to determine if he violated the federal ethics law by participating in the decisions to appoint these judges,” said Duff Conacher, Co-founder of Democracy Watch. “Ethics Commissioner Dion cannot do the investigation as he was handpicked by the Trudeau Cabinet through a secretive, dishonest process that is being challenged in courts, and his senior lawyer is LeBlanc’s sister-in-law. Commissioner Dion must delegate the investigation to someone independent of his office and all political parties.”

Democracy Watch also called on federal politicians to change the law to ensure all Cabinet appointees who watch over the government or oversee key democracy laws and processes (especially every Officer of Parliament) be only allowed to serve one term.

“Like judges, all government and democracy watchdogs must only serve one term, with no possibility that the government can reappoint them, to ensure watchdogs don’t try to please the government in order to keep their job,” said Conacher.

“After Elizabeth May Hires ‘Prince of Darkness’ Warren Kinsella, Twittersphere Erupts” by Dimitri Lascaris (Dimitri Lascaris)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On July 12, Globe and Mail reporter Robert Fife revealed on Twitter that Warren Kinsella, who proudly bills himself as the ‘Prince of Darkness’ of Canadian politics, would be “helping out” Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada in their “war room” for the upcoming federal election.

The Twittersphere’s reaction to Fife’s revelation was swift and fierce, to put it mildly.

Many commenters declared that they would not vote Green as a result of Ms. May’s ill-advised decision – see, for example, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Other commenters professed to be deeply disappointed in a party and a leader who had claimed for so long to do things differently and respectfully– see, for example, here, here, here and here.

As of the posting of Fife’s July 12 tweet, the Green Party had not disclosed publicly that it had retained the ‘Dark Prince.’ Fife’s revelation exposed that the Greens’ leadership was woefully unprepared for the backlash which it ought readily to have anticipated, given Kinsella’s sordid record…

Kinsella’s record is so offensive to the values which the Greens espouse that it’s hard to know where to begin an explanation of why he has no business advising the Green Party.

The drive-by shooting which stands out most for me personally is Kinsella’s reaction to the Party’s adoption of a BDS resolution in August 2016. While I was serving as Justice Critic in the Green Party shadow cabinet, I authored and sponsored that resolution.

The BDS resolution’s singular and explicit purpose was to help bring an end to Israel’s illegal settlements and decades-long occupation of Palestinian territory, and to do so by means of peaceful, economic sanctions on those who are complicit in violations of Palestinian human rights.

After the Green Party adopted the BDS resolution, Kinsella authored a letter to the Hill-Times in which he not only urged Elizabeth May to quit the Green Party leadership, but also smeared BDS supporters as racists and asserted that the party was made up of “lunatics, bigots and conspiracy theorists.”

Incredibly, to this day – and one week after his hiring by the Green Party provoked intense controversy among its members and supporters – Kinsella’s scurrilous letter continues to be posted on his website (under the caption “War Room”).

“Venezuela Recovers From Blackout as Guaido ‘Approves’ Military Treaty Reincorporation” by ? (Venezuelanalysis)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Caracas, July 24, 2019 ( – Electricity has been gradually restored in Venezuela after a widespread outage affected most of the territory on Monday.

The blackout started at approximately 4.45 pm, with Venezuelan authorities blaming an “electromagnetic attack” against the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant, known as the Guri Dam, the country’s main electricity source. No further details on the nature and source of the attack have been given so far.

Power had been restored to most of Caracas by Tuesday morning, despite momentary setbacks. Areas both to the east and west country had service restored already on Monday evening…

Venezuela has suffered from a series of widespread power outages in the months of March and April, with the government denouncing cyber, electromagnetic and physical attacks against the electric grid and the Guri Dam. Five suspects of involvement in the alleged March attacks have been arrested, with arrest warrants issued for 14 others.

Recovery at the time of the first blackouts was much slower, with states such as Zulia taking as long as a week to have service partially restored…

Venezuela’s electricity infrastructure has suffered from under-investment and lack of maintenance, as well as migration of qualified personnel, problems that have been worsened by US sanctions. Sanctions have stopped Venezuela from servicing equipment and from activating backup thermoelectric plants due to lack of fuel…

The latest power outage was followed by self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido announcing the country’s “reincorporation” into the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) after it was approved by the opposition-controlled National Assembly. Caracas had abandoned the treaty, alongside other regional governments, in 2012.

TIAR is mutual defense pact involving sixteen countries in the hemisphere, and hardline opposition supporters have pushed for Venezuela’s re-entry as a possible legal justification for US military action. The practical consequences of the opposition’s decision are not yet known, as TIAR also includes countries which do not recognize the opposition leader as the country’s president.

Addressing supporters during a rally in an upper middle-class district of east Caracas on Tuesday, Guaido sought to temper expectations by stressing that the reincorporation into the treaty was not “magic,” calling on his followers to “take to the streets with more force.”

Bernie Sanders

“What Progressives Hopefully Learned From Russiagate” by Caitlin Johnstone (Caitlin

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The Robert Mueller hearing on Tuesday was widely regarded as a humiliating disaster, not just by critics of the establishment Russia narrative, but by mainstream Democratic pundits. We haven’t seen a US official look so befuddled and disorganized during a congressional hearing since that time John McCain started babbling gibberish at James Comey, and he had a tumor eating his brain…

As you’d expect, this widespread sentiment is shared by Trump himself, who told reporters after the hearing that “We had a very good day today.”

“It’s great to see more leftists & liberals recognizing that channelling the anti-Trump Resistance into a stupid conspiracy theory was a massive mistake, but for next time: let’s try harder to voice that when it’s actually happening for 2+ years, not after it finally collapses,” tweeted Maté, whose unparalleled reporting on the gaping plot holes in the Russiagate narrative won him an Izzy Award earlier this year…

I always get people on the left arguing with me about this, but it’s true. Being involved in progressive circles in 2017 was like watching a zombie apocalypse, with more and more leftists and Berners contracting the mind virus with every shrieking “bombshell” mass media Russiagate report. Maybe in your own small circle you didn’t see anyone succumb to the zombie outbreak, but everyone who interacted with a large and diverse cross-section of America’s true left in early-to-mid 2017 knows exactly what I’m talking about. Not everyone hopped on the Russiagate bandwagon, but many did, likely due in no small part to the fact that Bernie Sanders himself was continuously and forcefully pushing the collusion narrative on American progressives.

But it wasn’t even that they all necessarily bought into the propaganda. When Russiagate first started I pushed back against it hard on social media, especially on Facebook, and during that time I had a few Bernie people (who comprised a majority of my audience back then) admit to me that they knew the Russia stuff was probably fake, but they were helping to push it in the hope that it could hurt Trump. They didn’t honestly believe he’d get removed from office for Russian collusion, but they hoped that pushing for an investigation would help turn up impeachable evidence of corruption, or at least cause him political damage.

What do such people have to show for that strategy now?…

“The ‘Total Anarchy’ of Wet Cops” by Josmar Trujillo (FAIR)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Department that charges would not be brought against that officer. Family members and activists responded with fury, mostly aimed at Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose refusal to fire the officer, Daniel Pantaleo, allows his abusive run at the NYPD to continue.

This week, however, an event deemed more outrageous and reprehensible by the press took the spotlight away from the Garner saga: Police officers were doused with water during a record heatwave.

“Anti-racist organizations remain silent on the JNF” by Yves Engler (Yves Engler)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

====== == =
Parliament recently heard a petition criticizing the only explicitly racist registered Canadian charity. Oddly, this important event occurred without help from self-declared antiracist organizations…

Last week National Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier responded to the petition without answering the substance of the claims…

Since a CBC expose on the JNF in January there has been an explosion of critical commentary about the organization and support for a campaign that has been simmering below the radar for many years…

I was unable to find any criticism of the JNF from Antiracist Canada, Canadian Anti-Hate Network or the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. As such, I emailed to ask if they had ever criticized the JNF. I wrote:

“Hi, I wanted to ask if you are aware of Independent Jewish Voices’ StopJNFCanada Parliamentary E-Petition? To my knowledge the Jewish National Fund is the only explicitly racist institution sanctioned by the Canadian state to give tax write-offs, but, I can find no record of your organization criticizing the JNF’s explicit, structural, racism. Have I missed something? Could you direct me to a statement your organization has made critical of the JNF? If not are you willing to add your voice to their growing campaign to rescind the charitable status of this explicitly racist organization?”

Only Antiracist Canada responded by saying they knew little about the JNF and they would look into it. A week later I asked Canadian Anti-Hate Network and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation whether they “condemn anti-Palestinian racism as conceived and carried out by the Jewish National Fund.” They again failed to respond.

How could any self-respecting antiracist organization refuse to criticize the JNF?
= == ======

Justin Trudeau and Jovenel Moïse

“Trudeau ‘feminizes’ support for corrupt and repressive Haitian president” by Yves Engler (Yves Engler)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The Trudeau Liberals are attempting to “feminize” their support of an illegitimate government hated by the vast majority of Haitians. And Radio-Canada seems to have fallen for it.

After Radio-Canada published a story about nine of eighteen ministers in Jovenel Moïse’s newly proposed government being women, Haitian Canadian feminist Jennie-Laure Sully replied, “Haitians of all social classes have been demonstrating for more than a year demanding the resignation of the president and a change in the political system. But what does Radio-Canada talk about in this country? A cosmetic measure adopted by this fraudulently elected government accused of embezzlement and human rights violations. Gender parity in such conditions is a smokescreen (“poudre aux yeux”). Radio-Canada is doing identity politics of the lowest order while ignoring Canada’s role in maintaining corruption in Haiti.”

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