“Trump-Boris Trade Deal”

*edit, Aug 18, 2019 – I added a bit more below, including a screen grab of my email to 21st Century Wire.

“Trump-Boris Trade Deal: The Brexit Endgame is Becoming Clear” by Patrick Henningsen (Radio Sputnik via 21st Century Wire)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

===== == =
The Brexit endgame is now becoming clear – the US-UK bilateral trade deal will make Britain an economic outpost for US transnational corporate interests.

To achieve this, the Trump Administration needs Boris Johnson in power, so John Bolton is not shy in openly backing Boris for the upcoming general election… Make no mistake, this is TTIP by fiat.
= == =====

My online response to the above linked-to article was marked by spam almost automatically. I then decided to redo it and screen grab it in order to show you what kind of dirty tricks uncaring gatekeepers are up to. I ‘do not’ believe that having my comment marked as spam was something that 21st Century Wire did or would do. This is the work of some trouble-maker, possibly Disqus-connected. I will ‘never’ quit dissing Disqus. We so very badly need to ditch it.

The following comment was my second attempt to respond online to Patrick Henningsen’s comments on Boris Johnson et al:

A few minutes after I posted my comment here it was marked as spam. By who? Disqus?

I’ll make the same point and screen capture it.

“Make no mistake, this is TTIP by fiat.”

Indeed. When the lawless, murderous uncle Same doesn’t get the free trade agreement he (or any of his fellow Corporatocracy governments) wants, he just goes at it in a different way until he gets it. If the American ruling class (fascists) didn’t get what they wanted, initially, because of pushback from the people, rather than that being seen as acceptable, the undemocratic, fascist ruling class gets busy, openly and/or behind the scenes, working toward getting what it wants. The capitalist model is: dominate, dictate and take. The capitalist motto is: ‘Take what you get whether your like it or not and even if it hurts you.’ Isn’t that so Monsanto?

When uncle Sam doesn’t get the regime change he wants, because people don’t like being fed to the monstrous gangster Corporatoracy (that, in fact, devours all), the US ruling class just goes at it in some other way until it gets it. Democracy is in the way.

My first online experience with activism (inactive activism perhaps), was during the pushback against the efforts (led by Maude Barlow and The Council of Canadians) by special interests and gangster politicians to foist the multilateral agreement on investments (MAI) on us. We succeeded in having that ‘form’ of the agreement stopped. That’s all that we accomplished.

We are hopelessly outgunned. (We? The 1% of the 99% I’m sorry to report) The war-making Corporatocracy State has no compunctions about breaking rules, agreements in the pursuit of corporate freedom and profits. That gives it freedom that its victims, to the extent that they care about law & order, do not possess. Additionally, it is resource-rich. We can’t defeat that darkness. It will take a higher, perfect power.

I emailed 21st Century Wire (bottom of post) to let them know that Disqus is disappearing my perfectly acceptable comments on their website. I’d very, very much like to hear back from them. Are we to quietly accept it when our voices are silenced? Following the above evil, I again popped into 21st Century Wire to check things out. I had a listen to some of today’s live broadcast titled “Trouble in River City” and left a couple of comments. I seem to indeed be getting automatically flagged on 21st Century Wire. I haven’t had a chance to check on whether it’s just this site or a global thing. (I’m gratified, losers! Yes, You’re annoying. That is important to you, now that you’ve self-modified. So, Knock yourselves out – while you are free to.) Here’s a screen grab from my Disqus account:

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