Lawlessness / Ruined – part 61

Label on a bottle of wine at the Psagot Winery, outside of Ramallah in the West Bank. Credit David Kattenburg

“Jewish Group Disappointed by Federal Gov’t Decision to Appeal Settlement Wine Ruling” by ? (Independent Jewish Voices)

An report from the above linked-to article follows:

Ottawa–Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV) is disappointed that the Attorney General of Canada has decided to appeal a recent Federal Court judgement which found that wines from Israel’s illegal West Bank settlements should not be labelled as “Product of Israel.”

IJV acted as an official intervenor in the case, Kattenburg v. Canada (Attorney General), arguing that accurate labelling is important to the full exercise of freedom of expression as entrenched in the Charter. Judge Anne Mactavish responded favourably to this argument, writing that “one peaceful way in which people can express their political views is through their purchasing decisions,” and that “to be able to express their views in this manner… consumers have to be provided with accurate information as to the source of the products in question.”

IJV had just sent a letter to Minister of Justice and Attorney General David Lametti on Friday urging him to resist pressure by Israeli government officials and pro-Israel lobby groups to appeal the ruling when it received the notice of appeal from the Attorney General’s lawyers. IJV’s letter followed similar pleas by Amnesty International Canada and the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967.

IJV National Coordinator Corey Balsam was the affiant in the case, represented by lawyer and recent Order of Canada appointee Barb Jackman.

“Sadly, the appeal looks to be solely for political reasons–to appeal to certain voters and lobbyists–rather than to pose any legitimate challenges to the judge’s interpretation of Canadian law,” said Balsam. “By deciding to appeal, not only is the government betraying the rights of Canadian citizens to make conscientious decisions about the products they choose to consume, but it is defending Israel’s illegal settlement project in the West Bank.”

All parties involved in the case are in agreement that the West Bank is not part of Israel, and according to Canada’s own foreign policy, Israeli settlements are a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions, which have been incorporated into Canadian domestic law.

A large proportion of Jewish Canadians also stand opposed to the settlements. In a recent survey of Jews in Canada conducted by the Environics Institute, it was revealed that nearly three times more Canadian Jews believe that West Bank settlements hurt Israel’s security than believe the opposite, and that more than a third acknowledge that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law.

“We are confident Judge Mactavish’s decision will stand up to the appeal,” concluded Balsam.

For media inquiries, please contact: Corey Balsam, National Coordinator,, (514) 437-2940.

The fascist Canadian government just will not stand for ‘proper’ law & order. That’s what Canadians have to deal with. It’s been that way for a long time. But it’s getting worse all the time.

“Australia Furthers Its Cooperation With NATO” by Ramona Wadi (Strategic Culture Foundation)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In 2001, Australia became involved in the US “war on terror”, coined by former US President George W Bush as the pretext for invading Afghanistan. The rationale behind Australia’s decision was the ANZUS Treaty – a non-binding security between Australia, New Zealand and the US purportedly in line with the principles of the UN Charter.

Despite the treaty relating to possible attacks on either party in the Pacific, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard invoked Article VI to justify Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan, which states, “This treaty does not affect and shall not be interpreted as affecting in any way the rights and obligations of the Parties under the Charter of the United Nations or the responsibility of the United Nations for the maintenance of international peace and security.”

Since 2001, Australia has maintained a presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. Adopting US rhetoric on security and terrorism, the Australian Defence Ministry described its presence in Australia thus: “Our fundamental objective in Afghanistan is to combat a clear threat from international terrorism to both international security and our own national security. Australia cannot afford, and Australians cannot afford, to let Afghanistan once again become a safe haven and training ground for terrorist organisations.”

Needless to say, the war on terror accomplished a continuation of the terrorism fomented by the US in its plans to permanently destabilise the region. Following its involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, Australia has also cooperated with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) since 2005, thus prioritising security discourse at a national level.

In 2012, the Australia-NATO Joint Political Declaration established the foundations for cooperation and strategy – in other words, the prolongation of intervention abroad upon pretexts of security. The document recognises Australia as “one of the leading contributors to the NATO-led ISA mission in Afghanistan, which works under a UN Security Council mandate.”

“Now It’s Official: US Visa Can Be Denied If You (Or Even Your Friends) Are Critical of American Policies” by Philip Giraldi (Strategic Culture Foundation)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

There have been several interesting developments in the United States government’s war on free speech and privacy. First of all, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP), which is responsible for actual entry of travelers into the country, has now declared that it can legally access phones and computers at ports of entry to determine if there is any subversive content which might impact on national security. “Subversive content” is, of course, subjective, but those seeking entry can be turned back based on how a border control agent perceives what he is perusing on electronic media.

Unfortunately, the intrusive nature of the procedure is completely legal, particularly as it applies to foreign visitors, and is not likely to be overturned in court in spite of the Fourth Amendment’s constitutional guarantee that individuals should “…be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” Someone at a port of entry is not legally inside the United States until he or she has been officially admitted. And if that someone is a foreigner, he or she has no right by virtue of citizenship even to enter the country until entry has been permitted by an authorized US Customs and Border Protection official. And that official can demand to see anything that might contribute to the decision whether or not to let the person enter.

And there’s more to it than just that. Following the Israeli model for blocking entry of anyone who can even be broadly construed as supporting a boycott, the United States now also believes it should deny admittance to anyone who is critical of US government policy, which is a reversal of previous policy that considered political opinions to be off-limits for visa denial…

Given the new rules regarding entering the United States, it comes as no surprise that the story of an incoming Harvard freshman who was denied entry into the United States after his laptop and cellphone were searched at Boston’s Logan Airport has been making headlines. Ismail Ajjawi, a 17-year-old Palestinian resident of Lebanon, was due to begin classes as a freshman, but he had his student visa issued in by the US Embassy in Beirut rejected before being flown back to Lebanon several hours later.

Ajjawi was questioned by one immigration officer who asked him repeatedly about his religion before requiring him to turn over his laptop and cell phone. Some hours later, the questioning continued about Ajjawi’s friends and associates, particularly those on social media. At no point was Ajjawi accused of having himself written anything that was critical of the United States and the interrogation rather centered on the views expressed by his friends.

The decision to ban Ajjawi produced such an uproar worldwide that it was reversed a week later, apparently as a result of extreme pressure exerted by Harvard University. Nevertheless, the decisions to deny entry are often arbitrary or even based on bad information, but the traveler normally has no practical recourse to reverse the process.

Here we are folks. It’s Heil Hitler all over again. Clearly, a higher power is needed to deal with this darkness.

“Courts back Trump administration as ICE continues to force-feed immigrants” by Adam McLean (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Since Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) practice of force-feeding immigrants in its detention was revealed in January this year, the Trump administration has continued to find support within the judicial system for flouting basic democratic norms including the ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

In January, the Associated Press reported on over a dozen hunger-striking immigrants at five different ICE detention centers for which the agency had been able to obtain a federal court order authorizing force-feeding. Eight months later there are multiple hunger strikers in ICE custody that are being subjected to the same brutal treatment with the backing of the courts.

Ajay Kumar, an Indian asylum seeker from Punjab who fled due to political persecution by the Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, began a hunger strike on July 8 with three other men over their lengthy detention, now over one year. While Kumar is still being held in ICE’s El Paso detention center, the condition of the other three is unknown, as two have since been deported and one was transferred to another facility. Kumar’s attorney has not yet been able to locate them. Kumar has told the media that he fears for his life in India, warning that “If I go back to India, I will be tortured and killed. I can die here.”

Dr Parveen Parmar, chief of the division of global emergency medicine at the University of Southern California, told the court reviewing Kumar’s case that Kumar had received “the worst medical care I have seen in my 10 years of practice.”

“New York cook arrested by ICE after filing lawsuit for $200,000 in stolen wages” by Owen Mullan (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A squad of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents seized Xue Hui Zhang on August 12 in Albany, New York during a break in the middle of giving a deposition against his former employer. Zhang, an undocumented immigrant worker, was in the process of filing a suit for over $200,000 in unpaid and stolen wages for years spent working as a cook in an Albany restaurant.

Zhang now lives in Brooklyn, New York but traveled to Albany in August to file his suit in the state’s federal courts. The restaurant where he had worked for over seven years, Ichiban, went out of business in 2015 and Zhang was seeking repayment. On August 12, Zhang and his lawyers were in a meeting with the former Ichiban owner at their lawyers’ office when Zhang was suddenly nabbed by ICE agents during a break for lunch.

“We got out of the car and we walked toward the diner entrance,” Zhang’s lawyer, Adam Dong, said. Five or six ICE agents approached and “stopped us and said, ‘Mr. Zhang, can you come with us?’”

Neither the ICE agents who arrested Zhang nor the agency’s spokespeople speaking to his lawyers informed them of how they found Zhang’s whereabouts. Dong told the press, “It is not difficult to infer ICE was there because someone tipped them off, they were waiting for Mr. Zhang to come out to arrest him.”

Here’s the Donald Trump version of America values. Americans will use you and abuse you and then, when you make an attempt to resist that or get some justice in relation to your having been abused, you will be abused again. Nice. I can see why scammy, unprincipled, uncaring bosses would vote for the fascist Donald Trump.

Tongass National Forest

“Targeting the Tongass National Forest for Amazon-like Destruction” by Evaggelos Vallianatos (The Greanville Post)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

One wonders if Trump and his administration are aware of what is happening in the world or if they care the Earth is under deadly stress by no less an enemy than humans.

Are they so certain their crackpot theories are valid, that global warming is a hoax, that it’s fine to keep cutting down forests, that burning the Amazon is good for ranchers, that pollution is good for business, that poisoning children by neurotoxins in their food is an unavoidable part of food production?

Or am I wasting my time even raising these questions?

Trump probably believes with most economists that you make money by breaking eggs: cutting down trees, producing food by poisoning the land and the food people eat, constructing golf courses and skyscrapers, gambling in the stock market, outsourcing most industries, digging for gold, silver, and petroleum and lavishing the Pentagon’s war machine.

This is probably true. Economists and executives of the country’s largest companies consider pollution an externality of no consequence. They have been opposing environmental regulations for decades. Trump is doing their bidding.

So, why should we be upset by the latest proposal of Trump to log the Tongass National Forest?…

Alaskan politicians, the governor, Mike Dunleavy, and the two senators, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, all Republican, convinced Trump to dismantle federal protections of the Tongass National Forest.

Boris Johnson & JCB

“One of Johnson’s biggest billionaire donors profits from Israeli state ‘war crimes’” by Fréa Lockley (The Canary)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Since January 2019, Boris Johnson has received £121,000 from one billionaire donor. And that same donor is linked to “war crimes” in occupied Palestine. So when Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently visited Johnson, it was disturbing to see that diplomatic links between the two were stronger than ever.
Money talks

Anthony Bamford is chairman of construction company JCB. Johnson’s MP register of interests shows that donations from Bamford and JCB total £121,000 in 2019 alone.

The Bamford family has an estimated wealth of £3.6bn. Since 2001, Electoral Commission records show the Bamfords and JCB have given “almost £10m in political donations”, primarily to the Conservative Party and groups “campaigning to leave” the EU. In June alone, these donations totalled £28,000.

“War crimes”

In 2018, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Fatou Bensouda issued a statement saying:

I have been following with concern the planned eviction of the Bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar, in the West Bank. Evacuation by force now appears imminent, and with it the prospects for further escalation and violence.

It bears recalling, as a general matter, that extensive destruction of property without military necessity and population transfers in an occupied territory constitute war crimes under the Rome Statute.

Bensouda continued:

I am similarly alarmed by the continued violence, perpetrated by actors on both sides, at the Gaza border with Israel.

In July, human rights group B’Tselem reminded Israel once again that “forcible transfer of Palestinian communities is a war crime”.

Yet JCB has refused to halt involvement in these demolitions.

related: “Activists blockade JCB site using concrete lock-on tubes” by ? (Corporate Occupation)

Daniel McAdams

“Meditations On Twitter’s Silencing Of Daniel McAdams” by Caitlin Johnstone (Caitlin

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Daniel McAdams, the Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, was banned from Twitter last week. Officially, it was because he used the word “retarded” to describe the odious establishment propagandist Sean Hannity after noting the hilarious fact that the Fox News host had been wearing a CIA lapel pin while “challenging the deep state”. Unofficially, it was because McAdams has been operating for years at the apex of one of the most effective antiwar movements in the United States…

In reality, McAdams was suspended because there are people on Twitter who, either due to profession or obsession, make it their business to report any effective opponent of western imperialism at every opportunity to Twitter admins, many of whom apparently have a clear pro-establishment bias of their own. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion, and we may be sure that it happened to Daniel McAdams last week as well.

It’s narcissistic to think that you have to endure the abuse of these private sector (but de facto ruling class) entities because you just have to save the world. And it represents a rejection of Jehovah God’s plan of salvation for imperfect mankind. But that’s how it is today, especially on the Left. “The Left, not some fantasy person like God, is our salvation,” is the Left’s position. In that way, it joins with the anti-God Right and is part of this dark world. Caitlin is a good person, but it’s only relative. Her fate, as is the case with everyone, is between her and Jehovah. There is, however, a line that, once you cross it, you can’t cross it again. That might not be Star Wars ideology, but Star Wars ideology is perverted and self-serving. Hollywood/Pentagon/FBI/CIA/NSA love the idea that bad is sometimes good, that all goodness must be accompanied by badness (in a balance) and that there must always be war in order for a nation to be healthy. Just because that wild beast can snuff me out without any effort at all, that doesn’t mean that it’s the most powerful entity out there. As the Christian Bible notes, That is exactly the attitude that the wild beast’s worshippers take, exclaiming: “Who is like the wild beast and who can do battle with it?” (Revelation 13:4) I await the reply.


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