Professional Scam Artists – part 75

“Historic climate strike just pulled the fire alarm” by Dylan Penner (The Council of Canadians)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== =
A tectonic shift in climate politics just happened.

Millions of people mobilized to demand climate justice, a just transition, and a Green New Deal. The recent climate strike was the largest climate protest in history, with an estimated 7.6 million people participating on every continent around the world from September 20-27.

According to the Global Climate Strike website, there were 6135 actions in 185 countries, involving at least 73 trade unions (including many in Canada) and 820 organizations.

In Canada, on September 27 upwards of a million protested from coast to coast to coast including a staggering 500,000 in Montreal at a demonstration led by Indigenous peoples and joined by Greta Thunberg…

And then, after the election we need to be in the streets in even greater numbers than ever before.

The house is on fire and we’ve now collectively pulled the fire alarm. Now we need to put it out. Last week we just demonstrated we can. For another world to be possible, we must become unstoppable.
= ===

Investors and capitalists thank you Council of Canadians for standing with those destroying the liveable earth in the name of profit. CoC has added to its mythologizing, in the service of the Canadian empire, of the war-mongering, racist Lester Person, with its selling of the corporate-inspired, -designed and -led Green New Deal. That involves jumping on the Let’s Exploit Greta Thunberg bandwagon. Nice. Yes, Dylan, there’s been a tectonic shift – in the progressive community. The GND scam has taken in a huge chunk of the progressive community. It’s not good. Either those progressives are smart about most things, but, strangely, dumb about the GND, or those progressives now pushing the GND are simply fakers who have revealed themselves with this latest establishment project. Look how many revealed themselves over the White Helmets propaganda operation. Satan is pleased. Are we the people going to loosen the grip of nazism on planet earth and help bring about its healing? How many are ‘we’ and just what kind of power do ‘we’ have?

A Palestinian man uses a biometric gate at the Qalandia checkpoint in Jerusalem on July 11, 2019. Sebastian Scheiner | AP

“Microsoft Should Stop Funding Israeli Spying on Palestinians” by Ramzy Baroud (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The act of Palestinian activists covering their faces during anti-Israeli occupation rallies is an old practice that spans decades. The masking of the face, often by Kufyias – traditional Palestinian scarves that grew to symbolize Palestinian resistance – is far from being a fashion statement. Instead, it is a survival technique, without it, activists are likely to be arrested in subsequent nightly raids; at times, even assassinated.

In the past, Israel used basic technologies to identify Palestinians who take part in protests and mobilize the people in various popular activities. TV news footage or newspaper photos were thoroughly deciphered, often with the help of Israel’s collaborators in the Occupied Territories, and the ‘culprits’ would be identified, summoned to meet Shin Bet intelligence officers or arrested from their homes.

That old technique was eventually replaced by more advanced technology, countless images transmitted directly through Israeli drones – the flagship of Israel’s “security industry”. Thousands of Palestinians were detained and hundreds were assassinated in recent years as a result of drones data, analyzed through Israel’s burgeoning facial recognition software.

If in the past Palestinian activists were keen on keeping their identity hidden, they now have much more compelling reasons to ensure the complete secrecy of their work. Considering the information sharing between the Israeli army and illegal Jewish settlers and their armed militias in the occupied West Bank, Palestinians face the double threat of being targeted by armed settlers as well as by Israeli soldiers.

True, when it comes to Israel, such a grim reality is hardly surprising. But what is truly disturbing is the direct involvement of international corporate giants, the likes of Microsoft, in facilitating the work of the Israeli military, whose sole aim is to crush any form of dissent among Palestinians…

Writing in the American news network NBC News on October 27, Olivia Solon reported on Microsoft funding of the Israeli firm, AnyVision, which uses facial recognition “to secretly watch West Bank Palestinians”.

Through its venture capital arm M12, Microsoft has reportedly invested $78 million in the Israeli startup company that “uses facial recognition to surveil Palestinians throughout the West Bank, in spite of the tech giant’s public pledge to avoid using the technology if it encroaches on democratic freedoms”.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gestures while speaking during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

“Multi-Millionaire Nancy Pelosi warns “Fellow Leftists”: Medicare for All is a Very Bad Idea” by Alan McCleod (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Speaking at a roundtable of reporters and editors at business network Bloomberg November 1, Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a strong message for Bernie Sanders and other Presidential nomination hopefuls who endorse Medicare for All: “What are you thinking?!” The 79-year-old Californian characterized the idea as virtual political suicide, claiming that it may poll well in liberal circles but will fall flat in battleground states crucial to securing a 2020 victory against the incumbent Donald Trump. “As a left-wing San Francisco liberal,” she warned, “what works in San Francisco does not necessarily work in Michigan,” adding that many Americans would be sorry to lose their private health insurance plans…

During the interview, Pelosi also refused to endorse a wealth tax like that proposed by Sanders and Warren, instead, calling for a “bipartisan” solution to the issue. Given the Republicans’ record, this may essentially amount to calling for a tax cut. Pelosi may have her own reasons to oppose leftist policies like tax increases for the super-wealthy. She receives a yearly salary of over $223,000 for her position as Speaker of the House of Representatives, making her the third highest-paid elected official in the U.S., behind only the President and Vice-President. But this is dwarfed by the $120 million net worth of her and her business tycoon husband Paul, who owns enormous real estate ventures across California and large stakes in Facebook, Apple, Comcast, and Disney. Paul Pelosi is also a regular attendee of the shadowy, elitist Bohemian Grove Club, the subject of many lurid conspiracy theories.

Alan McCleod seems to have moved into Mint Press News and lives there half the time and at the fakey FAIR the other half of the time. Mint Press is being incautious. (See my previous blog post about fake progressives, including some of those at FAIR, here: “Progressives – part 4.”) In the above article, McCleod writes that “There is very much a battle raging for the soul of the Democratic Party, with a host of outsiders and new challengers taking on the entrenched elite, represented by the likes of Pelosi. She has been embroiled in a very public battle with members of “the Squad”, including Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who represent a more left faction in the party.” That seems to imply that fakers like Ilahn Omar and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and by extension the pro war, pro neoliberal Democratic Party, are okay. I like McCleod’s point about Nancy Pelosi but I wish he’d disappear from Mint Press News.

Via the Middle East Eye report: Jack Dorsey and MbS shaking hands in photo posted by Bader al-Asaker in June 2016. Image source: Instagram

“Twitter CEO Hosted MbS 6 Months AFTER Saudi Spies Discovered Within The Company” by Tyler Durden (ZeroHedge)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

More fallout at Twitter after it was revealed last week that that two Twitter employees spied on users on behalf of Saudi Arabia — and after the arrest of one as another fled the country: CEO Jack Dorsey had actually met privately with crown prince Mohammed bin Salman six months after the company uncovered the Saudi intelligence infiltration, a new report has revealed.

Middle East Eye uncovered the critical timeline related to the meeting via the Justice Department’s criminal complaint filed in California, which raises a host of pressing questions, given the scandal was known internally to Twitter executives by December 2015, yet Dorsey sat down with MbS in June 2016…

The Washington Post reported that two employees working for the company in 2015 accessed the private information of more than 6,000 Twitter accounts. Their Saudi intelligence “handler” had actually been a close associate to MbS at the time. And yet even after this bombshell scandal was unearthed internally Jack appeared chummy and business as usual with MbS in New York.

Crucially, at least one of the accounts accessed by the spies could be related to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, given it belongs Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz, well-known to have been a close friend and confidant of Khashoggi.

Thus it’s further important to remember that this major Saudi spy infiltration of Twitter occurred significantly prior to the October 2, 2018 murder of Khashoggi by a Saudi hit team at the Istanbul consulate. What did Jack know and when of the personal Twitter information collected on Saudi dissidents accessed from within the company? Did he broach the issue with MbS during their 2016 meeting?

Whose side is (censorious) Jack and his social network on? Hint: Not ours.

Stephen Gowans (Baraka Books)

“The United States has produced very few anti-imperialists. Noam Chomsky is not among them.” by Stephen Gowans (What’s Left)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In a recent Intercept interview with the beautiful soul Mehdi Hassan, Noam Chomsky resumed his efforts to recruit the political Left into a scheme to support US imperialism.

In the interview, Chomsky spoke about his reasons for trying “to organize support for opposition to the withdrawal” of US troops from Syria. US troops ought to remain in Syria, he said, to deter a planned Turkish invasion and to prevent what he warned would be the massacre of the Kurds. Yet weeks after the Turks moved into northeastern Syria nothing on the scale of massacres had occurred.

The high-profile anarchist, former champion of international law, and one-time outspoken critic of wars of aggression, supports the uninterrupted invasion of Syria by US forces, despite the fact that the invasion is illegal and contravenes the international law to which he had so frequently sung paeans…

To make the US invasion palatable to the political Left, Chomsky misrepresents the US aggression as small-scale and guided by lofty motives. “A small US contingent with the sole mission of deterring a planned Turkish invasion,” he says, ‘is not imperialism.” But the occupation is neither small, nor guided by a mission limited to deterring a planned Turkish invasion. Either Chomsky’s grasp of the file is weak, or he’s not above engaging in a spot of sophistry.

Last year, the Pentagon officially admitted to having 2,000 troops in Syria but a top US general put the number higher, 4,000. But even that figure was, according to the Pentagon, an “artificial construct,” that is, a deliberate undercount. On top of the infantry, artillery, and forward air controllers the Pentagon officially acknowledges as deployed to Syria, there is an additional number of uncounted Special Operations personnel, as well as untallied troops assigned to classified missions and “an unspecified number of contractors” i.e., mercenaries. Additionally, combat aircrews are not included, even though US airpower is critical to the occupation. There are, therefore, many more times the officially acknowledged number of US troops enforcing an occupation of parts of Syria. Last year, US invasion forces in Syria (minus aircrew located nearby) operated out of 10 bases in the country, including “a sprawling facility with a long runway, hangars, barracks and fuel depots.”

related: “Once Again Chomsky and Achcar Provide a Service to the US Global Dictatorship” by Stephen Gowans (What’s Left?)

“Assange lawyers’ links to U.S. govt & Bill Browder raises questions” by Lucy Komisar (The Komisar Scoop)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The network of lawyers in conflicting roles in Browder, Assange and U.S. government cases raises questions about Julian Assange’s defense.

A U.S. government lawyer in the Assange extradition case just wrote a London Times oped promoting the Browder Magnitsky hoax. Ben Brandon is one of five lawyers in a London network whose spokes link to convicted tax fraudster William Browder, the U.S. government, and to both sides of the extradition case against whistleblower publisher Julian Assange…

Ben Brandon of Mishcon de Reya and Alex Bailin of Matrix Chambers co-authored an opinion article in The Times of London October 24, 2019 in which they repeated William Browder’s fabrications about the death of his accountant Sergei Magnitsky…

Bailin is a member of Matrix Chambers, which was founded by the wife of Tony Blair, the former neocon Labor British Prime Minister.

He is solidly in the Browder camp. He represented Leonid Nevzlin, a major partner of Browder collaborator Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who according to filings with FARA (the Foreign Agents Registration Act), paid $385,000 for Congress to adopt the Magnitsky Act which has been used by the U.S. as a weapon against the Russian government…

Now look at another Assange link. Mark Summers, who is representing Julian Assange, is along with Bailin a member of Matrix Chambers.

But while he is Assange’s lawyer, Summers is acting for Assange’s persecutor, the U.S. government, in a major extradition case involving executives of Credit Suisse in 2013 making fake loans and getting kickbacks from Mozambique government officials…

Jennifer Robinson of Doughty Street Chambers also has a Browder connection. She is acting for Paul Radu a journalist and official of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) which is being sued by an Azerbaijan MP. OCCRP is a Browder collaborator…

Robinson is also the longest-serving member of Assange’s legal team. She acted for Assange in the Swedish extradition proceedings and in relation to Ecuador’s request to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Advisory Opinion proceedings on the right to asylum.

Why did Assange or his advisors choose lawyers associated with the interests of the U.S. government and Browder? Or how could those lawyers be so ignorant about the facts of Browder’s massive tax evasion and his Magnitsky story fabrications?

Stephen Lendman

“Bolivia’s Self-Declared/Unelected Coup d’Etat President” by Stephen Lendman (Stephen Lendman)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On Tuesday, right-wing extremist senator Jeanine Anez Chavez illegitimately self-declared herself Bolivia’s leader, saying:

“I assume the presidency immediately and will do everything necessary to pacify the country” — by brute force, she failed to explain.

Leadership is earned, not seized. Evo Morales is Bolivia’s four-time democratically elected and reelected president.

He stepped down to avoid blood in the streets and possible assassination after the country’s military and police sold their souls to US imperial interests for whatever financial and/or other benefits gotten from the CIA.

He denounced Anez’s usurpation as illegitimate, saying she acted “without legislative quorum, surrounded by a group of accomplices and supported by the armed forces and the police, which repress the people.”

She’s Bolivia’s US-designated puppet/usurper, similar to Venezuela’s Guaido, figures contemptuous of democracy, the rule of law, equity and justice, pseudo-leaders with no legitimacy, traitors to their nations.

While was Stephen Lendman reports is accurate, there are other issues. I feel that Alexander Mercouris’s take on the situation is excellent. He acknowledges that Morales’s government was good for Bolivia and that, contrary to what the compromised OAS would have people think, he did win his election. But they noted that he did bring on the trouble he is in to some extent when he both took measures to remain president that angered the opposition and weren’t entirely reasonable and he failed, simply, to see the coup coming and purge his police and army of opposition-aligned elements. I can’t believe that after seeing this happen so often, a targetted regime’s leader would allow it to happen to him or her. This is, after all, the primary means whereby the US carries out regime change. It’s well documented. We’ve all see it play out. The reason that that didn’t work in Venezuela was precisely because Hugo Chavez did see trouble coming and did take steps to prevent the US from undoing his presidency and the progress that his country had made.

related: “Coup d’état in Bolivia topples President Evo Morales” by Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou (The Duran)

Google obtained the health data of millions of Americans, a new report claims. (Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

“‘When Will Someone Go to Jail?’: New Report Shows Google Secretly Storing Health Data of Millions of Americans” by Eloin Higgins (Common Dreams)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A “bombshell” new report from The Wall Street Journal describes a secret project from Google and healthcare giant Ascension to store data on millions of Americans, a move that critics of the tech conglomerate decried as another example of overreach.

“When will someone go to jail?” wondered mathematician and musician David C. Lowery. “That would stop this shit real fast.”

According to the Journal, Google and Ascension made the decision last year to collect the data across 21 states in an initiative named “Project Nightingale.”

Google in this case is using the data, in part, to design new software, underpinned by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, that zeroes in on individual patients to suggest changes to their care. Staffers across Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent, have access to the patient information, documents show, including some employees of Google Brain, a research science division credited with some of the company’s biggest breakthroughs.

The Journal reported that Nightingale’s scope “pertains to lab results, doctor diagnoses and hospitalization records, among other categories, and amounts to a complete health history, including patient names and dates of birth.”

Note: I do not at all endorse Common Dreams which banned me from its site a number of years ago. There’s enough info about that on my blog. Just use the search feature if you’re interested. I came to this article, whose report seems straightforward enough and is useable, via a link from another site that is alternative but not one I visit often. And I came to that site via a link on another site that I do visit often.

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