Covid 19 – Foreknowledge Or, If You Prefer, The Plandemic

Click on the above image in order to go to James Corbett’s Bitchute channel where you can watch the show. James answers a subscriber’s question about foreknowledge of the covid 19 pandemic, or (if there was such foreknowledge) ‘plandemic’. James, too, omits research by Larry Romanoff. It surprises me that so many of those who have been providing what I consider to be the best information on this hoax ignore Romanoff’s investigations. Ryan Cristian did not. Click here to view his discussion of Larry’s research. Warning: Ryan is hard to watch/hear. His delivery is just awful. Try to endure it. Personally, he causes my brain to shut down. James inititally referred to Scott Ritter’s article as good. He gave no qualification. He now seems to entertain the possibility that the article, and conclusions that we may draw from it, needs to be interrogated. Scott’s unquestioning attitutde toward pronouncements by WHO is what caused my alarm to go off.

Here’s the article from Nature that James looks at in the above linked-to show: “Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research” by Declan Butler (Nature). Here’s a message that Nature has recently attached to that informative article: “Editors’ note, March 2020: We are aware that this story is being used as the basis for unverified theories that the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 was engineered. There is no evidence that this is true; scientists believe that an animal is the most likely source of the coronavirus.” You’re pathetic Nature! Unverified, by the way, does not mean unproven. As I’ve noted before, I see no reason, anyway, why the TCC’s fascist assets couldn’t just use one of the bugs in their possession to sow chaos. The bug wouldn’t have to be a super killer. The task would be to create a narrative around the outbreaks (plural) and bamboozle everyone, medical professionals and politicians included (especially, since they would in turn cause non professionals to unquestioningly accept the spin). It’s breathtaking how big this hoax is and how well they pulled it off, although the fantasy they’ve spun is beginning to unravel as 1. people – those who are still more human than bovine – get a good look at what kind of people are selling the idea of a covid 19 pandemic and 2. medical experts are blowing the whistle in droves. What helps to maintain the hoax, besides having ruined people who are no more capable of resisting their own slaughter than cattle, is the fact that the whistleblowers are shut out of the corporate media that the majority of the population gets all of its information from.

In regard to the above linked-to video (click on image): Good luck Dan getting people to act like people and not cattle. Seth Rogan: You’re a loser!

Here’s my question: Can cattle think?:

“Can Cattle Think?”

Deborah, clearly, is ‘not’ following science. She’s following a plan. I’d be interested to know what Peter Phillips thinks of the covid 19 hoax, but I see nothing online. He surely must have some thoughts. If I can find an email for him, I’ll ask him.

Jefferey Jaxen

“SHOULD WE TRUST THE COVID-19 CASE COUNT?” by Jefferey Jaxen (The Highwire)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

More than one million people have seen Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jenson break the news that he received guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to code COVID-19 deaths for deceased patients whether or not there has been a confirmed laboratory testing result..

Death certificates used to and are customarily supposed to contain “just the facts” around that which was known, no presumptions or probabilities. By passing along this new guidance, the CDC has forever skewed the true reporting, and by extension, all future data models which incorporate the tainted and now surly inflated mortality rates. The CDC report referenced by Dr. Jenson is titled Vital Statistics Reporting Guidance: Report No.3…

Far from a one-off administrative slip-up from the CDC, Dr. Deborah Birx also went all-in during a recent press conference: “In this country we’ve taken a liberal approach to mortality…If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.”

Is the CDC acting alone in contaminating the COVID-19 data pool by its questionable guidance? Unfortunately, no.

GreenMedInfo reported that in late March, the National Vital Statistics system (NVISS) released its guidance directing those recording death certificates to identify the cause of death to be COVID-19 even when it is only “assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) also followed suit by releasing a “emergency use ICD codes” guidance for COVID-19 lease diagnosis and mortality coding. Under the WHO’s new direction, “an emergency ICD-10 code of ‘u07.2 COVID-19, virus not identified’ is assigned to a clinical or epidemiological diagnosis of COVID-19 where laboratory confirmation is inconclusive or not available.”

The medical community may be making some broad assumptions when testing isn’t available. But we can rely on the accuracy of those testing positive—right?

No. Shortcomings of the testing used for COVID-19 are known and are legion. We are forced to question their accuracy. Pulling quotes from official government and testing sources, investigative journalist Jon Rappoport destroys the scientific validity of the current testing: “Some PCR tests register positive for types of coronavirus that have nothing to do with COVID…a positive test for COVID may not indicate the actual cause of disease…the test can read falsely positive if the patient has one of a number of other irrelevant viruses in his body.”

The act’s $2T in aid earmarked $100 billion for hospitals as part of the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund. It averages out to about $108,000 per hospital bed in the U.S.

Oversight of the $100B appears limited. Reports by the Secretary are to be submitted to Congress within 60 days of the bill’s signing and only require cursory state-level totals of how the money was distributed. The only additional required oversight for the $100 billion hospital fund is an audit—three years after the Fund is exhausted!

With oversight limited and unclear boundaries for reporting, there appears room for negligence within several levels of the system. Namely, an incentive for hospitals to fudge their COVID-19 numbers in favor of a money grab.

But doctors would never lie to us. Right? They are the authorities and upright citizens. Like banks, all of which (here in Canada and I’m sure everywhere) use offshore tax havens, where their money is mixed with money from terrorists and the worst of the worst. But when you go into your bank, What do you think? You think ‘law-abiding’, a pillar of society, honest, professional etc.. I learned differently from reading books like “Thieves Of Bay Street,” by (faker, as it turns out) and “Imperialist Canada,” by Todd Gordon. Bill Gates is now, gulp!, an expert on vaccines. He’s mentioned in an alarming video discussion with Janine Roberts, who describes, in one part of her discussion, how a virus is made. (See below) Scammer Tony Fauci is a medical professional. Neil Ferguson, a professional with Imperial College whose model was the one upon which the UK (and other countries) based their police State suppression measures was 13 years old when there was no covid 19 (unless the plandemic was planned in that much specificity). And he wouldn’t give his coding for that model to others in the medical profession so that they could do their equivalent of reproducibility! Then his organization later decides that it made a mistake – now projecting 20,000 deaths from covid 19 down from 500,000 – and said “Opps!” and tried to use the excuse that the suppression measures, in place in the UK at that time for ONE day, changed their numbers. Wake up people!

I don’t know what’s going on with The Highwire. I’ve signed up with The Highwire the way Del constantly pleads with everyone to do. I get nothing in my inbox from them, let alone a special video promised where he films himself getting tested for covid 19. I’ve used their contact forms a couple of times to contact them and received no response. I leave comments on the blog there, which Del urged everyone to visit. I also see zero comments. Is that just me? I have no way to know until I can contact The Highwire, which I can’t do.

Your Vaccine Is Ready! Reportedly, Bill Gates, who wants to vaccinate every child on the planet steadfastly refuses to let his own children be vaccinated. That’s ‘one’ report I’ve seen, ergo… Click on the image in order to view the video on my Bitchute channel.

Jon Rappoport

“My conversation with State Senator and doctor who exposes Medicare payouts for COVID-19 patients” by Jon Rappoport (John Rappoport’s Blog)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A state senator has suddenly come out of nowhere and made big news…

I reached out to Senator Jensen, and obtained clarification. Jensen told me his remark pertained to patients with Medicare coverage. And the 2 payouts he mentioned are standard insurance payments from Medicare which would go to the hospital.

Of course, he explained, some hospitals have a pay-share plan with their staff doctors. Therefore, a windfall for the hospital is passed along to those doctors.

Jensen told me: Take a Medicare patient who is diagnosed with simple non-COVID pneumonia. The hospital would receive a one-time Medicare lump-sum payout of $4600.

However, if that Medicare patient is diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia, the Medicare coverage is a one-time $13,000 payment. And if the hospital puts that COVID-19 pneumonia patient on a ventilator, the one-time payment is $39,000. NOTE: It doesn’t matter how long these patients stay in hospital—there is only going to be one lump-sum insurance payment.

So, I infer, there are several types of financial incentives for hospitals—

ONE: Diagnose as many people as possible with COVID-19.

TWO: Diagnose as many people as possible with COVID-19 who have light symptoms—making it easy to move them out of the hospital quickly.

THREE: Put as many COVID patients as possible on ventilators for as short a time as possible…

As I’ve reported [2], New York ER doctor, Cameron Kyle-Sidell [3], has made public statements about the misuse of ventilators with supposed COVID-19 patients. He’s stated that some of these patients actually have functioning lungs. Their immediate and dire life-threatening situation is straight oxygen deficit, as if they have high-altitude sickness. But pressure on the lungs, applied by the use of ventilators via standard rigid protocols, he says, can cause damage, and even death.

Imagine what would happen if another way—NOT ventilators—was found to usefully and safely deliver oxygen to these patients.

The hospitals wouldn’t get their huge $39,000 payout for each Medicare patient put on a ventilator.

What do you think a hospital would say…what decision would the hospital make…would the hospital allow a better and safer and necessary delivery system for oxygen? For every labeled “COVID-19 patient” whose desperate emergency is a straight deficit of oxygen?

Would the hospital forego all those huge Medicare coverage payouts?

“COVID: The squeeze play on the population” by John Rappoport (John Rappoport’s Blog)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

===== =
It’s a con as old as the hills. The ancient chieftain of a little territory looks out across his domain and says to his top aide, “You know, we have these clusters of people worshiping different gods. That’s not good for business. Our business is CONTROL, so we need UNITY. Make up the name of some god, and go out there and sell it. Take down those little shrines and tell all the people they have to believe in the new deity. Use force and censorship when necessary. Later on, I may decide I’M really the name you chose for the new god. We’ll see. If you have any trouble right away, call me on my cell. I’ll be out sunning by the pool.”

Unity of thought. That’s what controllers are after.

In the case of this fake epidemic, the population must view WHAT IT IS in the way public officials and the press are describing it. Dissenting analysis must be pushed into the background…

Independent analysis of the “epidemic” hangs in the balance. The masters of control want to maintain an information monopoly.

It goes without saying that, in order to achieve this monopoly, detailed surveillance of Internet content is necessary…

The tracing tools appear to involve a very rapid expansion of Snitch Culture. What else are “opt-in users” going to communicate about? The weather? Lunch?

“Dear Relevant Users and Public Health Officials: Yes, I know Marty. Sad to hear he’s been diagnosed with COVID-19. I did have a brief meeting with him just prior to the lockdown. I suppose I might be infected. I should get tested right away. Let’s see, who else was at the meeting? Marty’s brother, Felix, and Carrie, who is Felix’ on and off girlfriend. Six months ago she was tested for an STD, I don’t know the results—Sandy, the broker at Wilson and Wise was also at the meeting—OMG, that could mean the whole company is infected—and Sandy’s dog Tootsie—can animals spread the virus?—then there was a janitor who came into the room, I think his name is Al. He lives down near the docks. He has a brother who I hear is a drug dealer and a compulsive gambler. He owes money to some nasty people, I think…Anything I can do to stop the spread of the virus, let me know…”

Enlist the citizenry to act as spies on each other. A useful tactic…

An answer? A counter? More citizens must become independent reporters and publish their findings. More citizens must set up blogs and sites that act as old-fashioned street newsstands, posting the work of independent journalists and investigators.
= =====

“Passport to the Brave New World: the vaccine” by John Rappoport (John Rappoport’s Blog)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

||| |
Events can move in several directions, going forward. In this article, I explore one of those directions.

The occasion is this fake pandemic; the big hammer is the vaccine against the phony COVID.

As Fauci mentioned a couple of months ago, it could be a DNA vaccine—new technology—which means it is really gene therapy. Synthesized genes are injected into the body. They purportedly set up immunity. Actually, they PERMANENTLY alter the genetic makeup of the recipient…

The so-called immunity certificates Fauci is now talking about? They would be issued to people who test positive on the new antibody tests for COVID-19—which is an interesting turnaround, because, since 1984, positive tests results have generally been taken to mean “infected.” Why the shift?

Because there is a need for these immunity certificates—as an INTRO to condition the population to an IDEA.

If and when the COVID vaccine arrives, the certificates would be used to signify immunity for all those who take the shot.

It would function as a license. Your passport into the Brave New World. You’re “immune,” so you’re allowed to move out of fear mode. And circulate and travel and enter schools…

Here is the punchline: “The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.”

Read that again: “the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA.”

Alteration of the human genetic makeup.

Not just a “visit.” Permanent residence…

The vaccine masters have a problem. They know their genetic technology is far from perfect. Plans to re-engineer the human race are not a simple one two three.

For example, consider the latest and greatest genetic tool, called CRISPR.

Here is a backgrounder I wrote a year ago.

New CRISPR gene-editing: the extreme dangers (6/26/17): “CRISPR gene editing is taking biomedical research by storm. Providing the ultimate toolbox for genetic manipulation, many new applications for this technology are now being investigated and established. CRISPR systems are already delivering superior genetic models for fundamental disease research, drug screening and therapy development, rapid diagnostics, in vivo editing and correction of heritable conditions and now the first human CRISPR clinical trials.”

All hail.

It’s called CRISPR, a much faster, more precise, and cheaper technique for editing genes. Researchers are in love with it. You can find hundreds of articles and studies fawning over the innovation.

At, however, we have this, ahem, warning note (5/29/17): “…a new study published in Nature Methods has found that the gene-editing technology can introduce hundreds of unintended mutations into the genome.”

| |||


“The War on Death” by C.J. Hopkins (The Consent Factory)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

OK, I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some some bad news. The good news is mainly for authoritarians who missed all the fun during the War on Terror. The news is … welcome to the War on Death!

Yes, that’s right, global capitalism (a/k/a “the world”) is now at war with Death … which is great news for authoritarians! No more bothersome critical thinking. The time for questioning our leaders is over. It’s time to shut up and follow orders. We’re in a global state of emergency, folks! We’re talking lockdowns, soldiers in the streets, abrogation of our constitutional rights, arbitrary arrests, indefinite detentions, round-the-clock media fear-propaganda … the whole totalitarian megillah!

What, you’re probably asking, is the War on Death? Well … for those who remember the War on Terror, the War on Death is just like that, except this time the evil enemy is Death … or, all right, maybe not exactly like that, but there are a number of striking similarities.

For one thing, just like the War on Terror, we didn’t start it. Death attacked us! There we were, peacefully going about our global capitalist business, quelling a worldwide “populist” rebellion orchestrated by Russian-backed Nazis, when Death attacked us with a coronavirus … more or less exactly the way that the terrorists attacked us in 2001…

The U.S. Department of Justice is asking Congress for the power to detain people indefinitely. The British Parliament is on the brink of passing an emergency “Coronavirus Bill” that will (among other unsettling provisions) grant authorities the power to arrest and indefinitely quarantine anyone they deem a “potentially infectious person” … or, in other words, pretty much anyone they want.

As if that wasn’t dystopian enough, according to a report in Politico:

“Counter-terrorism troops have been redeployed across Italy to beef up police forces throughout Italian cities. Patrol cars are now circulating in every major city in Italy with a monotone male voice warning citizens over a loudspeaker not to leave their residences or risk a ticket. ‘GO BACK INTO YOUR HOMES,’ the voice warns.”

But wait, it gets even better than that. In Missouri, prosecutors have charged an idiot who licked some items at Walmart as a “terrorist.” I kid you not, a Coronavirus Terrorist. I could go on, but I think you get the picture (if you need more examples, check this Twitter thread)…

The point is, the global capitalist empire (for whatever reasons, real or imagined) has turned on the MINDLESS HYSTERIA machine, and dialed it up as high as it goes. People are in full-blown headless chicken mode. No one (or hardly anyone) is thinking, or listening to dissenting opinions, or paying attention to official statistics, or common sense, or anything else that contradicts the War on Death narrative…

In short, the authorities have whipped the masses into an orgy of shrieking, white-eyed FEAR of this new, evil, “invisible enemy” that is coming to kill them and their families. Millions of people (now confined in their homes) have taken to the Internet to pump up the hysteria, share totally un-sourced personal accounts of the horrors their therapists’ accountants’ doctors have personally witnessed on the war’s “front lines,” and hunt down any infected persons, or potentially infected persons (or otherwise uncooperative persons) who might have gone outside for some air.

So, that’s the good news for you authoritarians! For the rest of us … yeah, not so good.

Oh, I almost forgot the bad news. The bad news is … well, the bad news is Death. The bad news is, you are going to die. I’m going to die. We are all going to die. All of us. We are going to die. We are going to die of … well, something. Cancer. A heart attack. A stroke. The flu. Diabetes. Alzheimer’s disease. Possibly a coronavirus. Maybe even this coronavirus.

“Coronavirus – The Aftermath. A Coming Mega-Depression…” by Peter Koenig (Global Research)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On March 26, in a peer-reviewed article in the highly reputed New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, one of the 27 institutes and centers that make up the US National Institutes of Health – NIH), likened COVID19 to a stronger than usual common flu:

If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.

This scientific assessment in the New England Journal of Medicine has not prevented Dr. Fauci from saying exactly the opposite, when interviewed by the mainstream media…

What the world is experiencing, resembles a well-planned worldwide declaration and implementation of Martial Law with socio-economically disastrous consequences, far worse than the disease itself…

The picture of a coming mega-depression, that never existed in recent history, may continue as many of the bankrupt small and medium size enterprises – including airlines, tourist industries – et al, will be bought up by huge monopolies, that already exist, (e.g.Google, Amazon, AliBaba and more). Mergers of gigantic proportions may take place. It may be the last shift of capital from the bottom to the top in our era of civilization as we know it.

5G and Artificial Intelligence

In the meantime, G5 and soon to come, 6G will be rolled out to drive Artificial Intelligent (AI) which may push ahead the development of these colossal corporations, their production, distribution and ultimately the peoples’ consumption around the world.

Telecom companies are already flooding the world with electromagnetic fields (EMF), so poisonous that many people will be affected. The plan is to increase its intensity by tens of thousands of satellites to cover by 2030 every centimeter of the planet. But get this, none of the health impacts of 5G have been officially studied. Not in the US, not in Europe and not in China. The impact may be disastrous on human life, and on life on Mother Earth in general.

Numerous scientists have written about it, warned governments of the potentially disastrous effects on life – and have launched petitions to stop the launch of 5G, or to put a moratorium on 5G until serious studies have been carried out…

As of this day, WHO has strangely kept silence on the issues related to 5G. Why? – There are unproven suspicions voiced, including from some renown scientists that the severity of COVID-19 may, at least in some cases, have to do with 5G.

5G has already been rolled out in Northern Italy, Rome and Napoli – and in New York City…

In 1974, under the Nixon administration, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was entrusted –under the auspices of the National Security Council– to outline the contours of a “depopulation program” largely targeting Third World countries. A Document entitled NSC Study Memorandum 200 was drafted.

The Depopulation Agenda has remained an integral part of US foreign policy. It was also endorsed by several corporate charities and foundations. In this regard, the Bill and Melinda Gates and the Rockefeller foundations have addressed the relationship between extreme poverty and depopulation.

Is population reduction part of this ongoing pandemic exercise which may be followed by a compulsory vaccination program?

Bill Gates in a 2010 TED show talked about a 10% to 15% population reduction (circa 1 billion people) through global vaccination, health care, etc…

The Gates Foundation has for the last 20 years carried out intensive children vaccination programs in Africa.

In 2014 and 2015 Kenya carried out a massive tetanus vaccination program, sponsored by WHO and UNICEF. The Government administered a vaccine of tetanus toxoid impregnated with beta human chorionic gonadotropin (BhCG) that causes permanent infertility among girls and women, to about 500,000 girls and women between the ages 14 and 49.

An organization called GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) is a public-private partnership; the public part being WHO and UNICEF; the private partners are a series of pharma-giants. GAVI is handing out free vaccines to poor countries, like Kenya.

If a vaccine can be implanted with a sterilization agent, any other health or DNA affecting molecule or protein can be put into a vaccination cocktail. (See these references Kenya: Thousands infertile after govt-sponsored vaccination and “Mass Sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine?…

There is another important factor which may all be linked the COVID-19 outbreak, curiously right at the beginning of the decade 2020, and only a few weeks after Event 201 on October 18, in NYC, sponsored by – you guessed it, Bill Gates, The Johns Hopkins University Health Institute (founded by the Rockefeller Foundation), and the WEF (World Economic Forum), that meets every year in January in Davos Switzerland).

One of the agenda items of Event 201, was a simulation of a pandemic – curiously called 2019-nCoV – the current corona virus pandemic…

Strangely in order to carry out and monitor these various components of a larger game plan or picture, there is this little-heared-of Agenda ID2020 – also a creation of the Gates Foundation. One of the Cabal’s ideas is to have every citizen of the world equipped with an electronic identity, so he can be followed and his words and actions monitored everywhere. This is one of the Agenda ID2020 tasks, to be first tested – currently ongoing – in Bangladesh.

The idea is, in due time (whenever the program is ready) – to use the vaccination program, possibly forced, to inject along with the vaccine also a nano-chip, that can be injected along with the vaccination program. It could be done without the person’s knowledge and later remotely uploaded with personal data, from health records, to criminal records, to bank accounts. In fact, the Gates Foundation, together with GAVI has already developed a tattoo-like chip which would be used for both, vaccination and electronic ID.

That was a large excerpt, but it was just such a good comprehensive, concise look at what’s going on, I felt it was important to share Peter’s information with you. However, for those without time, this might serve to replace the full article. While there may be more people than ever out there with time on their hands, are they reading this or watching tv?

With regard to gangster Tony Fauci’s contradictory statements, and other obvious contradictions and misinformation and outright fake news reports: Cattle watching tv won’t see the contradictions! They can’t think!

You’d think that even the monsters who own, run and ruin the world might pause at setting up a network of 5G cells that could possibly rob ‘all of us’ of oxygen. Peter Tocci has written what I’m sure are some interesting articles on 5G. I haven’t had a chance to review them, but readers who might want to dive deeper into 5G might keep that name in mind. As well, Derrick Broze and James Corbett have examined 5G fairly extensively, not as scientists but as investigative journalists. (They confuse technology with technocracy in my opinion. But set that aside. They have lots to offer.) I haven’t examined all that’s on offer by those fellows, but I have viewed a number of videos. I was particularly interested in the coverage of Alphabet’s Smart City plans for Toronto, where I see Rogers is cheerily announcing it’s roll-out of the (initially) not requested, anti-people technology.

“50 Headlines: Welcome to the “new normal”” by ? (Off Guardian)

One of the entries presented in the above linked-to article follows:

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