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The End

Source: The Progressive Economics Forum » Banking on Privatization? An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Toby Sanger follows: ====== oo Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth makes it look like match made in heaven… The … Continue reading

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Common Dreams wants donations and will sacrifice progressives to get them.

From here on, for a while (until I’m moved and settled), my posts will be semi drafts. I wouldn’t publish anything truly draft. I just mean to say that where I would ordinarily add more, often from my own library, … Continue reading

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He’s Just We Need. Ditch Him

Left and Right seem to agree that Trump is disliked by the rightwing establishment. That contention, while possibly true, is problematic. Continue reading

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The Decline Of Freedom And The Intensification Of Global Fascism

“…a perusal of the Guardian newspaper quickly reveals that their chief concern has been with a non-existent ‘Russian threat’. One of their reporters – or old friend, Luke Harding – described Right Sector as an ‘’eccentric group of people with unpleasant right-wing views.’’ Priceless! This must rank as the political understatement of the century. In fact, the Guardian was simply reiterating the US-imposed neo-conservative foreign policy.” – Off Guardian’s Frank Continue reading

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A Victory, But Not For God

In life, I have found, there are sometimes no win situations. For me, This having to accept that someone, even if she (and her enablers) is a good person, who kills (against God’s laws) her unborn child via abortion (talking about ‘unnecessary’ abortion), is free to do so if there’s no persuading her, with love, not to. As the Christian Bible states at Romans chapter 14:12, “Each of us will render an account for himself to God.” Do those who don’t accept that abortion is acceptable and who don’t accept that it is acceptable to do nothing about women contemplating abortion (that isn’t necessary) think it’s acceptable to violate other laws of God? Continue reading

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