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Wait And See Is Fine. But Care And Know

Let the corporatocracy have this (2015) NDP and let progressives be very, very aware of what’s going on and leave this NDP to it’s own devices. (It’s such a good thing that the troublemakers want to maintain this NDP instead of pretending to be with us, expressing an interest in starting from scratch. With them wanting to use this NDP, that’s progressives’ opportunity to purge them out, simply by leaving them behind. Continue reading

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The DEEPLY Depressing 2015 Canadian Election 2

I watched a second English language leaders’ debate the evening of . It was sponsored by the Globe And Mail and took place in Calgary. The focus was on the economy. The rightwing Globe wouldn’t let Elizabeth May particpate. That was shameful. She sits in Parliament and is the leader of her Party! Even more shameful, and rather secret, was the Globe’s partnering with tax evader Google! Continue reading

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Ex Human

“The lamp of the body is the eye. If your eye is focussed, then your whole body will be bright. But if your eye is unfocussed, then your whole body will be dark. If in fact the light that is in you is actually darkness, then how great that darkness is!” – Jesus’s words as recorded at Matthew 6:22,23. And not often enough are those words translated well. Jesus’s ideas turn out to be simple, and common sense, but you’d never know it from the way various groups and individuals twist them around. Continue reading

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Everyone Ignores the TPP Elephant

Justin Trudeau, like the other leadership hopefuls in this 2015 Canadian election, depends on Canadians not paying a lot of attention and not caring about much more than their own personal problems. Continue reading

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Attacking The People’s Champions Means Attacking The People

There’s no positive professionalism in the gangster corporatocracy and the mafia (neoliberal or fascist) capitalism it embraces. It’s not about what you know and the talent you bring to the table, where everyone with power figures out ways to make the world safe and prosperous for everyone. Instead, It’s about who you know and what you can do for those who you know who happen to have more power than you do, who can prosper and protect you, possibly, if you please them. Continue reading

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