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Evil Versus Imperfection

This dark world’s rulers have modified themselves into being monsters. Their values are: ‘riches for the strongest’. In other words, Their values are machismo, violence, fierceness, betrayal and lawlessness. And they have no hesitation about spiritually and mentally ruining millions if they think, as they have chosen to think, that the result will be glory to them. When you weaken people to the point where you can take anything, including life, from those ruined ones, and then when you proceed to take from them, you get their attention. And that’s your glory, which will meet a greater glory. But that isn’t something they dwell on. It could slow them down.
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Peace On Earth To All Those With The Right Political Views

Those with the ‘right’ political views will always be welcomed by Canada’s 1% and it’s chief spokesperson, Stephen Harper. Continue reading

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Being A Victim Is A Crime In Harper’s Mafia Capitalist World

The pathology of powerful people who knowingly and willingly choose darkness: You, the suicide, need to prove to yourself that the God who you’ve rejected, along with his standards (or you wouldn’t reject him) and sought to replace isn’t there, because, simplisticly, you imagine that once you know he’s not there, then neither is his adverse judgment, which you richly deserve. Since he’s a God of love, you do things that, logically, should get his attention and perhaps, force his appearance. You’ve got it all figured out. So you do evil against others and against God. He doesn’t appear and you’re relieved, temporarily. Lucky us. Continue reading

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Deepening Darkness

“The Board seemed to hinge their case on what was on picket signs, and the fact that some of our members had written things on picket signs that were central issues. But we didn’t give those people those signs, they chose to express themselves. So really what they are saying is that if you are on a picket line, you don’t have freedom of expression,” said Mike Bettiol. Continue reading

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“Today’s WTO ruling, which effectively orders the U.S. government to stop providing consumers basic information about where their food comes from, offers a clear example of why so many Americans and members of Congress oppose the Fast Tracking of more so-called ‘trade’ pacts that threaten commonsense consumer safeguards,” said [Lori] Wallach. “The corporations lobbying to Fast Track the TPP must be groaning right now, as this ruling against a popular consumer protection in the name of ‘free trade’ spotlights exactly why there is unprecedented opposition to more of these deals.” Continue reading

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