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The United Nations: Cursed, Not Blessed

The UN cannot truly oppose those states – including the biggest, rogue (from the standpoint in believers in the rule of law and order), state – that are attacking whistleblowers, journalists and journalism, and by extension knowledge and information (light) that the people would otherwise possess, because it itself obeys a higher power, namely the same higher power that the private sector, it’s partner political classes and corrupted progressive media get their authority and direction from, namely Satan. Continue reading

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The Tyee Asks Us Whether We’d STILL Like Electoral Reform

And then there are people who don’t care enough to know, who get their knowledge of the world from corporate-owned media – no bias there of course – and actually thought the past federal election was useful, to the ‘whole’ country, who voted for Trudeau, who are idiots in the conventional sense. Continue reading

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Irony And An Iron Grip

It’s ironic that RT is frantically churning out commentary denouncing the attack on it’s freedom of speech and journalism, while the losers who it hired to manage their readers comments, online, are censoring some of us. Continue reading

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Intercepting The People’s Champions

Progressive media is dying everywhere. By ‘dying’, I don’t mean ‘not having success’. I mean that the org, or/and writers or/and editors or/and managers, attached to it are going over to the 1%’s camp. The genius of the dark forces at work here can be seen here in how those turned progressives have been, and even continue to be (in some areas), against neoliberal/ neoconservative forces. And they can be ‘against’ that crowd in the most convincing manner – with articulateness, facts, stats and eloquence. Continue reading

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Divide And Conquer – Global Fascism

The world that the powerful, who are powerful because they are unprincipled, unwise bullies, is dark and violent and not what normal (un-self-modified) people want. ‘Riches for the strongest’ is a game that those who have jettisoned Jesus’s golden rule (love others the way you would be loved) for the brutal neoconservative/ neoliberal approach to civilization-building like to play, because it’s a game in which there ‘has to be losers’. Normal people, not including victims who have bought that darkness, reject ‘riches for the strongest’ BECAUSE it is a game in which there ‘has to be’ losers. Continue reading

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