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Omar Khadr vs The Nazis

The Star and it’s gatekeepers hate some subjects more than others. If they are going to talk about Omar, then they prefer to talk at us while spewing hatred. Do they hate Omar? It doesn’t matter how it started. Their criminal treatment of Omar as a child, and now, deserves to be punished. Period. They are in control of what they do. We certainly have no power over them. Not in this ‘democracy’. And so, God will deal with these fascists and all of the lovers of inequality on this planet. Continue reading

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Professional Scam Artists part 10

WordPress is being destroyed by those who manage it. That’s this godless world for you. I don’t have a huge following. But, for those of you who follow me, Don’t be surprised if I disappear soon. They have dumbed down the once great platform that is How this benefits them, I don’t know. But it’s their calculation that it does. (The capitalist motto is at play here: ‘Take what you get whether you like it or not and even if it hurts you’.) But they sure are making a lot of us bloggers miserable. Just like that, the company has told all of us using the free that that’s how it is and we are free to migrate our blogs to the hosting sites of our choice. There’s nothing nice about that. The disruption is mind boggling, more for some than others. is now for kids (of all ages) only. I assume that they figure those ones will all be on smart phones and tablets, a better kind of platform for the kiddie version of Continue reading

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‘I’ Am Filtered Out

In his discussion with Diane Rehm, Josh Fox explains how the gas industry deployed vets to do psyops against him and how they even stole his name so that people Googling it would land on fake sites. You name it. The earnest pleas of innocence from the likes of Steve Everley, with the Independent Petroleum Association of America, are really meant for a large segment of the population that pays zero attention and only knows what the mainstream media pushes at them as they slouch in front of their television sets. Continue reading

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Support From Canadian Major Media For Stephen Harper

Canadian Press and The Toronto Star thinks corporatocracy style ‘stability’, and leaders like Stephen Harper who endorse it, is okay. That kind of stability exists when ‘strong man’ (individual or composite) leaders repress their people so that powerful, entrenched special interests can do what they want without worrying about whether it’s something that harms the people or goes against their wishes. ‘Strong man’ leaders, whether male or female, are those who are willing to sell their souls for personal gain. They may have required no compulsion or they may have required some compulsion or some combination of enticement and compulsion. But the end result is the smothering of democracy and the advancement of fascism. Continue reading

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The ‘Total Information Awareness’ Crowd Depends On Canadians Volunteering To Be Dumb Cattle

“At the end of the eighteenth century, everything was public knowledge except that which was consciously held back. By the second half of the twentieth century, everything was privileged information except that which was consciously given out.” – John Ralston Saul, page 285 of “Voltaire’s Bastards – The Dictatorship Of Reason In The West” Continue reading

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