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Visitors To Alternet Aren’t As Stupid As Steven Rosenfeld Seems To Believe They Are

I have no use for Hillary (whose allies are Alternet’s allies), Obama or Trump and I am not a fan of Putin, who’s got a lot more going for him than the psychos who want war with Russia, Syria, Iran and China. For one thing, he shows solidarity with his own people, as far as I can tell. And he certainly didn’t ‘hack’ the US election that was already hacked by both wings of the same bird of prey (Upton Sinclair), namely the Republican ‘Party’ and the Democratic Party. Continue reading

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How (Good And Bad) People Spread Darkness

I don’t think people believe that I’m bad for trying to teach that there is a Creator God. But what people think, passively, is not always what they think actively… You see, There’s a social dimension to it. As long as we don’t have a problem with the community we feel ourselves a part of, then we will endeavor to be accepted, and approved, by it. But how far will you go in trying to prove your truth, which I consider a Lie? If your community decides to lynch me, Are you going to go along with it in order to get along? Continue reading

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What do ice shelves and great WordPress features have in common?

I hate WordPress! Yes, You read that right. I hate it the way I hate Google. Tax evader Google is too big to ingore. You can cut it out a little, but never completely. If you’re a serious – which … Continue reading

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Never meet your heroes they say. Is this why?

I listened to a talk my Craig Murray recently in which he told the story of meeting Jesse Jackson. That’s when he quoted someone else who had said “Never meet your heroes.” He was appalled by Jesse Jackson. I had that reaction to the man years ago in relation to his blatherings about Terri Schiavo. Anyway, I just had my own unpleasant encounter with a hero (maybe not hero but highly regarded). Jeffrey St. Clair floored me with his rudeness. Continue reading

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“Comments on Eric Zuesse’s Christ’s Ventriloquists: The Event that Created Christianity”

Is it just me or is Eric, author of “Christ’s Ventriloquists: The Event That Created Christianity,” saying that those who agree with him here are super clever and possess the power to engage in rigorous intellectual investigation that those who don’t agree with can’t muster? Continue reading

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