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Professional Scam Artists part 12

Professional scam artists abound. This is their world. That’s why police authorities are so cavalier about it all. Like Peter Dale Scott said about the criminal underworld and all else, It’s all one big ball of wax. Police authorities have to control investigations. They have to be selective and cautious about them, because they know that it’s too easy to pull on a thread that unravels everything, even their own sad role in the gangster Corporatocracy. Continue reading

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Professional Scam Artists part 11

“I am shocked that Nestlé is allowed to continue pumping millions of litres of water per day from its main well in Aberfoyle, Ontario despite the fact that the corporation’s permit to do so expired over a year ago.” – Council of Canadians, part of the form letter in their petition to the Wynne government of Ontario Continue reading

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Criteria for links

I have decided to yank some of my blog’s links. The reason for that is that those links lead to sites where there is no opportunity for open public interaction (commenting). Sites that allow only Facebook users to comment are … Continue reading

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The Avalanche – Snapshot 2 – Oct 22, ’17

Gog’s attack is picking up steam, a good thing, since it ends with this system of things being destroyed. So we are near the end of this darkness. ‘Gog’, Jehovah’s Witnesses say (said) probably means ‘darkness’, which would track. Ezekiel prophesied that Gog would attack God’s people in the last days. Which doesn’t prevent him from attacking everyone. Continue reading

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They Play And We Pay

Without a monstrous global, capitalist system that goes a long way toward allowing those who choose to self-modify themselves into being believers in inequality, How would the issue/lesson of universal sovereignty be taught? Continue reading

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