No Annoying Copyright Rules Here!

I hate finding copyright notices everywhere. Information strains to be free, while we strain to hide it. And civilization is the poorer for it. Corporatocracy is the richer for it.

I’m not an extremist, although I have definite ideas about things. If I don’t have to take an extreme position, I won’t. I can’t really articulate that position. It just feels right. So, I do recognize that not everything about copyright is negative. It’s just that, on balance, I don’t like it. Maybe that’s because in a sense, I’m already a citizen of the new world to come, where everyone’s honest and well intentioned and we think and behave differently.

Do you want to use material on my blog? Go ahead. Use whatever you want and however much you want. Seriously. I would hope that you honestly attribute when you borrow from me (and you don’t have to fret over that; keep it simple), but even there, That’s up to you. I have no real fear of what your use of my material, dishonestly, might mean for me. God will judge us all. I have some small fear, however. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.