Lawlessness / Ruined – part 13

From Brent’s blog:
Meera Karunananthan of the Blue Planet Project took part in this March 2014 rally in San Salvador in support of the General Water Law now being undermined by ARENA.

“Popular mobilizations in El Salvador oppose ARENA’s Comprehensive Water Law” by Brent Patterson (The Council of Canadians)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Popular mobilizations are taking place in El Salvador as ARENA creates the conditions for the corporate control of water through legislation introduced in the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly following the March 2018 election.

International Allies against Metal Mining coordinator Pedro Cabezas writes, “The results of the March 4th legislative elections strengthened the balance of power in favor of ARENA and the pro-business right-wing block of the legislature. With a total of 61 out of 84 seats, the right has more than 50 percent of the votes needed to pass simple legislation without debate, and more than the two-thirds majority required to approve the national budget, make constitutional amendments, appoint heads of key government institutions and members of the judiciary, rule out presidential vetoes, and even impeach the president.”

“Police guard Amazon’s operations at San Fernando de Henares”

“Police beat up Amazon strikers in Spain” by James Lerner and Paul Mitchell (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Police charged a picket line and beat Amazon workers during the second day of a three-day strike at the company’s largest logistics centre in Spain at San Fernando de Henares, Madrid.

The strike was timed to coincide with Amazon’s “Prime Day,” and took place as thousands of workers in Germany and Poland also struck the company.

Until the police attack, the Amazon workers and their supporters had been peacefully picketing, under the broiling sun at the main entrance to “MAD4,” as police escorted trucks and scabs into the centre. According to strikers, the police “without apparent reason,” beat them up with truncheons, which led to one suffering “an open wound on the face caused by a blow from a policeman.” Three others were arrested and taken away to police stations…

The Amazon workers have been involved in a long running dispute, since 2016. For nearly two years, Amazon has been negotiating with the trade unions—CGT, CCOO, UGT and CSIT—to impose the Provincial Collective Agreement of Logistics and Packing of the Madrid Region, which would replace the previous warehouse agreement and drastically reduce workers’ rights.

“‘Tragic Scale’ of Modern Slavery in Britain Revealed in ‘Landmark’ Report” by ? (Sputnik)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The scale of modern slavery in Britain is much higher than previously thought with more than 136,000 people treated as slaves and almost half of the victims are children, according to the latest 2018 Global Slavery Index.

“We cannot sit back while millions of women, girls, men and boys around the world are having their lives destroyed and their potential extinguished by criminals seeking a quick profit.” Mr. Andrew Forrest, Founder of the Walk Free Foundation said.

The 2018 Global Slavery Index (GSI) is the most comprehensive study on the issue that’s ever been published and measures the extent of modern slavery in individual countries and the steps governments are taking to respond to this issue and the steps they’re taking to end it.

From Press TV:
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (L) and Spanish Minister of Defense Maria Doroles de Cospedal sign agreements as Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy looks on at La Moncloa palace in Madrid on April 12, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

“Spain to build five warships for Saudi Arabia under new deal” by ? (PressTV)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Madrid has inked a military deal with the Riyadh regime, which would see a Spanish firm build five warships for Saudi Arabia, despite an international cry against the sales of military equipment to the kingdom amid its bloody war on impoverished Yemen.

Caravan of Evil / White Helmet Terrorist Assets

“Caravan Of Evil Reveals Evidence Of Western/Israeli Intelligence Assets In al-Qaeda, White Helmet Groups” by Brandon Turbeville (Activist Post)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

As more and more information comes out regarding the Caravan of Evil (i.e. the evacuation of the White Helmets from Southwestern Syria to Jordan and Israel and then on to Europe), there is also more and more evidence backing up the suspicions by many writers in the alternative media including myself regarding the nature of the specific White Helmets being evacuated. Namely, the idea that these individuals were more than just more al-Nusra Front propagandists, but valued intelligence assets…

In addition to once again inadvertently drawing attention to the fact that White Helmets only operate in territory controlled by terrorist “rebels,” the Reuters article also reveals that only specific White Helmets were approved for evacuation, proving that some members of the organization are more important to Israel and the West than the mere foot soldiers now being left to their inevitable fates in Idlib.

related: “Israel Evacuated Alleged Mossad-Linked Rebel Commanders During “Humanitarian” White Helmet Rescue” by Whitney Webb

related: “Israel ‘giving secret aid to Syrian rebels’, report says” by Bethan McKernan

Evil Security swooshing away Veterans For Peace UK (photo by Neil Harvey)

“‘The Wrong Kind of Veteran’ – Veterans For Peace UK, Blackpool Council and the Death of Civil Liberties” by Alison Banville (BSNEWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

What on earth was on those leaflets? Something highly offensive, surely, to have forced the authorities into such dramatic action to prevent the public seeing it? Well, yes, if you consider the promotion of peace to be offensive.

Because this particular group of men belong to an organisation called Veterans For Peace UK and as the name suggests they have all served in Her Majesty’s armed forces. Yet they were ‘escorted’ from a public space on Armed Forces Day by corporate security staff working on behalf of Blackpool Council. They were even told that they could not return to the promenade if they were wearing their group’s t-shirt. VFP UK’s t-shirts carry the words: ‘War is not the solution to the problems we face in the 21st century’. Highly offensive sentiments that should never be aired in public I’m sure you’d agree; especially when there are impressionable children about.

From Disobedient Media:
A groundbreaking United Nations report compiled in 2002 never saw the full light of day, until now. The UK Parliament recently published the entire document, which details the sexual exploitation of refugee children by those distributing “humanitarian aid,” as well as peacekeepers and personnel in positions of power in crisis-affected areas.

“UK Parliament Publishes Full 2002 UN Report On Sex For Aid In West Africa” by Elizabeth Vos (Disobedient Media)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The publication of a summary version of the report caused a global furor in 2002, eventually leading to some policy changes. However, these efforts have proven woefully insufficient in light of ongoing scandals, including but not limited to the recent Oxfam debacle, the Zoe’s Ark scandal, allegations of horrific sexual abuse in the Central African Republic by UN forces, and the Laura Silsby incident. All of these cases (and many others) occurred after the partial publication of the UNHCR report, pointing to one unsavory conclusion:

Aid work is not a vehicle of charity, but is, in a very real sense, a cover for atrocity. It is a weapon, a blunt instrument of power that is wielded to exploit the most vulnerable populations in crisis around the world. We can now state that sentiment as fact, not opinion…

This history of abuse is especially heinous, as individuals associated with the United Nations are protected from persecution by diplomatic immunity. Questions have long been raised regarding the legitimacy of this type of immunity, with an article published by the Oxford Journal of Conflict and Security Law stating in part: ”UN military peacekeepers are increasingly being accused of human rights abuses while deployed on UN missions. These personnel are rarely held accountable for their conduct given that they are granted immunity from criminal prosecution by the host State by a plethora of legal instruments, in particular a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).”

related: “In The Wake Of Oxfam, Has ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Become A Euphemism For Oppression?” by Elizabeth Vos (Disobedient Media)

related: “Zoe’s Ark And The Blurred Lines Between Humanitarian Aid And Exploitation” by Elizabeth Vos (Disobedient Media)

related: “French soldiers raped African children, refugee camp residents say” by ? (Associated Press)

related: “Status of Forces Deployed on UN Peacekeeping Operations: Jurisdictional Immunity” by Róisín Burke (Journal Of Conflict & Security Law)

War Criminal Paul Kagame

“Rwandan Dictator Paul Kagame’s Paranoia Strikes Deep” by Ann Garrison (Black Agenda Report)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Ann Garrison follows:

He’s the President of Rwanda and the current President of the African Union, feted by the Brookings Institute , one of the most venerable ideological pillars of US capital interests. So why is Paul Kagame manifesting more and more signs of paranoia?…

More recently Kagame has been in the habit of kidnapping or assassinating Rwandan refugees in Uganda whom he considers his political enemies, triggering Museveni’s recent crackdown on Rwandan spies. He’s also been trying to force Rwandans who’ve crossed into Uganda fleeing famine to return home. He knows from firsthand experience that significant numbers of refugees outside Rwanda may return as an insurgency, maybe even an insurgency backed by Uganda, like his own…

An armed insurgency against Kagame has been reported. All the Rwandan exiles that I know seem to believe this, but no one knows or wants to say how serious it might be…

Kagame has shut down 7000 Rwandan churches and mosques during the first six months of this year.This is not a matter of rumor or speculation; it’s reported by Reuters, AP, the BBC, and Christian journals including Christianity Today , Baptist Press , Religion News Service , World Watch Monitor , and Christian Persecution News .

One hundred twenty-three religious leaders have gone missing, pastors have been imprisoned, and Human Rights Watch has been expelled from the country—again. Rwanda’s population of 12 million is roughly 60% Roman Catholic, 26% Protestant, 11% Seventh-day Adventist, and 3% Muslim, so it’s safe to say that the vast majority of those targeted are Christians of one sort or another.

This has caused shock around the world, and in the US Senate and State Department, making it one of Kagame’s most puzzling paranoid expressions yet.

Human Rights Watch is the enemy, not of bad people like Paul Kagame, but of good people. There’s enough information out there on that. Since the article doesn’t say anything about that, I think it needs to be pointed out. Paul may feel that not only is his old partner Yoweri Museveni seeking to stab him in the back (before he’s stabbed in the back!), but all of his Western backers are turning against him. HRW is their tool.

related: “Human Rights Watch Disinformation Report on Venezuela” by Stephen Lendman (Stephen Lendman)

related: “Human Rights Watch in Service to the War Party: Including A Review of “Weighing the Evidence: Lessons from the Slobodan Milosevic Trial”” by Edward S. Herman and David Peterson and George Szamuely (ZNet via Third World Traveler)

related: “Rwanda: Human Rights Watch and the Absolute Truth” by Ann Garrison (Global Research via Axis of Logic)

related: “Human Rights Watch FAIL: Uses Photo of American Bombing Destruction To Condemn Assad” by Brandon Turbeville (Activist Post)


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Nazi Canada

From CBC:
“Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland made ‘an impassioned plea’ to her NATO colleagues, according to several sources. (Patrick Doyle/Canadian Press)”
Nazism is perfectly natural in the gangster Corporatocracy. A Nazi is an unprincipled, cruel, compassionless imperialist. In the case of Freeland, She has a link to Germany’s Nazis. The sins of the parents are not those of the children – unless the children defend those and lie about them. John Helmer has some things to say about Freeland:

*edit, Aug 2, 2018 – I added a link where the post deals with rigged elections. I don’t plan to make any changes to this post going forward, but might correct typos when I see them. I might even add in another link or two, but I’m not actively working on this post. It’s finished. I actually had the article by Matt Agorist, which the above link goes to, bookmarked to read but finished the post before getting to it.


An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The fact that Canada is admitting as refugees at least 250 White Helmets and their family members exposes the involvement of the Trudeau government, like the Harper government before it, in the illegal, US-led, regime-change operation in Syria.

These two federal governments are collectively responsible for setting up and continuing the international coalition that produced the proxy war against Syria, using terrorist mercenaries as its footsoldiers; leading the international regime of brutal economic sanctions against Syria which turned about four million Syrians into refugees – (the international sanctions regime was drawn up in a meeting in Ottawa in June 2013); demonizing the legitimate government of Syria, breaking off diplomatic relations with it, and trying to delegitimize it in international forums; supporting armed rebels against Syria, a member state of the United Nations, by bringing their leaders to Ottawa and giving them funds; overflying Syria on military missions without the express consent of its government; and supporting the propaganda arm of the regime change operation through the White Helmets.

“Canada to resettle dozens of White Helmets and their families from Syria” by Lee Berthiaume (Toronto Star via iPOLITICS)

The above linked-to article by Lee Berthiaume would be typical fare for corporate-owned, pro US foreign policy media. It’s awful propaganda. Let’s break it down a bit.

Tool Trudeau, like that fool Stephen Harper, jumps, as high as he can, before the US admin even asks him to. Despite his claim that Canada’s foreign policy is independent, it is, rather, totally aligned with what the visible ruler of this world wants and does. Yves Engler states (in an article titled “Sorry Minister Freeland, Canada is a settler state near the Imperial Centre”) that “Rather than looking at Canadian foreign policy through the lens of a “colony,” a more apt framework to understand this country’s place in the world is the Canadian elite has had a privileged position with the two great powers of the past two centuries. Or, Canada progressed from an appendage of the Imperial Centre to appendage of the Imperial Centre.” Britain was the dominant world power before its American offspring took over that position. The US rules the world today, but the UK is its main partner. Or perhaps it’s just as correct to say that the main, developed English States collectively are its main partner. In the Christian Bible, the US is depicted as a wild beast that ascends out of the earth (rather than the formless sea, such a sea representing earlier times when humankind was still spreading out and nation States and borders were will still forming), having two horns like a lamb (the lamb of God) but a mouth like a dragon. The US goes around swallowing down regimes and destroying – for profit and in order to retain ‘credibility’, all in the name of God of course. See my blog post titled “Nazi America.”

Now, what does the “credibility of the United States” mean? Well, you can ask any Mafia don, and he’ll explain it. So, suppose some Mafia don is running some area in Chicago, what does he mean by “credibility”? He means that you have got to show people that they better be obedient or else. That’s credibility. – Noam Chomsky (from “The credibility of NATO” Noam Chomsky interviewed by Mary Lou Finlay on As it Happens, April 16, 1999)

“Named for their easily recognizable head gear, the all-volunteer White Helmets…” – Berthiaume

“Secondly the White Helmets are not volunteers. They are doing jobs for which they are paid, by Western governments. They have a press department 150 strong, bigger than that for the whole of the UK ambulance service. Their claims of saving over 115,000 lives have never been verified. The co-location of their offices with jihadi operation centres has been well documented.” – Peter Ford (“Whitewashing the White Helmets – Peter Ford, Former UK Ambassador to Syria Responds to UK Government Statement” by Vanessa Beeley)

Also, Vanessa reports that “Like many other ‘NGOs’, the White Helmets have been deployed by the west to derail the Syrian state, first by undermining existing civic structures and by disseminating staged PR to facilitate regime change propaganda, through western and Gulf state media outlets. Despite the fact that they were started, and are still generously funded by NATO members states, particularly from the US and UK, the White Helmets’ official statement still claims categorically that they are somehow “fiercely independent” and “have accepted no money from governments, corporations or anyone directly involved in the Syrian conflict“. This is both farcical and deeply misleading.” (“EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes Fake ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters” by Vanessa Beeley)

“But with the Syrian government having regained control of much of the country, and moving to wrest back the last of several rebel-held areas in recent weeks…” – Berthiaume (my bolding)

“Bent politicians like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, along with their partners Barack Obama, John Kerry and the architect of the Syrian war Hillary Clinton, have been trying to convince the American people and the world, that they only want to arm the ‘moderate opposition’ in Syria, even though it is well-known that the dominant fighting groups within the opposition confab are in fact violent terrorist gangs like al Nusra and other al Qaeda gangs.” by ? (“Obama Exports Fast and Furious: CIA Already Delivering Weapons to ‘Rebels’ in Syria” by ?)

See also “New Study Confirms: ‘Al-Qaeda Extremists Are Carrying Rebel Fight in Syria’” by ? (21st Century Wire)

“In an interview with, Professor Tim Anderson, a distinguished author and senior lecturer of political economy at the University of Sydney, Australia answers questions about the Syrian crisis, the Axis of Resistance and the UN’s role is settling the conflicts in the Middle East.”

Berthiaume calls the imperial coalition assault, mostly through Jihadist mercenaries “Syria’s brutal civil war.”

From “Interview with Prof. Tim Anderson: NATO’s Dirty War on Syria” by Vanessa Beeley, the following:

== =
Western media insists on calling the war on Syria as ‘civil war’; would that be the right term to describe the situation in Syria? Why or why not?

The war on Syria has never been a civil war, although there has always been a small minority of Syrians who have engaged in the war, betraying their country to NATO and the Persian Gulf monarchies. The key forces against Syria since 2011 have been Washington and its regional allies, the Saudis, Qatar, Turkey and Israel, with support from some others including Jordan, Canada, the UK and France.
= ==

“These are people who have saved lives and whose lives were in danger. Therefore I approved their passage through Israel to additional countries as an important humanitarian gesture.” – Berthiaume, quoting Nazi Benjamin Netanyahu

There’s some details that fantasist Nazi Netanyahu left out, of course. Peter Ford clarifies matters for us:

“The White Helmets most definitely have not assisted all sides in the conflict. From the beginning they have only ever operated in rebel-held areas. Government controlled areas have the real Syrian Civil Defence and Syrian Red Crescent. This is quite a big whopper on the government’s part. It goes without saying that the media will not pick up on it.” (“Whitewashing the White Helmets – Peter Ford, Former UK Ambassador to Syria Responds to UK Government Statement” by Vanessa Beeley)

From 21st Century Wire:
“Variation on the Netflix promotional poster for the NATO White Helmet documentary. Poster by: Cory Morningstar of WrongKindofGreen.”
I didn’t see the poster on Wrong Kind of Green.

“Canada has been among several countries that have provided moral and financial support to the White Helmets, which are officially known as Syria Civil Defence…” – Berthiaume

What does it mean when fascists tell us that facts that they assert are “official”?

Vanessa Beeley:

“Did I hear a pin drop? The real Syria Civil Defence? Are the west’s iconized ‘White Helmets’ not the only emergency first-responders inside Syria?

“For the REAL Syria Civil Defence you call 113 inside Syria. There is no public number for the White Helmets. Why not? Why does this multi-million dollar US & NATO state-funded first repsonder ‘NGO,’ with state of the art equipment supplied by the US and the EU via Turkey, have no central number for civilians to call when the “bombs fall”?…

“The REAL Syria Civil Defence was established as an organisation, in 1953, some 63 years before the White Helmets were a glimmer in the eyes of CIA and MI6 operatives.

“The REAL Syria Civil Defence is a founding member of the ICDO (International Civil Defence Organisation). Other ICDO partners include the UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Secretarian of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG), World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations of Geneva (UNOG), Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

“To our knowledge and according to the Head Quarters of the REAL Syria Civil Defence in Damascus, the White Helmets are NOT a member of the ICDO. The REAL Syria Civil Defence have received awards for their participation in the training of other member states in USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) and for their contributions to the Civil Defence community, prior to the NATO dirty war on Syria that began in earnest, in 2011.” (“EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes Fake ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters” by Vanessa Beeley)

“The White Helmets are courageous volunteers and first responders who risk their lives to help their fellow Syrians who have been targeted by senseless violence,” Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a statement on Saturday.” – Berthiaume

If the White Helmets only operate in terrorist-occupied territories in Syria, then who are their “fellow Syrians who have been targetted by senseless violence”? They are both terrorists and their captives. But the captives are not targetted by the Assad regime, even if it’s impossible for them to not become, in some instances, collateral damage as the Syrian forces seek to liberate terrorist-occupied territories.

Vanessa Beeley met with the real Syrian Civil Defence and had a very interesting conversation with them:

“I was told immediately, that I would not be able to photograph the crew themselves or to use their names. Aleppo is a city under siege, not by “Assad and his army“, as the western media would have you believe, but by an assortment of up to 22 different terror brigades many of whom are armed, funded, and trained by the US, UK, France, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, to name only a few of the west’s ‘coalition.’ The REAL Syria Civil Defence crew-members are under constant threat of being targeted by any one of these terrorist brigades – including the White Helmets, as they later explained to us… The West Aleppo crew is forced to attend missions without the standard issue equipment and to deal with situations like chemical weapons attacks with only the ineffectual paper breathing masks. This is another result of the EU-US sanctions being enforced against Syria, and effectively against the Syrian people. The REAL Syria Civil Defence is unable to replace equipment or replenish supplies, unlike the NATO White Helmets who enjoy an endless stream of kit and replacement materials via the Turkey supply chain that has remained unbroken for much of the four years that Aleppo has been under terrorist siege.” (“EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes Fake ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters” by Vanessa Beeley)

She also notes that:

“It is not unreasonable to speculate that the White Helmets are not first responders at all, except when required to don the white hats for a staged photo or promotional video, or to produce western news propaganda for the likes of CNN or the BBC, courtesy of their ever-present film and media crew.

“It is not unreasonable, based upon the statements given by eminent members of the Aleppo medical fraternity and crew members of the REAL Syria Civil Defence in Aleppo, to draw the conclusion that the White Helmets are nothing more than common terrorists, being paid to present themselves as respectable first responders when the need arises for “reports from inside Aleppo” or elsewhere in Syria.”

“But the Syrian government and its Russian backers have denounced the group as little more than a tool for Western propaganda, and accused its members of being in league with Islamist insurgents.” – Berthiaume

Noam Chomsky explained long ago that Western politicians and media figures used the term “Communist” in a technical sense. All you really had to do to be labelled a Communist was not support the status quo. You could even be clueless about what Communism is. That didn’t matter. There’s something similar at work here. You take a phrase like ‘Russian supporter’ and you turn it into a hot button. Then, like a rabid chimp, you hammer on it endlessly. Thinking people might realize that before one gets upset about those branded as Russian supporters, that has to be something to get upset about. And thinking, and caring, people will also have paid enough attention to know that Cold War 2 is on and the gloves are off and the dirtiest fighter is uncle Sam. The chemical attacks that the imperialists who support the US’s efforts to do regime change in Syria were not what the propagandists claimed they were, as Robert Stuart’s informative presentation reveals. Barrel bombs? Never happened. And on and on. But for much of the uncaring public, the hot button works. Some journo in the corporate-owned, anti-people media just has to say ‘Russian backers’ and everyone who is uncaring and ignorant, and even afraid to know, reacts with the appropriate disgust at those labelled as Russian backers. More importantly, such ones react with the appropriate support for the imperialism – aggression for gain for special interests only – that their government does.

Think about it a bit more and the label will appear as ludicrous as it in fact is. Unless you’re hostile, without reason, then as a consumer of news and information without any special knowledge or connection to Russia, the idea of being a Russian backer because you don’t agree that your government has made the case that Russia is inherently evil makes no more sense than the idea of being a Russian opposer. But Russian supporter happens to be, if you’re not racist and you’re left with no other choices, the preferred choice. I’m not anti-Russian. Does that mean that I think there aren’t rotten people in Russia? No. Does that mean that I worship Vladimir Putin? Goodness no!

And there’s a big problem with Berthiaume’s above statement. He is, in fact, asserting that regular people, including good, caring journalists and reporters, in Western countries and anywhere, are not allowed to criticize Washington’s, and its allies’, narrative about the White Helmets. He’s trying to make those questioners (and any suggested counter narrative) disappear in fact. Make no mistake about it, his, and his colleagues’, main target are the journos and reporters who are doing their job, in relation to the attack on Syria, rather than merely serving power.

“The group, which counts about 3,000 members, insists that it is neutral. Its ranks are made up of people from all walks of life include bakers, pharmacists, and teachers.” – Berthiaume

It’s noteworthy that Berthiaume says the White Helmets insist that they are neutral rather than simply stating that the group is neutral. That’s because the White Helmets are absolutely the opposite of neutral. They even climb in and out of terrorist figthers’ uniforms. They have been photographed carrying weapons and standing on dead Syrian soldiers’ bodies in a victory pose. And I’m pretty sure that the lunatic who beheaded 12 yr old Abdullah Tayseer Al Issa was a White Helmet out of White Helmet uniform. I have that video. The entire video won’t likely be discoverable online, although there’s a very poor Facebook version of the crime unfolding. It doesn’t show the actual beheading. I just happened to click on a link that only had a string of characters and that led me to the actual beheading. It’s not terribly close-up and I have only looked at it once (which is enough for me), but I’ve got it. I used to have the video of the earlier part of that scene, but somehow lost it. And YouTube, of course, has been getting rid of a lot of video evidence of the crimes of its partners, including this video.

Click on image for Cory Morningstar’s article where I grabbed this pic.

Click on image to go to Alternet and video

Visit Vimeo for a video that includes the above pic.

Free Syrian Police and White Helmets working side by side

Free Syrian Police in East Aleppo under Nusra Front (Al Qaeda) flag.

Free Syrian Police with Al Okaidi who collaborated with ISIS 2013-14. East Aleppo

Mohammad Jnued

What do you do when it’s time to take out the garbage? Call the Israeli garbage crew!

“Syria: The White Helmets’ Final Performance” by Tony Cartalucci

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

It is commonly known that when a ship is sinking, the crew does not board the lifeboats before the passengers. Most noble of all is when the captain and crew go down with the ship. Then with what level of ignobility should we assess the so-called “Syrian Civil Defense” more commonly referred to as the White Helmets?

We are told that Syrian forces backed by Russian airpower are brutalizing the remnants of “rebels” in southern Syria near the Jordanian border and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Surely now more than ever do the people of southern Syria need the “bravest of the brave” – as UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt described them on social media.

Yet instead of rushing to where the cannons sound loudest, the White Helmets slunk across Syria’s borders with the aid of the Israeli Defense Forces, onward to Jordan, where the UN is working to relocate them – allegedly to Europe and North America.

It is a final act laying to rest once and for all a monumental lie – that the White Helmets were anything more than an extension of the foreign-funded proxy war aimed at overthrowing Damascus.

And now that overthrowing Damascus is no longer a possibility, the White Helmets are being evacuated to lie another day…

The White Helmets were never “rescuers,” but a public relations wing of Al Qaeda and its various affiliates. The US did not arm and funded terrorists for years to ravage Syria only to “also” fund groups to help save lives. Instead, the White Helmets’ only real mandate was to augment the proxy war, exploiting humanitarian themes similar to how the US and NATO justified and executed the destruction of Libya.

Justin Trudeau with Nazi Andriy Parubiy

“Meet Andriy Parubiy, the Former Neo-Nazi Leader Turned Speaker of Ukraine’s Parliament” by John Hellevig

An excerpt from the above article follows:

An outspoken neo-Nazi takes the reins of Ukraine’s parliament, as the US and its European vassals remain silent.

When Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk got the boot and was replaced by the speaker of parliament Volodymyr Groysman, Mr. Andriy Parubiy was appointed in his stead. This extraordinary event speaks volumes about not only the Ukraine but also the present state of affairs in the West and its media, which increasingly adapts its reporting to fit the current geopolitical interests of the masters of the Western universe. Mr. Parubiy has a biography littered with overt activity as one of the leading figures at the nexus of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist and outright neo-Nazi movements. Yet there has not been so much as a squeak from any leading Western politician or the media about the appalling fact that this same Parubiy has now ascended to the respectable position of speaker of parliament of a country with which the EU has signed an agreement about economic and political association. The self-proclaimed guardian of our values, as the EU wants us to regard it, has signed a treaty of political association with a country, where the second highest political position is held by a person who has earned his stripes as a neo-Nazi commander…

In his role as the commandant of Euromaidan from December 2013 to February 2014, Parubiy was the leader of the military wing of the coup that brought down the democratically elected President Yanukovich and subjected the parliament to a reign of terror. In this capacity, he brought into the Maidan all the neo-Nazi storm battalions that he had fostered under the S.N.A. umbrella. Independent evidence strongly points to the fact that it was precisely Parubiy, who was directly in charge of the Maidan snipers…

With Parubiy and Tyahnybok well established as the leaders of the insurgent fascist movement they abruptly performed in 2004 a rebranding of their various organizations by dropping the most overt allusions to Nazism. A well-informed source, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed that it is believed that the rebranding was a strategy that their handlers at the CIA had prescribed in order to make the leaders and their organizations more politically acceptable on the Western propaganda front. The Social-National Party changed its name to Svoboda with Tyahnybok at the helm. Simultaneously they abandoned the Wolfsangel logo, but this was done only in regards to the formally adopted logo, in essence, the party continued wielding the Wolfsangel in its gatherings…

Yes, in 2012, the EU called for a boycott of the Svoboda Party because of its extremist views, which went against the famous “EU fundamental values”. But today, they have no problem with cheering on Mr. Parubiy, who was the progenitor of Svododa (and much worse things), as he sweeps to power in the EU’s very own political association partner.

What was the Faustian bargain that brought about this change of heart? This is not a rhetoric question, so I will answer it. It is the expediency to enlist the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and other extremists in their geopolitical shenanigans against Russia.

“Canada, US, Ukraine vote against UN resolution condemning glorification of Nazism” by ? (TASS)

I’ve sometimes said that the reason Canada doesn’t experience regime change at the hands of the US is simply because it’s not necessary. And it isn’t. For one thing, what the US has wanted from Canada, mainly, it has been given by our traitorous leaders. Also, The business community, American and Canadian, has been given, via NAFTA, rights and power at the expense of the people in both countries. The US (its elites) benefit more, of course. For example, There’s NAFTA’s energy proportionality rule. Gordon Laxer explains: “The North American Free Trade Agreement’s (NAFTA’s) energy proportionality rule (Article 605) gives the U.S. virtually unlimited first access to most of Canada’s oil and natural gas. According to the NAFTA rule, Ottawa must not reduce oil exports to the U.S. like it did during international oil shortages in the 1970s to divert these supplies to Eastern Canadians who relied on imported oil then, as they still do now. Under NAFTA Article 605, Ottawa must continue to export the same proportion of oil (and natural gas and electricity) as it has in the past three years even if eastern Canadians are running short and freezing in the dark.”

From “Time for a new narrative on NAFTA” by Maude Barlow and Jerry Diaz:

NAFTA captures the worst features of corporate-led, profit-driven globalization — providing transnational businesses unconditional access to markets with no requirement to invest where they sell and the right to scour a continent in search of the cheapest labour, weakest regulations and biggest tax breaks. With its remarkably poor, and unenforceable, labour provisions, NAFTA hangs like a spectre over the heads of industrial workers, the persistent threat of job loss used to justify cuts to wages and benefits.

It’s a trade deal that promised a lot for many — jobs, prosperity, higher standards — but has delivered only declining investment, employment and hourly earnings in both Canada and the U.S., while most workers in Mexico still lack free collective bargaining and livable wages.

NAFTA gave private investors extraordinary rights to challenge domestic laws under its infamous Chapter 11 — a right frequently invoked. It also requires Canada to ship consistent amounts of oil and gas to the U.S., even in the event of a national shortage, and, because it defines water as a tradable “good,” NAFTA jeopardizes Canada’s sovereignty over its water resources should any province open the door to commercial water exports in the future.

Trump’s attacks on NAFTA curried favour with the U.S. working class. His pledge to revisit (or potentially scrap) the deal is encouraging, although ripped right from Obama’s 2008 “Yes We Can” playbook.

Let’s be clear on a few things. Trade across North American borders is a good thing. For Canada’s economy, it’s essential. There’s a mistaken assumption, however, that NAFTA is a prerequisite to trade. It’s not. It’s a set of rules designed to ensure the benefits of trade are enjoyed mainly by global investment bankers, multinational corporations and the privileged class. Job creation is an added (albeit secondary) benefit, but not the likely outcome. NAFTA is not a fair deal. It was never meant to be.

…NAFTA is a remarkable success: it’s the first trade agreement in history that’s succeeded in harming the populations of all three countries involved. That’s quite an achievement. Furthermore, this was predictable – and predicted. For example, it was predicted by the Office of Technology Assessment, Congress’s own research bureau, which did an analysis of NAFTA and predicted that if it went through by the White House plan, it would in fact harm the people of all three countries. They suggested alternatives that might not have had the same effect. The US labor movement said exactly the same thing. None of this appeared in discussions in the United States because it was blacked out of the free press. – Noam Chomsky, pg 99 of “Rogue States – The Rule of Force in World Affairs”

Here’s something else that Canada has given its fascist neighbor. It has given it moral support for its position on things like torture. Canada doesn’t stand apart from the US on its worst moral and spiritual failings. Why would it? The US needs its counterinsurgency (State terrorism aka Critical Infrastructure Protection aka the war on terrorism), and the (self-serving) legal creations (like Bill C-51/ C-59 in Canada) in order to ensure that the global capitalist system that it designed (post WWII) and dominates remains robust and free of threats from those like First Nations trying to preserve their way of life and their very lives in the face of capitalists’ invasions of their territory and peasants living where there’s minerals and oil under their feet and wishing to left alone and landowners on farms and ranches wishing not to have their health and the health of their livestock destroyed by fracking by oil companies feeding a destructive capitalist system, including the most destructive component of it, namely the military. Same for Canada, by which I mean the Canadian State. (See my blog post titled “Knocked And Bumped. Dots And Elephants”)

Will Potter:

Mohamedou Ould Slahi

Following December’s release of the U.S. Senate report on American complicity in torture, Prime Minister Stephen Harper quickly declared, “It has nothing to do whatsoever with the government of Canada.” Despite the CIA’s close relationship with Canadian state security agencies, as well as two judicial inquiries finding Ottawa complicit in the torture of Canadian citizens in Syria and Egypt, Harper preferred to ignore the facts.

At about the same time, a stunning memoir was published that paints another damning portrait of Canadian authorities from even before September 11, 2001. Guantanamo Diary was originally composed by hand in 2005 from a cell at the infamous U.S. torture camp, which remains open despite President Obama’s promise to close it eight years ago. It tells the remarkable story of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a Mauritanian national who remains detained there despite a 2010 U.S. release order.

In English learned by listening to his kidnappers and torturers, Slahi elegantly relates a tale of human resilience under the most appalling conditions. His book is filled with wisdom, humour, and heartbreaking moments of despair produced by unending months of round-the-clock torture. The memoir would have been available sooner had it not been classified secret and subjected to a six-year legal battle over its release. It contains an incredible number of redactions, from single words to whole pages. But in a remarkable comment on the cultural shift, where today torture is almost accepted as reasonable and inevitable, most of the sections detailing his brutalization appear intact.

Slahi’s troubles began in Montreal, in 2000, where, after 12 years in Germany, he lived as a Canadian permanent resident for just over two months. At the time, he was subject to an RCMP/CSIS “disruption” campaign of harassment. Two cameras were implanted in the wall of his Montreal room, and he was followed in an obvious manner, “to give the message that we are watching you.”

Slahi’s very first interrogation was at the hands of the RCMP. He describes being “scared to hell” as he was questioned about a fellow Montrealer he’d never met. The police wanted information on Ahmed Ressam, who was eventually convicted in the U.S. for planning to bomb the Los Angeles International Airport… – Matthew Behrens, “How Canada lets people get tortured”

See also “Taking Liberties: Canada’s growing torture infrastructure” by Matthew Behrens.

Canada is one of the bad guys. Canada is an imperial power that is careful to not cross, at least in any serious way, the world’s premier imperial power. To the extent that it succeeds in walking that line, it can to a great extent do its own imperialism at the behest of Canadian business interests. (It also helps that much of Canada is white and English speaking.) Todd Gordon explains all of that in his excellent book “Imperialist Canada.” The Canadian government’s awful behavior in Ukraine could just be an example of a sub-superpower (which may also be sub-fascist in the sense that Noam Chomsky And Edward explain, where the majority of the population is not supportive of its fascist leadership) jumping when uncle Sam says jump, but it could also be a result of political calculations by Canadian politicians who want the domestic rightwing Ukraine vote as well as an ‘in’ with the newly US-installed Nazi regime that will open for business to the West as it closes to business with Russia. (And it’s not helping Ukraine at all.)

When we put Canada’s relations with the U.S. in the broader international context of its support for NATO, we can see that the goal of its security policy is not to go against its own self-interest to blithely appease the Americans but to participate in those alliances that work to defend the imperialist system of which Canada is a part. – Todd Gordon, pg 317 of “Imperialist Canada”

Todd’s examination of Canadian imperialism is excellent and most welcome, but while he’s correct that Canada isn’t merely a servant of the US, I do feel that he in fact puts too much emphasis on Canada’s independence. But perhaps I’m wrong. Anyway, Nazism is essentially fascism. And fascism is simply a situation where the political class joins forces with the business community in order to ensure capitalist control of society – Corporatocracy in other words. While the US remains the national mob boss of the world, capitalist control of societies will mainly benefit US-based CEOs (especially in the weapons and oil industries) and rich people. Always, the fascists claim to be democratic and point to elections as proof that citizens have democracy. They don’t, however, point out that electoral systems have been captured by powerful special interests and are essentially rigged. Today, voters are presented with a handful of Corporatocracy-approved candidates from which they can choose. In all manner of ways, people’s champions and people’s Parties are kept out. And so, the people are kept out of the decision-making process.

Smedley Butler laid it all out in his whistleblowing book “War Is A Racket.” And Greg Palast (an awful person in my opinion) has done important research showing how the American electoral system is rigged. (Check out this report by Matt Agorist: “Largest Voting Machine Vendor in US Admits Its Systems Had Remote-Access Software Installed.”) By now, there’s so much wrong with electoral systems in most developed countries, the job of fixing them is all but impossible. Money is free speech. Dark money in politics means citizens have no way of easily knowing who is buying ‘their’ representatives and therefore can’t deal with the influence of those invisible special interests (like the Koch brothers). Voter suppression tactics and rules keep many from even voting. And when it comes to elections in less developed or smaller countries, the lawless, undemocratic US (with allies supporting it) simply ignores wins by true democrats or true reformers, labels them fraudulent and calls for vote counts or elections to be re-done. (In the case of Haiti, the US simply disallows Haiti’s most popular Party, Fanmi Lavalas, from participating in elections!) Or it prevents them from winning in other ways, such as by funding the democrats’ opposition and helping it to subvert elections, often with the use of terror (counterinsurgency). Rightwing companies own electronic voting machines and there have been many accusations that they are ‘funny’. Without a paper trail conjoining such systems of voting, voters’ choices can be blocked by criminal behavior in connection with those system. The Right isn’t a moral equivalent of the real Left. The Right is evil and acts accordingly. It doesn’t abide by rules – unless they work for it. Which places normal, law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage. This is how the monsters have rose to the top in this world and now own and run it. And ruin it.

“Overthrowing other people’s governments: The Master List” by William Blum

Here, from “Ukraine – Zbig’s Grand Chessboard & How The West Was Checkmated,” by Natylie Baldwin and Kermit Heartsong, is what led to Justin ‘sunny ways’ Trudeau’s above happy photo op with Nazi Andriy Parubiy:

[Zbigniew] Brzeziński was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1928 but his paternal family reportedly originated from Galicia, which was once considered eastern Poland but is now part of western Ukraine. His father was a Polish diplomat who served in Germany from 1931 to 1935 and then served in the Soviet Union from 1936 to 1938 in the midst of Stalin’s Great Purge. He was stationed in Canada when both Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939. Poland was later placed in the Soviet sphere of influence at the conclusion of WWII; hence, the Brzeziński family remained in Canada.

Brzeziński earned a master’s degree from McGill University in Montreal with a focus on the Soviet Union, followed by a PhD at Harvard with a focus on the Russian Revolution and the leadership of Lenin and Stalin…

Throughout the Cold War, Brzeziński supported a policy of engagement with Easter Europe, including dissidents, believing that divisions within Eastern Europe would destabilize the Soviet Union and hasten its breakup along national lines. He gave little to no support for any rapprochement with the Soviet Union and opposed Charles de Gaulle’s vision of a Eurasian project of “Europe from the Altantic to the Urals.”…

…Upon leaving office, [Cyrus] Vance characterized Brzeziński’s aggression and Machiavellian tactics as “evil” (Brinkley 2002).

During his tenure, Brzeziński was also the architect of the plan to goad the Soviet Union into its own “Vietnam” quagmire by arming and supporting the Islamic mujahedeen against the Soviet-backed government in Afghanistan…

…He also reiterated that he had no regrets about the policy, underscoring the fact that he does indeed see the nations and peoples of the world as pieces on a strategic game board, having no regard for the resulting death of a million Afghans and thousands of Soviets, demolition of a country that at the time had minimal religious fanatacism and better conditions for women, or blowback toward his own adopted country (Cohen 2001; Khaladi 1991)…

Brzeziński also became active behind the scenes to use Islamic radicals in Chechnya to destabilize Russia via the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC)…

Flash forward to 2013 when the Ukraine crisis would erupt. With a negotiated end to the Cold War, a dissolved USSR, a Russian Federation that was firmly on the road toward an evolving version of capitalism, expanded economic ties with the EU, and cordial relations with Latin America and a lot of the developing world…

Brzeziński influenced both Kerry and Obama… Although it is difficult to determine how often Brzeziński advises Obama, it is interesting to observe how hawks among both major political parties took their cues from Brzeziński when he compared Putin to Hitler in a March 3, 2014 op-ed for the Washington Post (Brzeziński 2014)…

It is clear from the opening pages of The Grand Chessboard that Brzeziński is obsessed with imperialism and cannot conceive of a world that is not organized under empire…

Brzeziński’s Eurasian thesis appears to have been inspired by Nicholas Spykman’s Eurasian Rimland concept, which was, in turn, built upon Halford Makinder’s Heartland Theory, first formulated in 1904…

Brzeziński goes on to explain the role of Ukraine as a “pivot” state – in other words, a state that, if it remains under Russia’s sphere of influence, allows Russia to project power into the rest of Eurasia due its sea port, major resources, and its role as a defensive buffer – an important psychological factor for a nation that has been invaded from the west numerous times in its history via Ukraine.

Hence, we have a Western-backed coup that toppled a democratically elected leader in Ukraine in order to install a government that would implement the European Association agreement – a stepping stone to NATO membership – and Russia’s counter move of reabsorbing Crimea to prevent its naval port from being diverted into potential control by NATO, a move that would have compromised Russia’s security and status as an independent nation…

“Three Years Ago: The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine” by Michel Chossudovsky

Note that Russia’s turning toward capitalism isn’t enough for the US ruling class. That’s because the US ruling class wants not only to maintain its global capitalist system, which it designed post WWII, but it wants to DOMINATE it. It therefore targets potential rivals for the position of leader of the global Corporatocracy. For similar reasons, the US ruling class will not permit multiple corporatocracies. There can only be one and it must be dominated by the US, just because. And while the US is in control of the global Corporatocracy, which it succeeds in accomplishing via frightening violence and lawlessness, ruling classes such as Canada’s will simply go along with the bully, partly out of fear and partly because, as long as they support the Don, they will be allowed to exist and flourish (by some standards). The Canadian ruling class picked Justin Trudeau to be the sunny face of their political ruling Party because that’s how they roll. Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father, was a popular well-liked former Prime Minister. Liberal Party operatives calculated that the name and the face was a sure ticket to electoral victory and pacification of an uncritical Canadian population and they were right. (And they were aided and abetted by the fake Left in Canada.) They liked Harper too, and he was as sexy as a well-used catcher’s mit, but the ruling class is aware that squeezing the people endlessly may make them squawk ‘and’ rebel and no doubt feels that perhaps its wiser to forestall revolution, or a degree of disturbance, from time to time by making it appear that a new, caring and human leader is on the scene and will deal with the nastiness that comes from neoliberalism and its concomitant of neoconservatism. And if that new, caring leader also possesses good looks, all the better.

“Trudeau government escalates belligerence towards Russia” by Yves Engler

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Yesterday it was confirmed that 200 Canadian troops would remain in Ukraine for at least two more years. This “training” mission in the Ukraine is on top of 200 troops in Poland, a naval frigate in the Mediterranean and Black Sea and a half dozen CF-18 fighter jets on their way to locations near Russia’s border. Alongside Britain, Germany and the U.S., Canada will soon lead a NATO battlegroup that is supposed to defend Eastern Europe from Moscow. About 450 Canadian troops are headed to Latvia while the three other NATO countries lead missions in Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

From the Russian point of view it must certainly look like NATO is massing troops at its border.

Canada’s military buildup in Eastern Europe is the direct outgrowth of a coup in Kiev. In 2014 the right-wing nationalist EuroMaidan movement ousted Viktor Yanukovych who was oscillating between the European Union and Russia. The U.S.-supported coup divided Ukraine politically, geographically and linguistically (Russian is the mother tongue of 30 per cent of Ukrainians)…

Since the mid-2000s Ottawa has actively supported opponents of Russia in Ukraine. Federal government documents from 2007 explain that Ottawa was trying to be “a visible and effective partner of the United States in Russia, Ukraine and zones of instability in Eastern Europe.”…

For Washington and Ottawa, Ukraine is a proxy to weaken Russia, which blocked western plans to topple the Assad regime in Syria. As part of this campaign, 1,000 Canadian military personnel, a naval vessel and fighter jets will soon be on Russia’s border.

As Engler’s article shows, Events in Ukraine and Syria, and elsewhere, are connected. Zbigniew Brzeziński’s goal of encircling Russia (and China) is alive and well even if Brzeziński isn’t. Russia is the main target, but Russia’s allies are also targets. Generally, Any state that is opposed to the global dictatorship of the United States (and its ‘military industrial complex’) is a target, as Stephen Gowans explains in his stellar “Washington’s Long War on Syria.” Syria (like Egypt under Gamal Nasser, like Muammar Ghaddafi’s Libya, like Mohammed Mossadeq’s Iran, like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq) might not be seen by the US ruling class as potential rivals for dominance of the Corporatocracy, but they did represent an approach to society-building that America’s (exploitative) elites found threatening. Russia may not have a social-economic system that is distasteful to exploitative capitalists, but it is seen as powerful and, potentially, a rival (perhaps as part of a coalition of powerful States) for leadership of the Corporatocracy. Additionally, When Russia was part of the Soviet Union and its social economic system was more socialist, it inspired many of the countries, having that tie to Russia even if Russia has changed, that the US would come to target. The rabid US ruling class targets all of the above countries for all of the above reasons.

Recall (again) how Canada defines “good governance.” The refusal to adopt the neoliberal free market model by definition constitutes bad governance. – Todd Gordon, pg 303 of “Imperialist Canada”

From pages 15-18, 107, 108 of “Washington’s Long War On Syria,” the following:

The United States’ efforts to oust the government of Bashar al-Assad antedated the Arab Spring by many years, and Washington had had a hand in inciting the Muslim Brotherhood, which had a long history of violent antagonism toward the Syrian government dating to 1963. Washington’s motivations to topple Bashar al-Assad’s government prior to 2011 were related to Damascus’s embrace of anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist positions and its program of state-directed economic development. Opposition to these elements of Syria’s political program continued to undergird the authentic movitation for Washington’s support for the armed rebellion that broke out in 2011. Washington had likewise schemed to depose Hafez al-Assad because he implemented socialist policies and aligned his government with the Soviet Union…

The profit-seeking imperative of capitalism was the basis for U.S. foreign policy’s emphasis on sweeping away nationalist impediments to a global economic order of favorable climates for U.S. trade and investment. Capitalism concentrates wealth in the hands of a tiny minority of bankers, investors and high-level corporate executives, which uses its wealth and control of important economic assets to obtrude its policy preferences on the state. This is not to suggest that a cabal of rich capitalists secretly meets to dictate policy prescriptions to the U.S. government. Instead, the business community takes advantage of a multitude of mechanisms to ensure its policy preferences prevail in competition with other groups…

As political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page put it in their 2014 study of over 1,700 policy issues, “economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial impacts on government policy, while average citizens and and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.”

The substantial impacts of the capitalist class on government policy extend to foreign policy, and is evidenced in U.S. support for countries that build business climates that are favourable to the U.S. economic elite and evinced in U.S. hostility to governments that elevate the interests of local populations above those of U.S. corporations, banks and investors…

In connection with Syria impeding the achievement of U.S. goals in the Middle East, the Congressional Research Service made the following observations in 2005 about the Syrian economy: it was “largely state-controlled;” it was “dominated by… [the] public sector, which employ[ed] 73% of the labor force;” and it was “based largely on Soviet models.” These departures from the preferred Wall Street paradigm of open markets and free enterprise appeared, from the perspective of Congress’s researchers, to be valid reasons for the U.S. government to attempt to bring about “reform” in Syria. But then, why wouldn’t the goal of bringing about a change in Syria’s economic policies appear to be wholly justified to U.S. government researchers? After all, the United States has been clear in its official policy documents, including its 2015 National Security Strategy, that sustaining U.S. leadership meant “shaping an emerging global economic order” that reflected U.S. “interests and values” and that these interests and values were at odds with “alternative, less open-models,” such as the “Soviet models” on which the Syrian economy was based. Indeed, it would be naive to believe that the U.S. government was prepared to allow foreign governments to exercise sovereignty in setting their own directions economically if they be made to do otherwise. Washington was implacably opposed to foreign states implementing economic polices which failed to mesh with Washington’s preferred free enterprise plus open markets paradigm. That this was he case was evidenced by the existence of a raft of U.S. sanctions legislation against “non-market states.” For example, the Congressional Research Service’s 2016 report, “North Korea: Economic Sanctions,” contained a detailed list of sanctions imposed on North Korea for having a “Marxist-Leninist” economy; in other words, Washington was in the business of waging economic warfare against people in other lands because it didn’t like the decisions they made about how to organize their own economic lives. What could be more hostile to democracy – and more imperialist – than that?

And Washington’s intolerance of economic dirigisme was was additionally evidenced in U.S. policy documents which asserted that Washington looked askance on states which held “fast to the false comforts of subsidies and trade barriers” and that U.S. determination to lead the global economy meant promoting “economic freedom beyond America’s shores.”

In other words, freedom is enslavement. The world has no choice about how it wants to live. It will live the way that the False Prophet dictates. And we all know about how the US and other developed countries got developed. It was by the very approach, namely protectionism, that the US wants to block developing countries from using. And today free trade agreements are not about trade, but about protecting investments – of rich people and powerful corporations, mainly rich people and corporations that are US-based. They are charters of rights for corporations. Todd Gordon points out that Canada does lopsided trade deals with countries that are too weak to stand up to the bullying.

Terror keeps the neo-colonial elites in power and the investment skies sunny. – Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, pg 67 of “The Washington Connection And Third World Fascism”

From pages 10 & 11 of “Imperialist Canada” by Todd Gordon, the following:

The insatiable drive to seek out new markets and territories in which to accumulate wealth in the capitalist game of survival of the fittest drives it deeper into sovereign indigenous lands within its borders and increasingly beyond its borders. This expansionary process is made possible by the aggressive policies of the Canadian state.

Canada’s stature as a sub-superpower nation, in other words, does not gainsay the fact that it faces pressures to search out new markets and has the ability to project its power in its own political and economic self-interest, regardless of the cost to indigenous communities at home or to the people of the Third World…

Canada actively pursues one-sided trade and investment agreements with poor countries, forcibly liberalizes markets in the South through International Monetary Fund-imposed structural adjustment policies, ignores flagrant human rights violations committed in defence of Canadian investments and is pouring increasingly large sums of money into the development of a military with the capability to project it power abroad.

Canadian capital, especially in the mining and financial services sectors, has always sought to support its interests and reinforce the subordination of the Third World. Banks like Scotia and Royal have long histories in the Caribbean, while the presence of Canadian mining companies in Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Africa goes back many decades. But the last twenty years, following the emergence of neoliberal globalization, has seen a major intesification of the outward expansion of Canadian capital…

Canada has become a significant player in the Third World, especially in its own backyard – Latin America and the Caribbean. And thus we find that in 1980 profits from Canadian Third World investments were $3.7 billion, while by 2007 they were $23.6 billion after tax – an increase of 535 percent, which is greater than the increase in profits earned at home over the same period of time.

There is no bright side to Canadian investment in the South. It is accomplished by displacing indigenous people and poor peasants from their land (to get at mineral and oil deposits, for example), destroying ecosystems and ruthlessly exploiting the sweat labour of typically poor women in the region’s export processing zones, where workers’ rights are minimal if they exist at all. We can also add to this the deep burden of debt obligations Third World governments are forced to pay Canadian banks, money which otherwise could go to social programs for their own citizens.”

Jean-Bertrand Aristide (on right) and Manuel Zelaya
pic sources:

That helps us to understand better why Canada aided the French and US governments in the removal of Haiti’s democratically and very popular leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The very same sort of imperialism, of course, is behind similar (and numerous and ongoing) actions by the US. Not long ago, the democratically elected and very popular leader of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya was removed via a US-backed coup for a number of reasons, including his desire to raise the minimum wage for poor working Hondurans.

As Todd Gordon makes clear, Canadian capitalist expansion goes where investments can follow, and so that tends to be resource-rich (and/or cheap labor-rich) lands abroad and at home where there is a good likelihood that the predators can take what they want with a minimum of trouble, which requires the State to assist them, which it does. With the war-making State’s backing, capitalist predators can get away with its criminal, anti-people, business as usual.

Todd Gordon (from pg 66 of “Imperialist Canada”):

The Canadian state’s relationship with indigenous people provides a sharp example of the policy of accumulation by dispossession, and serves as a potent reminder of Canada’s imperialist history. Any discussion of Canadian imperialism really must begin at home. Indigenous nations are Canada’s very own Third World colonies, created and managed as part of an intensive, ongoing colonial project, and they bear the scars of that history. First Nation communities – an archipelago of Bantustan-like territories carved out of much larger traditional territories that were taken by the imperial power – have rates of poverty, illness and suicide several times higher than the rest of Canada, while they have no meaningful right to self-determination. In many First Nation communities in recent years people have lived under boil water alerts because of E. coli outbreaks and a lack of clean water; tuberculosis has made a comeback; poverty reaches levels found in the Global South; and extended families live in overcrowded substandard houses that would be condemned if they were found anywhere else in the country. These are living conditions which belie the image of a tolerant, pacific and caring Canada.

The war-making State is at war with the people, everywhere, all the time. It’s a problem that only Jehovah’s Kingdom can fix. In the meantime, we suffer. Almost everything meets the response of ‘national security’. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. But he didn’t cry wolf as often as our Benefactors in power cry ‘national security’. It’s fairly clear to most people by now, I think, that elites’ ‘national security’ means our insecurity. That’s made abundantly clear in a book titled “The Secure And The Dispossessed – How The Military And Corporations Are Shaping A Climate-Changed World,” by Nick Buxton and Ben Hayes. (That book is a project of the Transnational Institute. They are partly funded by George Soros’s Open Society Institute, which I have a problem with. My emails to them about it are ignored, even though an email I sent to Susan George about attribution for a comment by her that I remembered but couldn’t find was responded to, with pleasant results.) But in one area, where national security is claimed to be at stake, there’s a scintilla of sanity attached to the claim. It has to do with oil. But the scintilla is only a scintilla. For, on balance, elites’ thirst for oil is utterly insane. “As Maude Barlow explains in her recent report, Water For Sale, Canada gave up control of its energy sector in NAFTA. The “proportionality clause” of NAFTA obligates Canada to maintain a fixed share of energy exports to the U.S. The more Canada exports, the more Canada is obliged to export. This has led to a dramatic increase in energy exports to the U.S., accelerating the depletion of Canada’s conventional oil. It has meant exponential growth in the water-destructive tar sands and has facilitated the trade in environmentally dangerous fossil fuels. This NAFTA rule has compromised Canada’s energy security because it has restricted Canada’s legal capacity to regulate the extraction and trade in tar sands oil. It has also made it harder for Canada to protect water. If there was ever an energy shortage, or environmental concerns that meant we wanted to cut back on energy production, under NAFTA we can’t eliminate or scale back our exports to the U.S. even to meet our own domestic needs. This energy-sharing clause will also make it very difficult – if not impossible – for Canada to meet its climate commitments. Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tried to position Canada as a climate leader, NAFTA rules force us to keep producing tar sands oil and fracked natural gas, both of which produce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the tar sands are Canada’s fastest growing source of climate pollution.”

“Factsheet: NAFTA and Energy” – Council of Canadians
“Water For Sale” – by Maude Barlow

We have gone too far. If there wasn’t a God who will not allow uncaring people to destroy the liveable earth, it would be game up. Climate crisis is real. We – uncaring capitalists and their armies specifically – cannot throw wrenches into the complex network of ecosystems and expect anything but a bad outcome. We can’t reverse the self-destructive course we are now on. Only God can. What is the scintilla of sanity in connection with leaders claiming that oil is about national security? Armies, ready to ‘defend’ their countries by stealing others’ natural resources, are fossil fueled. And now, largely owing to the way the United States has ruined the world, so that violence, dishing it out or expecting it, is a normal part of a country’s activity, every country with an army and a desire to have a modern society with all the trappings is scrambling to get access to the oil it needs. And the bigger the nation, the greater is its thirst for oil and the greater is its need for oil to ensure that it has the power to fight off those who would keep them from it. The United States long ago warned the world that, in so many words, it would never tolerate anyone trying to deprive it of oil. “President Ford warned oil-producing states that nations have often gone to war to obtain vital natural resources (a pronouncement that was, incidentally, made in Detroit close to the Canadian border); Henry Kissinger stated that force could not be ruled out if the industrial states were being strangled…” (pg 4 of “The Defence of the Undefended Border – Planning for War in North America 1867-1939” by Richard A. Preston)

Michael Klare wrote the following, on pages 6 & 7 of “Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet”:

American and Chinese analysts still refer to the Unocal Affair as a critical watershed in U.S.-China relations, establishing the limits of American tolerance of Beijing’s economic aspirations – but it was far more than that. The contest offered the first window into the global fear of resource scarcity and the new geopolitics of energy that will likely accompany it. In the emerging international power system, we can expect the struggle over energy to override all other considerations, national leaders to go to extreme lengths to ensure energy sufficiency for their countries, and state authority over both domestic and foreign energy affairs to expand. Oil will cease to be primarily a trade commodity, to be bought and sold on the international market, becoming instead the preeminent strategic resource on the planet, whose acquisition, production, and distribution will increasingly absorb the time, effort, and focus of senior government and military officials.”

Which isn’t to say that American officials didn’t look ahead.

Notes Tony Clarke on page 134 of “Tar Sands Showdown – Canada And The New Politics Of Oil In An Age Of Climate Change”:

In March 1999, the cover of the New York Times Magazine displayed a giant clenched fist painted over the “stars and stripes” of the US flag. The magazine’s cover story was an essay by the Times’ journalist and author Thomas Friedman called “Manifesto for a Fast World.” As the epicentre of global capitalism, Friedman argues, the US must use its considerable economic and political power to “embrace its role as enforcer of the capitalist order.” In short, declares Friedman, “America can’t be afraid to act like the Almighty Superpower that it is.” All the more so when the US needs to secure control over the foreign oil that is essential for the survival of the American way of life. “The hidden hand of the market,” argues Friedman, “will never work without the hidden fist.” And, “the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley’s technologies is called the United States Army, Navy and Marine Corps.”

And here’s the problem that violent, lawless and thirsty for oil America presents for Canada and Canada’s First Nations: 1. The energy proportionality rule in NAFTA 2. the US Energy Policy Act of 2005 3. Bill C-51/C-59

From page 140 of “Tar Sands Showdown,” we get:

The US Energy Policy Act of 2005 contains at least two provisions that reaffirm Canada’s status as an energy satellite of the US. First, in a section called “Use of Fuel to Meet Department of Defense Needs,” the law specifically disginates tar sands production to serve the fuel needs of the US military. At the discretion of the US Secretary of Defense, the law states that as much crude oil as possible from the tar sands will be processed in refineries south of the border for purposes of fuelling the American military. Second, in a section labelled “Partnerships,” the Energy Policy Act calls for a special relationship or partnership to be developed with the Province of Alberta, Canada, “for purposes of sharing information relating to the development and production of oil from tar sands.” Note, this would be a direct, bilateral partnership between Washington and the Alberta government, excluding the Government of Canada.

And what does the Government of Canada say to an arrangement so disrespectful toward the Government of Canada and its citizens? It doesn’t care.

And now we come to it. Push has come to shove, very publicly. First Nations have been subject to all of the racism and violence that comes from being colonized, from the beginning of Canada in 1867 and before. First Nations in Canada are our Palestinians. And they are our Jewish victims of Hitler. No analogy is perfect and this one isn’t. But it’s good.

In her book, “Indigenous Nationhood – Empowering Grassroots Citizens,” Pamela Palmater asks “In what vision of Canada are the ongoing deaths of our people okay?” I would answer: The Nazi vision.

From pages 58 & 59 of “Indigenous Nationhood,” by Pamela Palmater:

What used to be forced sterilizations to prevent childbirths and control Indigenous populations is now premature deaths from the extreme poverty directly linked to Canada’s chronic, purposeful underfunding of First Nations, the over-prescription of addictive and sedating drugs, and lack of safe and sufficient housing, food, education, health care, water, and sanitation. What used to be residential schools became the sixties scoop and is now child and family services removing our children from our communities at alarming rates.

What used to be European/Western education forced on our children through residential schools, is not the provincial school systems, which for the most part teach the same Western ideologies, histories, sciences, and politics to our children and specifically exclude our traditional Indigenous knowledges, languages, and cultures.

What used to be scalping laws are now starlight tours, thousands of murdered and missing Indigenous women, and the quelling of land claims with brute military and police force.

What used to be laws against Indigenous peoples leaving their reserves are now laws which take away rights when one leaves the reserve (taxes, governance, jurisdiction, trade, identity).

What used to be laws against Indigenous people gathering in one place is now CSIS, RCMP, DND and INAC putting us on terrorist watch lists, monitoring our movements, and over-incarcerating our men, women, and youth at increasing rates.

What used to be laws against Indigenous peoples hiring lawyers to advocate on their behalf, are now devastating funding cuts to local, regional, and provincial First Nations political organizations.

Over the years, the State and its allies have pushed a narrative that hid its criminality in relation to First Nations and made First Nations people out to be savages and crooks. Most Canadians just bought that and went about their own lives without any further thought. With capitalist expansion that makes victims out of non native Canadian landowners (like Jessica Ernst whose farm was fracked) as well as First Nations people who are constantly dealing with pipelines and oil drilling and fracking, First Nations people and their problems are not only less visible, as native and non native protesters push back and media report on that, but First Nations people are seen as important allies in the fight to deal with climate crisis and all the problems that go with fracking etc.. Fracking is destroying sources of clean water at an enormous rate, while the methane from leaking wells and the destruction of carbon sinks (forests and peat bogs) is accelerating global warming and sending the earth into a tailspin. In this upside down world, the capitalists and their political partners see their destructive, genocidal behavior as progress and those who resist such destruction as terrorists. And I call that Nazi.

Pam Palmater

“Harper may have just turned Indigenous activists into terrorists” by Pamela Palmater

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Prime Minister Harper’s Conservative government has introduced Bill C-51 The Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015, which it claims is needed to protect Canadians from terrorism. Experts and commentators have called the bill, which will create a secret police force for Harper: terrifying, illegal, unconstitutional, dictatorial and totalitarianism. In case you don’t know what totalitarianism means, it’s a term usually reserved for fascist (extremist or dictatorial) leaders that lead a centralist government that does not tolerate differences of opinion and tries to exercise dictatorial control over many aspects of public and private life — including thought. Voila: Bill C-51…

In a world where Canada used to pit environmentalists, scientists, doctors, teachers, and even bird-watchers against First Nations who peacefully defended their lands, Idle No More helped bring us together. As treaty and territorial allies, First Nations and Canadians face a formidable foe and threat to our collective futures. Idle No More raised awareness about the break down in democracy in general and human and Aboriginal rights specifically. Hundreds of thousands of people across Canada rose up against Bill C-45 — the large, unconstitutional omnibus bill pushed through Parliament without debate which threatened our lakes and rivers. This time, the threat is personal — any one of us could go to jail for thinking or voicing our opinions.

“Why does Canada spy on its own indigenous communities?” by Lex Gill and Cara Zwibel

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Researchers and journalists have begun to reveal the extent to which Indigenous activists and organisations in Canada are subject to surveillance by police, military, national security intelligence agencies and other government bodies. While security agencies have long looked beyond ‘traditional’ national security threats and set their sights on activists – even in the absence of evidence linking these individuals or organisations to any violent criminal activity – this reality is increasingly the subject of media and public scrutiny. As Jeffrey Monaghan and Kevin Walby have written, the language of “aboriginal and multi-issue extremists” in security discourse blurs the line between threats to national security, matters of ordinary law enforcement, and lawful, democratic advocacy.

In this piece, we summarise some of what is known about the surveillance practices employed to keep tabs on Indigenous leaders and activists, and describe their impact on Charter-protected and internationally recognised human rights and freedoms.

Indigenous nations and peoples have emerged, worldwide, as vocal defenders of land and water, organising to protect ancestral territories and ways of life. In Canada, while aboriginal and treaty rights are constitutionally recognised and affirmed, the interpretation of those rights is highly contested and a matter frequently before the country’s highest court. Indigenous activists and organisations in Canada have led popular resistance to the development of new oil and gas pipelines, hydroelectric dams, mining operations, and other extractive industries that have significant environmental impact and which frequently encroach on Indigenous territories.

This resistance – with tactics ranging from peaceful protest and strategic litigation to the establishment of creative action camps and blockades – has frequently been met with a forceful police response. Through diligent research and investigative reporting, a pattern of extensive surveillance of these activities has also emerged – implicating law enforcement, intelligence agencies and numerous other government bodies…

The records detailing monitoring of individual activists and leaders speak to a larger pattern of surveillance against non-violent dissent, Indigenous-led social movements and their allies. As APTN reported in relation to the documents referring to Thomas-Muller, RCMP records also listed a number of groups as “involved persons,” including “the Defenders of the Land, Direct Action in Canada for Climate Justice, Ontario Public Interest Research Group, Ruckus Society, Global Justice Ecology Project, Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, the Indigenous Action Movement and the Wet’suwet’en Direct Action Camp.” In 2014, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) filed complaints against both the RCMP and CSIS, alleging unlawful surveillance against opponents of Northern Gateway that included many of the same organisations. While the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP launched an independent investigation, the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) (the body responsible for CSIS oversight) instead held a series of secret hearings. They issued a decision in 2015, but barred the BCCLA from speaking about the outcome. The BCCLA has since applied for judicial review of this decision.

“Take Action: National Security Bill Puts Land and Environment Protectors in Jeopardy” by Jen Moore (Mining Watch Canada)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Join MiningWatch and the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG) to sign and share this online action to alert Members of Parliament to problems with the Liberal government’s National Security Act 2017, Bill C-59. Far beyond a threat to the privacy of Canadians, it puts land and environment protectors in danger of continuing to be targeted as security threats.

Bill C-59 is the government’s response to the much-maligned Bill C-51 that the Conservative government released to nationwide protest in 2015. While we would still be in favour of a full repeal of Bill C-51, Bill C-59 does not go far enough to address the dangerous ways that it empowers Canadian spies and intelligence sharing. Now that it has been sent back to committee, there is an opportunity to raise our concerns once again…

Indigenous-led social movements and environmental organizations peacefully fighting unwanted and harmful mega-projects, such as pipelines and hydroelectric dams, have already found themselves targets of surveillance. Access to information requests have revealed how such intelligence has been shared between government and private sector actors through classified briefings.

As members of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association have laid out, Bill C-59 maintains the idea “that peaceful resistance – such as opposition to pipeline projects or other private development – constitutes a meaningful threat to “critical infrastructure” [encouraging] the profiling of Indigenous groups by Canada’s national security bodies.”

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Lawlessness / Ruined – part 12

“Attacker stabs nine people at apartment complex housing refugees in Boise, Idaho” by Meenakshi Jagadeesan (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== =
Nine people, including six children, were hurt in an attack carried out by a knife-wielding assailant in an apartment complex housing refugee families in Boise, Idaho, on Saturday night. Four of the nine are reported to be battling life-threatening injuries. Within hours, the police arrested Timothy Earl Kinner, a 30-year-old man from Los Angeles, California, for carrying out the attack. Kinner was booked into Ada county jail early Sunday morning on nine counts of aggravated battery and six felony charges of injury to a child…

Based on unofficial statements from family, friends and neighbors in the apartment complex, reports have indicated that the victims include an Iraqi woman and her children, as well as members of a Syrian family. The attack reportedly took place at a three-yea-old’s birthday party. Julianne D. Tzul, the executive director of the International Rescue Committee, told the Idaho Statesman, “We are shocked and saddened by this senseless attack on members of the Boise refugee community…This attack does not reflect, in any way, the tremendous welcoming nature of the Boise community we have worked with so closely…”…

Little information has come out about the assailant or his motives. Some of the news reports on the attack mention the fact that Kinner, though not a refugee, had been a temporary resident of the apartment complex until he was asked to move out on Friday, the day before the attack.

The attack takes place in the context of fascistic threats and racist rants directed against immigrants from Donald Trump. Last week, Trump tweeted, “We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order.”
= ===

“European Union intensifies campaign of terror against refugees” by Johannes Stern (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The European Union summit at the end of last week marked a dangerous turning point in post-World War II European history. The measures targeting refugees adopted in Brussels have exposed the EU for what it is: a reactionary instrument of the ruling classes. The EU is being used by the European governments, their mounting differences notwithstanding, to intensify their policies of militarism, repression and social attacks on the working class. With the Brussels summit, the EU has shifted far to the right, with rabidly nationalist and far-right forces setting the agenda.

The monstrous persecution of immigrants is an international phenomenon. In the United States, the Trump administration is ripping children from their parents and detaining them in cages, while planning a network of military camps to hold 120,000 people…

From Mondoweiss:
Eric Goldstein, CEO of the Jewish Federations in NY.

“US Jewish leader expresses compassion for refugees at US border– and contempt for Palestinian refugees” by Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The head of a leading American Jewish philanthropic organization has expressed support for refugees seeking asylum in the U.S. And, in the same message: utter contempt for Palestinian refugees.

The hypocritical position is of course typical of the U.S. Jewish establishment, which is progressive on issues non-Palestinian. But that hypocrisy is rarely exemplified so purely as it is by Eric Goldstein, ceo of the NY Jewish Federation, writing a Sabbath letter last week.

“Trump administration rescinds right of detained immigrants to in-person court appearances in New York City” by Guillaume Garnier (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Last week, the New York City Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) revoked the right of detained immigrants to appear in person in court. The decision, which is completely unprecedented, was made for appearances at the agency’s Lower Manhattan Court and has forced immigrants facing deportation proceedings to have their legal cases heard via video conferences.

ICE justified this flagrant attack on democratic rights by citing the presence of the “Occupy ICE NYC” demonstration in front of the Varick Street offices. From June 22 to June 24 the small protest group, comprising only about two dozen individuals, blocked the entrance to the immigration court where ICE deposes detained immigrants. ICE reacted by canceling all trials on Monday June 25. Usually the courthouse sees 30 to 40 cases every day…

The ramifications of this policy for detained immigrants are dire. A statement by the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (NYIFUP), a pro bono legal group that represents immigrants, noted that “this unilateral decision by ICE to replace in-person appearances with video and audio teleconferencing would eviscerate the ability of NYIFUP providers to ensure due process for people facing removals … denying in-person appearances will impact due process, access to counsel, and exacerbate separation from families and loved ones.”

The statement went on to say that through in-person appearances “attorneys have increased immigrants’ rate of winning their cases by a factor of ten, showing that approximately one-third of people arrested and brought to court by ICE are actually entitled to remain in this country under the law.”

From WSWS:
Tsipras (left) meets Corbyn last week [photo from Greek Embassy in London Facebook page]

“UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hails Alexis Tsipras of Syriza” by Robert Stevens (WSWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Last week, Greek Prime Minister and Syriza (Coalition of the Radical Left) leader Alexis Tsipras visited the UK…

His most enthusiastic welcome, however, was afforded by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who tweeted of their June 26 meeting, “It was good to meet Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras today to talk about Brexit, the fight against austerity, and the crucial importance of international solidarity in our time. Governments can and must work together to support refugees fleeing war and devastation.”

Just who does Corbyn think he is fooling? What “fight against austerity” and support for refugees is he talking about?

If he were honest, Corbyn would have said that he discussed Syriza’s fight to impose austerity.

Khalida Jarrar

“Zionist Occupation Authorities Extends Detention of Palestinian Female MP” by ? (AFP via Al Manar TV)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Israeli occupation authorities have extended the detention without trial of a Palestinian politician by four months, ensuring she will remain behind bars for more than a year, the Zionist army said Thursday.

Khalida Jarrar, 55, was arrested on July 2, 2017 for being a senior member in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The extension was decided on Monday by a military court but was made public Thursday.

From Consortium News:
Protestors at airports against Muslim ban in 2017.

“Supreme Court Ignored International Law in Upholding Muslim Ban” by Marjorie Cohn (Consortium News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The Supreme Court’s opinion last month in Trump v. Hawaii, affirming Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, has permitted the United States to act in flagrant violation of international law.

Under the guise of deferring to the president on matters of national security, the 5-4 majority disregarded a litany of Trump’s anti-Muslim statements and held that the ban does not violate the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, which forbids the government from preferring one religion over another. Neither the majority nor the dissenting opinions even mentioned the U.S.’s legal obligations under international human rights law.

“This Is What Modern War Propaganda Looks Like” by Caitlin Johnstone (Rogue Journalist)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

I’ve been noticing videos going viral the last few days, some with millions of views, about Muslim women bravely fighting to free themselves from oppression in the Middle East…

Well, you may want to sit down for this shocker, but it turns out that they happen to be women from a nation that the US war machine is currently escalating operations against. They are Iranian.

Whenever you see the sudden emergence of an attractive media campaign that is sympathetic to the plight of civilians in a resource-rich nation unaligned with the western empire, you are seeing propaganda. When that nation is surrounded by other nations with similar human rights transgressions and yet those transgressions are ignored by that same media campaign, you are most certainly seeing propaganda. When that nation just so happens to already be the target of starvation sanctions and escalated covert CIA ops, you can bet the farm that you are seeing propaganda.

Caitlin is right of course. Especially revealing is the instructional memo to Rex Tillerson that she reports in in the above linked-to article. One could say that her article is focussed. Or one might point out that she could have been a wee bit more balanced, and supportive of Iranian women here, by pointing out that the hijab is, indeed, oppressive. It may not be extreme, in some ways. But, please, Don’t tell me that every frikkin adult female in Iran (or wherever) just happens to choose to wear head covering. They do so out of fear of what their ruined fellow male citizens, family and non family, would do to them if they didn’t. Are you okay with that Caitlin?

terrorist connections – assorted pics assembled by Eva Bartlett

“Bellingcat & Atlantic Council join to award exploited Syrian child & American mass murderer” by Eva Bartlett (In Gaza)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Just when we thought the over-used Bana al-Abed story was in the war propaganda dustbin, the wonder-child theme has again been re-hashed, this time by the Atlantic Council.

The so-called “think tank” recently highlighted the nine-year old at a conference that also included former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright.

Bana, the child presented to the world in late 2016 as tweeting from eastern Aleppo about wanting peace, Russia being bad, Assad being bad, etcetera, became colonial media’s darling, the perfect cover for war propaganda. We are told that Bana al-Abed has written a memoir. She has attended galas, met the Turkish president, and hobnobbed with movie stars and UN officials. Now, the girl has been trotted out on stage to receive an award from the Atlantic Council.

Absurdities of Syrian war propaganda

Critical-thinkers aren’t fooled by the Bana story. As I wrote earlier:

“Critiques on Amazon reveal that thinking people aren’t buying brand Bana, in spite of her UN appearance and rehearsed speech about children dying from bombs and hunger (which the United Nations retweeted, as all good neutral and credible institutions might).”

That her father was a member of a terrorist organization in Aleppo and worked in a Sharia Court has been documented, as has her family’s close proximity to numerous terrorist headquarters in their area of Aleppo alone.

But still, her official story is dragged on, endlessly.

From The Toronto Star:
U.K. Home Secretary Sajid Javid said Sunday that Amesbury and Salisbury remain open for business and urged people to visit. (Ben Birchall / The Associated Press)

“U.K. says woman poisoned by military-grade nerve agent has died” by Jill Lawless (from AP) and Gregory Katz (Toronto Star)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article/propaganda follows:

Tests at Britain’s defence research laboratory showed the pair was exposed to Novichok, the same type of nerve agent used to poison former Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury in March.

There’s zero shame by the Star for this sort of evil. They straight up lie. They are counting on uncaring, distracted, ill-informed citizens to suck up their propaganda.

The above article is another example of the awfulness of the Toronto Star. Reportage in the Star that pertains to local events is much better. Reportage that is political and/or dealing with foreign policy is positively awful, because the Star’s owners and top management are ruined. Canada doesn’t have, contrary to tool Trudeau’s assertion, an independent foreign policy. Canadian governments simply follow the US’s lead and instructions.

related: “The Strange Case of the Russian Spy Poisoning” by James O’Neill

Andrew Phung (photo by Peter Power w Canadian Press)

“Kim’s Convenience actor Andrew Phung accuses Toronto police officer of racist comment” by Claire Floody (Toronto Star)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Phung said he was waiting to cross at the intersection of Lake Shore Blvd. W. and Rees St. — a spot he calls “a confusing mess on a good day” — with a group of about 20 other people when the light changed, and a driver he described as a person of colour hesitated while pulling through the intersection.

He said a uniformed police officer shouted at the driver to proceed, which the person did, but as the officer was walking back towards the sidewalk, Phung said he heard the officer say, “If you can’t drive, go back to your country.”

The 20 or so people around him audibly groaned, Phung said, and he responded by saying, “Not cool.”

“Anyone would have been confused at that intersection. Any Torontonian would have thought that area under the Gardiner on Lake Shore, on a Saturday Jays game, is confusing.”

Two other men then allegedly said, “No, totally cool. If you can’t drive go back to your f—— country,” Phung recounted…

Phung emphasized he has great respect for police officers and all first responders and by tweeting the situation he was not trying to pit the public against the police.

The officer was directing traffic on a busy Saturday during a Jays game, Phung said, and he wouldn’t have blamed him for expressing frustration at confused drivers, but he said a comment like that is never acceptable.

“There is no excuse for what he said, at all. In any situation.”

From Truthdig:
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduces new electronic products in 2012. A new report finds that Amazon violates its own anti-hate speech policies by allowing the sale of racist, anti-Semitic and other offensive products and content. (Reed Saxon / AP)

“Amazon Is Quietly Selling Racist, Anti-Semitic Products, Report Finds” by Ilana Novick (Truthdig)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Amazon prides itself on the ability to sell and deliver almost any product imaginable. It also creates television shows and movies and builds its own electronics like the Kindle and Echo and runs such businesses as Whole Foods, Audible and IMDb. However, what should not be included in its vast offerings, according to its own policies, are “products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views.”

A new report from the Partnership for Working Families and the Action Center on Race & the Economy, however, outlines how Amazon continues to sell products and host content in violation of the company’s own rules…

Among the items the researchers found are “a ‘Confederate Officer’ kids’ costume, which is stickered as ‘Amazon’s Choice,’ with the Confederate flag pin and patch gift set [and a] hangman’s noose lynching” decal.

Even babies are not exempt: “Parents looking for racist clothing for infants can purchase baby onesies featuring a burning cross.”

And for just $3 at the Kindle store (and more in hard copy), consumers can purchase “The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens: A Dramatic Saga of Intrigue, Propaganda and Subversion,” written by the founder of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell.


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Professional Scam Artists – part 18

Mihalis Eleftheriou

“With EFF’s Help, Language Teacher Responds to Ridiculous Patent Threat” by Daniel Nazer (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Foreign languages have been taught, and studied, for thousands of years. People who teach languages are the last folks that should be dealing with patent threat letters—but incredibly, that’s exactly what has happened to Mihalis Eleftheriou. Hodder and Stoughton, a large British publisher, has sent a letter to Eleftheriou claiming that it has rights to a patent that covers recorded language lessons, and demanding that he stop providing online courses…

Hodder and Stoughton contends that Language Transfer infringes U.S. Patent No. 6,565,358, titled “Language teaching system.” The patent essentially covers a language lesson on tape. In the patent’s words, it claims a particular sequence of “expression segments” to be played on a “recorded medium” using a “playing device.” In plain English, the “expression segments” amount to the following sequence: the teacher asks how to translate a phrase, there is a short pause, an example student attempts to answer the question, and then the teacher provides the correct answer.

At this point you might be asking yourself, wait what? How on Earth did someone get a patent on putting a language lesson on tape? Those are good questions. The answer, frankly, is that the Patent Office needs to do a much better job…

Today EFF has sent a response [PDF] to Hodder and Stoughton on Eleftheriou’s behalf. We explain that the ’358 patent is plainly invalid under the Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in Alice v. CLS Bank. That decision holds that an abstract idea does not become eligible for patent protection merely by being implemented on conventional or generic technology.

“EFF Responds to Vigilant Solutions’ Accusations About EFF ALPR Report” by Kurt Opsahl (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

On Tuesday, we wrote a report about how the Irvine Company, a private real estate development company, has collected automated license plate reader (ALPR) data from patrons of several of its shopping centers, and is providing the collected data to Vigilant Solutions, a contractor notorious for its contracts with state and federal law enforcement agencies across the country.

The Irvine Company initially declined to respond to EFF’s questions, but after we published our report, the company told the media that it only collects information at three malls in Orange County (Irvine Spectrum Center, Fashion Island, and The Marketplace) and that Vigilant Solutions only provides the data to three local police departments (the Irvine, Newport Beach, and Tustin police departments)…

A year ago, EFF sent a letter to Vigilant Solutions with 31 questions about its policies and practices. To date, Vigilant Solutions has not responded to a single question. In addition, Vigilant Solutions had already told the press, “as policy, Vigilant Solutions is not at liberty to discuss or share any contractual details. This is a standard agreement between our company, our partners, and our clients.”

Indeed, Vigilant Solutions has quite a history of fighting EFF’s effort to shine a light on ALPR practices, issuing an open letter to police agencies taking EFF to task for using Freedom of Information Act and Public Records Act requests to uncover information on how public agencies collect and share data. A common Vigilant Solutions contract has provisions where the law enforcement agency “also agrees not to voluntarily provide ANY information, including interviews, related to Vigilant, its products or its services to any member of the media without the express written consent of Vigilant.”

Vigilant Solutions has built its business on gathering sensitive information on the private activities of civilians, packaging it, and making it easily available to law enforcement. It’s deeply ironic that Vigilant gets so upset when someone wants to take a closer look at its own practices.

“Public inquiry needed into parts of Elections Ontario’s running of provincial election” by Bradford Duplisea (Democracy Watch)

An excerpt from the above-linked article follows:

Today, Democracy Watch called for a public inquiry into parts of Elections Ontario’s running of the recent provincial election given: 1. Elections Ontario violated the law by failing to do ads informing voters of their right to decline their ballot; 2. a huge increase in unmarked ballots raises questions about whether thousands were prohibited from declining their ballot; 3. questions about whether banning scrutineers from even seeing ballots at polling stations that used electronic counting machines affected outcomes, and; 4. overall questions about Elections Ontario’s voter education efforts given voter turnout was the seventh lowest percentage since 1867.

The first question a public inquiry needs to examine is why Elections Ontario refused to do even one TV, radio or print ad informing voters of their right to decline their ballot, even though Democracy Watch has been requesting that it do such ads since 2011, and even though the provincial law requires Elections Ontario to do ads about all voter rights?

The second question is whether polling station workers violated the rights of thousands of voters by failing to allow them to decline their ballot? According to Elections Ontario’s unofficial results which were finally made available for all ridings yesterday (two ridings were missing for the past 17 days and Elections Ontario refused to explain why), the number of declined ballots decreased by 7,253 (-24.2%) compared to 2014 (from 29,937 in 2014 to 22,684 in 2018).

In contrast, the number of unmarked ballots increased by 10,787 (up 89%) compared to 2014 (from 12,124 in 2014 up to 22,911 in 2018). According to Elections Ontario’s summary of election results since 1977, unmarked ballots have never totaled more than 12,124, the total in the 2014 election.

“Pharma giants sue NHS for trying to save money” by Sam Tobin (Morning Star)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Twelve clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in north-east England want to treat wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) — the leading cause of vision loss — with an anti-cancer drug found to be “as clinically effective and safe,” as well as being significantly cheaper.

They say using Avastin could save the region’s NHS nearly £50 million over five years, while the BMJ has reported estimates that a national switch to Avastin could save the NHS £500m a year.

But Novartis and Bayer — which market rival, licensed drugs Lucentis and Eylea — claim the CCGs cannot use Avastin as it is not licensed for the treatment of wet AMD…

The CCGs say to allow the claim would mean “thousands of other NHS patients will be denied clinically effective medical treatment because resources will be used purchasing licensed drugs [instead of] a much cheaper and equally safe” alternative.

They also say that Avantis is used in Austria, France, Ireland and Italy — where Novartis has lost a series of court cases about the use of the drug.

The hearing continues.

“Water industry says public ownership is no longer popular – 3 reasons not to trust them” by ? (BSNEWS)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Shocker! New poll reported in the Daily Mail and Politics Home reports that public support for bringing water into public ownership has halved. People – apparently – have seen the error of their ways. They don’t, after all, want a government to bring water into public hands.

Great headline, but let’s dig a bit deeper. When we do, we’ll see that these figures aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Here’s why we can’t trust this polling.

1) This polling is funded by the water industry

The polling, carried out by ComRes, was funded by Anglian Water, Severn Trent, South West Water and United Utilities…

The polling refers to the Social Market Foundation report which claims that renationalisation would cost £90 billion. This report was itself funded by Anglian Water, Severn Trent, South West Water and United Utilities!

And its claim is simply not true. Parliament can decide how much to compensate shareholders. We can compensate shareholders for the money they’ve actually invested in the industry, not for full market value. So that would cost us around £18 billion, not £90 billion. Then we would SAVE money, year after year, because we wouldn’t be paying out dividends to shareholders, and investment in infrastructure would be better value because of the lower cost of capital…

The SMF report isn’t valid, so the polling isn’t valid. So we’ll stick with the polling from the Legatum Institute which says that 83% of us want public ownership of water.

“French Firm Probed For Funding Jihadists In Syria For Profit” by ? (teleSUR)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

French cement giant Lafarge was charged Thursday with complicity in crimes against humanity and financing a terrorist organization for paying millions to jihadist groups, including the Islamic State, to keep a factory in Syria open during the war.

A legal source said the company, which paid the armed groups through middlemen, has also been charged with endangering the lives of former employees at the cement plant in Jalabiya, northern Syria.

The allegations against Lafarge, which merged with Swiss firm Holcim in 2015, are the most serious against a French company in years.

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Lawlessness / Ruined – part 11

“US-backed Forces Claiming to “Liberate” Yemen Rape Detainees in Secret Prisons” by Randi Nord (Geopolitics Alert)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== =
The so-called “liberators” in Yemen are sexually and physically torturing detainees at secret prisons. Survivors recall disturbing stories laden with gruesome interrogation tactics for extracting false confessions. Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen attempts to portray themselves as the bearers of freedom and reason.

As an ally of the United States’ “counter-terrorism” operation in Yemen, the United Arab Emirates established 18 prisons throughout territory under their control. An ongoing investigation from the Associated Press has so far identified instances of deranged sexual torture at five of these facilities. The Emirati headquarters in Yemen houses one of such facilities where witnesses have seen American soldiers.

The United States provides the United Arab Emirates with billions in weapons, and military equipment through the Saudi-led coalition and counter-terror operations in Yemen. Washington also has ground troops in Yemen assisting and training Emirati forces.
= ===

“US-Saudis Launch Terror Attack on Wedding Killing and Wounding 22 in Yemen” by Randi Nord (Geopolitics Alert)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The US-backed Saudi-led coalition has launched yet another terror attack on yet another Yemeni wedding. The most recent prior similar attack took place in late April of this year. It’s common for the U.S.-Saudi coalition to target civilians gathering en mass at funerals, celebrations, refugee camps, and crowded weekend markets…

The most recent Yemeni wedding attack took place on Tuesday in Saada province. Saada province might be subjected to more airstrike attacks on homes, cars, and civilian infrastructure than any other province. Rescuers are still working on retrieving bodies from the rubble. The majority of the victims appear to be children — many are very young under five.

“Washington Moves Against Rafael Correa” by Paul Craig Roberts (Paul Craig Roberts)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

As President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa was a Godsend for the Ecuadorian people, for Latin American independence and for WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. By serving justice and truth instead of Washington, Correa earned Washington’s hatred and determination to destroy him.

Correa was succeeded as president by Lenin Moreno, who Correa mistakenly believed to be an ally, but who has every appearance of being a Washington asset. The first thing that Moreno did was to make a deal with Washington, block Correa from being able to again stand for the presidency and turn on Julian Assange. Moreno wants to revoke the asylum granted to Assange and has prevented Assange from continuing his journalistic activity from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. In other words, Moreno has conspired with Washington and the UK to effectively imprison Assange in the embassy.

Now Moreno has taken another step that highlights his character as a blackguard. Correa, realizing that he and his family were in danger, moved to Belgium. An Ecuadorian court has now ordered the Belgians to detain Correa and extradite him to Ecuador on a fabricated kidnapping charge.

“US Set on Regime Change in Venezuela” by Shannon Ebrahim (

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Given the US failure to overthrow the Venezuelan leadership through rolling protests and people power, President Donald Trump has openly said that his administration doesn’t discard the military option to enact regime change. This is what Venezuela’s foreign minister Jorge Arreaza reminded South Africans on his five-day visit here this week.

According to Arreaza, the day before Trump announced the military option was on the table on August 8 last year, he had held a meeting with his then-secretary of state Rex Tillerson and national security adviser HR McMaster, asking them why the US doesn’t finish off Venezuelan president Nicolas Madura through a military operation. According to Arreaza, Tillerson and McMaster managed to convince Trump not to do so. Despite the realpolitik, Tillerson had embarked on a Latin American tour defending the Monroe Doctrine, calling for an oil embargo of Venezuela and hinting at a military coup.

“In a Trade War, Canada’s energy not on the table” by ? (The Council of Canadians)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

As Trump launches a trade war, Canada is hamstrung by a little-known NAFTA clause that packs a huge climate punch. It’s the energy proportionality clause that gives the U.S. first access to most of Canada’s oil and natural gas.

In a new report to be released today in Ottawa by the Council of Canadians, Escaping Mandatory Energy Exports, University of Alberta professor Gordon Laxer explains that energy proportionality obligates Canada to make available for export to the United States, the same proportion of its energy as it has in the past three years. Currently that is 74% of the oil and 52% of the natural gas in Canada…

“Trump sees Canadian oil as American oil,” says Dr. Laxer. “When he approved the Keystone XL oil pipeline to bring mainly Alberta tar sands oil to U.S. Gulf coast refineries, Trump said it would reduce Americans’ dependence on foreign oil. Because of NAFTA’s proportionality rule, Trump happens to be right.”

“Water for Flint, Not for Nestlé” by Emma Lui (The Council of Canadians)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Flint is still dealing with the lead poisoning of residents’ drinking water. Residents of Detroit are once again experiencing water shutoffs. Ontario has the highest number of Drinking Water Advisories in First Nations out of all the provinces in Canada. All the while Nestlé is allowed to pump millions of litres of water from Ontario and Michigan every day to bottle and sell for profit.

I went to Detroit this past weekend to meet with the Water Is Life coalition to talk about these and other water justice issues around the Great Lakes. Nearly 20 organizations gathered over two days to develop strategies to prevent the privatization and commodification of water, ensure affordable access to drinking water and sanitation, uphold Indigenous rights to water, protect the Great Lakes and implement the UN-recognized human rights to water and sanitation…

In Ontario, Nestlé continues to pump up to 4.7 million litres (1.2 million gallons) of water every day on expired permits from its two wells in Wellington County, Ontario. Nestle has purchased a third well in Elora and could be given the green light to pump once Ontario’s moratorium on new and expanded bottled water permits ends in January 2019. The City of Guelph has raised concerns about the impacts of Nestle’s water takings on the municipality’s future drinking water.

Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford becoming Ontario’s new premier raises serious concerns about the protection of water from Nestlé and other bottled water companies.

“Doctor Punished for Giving Vaccine Exemptions to Children with High Risk of Vaccine Brain Damage” by Rachel Blevins (The Free Thought Project)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In an alarming decision that could be used to set the standard for doctors who choose not to follow the state’s strict vaccine schedules for infants and toddlers, the Medical Board of California has suspended a pediatrician who claims that he approved a 2-year-old’s vaccine exemption, after the child showed a severe adverse reaction.

Dr. Robert Sears has been the subject of controversy ever since the board threatened to revoke his medical license altogether when he was accused of “wrongfully writing” a doctor’s note for a 2-year-old boy that exempted him from required vaccinations, after the boy’s mother told him that previous immunizations made the boy’s body limp, and caused him to lose urinary functions.

Because he took the mother’s word and believed her testimony of her son’s condition, Dr. Sears is now under probation for the next 35 months, which means that every decision he makes as a pediatric doctor will be strictly scrutinized by other medical professionals, he must notify all hospital and medical facilities where he practices that he is on probation, and he is not allowed to supervise physician assistants or nurse practitioners.

From Mint Press News:
The first delivery of the two component vaccine Pandemrix against swine flu is seen at the pharmacy of the university hospital in Essen, Germany, in a Friday, Oct, 23, 2009 file photo. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

“Australia Issues Rolling Fines to Parents Who Won’t Vaccinate Their Children” by Emma Fiala (Mint Press News)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Australia’s “No Jab, No Pay” policy just got a little stronger, or at least more insistent. Under the previous policy, parents who did not keep their children up to date on vaccinations would miss out on a one-time, end-of-the-year tax benefit called Family Tax Benefit Part A, valued at AU$737. Under the updated policy, those same parents will instead lose AU$28 every two weeks while their child is not up to date…

Government vaccination campaigns are nothing new in Australia. Back in 1999, vaccination rates for children between the ages of 24 and 27 months hit the lowest level in 17 years. After launching an aggressive education campaign, that same rate rose from 73.6 percent in 1999 to 92.2 percent in 2015. But the Australian government asserted that still wasn’t enough and subsequently launched the No Jab, No Pay policy, spending AU$14 million on free vaccinations in 2017 alone.

Medical exemptions are available both for children at risk of serious harm from vaccines and for children who have natural immunity.

related: Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

“Mainstream Media Admits FBI Groomed Terrorist for 4th of July Attack, Gave Him Supplies” by Rachel Blevins (Activist Post)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

An innocent man is now facing terrorism charges after he was caught plotting a bombing at a Fourth of July celebration and then arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The only problem is that the plot was created by undercover FBI agents, who convinced the man to agree to a role in the plan, and then provided him with supplies…

While it is not clear what the comments from Pitts—who was reportedly using a Facebook account with a different name—stated exactly, it is clear that there was no indication he actually planned on carrying out a terrorist attack. In fact, a report from NBC News admitted that “there’s no indication that Pitts could have carried off any attack on his own.”

FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen Anthony justified the contact by insisting that instead of waiting to see if Pitts ever joined al-Qaeda and traveled overseas for training, agents were completely justified in reaching out to Pitt and trying to convince him to carry out an attack now.

“Sicko Cop Gets NO JAIL After Admitting to Possession, Distribution of Horrific Images of Child Abuse” by Matt Agorist (The Free Thought Project)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

For those who doubt the existence of blue privilege and the ability of cops to escape accountability for unspeakable crimes, the following case should serve as proof it is real. When an officer of the law is caught exploiting and abusing society’s most vulnerable — children — and they can escape jail time, this is definitive proof of blue privilege.

Millville police officer Samuel F. Brozina was caught with a trove of child porn on his computer and his cell phone. According to prosecutors, the horrifying images depicted the sexual abuse of small children. For possessing these images and videos, an average citizen would and should go to jail — but not a cop.

In Brozina’s case, his blue status proved that he is above the law and this child predator will not spend a single day in jail. For multiple charges of possessing child porn, Brozina was sentenced to a mere three years of probation.

Indeed. Gatekeepers are those with the ‘right’ political views. They can be appointed or self-appointed. They can be anyone. They can be dumb or smart, professionals or non professionals. Appointed gatekeepers are most certainly those who understand, enough, their gatekeeping role. What are the ‘right’ political views? Basically, they involve protecting the powerful in return for their protection. See my blog post titled “Gatekeepers.” Police, like judges, are important gatekeepers who the 1% depends on very much.

“Network of Pedophile Cops Raped Children for Years Because Dept ‘Mistakenly’ Covered It Up” by Jack Burns (The Free Thought Project)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:


Inside information into the years-long sex saga involving two former Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) officers is now being revealed. The city commissioned former U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey to investigate the LMPD Explorers program for children to determine if sexual misconduct, abuse, and even rape were widespread with police officers involved in the program.

Two former LMPD officers have been charged with serious crimes, as The Free Thought Project reported, and the city, with good reason, wanted to know more about how police handled the complaints from parents and reports children were being groomed, propositioned, and even raped…

The accusations were followed by lawsuits with one lawyer reportedly representing five victims abused by officers inside the Explorers program. Not only did parents accuse the police officers’ superiors of doing nothing about their criminal complaints, the Police Officers’ union also began to stonewall, filing a lawsuit in an attempt to prevent investigators from interviewing more cops.

From The Los Angeles Times:
Rodolfo Rodriguez was attacked by several people after reportedly bumping into a little girl on his daily walk in South Los Angeles.

“Arrest made in brutal beating of 91-year-old man” by Brittny Mejia (Los Angeles Times)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Rodolfo Rodriguez had gone out for a walk in Willowbrook about 7 p.m. on July 4 when he was assaulted, according to a GoFundMe campaign set up by his family. Rodriguez has a broken cheekbone and bruises on his face.

His family said a woman confronted Rodriguez after he reportedly bumped into a little girl who was with her. Rodriguez was then struck from behind, and “as he fell on the ground, he blacked out,” Sheriff’s Det. Matt Luna said.

Misbel Borjas, who lives near Rodriguez, was passing by in a car when she saw Rodriguez walking and trying to pass a woman and a girl. Then, Borjas said, she saw the woman push Rodriguez and start to hit him with a block of cement.

“She was yelling at him, ‘Go back to your country,’ or ‘Go back to Mexico,’” Borjas recalled. “It was racist.”

Rodriguez’s daughter, Aurelia Rodriguez, said her father recalls the woman screaming at him, but he didn’t understand what she was saying because he doesn’t speak or understand English.

From Mondoweiss:
Moshe Zar speaks genocide at Education Conference to wild applause. From David Sheen Facebook page.

“Speaker at Israeli gov’t conference promotes genocide against Arabs and non-Jews” by Jonathan Ofir (Mondoweiss)

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A week ago, the Israeli Ministry of Education held a conference in Jerusalem for the state’s religious education sector (Ynet reports, Hebrew, English here). Education Minister Naftali Bennett was also present. The theme was “speaking about the values of the Jewish family in 2018, about education to healthy sexuality, modesty, feminism, values and Zionism.”

On the stage was an aging terrorist, Moshe Zar, a former founding member of the Jewish-terrorist movement “Jewish Underground” (in 1980’s), who said the following:

“I am known for saying ‘Build a house, it’s like you wiped out a hundred Arabs. Build a settlement, it’s like you wiped out tens of thousands of goyim [‘non-Jews’]’. That’s the truth”.

His words were applauded by a considerable number of the public, including the settler standing beside him, Yael Shevach, the widow of rabbi Raziel Shevach, who was murdered in January on a road in the occupied West Bank outside the settlement he lived in…

The immediate context within the conference was about settlement in “Judea, Samaria and Gaza”. After a video was screened, Zar told about an attack that had occurred in a settlement and said that construction of the settlements is “our sweet revenge”.


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