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The United Nations: Cursed, Not Blessed

The UN cannot truly oppose those states – including the biggest, rogue (from the standpoint in believers in the rule of law and order), state – that are attacking whistleblowers, journalists and journalism, and by extension knowledge and information (light) that the people would otherwise possess, because it itself obeys a higher power, namely the same higher power that the private sector, it’s partner political classes and corrupted progressive media get their authority and direction from, namely Satan. Continue reading

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Common Dreams Incorporated

For some reason, I am no longer able to post comments to articles appearing on the Common Dreams website where I’ve participated in that fashion for years. I’m a long time progressive, a sort of inactive activist, but hopefully independent and in possession of integrity. I don’t agree with everything Leftwing automatically. I’m also religious. I don’t agree with the Left’s or the Right’s stand on abortion. And I hate having the religion of evolution shoved down my throat by fellow ‘progressives’. I have no power to push anyone, friend or enemy, around and, in that regard, some on the Left do have the power to push me around when they don’t like some of my views. Just being a victim of corporatocracy doesn’t automatically make you principled or caring. Continue reading

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