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Redemption? Stephanie, servant of power, has no wise fear of God, Does she?

Why do godless, evil people use language like ‘redemption’? And why do Leftists do ridiculous contortions in trying to avoid the word ‘evil’? Could it be because they don’t want the oppressed, exploited people to turn to God, instead of those on the Left, for relief from the rightwing loons who own and run the world? Maybe those ones should just concentrate on making the world, while it exists in it’s present configuration, as good a place as they can. Trying to prove a Lie will lead to a bad outcome for those engaged in that fruitless endeavor, not a better society. Continue reading

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How (Good And Bad) People Spread Darkness

I don’t think people believe that I’m bad for trying to teach that there is a Creator God. But what people think, passively, is not always what they think actively… You see, There’s a social dimension to it. As long as we don’t have a problem with the community we feel ourselves a part of, then we will endeavor to be accepted, and approved, by it. But how far will you go in trying to prove your truth, which I consider a Lie? If your community decides to lynch me, Are you going to go along with it in order to get along? Continue reading

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My ‘Craig Murray’ Litmus Test

Mention of Craig Murray’s ‘access to’ the leaker of the very revealing Clinton and Podesta emails by progressives who talk about that should be the litmus test of their genuiness, in my view. Continue reading

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Slavery Or Worship?

The weak and vulnerable, good and bad, are devoured by the suicidal wild beast of corporatocracy. God’s warning to monsters, indirectly, addressed to his people: “He who is touching you is touching my eyeball.” – Zechariah 2:8 in the Christian Bible Continue reading

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The North American Media Pack

It’s Zbig’s grand chessboard, probably until this system of things is destroyed. But that’s only by chance. It might not have been such a plan or vision. But the form of the aggression, or plan, followed by the wild beast of corporatocracy, isn’t the problem. Continue reading

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