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Off Guardian disappeared me. Is it petulance or worse?

In the past, OG staff were good about dealing with email enquiries about it. I know I wasn’t the only one experiencing problems because the odd visitor to the site also complained in comments attached to various OG-published articles, and OG editors would respond, apologetically (mostly), in the online comments. One of the OG editors even talked about re-doing the website eventually. Continue reading

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If you divide the real Left into camps, including one in which everyone agrees with everyone in that particular camp, while those in each camp pretend that other camps don’t exist, Is it true that those camps don’t exist and is it true that you have solidarity on the real, entire, Left? Continue reading

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The Ruination Of Bana Alabed

What is the nature of that ruin? It is primarily mental and spiritual. (Some, like Chris Hedges (who is awesome, but trapped in Christendom), refer to moral and intellectual ruin. That’s fine too.) From a state of mental and spiritual ruin, you get ideas and policies that lead to literal ruin. Politicians, belonging to captured governments and in cahoots with powerful, capitalist, special interests have foisted neoliberal mafia capitalism on humankind that has resulted in pollution and global warming, with the result that without the intervention of God, humankind is now facing extinction. Continue reading

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