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The Ruined Minds & Bad Examples Of Leaders. And Projection

Darkness. Godlessness. Fascism. Bannon, Netanyau et al: Can anything be as perverted as this? You make the argument that you are not just an economy, but you are a culture too, ‘after’ you socially engineer – via genocide (US vis a vis First Nations and via ethnic cleansing and culling (Palestinians) – a numerical majority which you can point to as the one from which your culture derives? Never mind that even on your own terms, you fail. If Bannon (insert your own influential white supremist here.) thinks that all the caucasians in America support him or agree with him, he’s deluded. If he just ‘chooses’ to believe his fantasies, then he’s out and out evil. Continue reading

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If you haven’t informed yourself about the Israeli Nazis’ slaughter of Gazans, then you should start with Democracy Now’s Friday, July 18, 2014 show.

“In other words, God has complete freedom. He has a wide and spacious road, rather than a narrow or restricted road such as that walked on by those who embrace law and order, not cynically, the way governments often do, but out of a genuine, sane desire to live in a peaceful world.” -Arrby Continue reading

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What If Ayman Mohyeldin Just Stayed Put?

“Now this is the basis for judgment: It is that the light has come into the world, but [wicked] men have loved the darkness rather than the light, for their works were wicked. For whoever practices vile things hates the light and does not come to the light…” (John 3:19-21) Continue reading

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Brave? Hearts?

“Ever since these three boys went missing, the Israeli military has gone completely mad. The Israeli soldiers have been marching through Palestinian towns and villages like Roman legions, destroying everything in their path, destroying homes, beating children, arresting, torturing. Countless have been killed, of innocent civilians have been killed. This has been complete madness. And if these parents were really interested in calming things down, they would tell Netanyahu to pull back his troops…” – Miko Peled Continue reading

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