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Cruise Missile Diplomacy

The different components of the American state, like a cancer-ridden, dying body, are giving up and dying. It snowballs. Chris Hedges gave a talk in Canada, mentioning the tuberculosis he caught from people in Sudan. He was healthy and his body could fight off the disease. The Sudanese were not and died. He carries the scars in his lungs, but he’s otherwise fine, unlike his country in which the State Department is steered now (completely and unabashedly) by the military industrial complex. Continue reading

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Yep. ‘That’ OTA

American politics are utterly corrupt, even if you can find a few politicians who push back against evil policy-making. Free trade deals are pretty evil, which is why they are now done behind closed doors. And to hedge that bet, against democracy, presidents will also use ‘fast track’ authority. If you’re going to rob the people, don’t dilly dally. Get in fast, hit them hard, and get out. Then move on to the next slaughter. Continue reading

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“The Brawl Over Fair Trade Coffee”

Where ISN’T the corporatocracy? Continue reading

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Has Paul Farmer gone over to the dark side? Does he realize that working with Clinton is, without exaggeration – such as you see in official pronouncements by American spokespeople about enemies like Hugo Chavez – the same as working with the Devil? Give yourself a shake Paul. Or will you surprise us all and influence the corporatocracy, which is the network of criminal states led by the U.S., to suddenly treat Haiti properly and induce other states, like France, to treat Haiti properly? Continue reading

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Headlines Matter

Headlines matter and corporatocracy governments should do good things, like the Devil should do good things. Or maybe we need to depend more on writers who have a helpful outlook. There shouldn’t be corporatocracy governments. We shouldn’t expect corporatocracy governments to act contrary to corporations’ interests. Continue reading

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