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“Resurgence or revelation? White nationalist legacies in Canada”

*edit, February 11, 2018 – I’ve posted my online comment to Canadian Dimension twice. Comments have not been closed. The comment appeared, again, but was later removed. I have been expecting CD to go downhill. They still carry great articles … Continue reading

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“Canadians are subsidizing the dispossession of Palestinians – help us put an end to this!”

Sign the petition here: http://ijvcanada.org/minister-of-national-revenue-revoke-jnf-canadas-charitable-status/ Thank you Independent Jewish Voices Of Canada!

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Beauty, in this case, is definitely only skin deep.

The false prophet of Revelation (in the Christian Bible) is depicted, for obvious reasons, as a wild beast that ascends out of the earth. It has two horns like an inoffensive lamb but it’s mouth speaks as a dragon. And since you can’t be both… The US, which rules the world, much of whose leadership, like in Canada, is okay with that. The wild beast of corporatocracy, which includes the wild beast of Revelation (of which there 3 having the same basic form), which includes the false prophet, likes to pretend to be progressive while in reality it’s Naziism writ large. Continue reading

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Upside Down World

We all need attention. There’s two ways to get it. You can attract people to you, by being interesting and/or helpful and/or kind or you can force it from people by behaving in such a way that they can’t ignore you even if they would rather do so. Those who choose that second way to get attention, obviously, don’t care what they do to get your attention, and that’s scary. They clearly would do whatever nasty thing they can, so long as they feel that society will protect them from the consequences. Continue reading

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Crimson Nightmare – prologue

I will not assert that the US is going to invade and take over Canada (overtly). That’s only because that’s not something I know for a fact. What I, and any who care to notice, do know for a fact is that were the US to decide to do that, then the following factors would be relevant to that action: 1. US national security policy places oil at it’s center 2. the US army’s appetite for oil is far beyond the ability to satisfy it 3. the pushback of the people to the destruction that projects like the tar sands is causing can be ignored only to the detriment of US national security policy as it stands. Continue reading

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