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The US Ruling Class Thinks And Does What It Says Its Targets Are Thinking And Doing

Source: MoA – China’s Port In Sri Lanka’s Is Good Business – The NYT’s Report On It Is Propaganda An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows: (o ‘China’s financial imperialism’ is a relatively new genre in western journalism. China … Continue reading

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Imperfection And Money Are Roots Of Much (not all) Evil

Imperfection (a result of sin) and money are roots of much evil. Are Leftists even interested in that while they churn out their (good but limited) analyses, critiques and solutions? Continue reading

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Support From Canadian Major Media For Stephen Harper

Canadian Press and The Toronto Star thinks corporatocracy style ‘stability’, and leaders like Stephen Harper who endorse it, is okay. That kind of stability exists when ‘strong man’ (individual or composite) leaders repress their people so that powerful, entrenched special interests can do what they want without worrying about whether it’s something that harms the people or goes against their wishes. ‘Strong man’ leaders, whether male or female, are those who are willing to sell their souls for personal gain. They may have required no compulsion or they may have required some compulsion or some combination of enticement and compulsion. But the end result is the smothering of democracy and the advancement of fascism. Continue reading

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The Pipe Of A Sweet And Better Life – For The 1%

Lots rides on the version of reality that omits the octopus of corporatocracy and plays up the idea of independent nations states that, when the cause is just, sometimes find themselves in coalitions of the willing (which, upon closer inspection, usually turn out to be coalitions of one – uncle Sam – or a couple). Are our leaders ‘our’ leaders, listening to us and society-building ‘with’ us? Or is something else going on? Continue reading

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It takes a bit of effort, but don’t just take someone’s word that he is your ally. Determine his intentions, which requires that you consider more than simply his assertion that he’s your ally. Look at his past words and deeds. It’s the ‘good faith’ principle of which Chomsky speaks in “Rogue States.” Continue reading

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