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Goodman And Chomsky Look At Another American Base And It’s Dark Activities

Israel is a part of the corporatocracy, even though many of it’s citizens aren’t happy about that. As a part of the corporatocracy, Israel is not independent and it’s ruling class does not listen to it’s citizens voices, unless they are saying what capitalists want to hear. Indeed, Israel is so not independent that it’s essentially just an American base or outpost. And since America is an imperial superpower, We can’t expect good things to come from the Israeli base’s managers. On the contrary. Continue reading

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Game On? That’s The Problem

Republicrats are Republicans and Democrats and Amy Goodman needs to remember that. Continue reading

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It’s a big, bad, borg-like corporatocracy and it’s not afraid of anyone. As a result, We now we know what to do with it. And it won’t be getting assimilated. Continue reading

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‘War on Gaza: One Year Later’

Just remember, The world’s rulers, the world’s most powerful nations, do ‘not’ torture, by definition. Even if you’re torturing an entire nation, it’s not torture – if you dominate and dictate and hold life and death and your hand and can simply command that truth and fact is whatever you say it is. Those who ‘the powerful’ say torture, do, whether they do or not. The U.S. and Israel are torturing the Palestinians thoroughly and continuously, which those who care to notice know. As Noam Chomsky notes, It’s not just Israel committing this ongoing crime against humanity. It’s a full partner with the U.S. in the project. Continue reading

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Chomsky upcoming on BBC’s Hardtalk

Chomsky offers straight talk on BBC’s Hardtalk, with which I’m not familiar. Viewers are invited to submit questions for Chomsky’s upcoming Hardtalk episode. Two will be selected for presentation to Chomsky. I asked him what he thinks about the Nobel Peace Prize, which was recently given out to a slimy US President who far, far too many – Left and Right – idolize. Peace prize to Obama, who’s admin indirectly supports the recent coup in Honduras? Who’s admim is okay with the relatively recent coup in Haiti? Who’s admin is okay with sending people to barbaric places to be tortured after he campaigned on a platform of change? And then there’s Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. Please! Continue reading

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