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They Play And We Pay

Without a monstrous global, capitalist system that goes a long way toward allowing those who choose to self-modify themselves into being believers in inequality, How would the issue/lesson of universal sovereignty be taught? Continue reading

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Blind Guides

Just the other day, I read an article by Tom Secker and Matthew Alford on Medium. They are authors of yet another book about the CIA et al in Hollywood. (I’ve read Tricia Jenkins eye-opener “The CIA In Hollywood”) By coincidence, I had only re-watched “Little Fockers” a few days earlier. The authors note that the CIA, which apparently had some say in how it was portrayed in the movie, had a scene deleted in which Greg breaks into Jack’s spy cave or whatever and finds a CIA manual about torture on his desk. Continue reading

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Sacrifice ‘for’ the children or ‘of’ the children?

I guess it could be worse. Instead of indirect sacrifice of their children, the 1% and their tools could be arranging for, literally, centers to send children to for incineration, which they would no doubt call ‘protection’. They’ve already got their nazi fusion centers. Perhaps they could just adapt them. Call them fusion/fission centers (where all that is evil is integrated and life, in the form of children, is disintegrated). Continue reading

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Pleasing power makes sense. But what if you’re pleasing the ‘losing’ power? Continue reading

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You Can’t Have Enough Terrorists Or Terrified Out Of Work Citizens

Sometimes you can see right through the corporatists’ bullcrap. At those times, It’s only your willingness to remain deluded or your fear of knowing (that makes one responsible) that prevents you from doing so. The war on terrorism is conducted by powerful terrorists states and corporatocracy leaders, in and out of ‘formal’ government, and, while it may claim plenty of actual terrorists, it claims far, far more innocent victims, while making this world a hell and while rendering this planet unliveable. Continue reading

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