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The World Is Fooled About Sovereignty, But Progressives Shouldn’t Be

Source: If The World Understood Sovereignty, It Could End All Our Problems – Caitlin Johnstone An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows: :||:- My own Australia has of course joined the chorus of US lackeys who are refusing to recognize … Continue reading

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‘We’ is problematic, but Sibel Edmonds is right.

You have to possess humility in order to learn and progress. If you don’t possess any humility, That’s you saying that you already know it all, that you’re too smart to be bamboozled and therefore you are not afraid of being misled and you don’t need to exercise caution. Continue reading

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Trust, When Warranted, But Verify

The reason that you can do ‘good’ investigative journalism that ‘every’ person, including the ‘six pack Joes’, will like (the way Rob Ford reaches out and touches his supporters by answering their phone calls and dealing with their immediate, pot holey, problems) is that the world is big. You can knock off a lot of the bad guys, pretending you’re a good guy (which has it’s uses), and still survive – with the blessing of the country’s, and world’s, more powerful players. You can be a crusader for social justice and citizens’ rights without really changing the system that continually upends citizens’ lives – by not going after really big dogs and really big issues, or at least not too many big dogs and issues. Continue reading

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Support From Canadian Major Media For Stephen Harper

Canadian Press and The Toronto Star thinks corporatocracy style ‘stability’, and leaders like Stephen Harper who endorse it, is okay. That kind of stability exists when ‘strong man’ (individual or composite) leaders repress their people so that powerful, entrenched special interests can do what they want without worrying about whether it’s something that harms the people or goes against their wishes. ‘Strong man’ leaders, whether male or female, are those who are willing to sell their souls for personal gain. They may have required no compulsion or they may have required some compulsion or some combination of enticement and compulsion. But the end result is the smothering of democracy and the advancement of fascism. Continue reading

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Institutional Death. Life Wriggles In The Corpse

I realized that somewhere, perhaps not on my blog (which seems to be the case), I confused Kumi Naidoo with Nitin Sethi. They look a little alike to someone who hasn’t seen much of either person. No biggy. And it … Continue reading

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