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Lawlessness / Ruined – part 15

Rules should be for the benefit of all. In this dark work, this gangster Corporatoracy, you have rules made by the powerful for the powerful at the expense of the people. Additionally, Those who have self-modified simply aren’t bound by any rules. If a rule works for the oppressors, exploiters and killers, then it’s fine. If it doesn’t, then they ignore it or change it or remove it. Continue reading

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Homer Simpson With Hair, An Army And A Psycho CIA

Trump’s still got time to alter the name further. He just might realize that his version of NAFTA will also be ‘great’. And ‘awesome’. And ‘nice’. And good for the environment, which is to say ‘green’. And ‘simple’, so even the children can understand it. And ‘terrific’, because it will be. And ‘excellent’, in case some people miss great, awesome and terrific. And ‘right’ because it’s the right thing to do, wink, wink. Hmm. Will he settle on NAFFGANGSTERA? Continue reading

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