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Lawlessness / Ruined – part 47

“Glyphosate Worse than We Could Imagine. “It’s Everywhere”” by F. William Engdahl (Global Research) An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows: )=== In a trial in San Francisco the jury was unanimous in their verdict that Monsanto Roundup weed-killer, … Continue reading

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Knocked And Bumped. Dots And Elephants

Well, I’ve got my first, in print, byline. A byline is an article with your name attached to it. (byline = by [author’s name]). That was gratifying. What wasn’t gratifying was seeing my original, requested, piece rejected and getting no notice, ahead of time, about that. Is that standard practice? My original, much longer and clearer piece had been confirmed for publication. So my byline, with the short piece that Watershed Sentinel did accept, can’t be seen by anyone online. It was reduced to the rank of “readers’ comments” and can only be seen in the print version of the magazine. Continue reading

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Evil Versus Imperfection

This dark world’s rulers have modified themselves into being monsters. Their values are: ‘riches for the strongest’. In other words, Their values are machismo, violence, fierceness, betrayal and lawlessness. And they have no hesitation about spiritually and mentally ruining millions if they think, as they have chosen to think, that the result will be glory to them. When you weaken people to the point where you can take anything, including life, from those ruined ones, and then when you proceed to take from them, you get their attention. And that’s your glory, which will meet a greater glory. But that isn’t something they dwell on. It could slow them down.
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Omar Khadr vs The Nazis

The Star and it’s gatekeepers hate some subjects more than others. If they are going to talk about Omar, then they prefer to talk at us while spewing hatred. Do they hate Omar? It doesn’t matter how it started. Their criminal treatment of Omar as a child, and now, deserves to be punished. Period. They are in control of what they do. We certainly have no power over them. Not in this ‘democracy’. And so, God will deal with these fascists and all of the lovers of inequality on this planet. Continue reading

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‘I’ Am Filtered Out

In his discussion with Diane Rehm, Josh Fox explains how the gas industry deployed vets to do psyops against him and how they even stole his name so that people Googling it would land on fake sites. You name it. The earnest pleas of innocence from the likes of Steve Everley, with the Independent Petroleum Association of America, are really meant for a large segment of the population that pays zero attention and only knows what the mainstream media pushes at them as they slouch in front of their television sets. Continue reading

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