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The Avalanche – Snapshot 34 – April 26, ’19

“UK Media, MPs Unveil Latest Assange Deception” by Jonathan Cook (Dissident Voice) An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows: ||\| In my last blog post, I warned that the media and political class would continue with their long-running deceptions … Continue reading

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Congress’s Latest Cybersecurity Bill

When I claim that elites and their tools and allies don’t intend to change their ways, there really is no reason for anyone to doubt it. And we are always seeing reasons to believe it, including with this latest, sneaky Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014. If justice manages to catch up, power just end runs it. Continue reading

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Do you want a definition of ‘fascism’?

As long as you actually have nothing to say, which may include spewing out the propaganda that you’re fed, then you won’t have to worry about being censored – while the world continues to burn, drown in blood, suffer from poisoning, etc.. Continue reading

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Butchered Professionalism Patois

There’s no doubt that when you walk the path of darkness, you get dimmer with time. But nothing says that you can’t have fun going dumb as a post. Right? Rob is Rob and in this dark world, he’s a hero to many. Just because. Now that more people – yahoos and normal – are getting a look at that clown, the clown is finding that the spotlight is fun. The media talks about his slips. Certainly there have been slips. But I also think that Rob has been hamming it for the cameras and YouTube ever since his ‘plenty to eat at home’ comment was made. It’s hard to know, though, when we are listening to a politician, like Paul Calandra, when it’s a slip, or tiredness or hamming it up or some combination of those behaviors. Continue reading

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Smile! It’s Infectious!

Bill Maher is a funny, dangerous, desirable man. But I don’t care about people who don’t care. Bill falls into the ‘does not care’ category. He’s a great entertainer. He’s likable, and, for now, he’s liked by many on the Left. He’s useful to elites therefore. He’s able to slide up beside people’s champions like Glenn Greenwald, smile disarmingly at them, slide a knife into them and get a laugh from his audience for it. And substance is murdered. But really, Only the bovine are being taken to the slaughter. Continue reading

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